Saturday, October 10, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.09 | Joint Log | D. King & A. Robberts | Part 3

=/-\= Begin Log =/-\=


Location: Personal Quarters

Timeline: After meeting with the Quartermaster


Audrey opened one of the last boxes that they had brought over from David's old quarters. She started to shuffle through his belongings from inside. "You really don't bring much around with you, do you?" She asked curious.


"Only what's necessary," he replied, moving through another box filled mostly with plastic cases containing data chips. Most of them were holonovels and various other holoprograms, or music and literary collections. "Moving around a lot doesn't leave a large need to collect junk."


"The only reason I have so much because I had left home when I got my latest assignment." When she had been home, she had taken some of her favorite belongings. She helped him find a spot to store his data collection. It hadn't taken long at all for them to finish putting his things in places in now what were their quarters.


His gaze drifting around the living space, David let out a long sigh, "It's...home."


She stood up from kneeling by the empty box, slipping her arms around his neck. "Our home," Audrey seemed to glow with happiness.


Leaning in to press his lips to hers in a quick kiss he smiled back, "Our home, indeed."


"It's good that your here with me, I don't think your things would of filled your quarters very well." It hadn't been hard to find places for his belongings.


"Maybe, but then I figure I'd be spending more time in sickbay than I would there anyways," he shrugged, his hands around her waist. "But with a reason to come home from time to time, that may change."


"Oh, I think I can give you several reasons." She said giving him one last kiss before she moved out of his arms. "Let's finish putting your things away in the bedroom." She said, remembering there was still a box of his clothing as well as his bathroom items.


He followed her into the bedroom and looked at the few boxes lying around. Civilian clothing had never been a big thing of his. He had a few outfits, but most of the time he would replicate something to wear if the need arose.


She started to take out the few outfits that he did own, pushing aside her clothing in the closet to make room for him. She did the same in the drawers putting them away neatly. She had always been organized... something that was required when she wasn't playing the part of a counselor.


"Well," he said, leaning against the wall. "I think that about does it." His bathroom stuff consisted of a toothbrush and an actual razor set; nothing special.


"Didn't take long at all," She said, looking around to see that indeed they had managed to put most of everything away. "Computer, time?" She asked, and then the dull sound of the computer's voice sounded. "The time is 1945." Aubrey gave a frown. "It's already late.... luckily tomorrow my duty shift starts a little later." She didn't have to start her day until 1100 the next day.


Raising an eyebrow he grinned at her, "Thinking about turning in early?


"Maybe a shower first... but yes, I think I might want to go to sleep early. My stomach just isn't feeling right. I think I need some sleep." She said stretching some.


David nodded as he moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Pulling off his shoes he sighed, "Well, go take a nice shower and we can lie down."


Kissing his cheek, Aubrey went to the bathroom. Soon the water could be heard through the open door. She turned the water to the warmer side, letting the room start to fill with steam, not wanting it to be cold when she came out.


Back in the bedroom, David leaned back on the bed. His feet were still on the floor as he laid there, his eyes closed as he listened to the sound of falling water.


After a long while, the water finally stopped. Stepping out into the steam filled bathroom, Aubrey wrapped one of the large white towels around her body as she dried off her hair. Peeking her head threw the doorway, she whispered "David?" to see if he was still awake.


He smiled, not opening his eyes as he continued to lie there, "Yes, ma'am?"


Moving into the room, she went to the drawers. Grabbing a pair of his shorts she tossed them, aiming so they would land on his chest. She went to the drawer above the one she had just opened and got a large t-shirt to sleep in.


Opening his eyes as the shorts landed on his chest, he sat up on his elbows and raised an eyebrow in her direction, "Can I help you?"


"You don't want to fall asleep in your uniform do you?" She asked, letting the towel fall from her body to slide the large t-shirt over her head.


David blinked for several long moments as he watched her change into the shirt. Finally, as it fell down to her waist he shook his head and stood up. A couple moments later his uniform pants were on the floor and he had slid into the shorts.


Tossing the blanket and sheet down, she looked to David, "Come on, love."


Moving to join her in the bed David let out a very long, contented sigh. The events of the night played through his mind as he settled in next to her in the bed, lying on his back. So much had happened in such a short time.


Pulling the covers over their bodies, she moved close to his body. Resting against him, she called out, "Computer, dim lights." She always liked to sleep close to him, getting comfort in his body heat.


She nuzzled her head to him, "Night, love." She said before she started to drift off to sleep. But her sleep wasn't as peaceful as it normally.

=/-\= To Be Continued =/-\=


Commander David King, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

USS Charon NCC-80111


Lieutenant Aubrey Robberts

Head Counselor

USS Charon NCC-80111