Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.13 - Personal Back Log "First Steps" Part I - Shiarrael Rehu

"First Steps"

Year 2342

[Nn'Verih, Ch'Rihan]

Thunder shook the stone walls as flashes of lightning illuminated the interior of the dimly lit room.  Two nurses and a doctor hovered over a woman who gasped deeply.  Just beyond the door arch several figured lingered, pacing, and glancing into the room as the woman struggled.  Veins laced across her forehead as she gritted down on her teeth at the encouragement of the doctor "push!" she shouted at her.

"Susse-thrai, I am pushing!"  The woman reached out and shoved the doctor into one of the trays of hot water "where is that fool Nezak!"

"Please calm down lady.  You must push."  One of the nurses said but wisely kept her distance.

"Do not tell me to calm dow- Ah!"  She grabbed her extended belly and pulled up "where is Nezak!"  She screamed again.

"Calm yourself lady Rehu!"  Nezak entered and approached his wife "you must do as the doctor says."

"Do not patronize me!  I will rip your genitals from your person for what you have done to me!"  She reached out but Nezak stepped back- just barely to escape her vice-like grip.

"You are being irrational."  He said calmly but kept his distance from his wife.

Lady Nhasaen t'Rehu let out a blood curdling scream and flung her back into the bed.   She gripped the covers and pushed while screaming for the next fifteen minutes.  Finally the doctor announced "its coming" and asked for more water and a scalpel.  The screams subsided and a small cry escaped from the room. 

Nezak exited and smiled at those gathered "it is a girl- Shiarrael t'Rehu, the heir to S'Rehu has been born."

Three months later…

Jamor tr'Sahen exited his flitter, behind him a young Rihannsu boy slid out.  The massive Rehu estate loomed in front of them.  The style and architecture was almost as old as Rihannsu civilization and unlike other landmarks S'Rehu had enough wealth through generations to keep their primary estate well maintained.   It was one of the reasons Jamor was pleased by the alliance formed between S'Sahen and S'Rehu by the marriage between Nhasaen and Nezak.  Jamor waited patiently as a contingent of servants made their way down to the duo.  The boy however hid in the old man's shadow.

The group of servants stopped and one approached them "Jolan'tru lord Sahen.  I am tr'Volrok, hru'hfe of the Rehu estate.  Let me formally welcome such an honored guest."  He bowed his head and the other servants followed suit.  When he finally looked up again he gestured for them to follow "Lady Rehu is waiting for you."

Jamor followed and the boy continued to linger just behind him.  They were lead into the main hall of the Rehu estate.  It was a massive and seemingly endless cavern.  Dozens of portraits and finely carved statues lined the walls.  One of the paintings caught his eye- it was familiar piece, old, but not worn.  It depicted the ruling queen, perched atop the governing council like a wicked hawk while S'Tasks bled to death beneath her.  It was an exquisite piece of infamy that survived Rehu's downfall.

Finally they reached the end of the chamber.  The servant motioned to the door and then quietly backed away allowing them to enter.  Jamor stepped through the stone frame followed by the boy.  Inside they found Lady Rehu sitting in a large chair with several blankets carefully folded over her and the infant wrapped in her lap.  She looked up at the old man and smirked "you have taken your time Lord Sahen."

"I have been busy with matters."  Sahen said, gently, not to scare the infant "I have brought Itsak to greet his cousin."  He turned around and looked at the boy "go now."

The boy stepped forward, carefully; he looked at Rehu who transformed her smirk into a soft smile "are you afraid of your cousin?"  She asked.  The boy shook his head and approached.  Stopping at her lap he looked down at the baby.  It looked so innocent- he carefully leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

"Jolan'tru Shiarrael."  Itsak said quietly.

Lady Rehu grinned and gently rubbed her hand through the boy's hair "you are good child."  She looked past him "Volrok!"

The servant stepped into the archway and bowed his head "you called my lady?"

"Yes."  She put her hand on Itsak's shoulder "will you be a good friend to Shiarrael?"

The boy nodded "I will." 

"Good."  She smiled and nodded to Volrok "take him to the kitchen and have one of the cooks make him something sweet.  He has been a good child today."

"Yes my lady.  Come."  He beckoned Itsak to follow.

The boy smiled but when he turned around and noticed the hardened expression on his grandfather's face the smile quickly evaporated.  He slowly followed Volrok into the great hall.

"I wish you did not spoil him."  Jamor said.

"It is my house and I do as I please."  She snapped at the old man- her fury well regarded.  "Is it true, the rumors?"

"I did not know you were keen to listen to such things."  Jamor answered.

"It is hard not to hear some.  The Vulcan Somok has returned to the Federation leaving your daughter without a bond-mate and Itsak without a father."  Rehu sneered "disgusting- how could she have ever bedded such a creature?"

Jamor grimaced "she was foolish and ignored my warnings.  There is another reason I am here." 

Rehu looked at him with a suspicious glare "I expected so."

"I need you to watch the boy.  Teelis refuses to leave her room since Somok's departure." 

"Foolish woman."  Rehu sighed and then glared at him "but I'm not blind to your lies Jamor.  The reason you bring the boy here is because you cannot stomach a half-blooded bastard in your midst."  He started to speak but she lifted her hand "leave him here.  I will ensure he receives education and training to join the Rei'Krannsu when he is of age."

"He will not join the Rei'Krannsu.  It is enough shame that he carries my name."  Jamor turned around and left.