Thursday, October 1, 2009

[USS Charon] USS Charon || SIM Report #39 || 240909.20 - 240909.26

|                        ...Incoming Transmission...                    |
 /(          )\      ___________________________________
/  \        /  \
\/  \_ /\ _/  \/              U S S  C H A R O N
 \/ / \  / \ \/               "Ferrymen of Hell"
   \(  \/  )/        ___________________________________

                     Report #39  -  240909.20 - 240909.26
                                 "Memento Mori"

/        O U T   O F   C H A R A C T E R   I N F O R M A T I O N        |


Active Crew: 14
Excused Crew: 06
Unexcused Crew: 02
Crew on Leave: 01

Charon Logs: 41
Guest/NPC Logs: 03

All right, I have fully updated the website and crewiki (well mainly the website).  Everyone needs to fill out their bios,
whether it is on the wiki or on the website, please have some type of bio filled out.  People with incomplete or no filled
out biographies will not be eligible for promotion.  I will be emailing people about this issue this week!

Moving on, this week was another great week.  It's unusual to have so many posts during an R& R period, but we have a lot

of crew taking advantage of it, which is awesome.  I know I keep pushing back the start of the plot's meat.  Well it will
be soon- so expect posts setting things up over the next few days.

Again, great job and have a great week everyone! 

-    Commodore Rehu

Full Report Here:

/                          T H E   C R E D I T S                        |

=/\= Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
     Commanding Officer
     USS Charon

     "Mnahe afw'ein qiuu;
            rh'e hweithnaef
                   mrht Heis'he ehl'ein qiuu."

     (Hate has a reason for everything.  But love is unreasonable.)

     -V. Raiuhes Ahaefvthe [of Romulus II]