Saturday, October 17, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.17 - Cadet Kallistra Grey, Counselor - Personal Log

=/\= Personal Quarters =/\=

The moment she stepped into the quarters, Kallistra set Bellona down on her feet and motioned over to the couch.  Immediately she assumed a firm facial expression, not happy to rebuke her daughter for the third time this week but it was necessary.  For as long as she could remember, her little one had always been a sort of a trouble-maker amongst the children even when she didn't mean to.

"Bella…please go sit down." She ordered in a polite but firm tone. "We need to talk. This is serious business."

Bellona settled down on the couch and stared at her with those dark eyes and that pouty face.  In so many ways, she resembled her father which made it all the more painful for Kallistra to look at her.  She wiped the painful expression off of her face and supplanted it with a gentle smile, settling down beside Bellona on the couch.

Mommy…I don't like it when you look sad. Bellona declared, a frown tugging at her lips.  For a child, she was sharp and perceptive, very little escaped her notice.

Do not attempt to change the conversation, little one. We need to talk of your invading other people's minds. The tone of her voice still remained firm.  Like many Betazoid parents, she raised her daughter in a gentle and tranquil atmosphere, never acting on her anger or her rage.  That was what she and Syrik agreed upon so often.  They both believed it was beneficial to raise Bellona in a peaceful and logical environment where she had gentle but firm parents.

What have I told you about invading the minds of others? She fixed Bellona with a pointed stare but was met with silence. It is not right! I cannot even conceive of how you could do that and not feel guilty. My dear, you must remember that people desire their privacy. It is almost as bad as stealing someone's property or breaking into someone's home. We are not on Betazed and openness is not desired here. Not everyone here is a Betazoid.

Mom…I know. She simply replied, not seeming to give a care. Well there was a boy in the day care named Bobby…and he was bad. He dared me to read everyone's minds and scare them with it. It was fun.  Kallistra heaved a sigh, shaking her head slowly at Bellona's response.

Bellona…this is unacceptable! You shouldn't meddle with the minds of others. Don't you know how wicked that is? She stared at her daughter, her lips pressed tightly together in a line. You cannot do something to another person just because it is fun…especially if it harms that person! What would you father say if he was alive? Surely he would not be too happy to discover that you are beginning to act up!

I am sorry mommy. She continued to sulk.  Kallistra could feel from her emotions that the remorse she felt was genuine.

You just need to understand how serious this is, Bella. This is no joke. Meddling with the minds of others is not some game. People are not dolls. Kallistra tried to think of some way to explain the seriousness of the situation. If your daddy was here…he would tell you how illogical it was to do such a thing. Now…I want you to go clean up your toys while I get dinner ready. All right? We will talk of your punishment later.

All right mamma…  She responded, wandering off to her room with a long face.  It pained her to see Bellona always frowning and miserable.  Children were meant to have fun and enjoy life but ever since Syrik passed away, she had been temperamental and causing trouble constantly.  With a sigh, she moved over to the replicator and cleared her throat then pressed the button on the panel.

"Plomik soup, oskoid salad with utaberry dressing, and two glasses of kava juice." She stated out loud then waited a moment for each to appear individually.  Once all of the items appeared, she moves each over to the table one by one then set to work setting the table.  Retrieving two plates, two forks, and two spoons from the cabinet, she moved back over to the table and set them all down within close proximity to one another.  When that was finished, she wandered over to the window and gazed out at space, breathing deeply to calm herself down.  She marveled at the small pinpricks of stars that shimmered faintly, travelling over millions of light-years to reach her eye while she existed for only twenty-five years.  How transient life appeared to be.  One moment Syrik was alive and well, the next he was gone within a blink of an eye.  It was the strangest feeling.  For a couple months, she had been attempting to suppress any memories of him but at times like these she was caught off guard and at times bombarded by emotions.

"Kallistra, Bellona needs to be taught by the elders on Vulcan. It is only logical and necessary that she undertake such a journey." Syrik declared, keeping his emotions in check like always but his voice hinted at his assertiveness.  He could never hide his true emotions from her because she could feel them deep down beneath that austere exterior.

"What? And have her be emotionless like you? To have her be like some cardboard cut-out, living life without exhibiting happiness or sadness? There is so much beauty in emotion." She stated in a tone that revealed that she would not relent on this.

"The tests have returned." He responded, his dark eyes settled on her face. "Bellona possesses the internal anatomy almost exact to that of a pure blooded Vulcan. Surely you must understand that it is of paramount importance that she undergo the kohlinahr and grow up on Vulcan."

"Never!" She shrieked in reply, becoming irate at his persistence in the matter. "I will never allow that. Are you insane? You say it is the logical way…but what about my way? What about what I want? I am her mother just as you are her father."  By every passing moment, she was becoming angrier and angrier, her hands clenching into fists without so much as a second thought.

"Please be reasonable…this is the logical way…"



Mommy…I'm done. Bellona shattered her focus on the memory, seeming a bit happier than before.  Kallistra flinched at the memory, Syrik's voice echoing in her mind.

This is the logical way…this is the logical way…

She glanced down at her hands; they were clenched into fists then inhaled deeply, calming herself down.  The daily meditations she engaged in were intense and were exceedingly helpful bit it was difficult for her to overcome much of the rage.  What if the Vulcan High Priestess was correct?  What if Bellona needed to be trained?  How would she be able to bear her daughter's absence when she needed her the most?  Would she be able to bear it?  With that, she shielded her mind from her daughter and offered her a warm smile then both settled down to dinner.

=/\= Personal Quarters =/\=

Cadet Kallistra Grey


U.S.S. Charon


Bellona Grey

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