Friday, October 9, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.09 | Duty Log | Ensign Cyrin Dicari, Chief Operations Officer

“Stubborn Staff Equals a Blessing for Engineering”

=/\= Conference Room 3=/\=

Cyrin sat at the head of the table drumming his fingers, waiting for the rest of his department’s senior staff to arrive.  There had been some roster changes, one of the being the addition of EnArrian Rhiana t’Khellian back on the staff.  She had been Cyrin’s predecessor prior to the accident.  He had only met her once before but they hadn’t really gotten to know each other.

He wasn’t sure what to think about this situation.  He thumbed through her personnel file for what felt like the hundredth time and seen that she had been reassigned as the Chief Communications Officer.  Ensign Rull wouldn’t be very happy about that, but she would survive.

He looked up to see his department staff starting to trickle in; most of them in gold uniforms a few in red.  He had a fairly decent sized staff of padds ready to disperse to these people, many of them being assigned menial tasks.

“Ensign,” one of his senior non-commissioned officers addressed him.

“Yes what is it Chief?” he asked without looking up.

“Is it true?” she asked.

“Is what true?” Cyrin returned.

“That EnArrian t’Khellian is back.”

“We will discuss that shortly.”

“Yes sir.”

“Please everyone sit down, why we have time there are several things that I want done on this ship.  Many of which you all have been lacking on and that is about to change.”  He looked at the faces of his staff.  Some of them just smiled knowing that they were the culprits others looking around to see who Cyrin was talking about.  “From now on, reports will be in my hand promptly at 0800, if they are not you will be relieved of your position as a senior department staff member, I hear that engineering could use some people to clean out the warp coils.”  He threatened.  “Secondly,” he started sliding padds to each department, “these are work details.  Each sub-department is responsible for overseeing that these are done, and done efficiently and in a timely manner.  And so we are all very clear on what is to be done, we will go through each department.”  He stood up and pressed a few buttons and retrieved some Jestral tea ‘Blast you Sakarra’ he thought to himself.  Returning to just behind the chair he was sitting in he looked at the staff before going towards one of the LCARs screens and pushing a button.

“The Assistant Operations Officer and Operations Officer will be assisting in all areas.  As will I when time allows.  Are we clear on that?”  He asked his black eyes playing over each individual person as they gave a slight nod.

“The Chief Flight Deck Operations Officer, you and your team will be doing a level one diagnostics on every shuttlecraft.  I want full reports of each one as they are completed.  If you find any problems contact engineering and have them aid you in repairing these malfunctions.  Understood Chief Thomas?”  He asked the female officer who had questioned him earlier.

“Aye sir,” She responded.

“Good.”  Cyrin answered back as he began to pace the room.  “Petty Officer M’Dun, you and your team are to take inventory of everything in storage,” the Petty Officer went to respond but Cyrin stopped him, “I want this done by hand, no devices.  If my count does not match what you have, you will redo it all over again.  Understood?”  All the Petty Officer could do was nod his head clearly not pleased with Cyrins order.

“Boatswain, we come to you next.  Seeing as your department is responsible for daily maintenance…which has not been happening regularly.  You and your staff will be doing Level Three diagnostics of everything.  I do mean everything, from deck to deck.  I and the other officers will only assist if there is any major malfunction present.  Understood?”  Cyrin looked at his Boatswain waiting a response.

“Yes sir,” the Andorian answered weakly.

“Good, and if there are any late reports…or I hear you are not doing as instructed…remember there is the warp coils that need to be cleaned or I am sure Captain t’Rehu wouldn’t mind having the hull cleaned from aft to fore.  And if that doesn’t work then you can spend some time in Commander Marcus’s brig, I am sure his officers would welcome the company!”  He added.  “Now with that being said and before rumors start running rampant, EnArrian t’Khellian has made a recovery.  She will not be returning as the Chief Operations Officer so do not attempt to go running to her with your problems!  She will be taking over as the Chief Communications Officer.” 

Ensign Rull looked at him, “Sir that isn’t fair.”

“Ensign, she out ranks you and I both and has more experience than either one of us combined in the Communications Department.  You will work under her.”

“Does this mean that she will be reporting to you sir?”  Senior Chief Petty Officer Roberts asked.

“She will technically be under this department, but I do not expect her to report to me nor would I enforce it.”  Cyrin answered back.

“That doesn’t seem right sir.”  Roberts countered.

“And I am sure she feels the same way about me taking over her department.”  Cyrin stated.  “Now, I will not be answering anymore of questions on t’Khellian.  Are there any other questions not pertaining to t’Khellian?”  Cyrin waited for questions but no one responded.  “Good, then you all are dismissed, and your shifts will start promptly at 0500 tomorrow, however I expect you to delegate tasks to your staff members.  I want to be finished with this general maintenance by no later than five days from now.  Dismissed!”  He instructed watching the officers walking out of the conference room.

After the last person left Cyrin sighed and took the last drink of his Jestral tea before recycling the glass and leaving the conference room himself to head to his own quarters.  Now only time would tell if his staff responded well to threats or if he would have to take another approach.



Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon