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[USS Charon] SD240910.14 Joint log MCapt H. Tatlock and Ensign Cyrin Dicari 'inspection'

(This takes place right after Cyrin's ordeal in the Flight Deck but before he goes to the bridge)


=/\= Right Outside Flight Deck =/\=


Harry was looking around the ship when he found the flight deck, he requested permission to enter.


Cyrin was just leaving the Flight Deck when he noticed Marine Captain Tatlock requesting permission to enter.  "I am sorry sir but access to the Flight Deck is restricted to all personnel not authorized."  Cyrin stated not wanting anyone to disturb his crew.  "Is there anything I can help you with?"  He asked trying to remember when they had picked up or received a Marine on board the Charon.


"I understand Ensign" Harry replied he explained that he was one of the COs body guards and had been tasked with inspecting her shuttle, also his orders stated that he was to do this with minimum disturbance.


"Here's my authorization" he handed a PADD to the officer


Cyrin read through the padd.  "Captain t'Rehu's body guard… you do realize she isn't fond of marines?  How long have you been on board the Charon Marine Captain?"  Cyrin asked.


"My name is Harry Tatlock and I've only been aboard for about 3 weeks." he replied.


"Well welcome aboard the Charon, I am Ensign Cyrin Dicari, Chief Operations Officer.  I will have to accompany you to her shuttle, as I am personally responsible for its maintenance and operational capacity.  If anything happens to it while it is docked it is my head that will get the chopping block.  I do understand that you are to have minimum disturbance, but these are the grounds.  I accompany you and show you what it is you want to see or not at all.  There have been enough incidences with the marine's that were on board prior to your being placed here."  He took a breath, "But there are some ground rules, you don't touch anything.  If you suspect foul play we can bring Lieutenant Tyrax down and she can show you what it is you need.  I am not trying to be insubordinate sir, but there has been enough attempts on Captain t'Rehu's life.  Especially by Marines."  He added knowing that he probably sounded like he was hiding something, but he was just trying to protect his own skin, and in a way he was hiding something the fact that he had attempted, and failed, to assassinate Shiarrel.


"At ease Ensign, I'm not going to touch or hurt anything, I just want to look and scan" Harry told the officer


"I gather that you can supply me with a tricoder set for high readings? he asked.


Harry also told the Ensign that he had heard about the Marine problem, but also told the officer he was from Carpathia and no-one there had ever mutinied.

he added that this was probably the reason why he was there, and that it was an assignment that was being watched very closely by Starfleet and marines so his head was as he said on the chopping block as well.


"I can provide you with a tricoder,"  He added as he walked with the Marine into the flight deck taking a quick stop at a maintenance counter to pick up a tricoder.  Returning back to the Marine he handed it to him, "These are specifically designed to assist in shuttle maintenance as well as general analysis.  We are currently doing a level one diagnostic on all shuttles," he added.  "If you will follow me, and please watch your step," he indicated to a tube or hose of some kind coming out of a shuttle and going across the flight decks floor.  When they came up to the Captains shuttle Cyrin looked at the Marine, "Has Captain t'Rehu provided you with access codes to get into the shuttle?"  He asked, knowing that she probably had and that he had told him not to touch anything but opening a hatch was one thing, messing with the instrumentation inside the shuttle was a whole other story.


Harry told the Ensign that he had a code to get in but nothing more, all he had to do was make an inspection.


"Very well,"  Cyrin punched in the access code and allowed the Marine to enter first.  "Just let me know what you need me to bring up and or access sir."  He sat down in one of the chairs and awaited a response from the Marine. 


"I just need to scan the whole shuttle , inspect a few lockers etc then that will be it, " Tatlock requested.


Cyrin looked at the man, he had said nothing about inspecting lockers the only one he denied the marine was the weapons locker.  Even Cyrin didn't access that without the Chief of Security present.


It was then Harry asked if he could see the operators log and details.


Pulling up the operators logs Cyrin grabbed an empty padd from one of his pockets and downloaded the relevant information onto it.  "Here you go sir, all information include prior flights, maintenance, as well as anything else you could possibly need are right here.  Please be aware that we are due to run a level one diagnostic on this shuttle in roughly four to five days.  If you would like I can have a copy of that report sent to you."  Cyrin offered. 


"That would be most kind of you " Harry replied

The marine got up and looked around the shuttle, he nodded , looked at the tricoder,


"Would you mind?" he handed the unit to the ensign "I dont really have the experience with these, If you gave me a weapon or something similar then I'd be fine "


"Not at all,"  Cyrin took the tricoder and set to a full range scan.  Scanning the entire holodeck took all of about three minutes before handing it back, "There is a minor spike here, but this is because of my accessing the operations logs for you."  He informed the marine.   If this Marine didn't learn some of the intricate of standard Starfleet procedures of devices, he wouldn't last long as a bodyguard to the Captain.


Harry was getting vibes that this ensign thought he was a bumbling fool, 'well let him' he thought Harry was thinking wether this man would last long in a real combat situation maybe he might


"Yes I see the spike, It looks as though everything is in order here"

Harry stood up to leave,


"Excellent, if there is anything else I can help you with don't hesitate to stop by my office."  He offered as he watched the Marine stand up to leave, he himself already late to the bridge stood up and walked with the Marine out of the shuttle before he sealed it back up and walked out of the Flight Deck with the Marine.  "Again sir, if I can be of any assistance don't hesitate to let me know.


"Thankyou Ensign for your assistance, I have a report to write and I will mention your name in it to your favour"


Harry invited the Ensign to join him for lunch some time.



Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon


Marine Captain Harry Tatlock

COs bodyguard and assistant security officer


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