Tuesday, October 27, 2009

[USS Charon] RE: SD 240910.27 || Joint Duty/Personal Log || Cpt t'Rehu & LtCmdr Foster

=/\= Deck Seven, USS Charon =/\=

"Computer, where is Captain t'Rehu," Ch'tan grunted as he stepped out of the counselors office and towards the turbolift doors, eager to get back on duty.

[Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu is in Turbolift One, enroute to Engineering] came the reply after the shortest of delays.

"Reroute the turbolift so it passes my location," the young half Klingon chuckled as he waited for the lift to arrive, he was fully expecting to get his head bitten off for redirecting the Captain, but it was something he needed to do.

Displeasure was the simplest way to describe Shiarrael's expression when the turbolift made an unexpected detour at the behest of Commander Foster.  When the doors opened she glared at the Klingon "if it didn't please me to know you actually have a brain behind that thick skull of yours I might be quite agitated Ch'Tan, enter, and I hope you have a good reason for delaying my survey of Engineering."

"I was wondering if I could take a few moments of your time to discuss my position on the ship Captain," Ch'tan replied as he stepped into the lift and turned to face the doors, his hands clasped behind his back as he stood almost to attention, "Continue to previous destination," he stated as the doors closed.

"I think you have already done that commander, so, perhaps you will care to enlighten me as to why?"  Shiarrael looked at Ch'Tan, already having formed an idea of what he wanted.

"Simply put, I want to return to duty," Ch'tan said as the lift started moving again, "I cannot bear being stuck in sickbay any longer, Doctor Fisher has deemed me fit for duty, the Counselor was... less than helpful and will only see me properly if you request it," he added quickly, "Staring at those walls is enough to drive a lesser man insane,"

Shiarrael resisted the urge to laugh.  She could imagine Ch'Tan speaking to a counselor- but the thought was in bad taste and she remained stoic "if the doctor believes you are fit then I see no reason why you cannot return to duty, but, after your recent experience perhaps it would be best if you did receive an evaluation from the counselor."

"Please Captain, do not make me go through any more torture, just put me back where I belong and my wounds will heal by themselves," Ch'tan growled through a small smile, "Put me back behind my tactical console,"

"Torture?"  Shiarrael smirked "so be it.  You may return to duty, as long as you pay the counselor a visit."

"Damn," Ch'tan swore as the lift stopped and the doors slid open, he waited for the Captain to leave before burying his head in his hands, "Computer Deck Two," he grunted as the doors slid shut.

(End Log...)

Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer


Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer

USS Charon

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