Monday, October 12, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.12 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier (Part 4)


"Mmm I'll hold you to that Ch'Tan." She growled and kissed him as they stepped into the lift enjoying the taste of him and wondering what kind of training program he would normally run.


=/\= Holodeck Two, USS Charon =/\=

The three Klingons once again found themselves at the holodeck, only this time they had stopped by Ch'tan and D'vana's quarters so she could change and pick up her weapons, they stepped into the arena that Ch'tan regularly used for training and up onto the central platform.

"Computer, set level seven, three combatants," he said as they drew their weapons and readied themselves, "Begin program,"

Suddenly there was a battlecry from behind a large rocky outcrop and ten heavily armed Klingon warriors charged the three on the platform, all were armed with bat'leths and they swung them with clinical precision, only the parries of the three flesh and blood Klingons kept the blades from digging into them.

Ch'tan parried one warrior and bought a foot up to kick him in the neck, twisting his head around and causing it to break, the warrior dropped to his knees and faded as another two jumped up to challenge him.

D'Vana let out a low growl then a battle cry ducking and charging at one Klingon that had his Bat'leth raised over his head. the blades of her weapon pressed against his midsection and she continued to move forcing the blade through him until he land his torso on one side of her and his lower half on the other side of her...

Kulg'Rek was enjoying himself, singing songs of battle as he cleaved his opponent in two with his weapon, the sheer size and brute force employed by the old Klingon was easilly enough to shatter stone, as they found out when one of the warriors ducked and his bat'leth buried itself in one of the pillars.

She swung her blade and moved to take on another meeting his blade and parrying each attack until she swung her bat'leth down on him knocking him to his knees and reaching for one of her older Mek'leths that she kept in pristine shape shoving it right up through the holographic klingon's jaw into his brain...

Over the din of the battle, Kulg'Rek's singing could be heard, loud and clear as his blade laid his enemies to rest, more and more holographic warriors came to challenge him and each were cut down with ruthless efficiency, never once did his voice falter.

"Qoy qeylIs puqloD
Qoy puqbe'pu'
yoHbogh malthbogh je' SuvwI'
Sey'moHchu' may' 'Iw
maSuv manong 'ej maHoHchu'
nI'be'yInmaj 'ach wovqu'!
batlh maH ghbej'jyoqIjDaq
vavpu'ma' DImuvpa'reH maSuvtaH
Qu' DamevQo' maSuvtaH, ma'ov"


"Hear! Sons of Kahless
Hear! Daughters too.
The blood of battle washes clean.
The Warrior brave and true.
We fight, we love, and then we kill.
Our lives burn short and bright.
Then we die with honor and join our
fathers in the Black Fleet where we
battle forever, battling on through
the Eternal fight."

The last word of the song hung in the air as he caught one of his attackers in a headlock and broke his neck with a quick twist, dropping the limp body to the floor before it dissappeared.

The sound seemed to fuel her blood she continued to fight getting blood on her weapons and armor alike. her Bat'leth in one hand and Mek'leth in the other, ducking and spinning the other way she brought her bat'leth between the legs of a holographic warrior then into a spinkick that connected with his jaw.

Without turning around while listening to the sound she heard another warrior charging at her she swung her bat'leth from hand to hand behind her taking the hologram's head as a trophy for trying to attack her from behind...

Ch'tan fought with a new found ferocity as the song fueled the fires in his blood, while his legs ached they did not falter, but held him strong and firm as he cut down opponent after opponent, he spun around and parried one attack, using his free arm and cut a gash along the warriors stomach, he stumbled backwards and the young Klingon grinned as he readjusted his grip on the Mek'leth and threw it with as much force as he could, straight at the warriors chest.

D'Vana threw her mek'leth into the back of a warrior who had been about to attack Ch'Tan from behind. reaching for her second Mek'leth she used them to parry a bat'leth before bringing them down into the warriors neck and moved to grab her mek'leth from the body of the warrior she had thrown it at...

The young Male Klingon nodded as a body fell past him with a mek'leth implanted in its back, he looked to the one he had thrown his at and it stuck out at an awkward angle from the warriors neck, the blade had cut a clean slice and got stuck on the spine, Ch'tan stepped over to him and tugged his weapon free, as he did, the bodies of all the Klingons faded and so did the rest of the program.

"That has to be the first time i've actually cleared the training, normally run out of time," he laughed as he sat down on one of the rocks, feeling the adrenaline pump through his body, "Kulg'Rek, what happened when you sang the anthem, my blood was on fire and I could feel it controlling my arms,"

"It is said that the spirit of a warrior resides in each song, the anthem holds the spirits of the empire, We battle forever," the older Klingon replied as he sheathed his weapons and sat on a fallen pillar.

"Had my blood on fire as well. That was a good work out." D'Vana said with a grin.

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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