Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.27 - Memento Mori Teaser #3

[Unknown Location]

"Perfection."  Doctor Hans Bittenfield smiled at the display.  The DNA structure spun and twisted on the screen.  In his right hand the vial of violet poison glimmered in the lab's bright lighting.  Bittenfield lifted it above his head "my greatest creation.  Memento Mori."  He looked across the force field at the Starfleet Marine "Colonel, are you familiar with the origin of the word Memento Mori?"

The Marine just spat- a thin stream of spittle splashed onto the force field and sizzled away.  Bittenfield sighed and shook his head "marines are such uncouth beings.  I guess I should offer you some education."  Sliding the vial onto a small transporter pad he activated the device and watched the vial dematerialize and then reappear behind the force field.  One of the other lab technicians behind the force field, wearing a full EVA suit, picked up the vial with his gloved hands and carefully slipped it into a waiting hypospray.  Bittenfield smiled at Cole "Memento Mori is a Latin phrase-'remember you will die'.  Mortality.  Though, some do die sooner than others.  I hope you know I appreciate you volunteering for this test.  Doctor Zemikes volunteered earlier."  Bittenfield looked at the bed next to the Colonel where a body- if you could call it that, lay tethered to the metallic bed rails.  Its nostrils and eyes were covered by thick red foam.  "Inject him."

The lab tech pressed the hyposray against the Colonel's neck and injected him.  "You will begin to feel a burning sensation shortly.  The virus will begin to attack your immune system and endocrine system simultaneously.  As it moves through your body it will also begin to assault your mucus membranes.  You will likely suffocate on your own blood long before the virus destroys your nervous system."  Bittenfield described as he watched the Colonel struggle against his bindings.  Droplets of red began to drizzle from the Colonel's nostrils as he struggled to breathe- those droplets soon became a rush of blood that foamed as the Colonel wheezed.  "Much faster than the last test- it is adapting quicker than I thought."  Bittenfield said pleased.

Cole struggled to say "you son of a bitch" but it came out as a simple gurgle as blood began to froth from his mouth.  What a sorry way to die, he thought bitterly as he struggled to breathe.  His thoughts lingered on the damn bitch Rehu who put him here but he knew she would enjoy knowing that he died thinking about her, no; his final thought shouldn't be of Rehu.  Instead he saw Aaliyah, beautiful Aaliyah, what a tragedy. 

"He's dead."  The tech said.  Bittenfield nodded his head in satisfaction "it is adapting much faster than anticipated.  He will be pleased."

"Who will be pleased?"

Bittenfield turned around to find Terrh standing directly behind him wearing that smug grin that irritated the blazes out of the doctor.  "Memento Mori is complete.  Thanks to Zemikes help.  It is ready for the final phase of testing."

"Zemikes turned out to be useful, good."  Terrh looked at the scenery behind the force field "my bosses will be pleased.  This partnership with NeoDyne was not a waste of time." 

"And they will live up to their end of the deal?"  Bittenfield asked.

"Yes, yes, NeoDyne will be allowed freedom to conduct its research here."  Terrh lazily picked up a PADD from one of the laboratory tables "when will you complete the delivery device for planetary dispersion?"

"It will be done soon."  Bittenfield looked curiously at Terrh "do you have a planet in mind for testing?  You will need a significant population for proper planetary dispersion testing."

"Two hundred and fifty million significant enough?"  Terrh asked.

Bittenfield looked shocked "is there such a planet near here?"

Terrh started towards the exit but turned around "thanks to some friends, there is now."