Friday, October 16, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.16 Duty log LT George Tatlock wing co

<ooc this is just a short story about stuff that went on during plots, its in no way a subplot , just a story >>
=/\=President's office Carpathia prime a few weeks ago=/\=
An angry Major General McNaught-Davis waited in the outer chambers to see the president, he had with him several orders that marked several men to be branded as traiter to the Carpathian cause.The officer was in full dress uniform, everything was in place sword medals, the General's uniform was so immaculate that it might have even put the Marine corps top sgt major to shame.
A few moments later the presidential secretary ushered the officer into see the president.
"Mr President" The General began President Gene Regis got up and walked around his desk to meet the general , "Good day General" the man replied as they shook hands.
Regis ushered the general to sit and he handed over several sheets of paper ,"These sheets of paper were the orders for branding as traitors" the general said
"Let me see them " Regis replied ,The General slid the papers over and the President started to go through them, signing the orders as he did, he picked out three of them.
Regis asked the general as to why these three men had been selected.
The president was refering to Andrew Harry and George Tatlock who were serving the federation on various ships. 
the general replied that they had not responded to the call and it was standuard proceedure to do this.
The president rubbed his chin for a few moments, "General, I dont suppose you have looked at the bigger picture?"
"How do you mean sir?"
"Well these orders are only supposed to be for those who are adament that they will not return"
"Yes sir all these men were adament"
"Are you sure?"
"Well er yes I believe that is correct"
"You only believe it to be correct?"
"Our agents could only get some of these orders to the men on the list"
The president nearly choked on the beverage he was drinking...
"Yes sir" the general replied
"My god man how long has this been going on?"
"Along time Mr President"
The president stood up, he took hold of all the papers and tore up every one of them, "From now on this practise is to stop, we cant have this going on when so many of our men are representing Carpathia in starfleet." he looked over at the hereos wall, this wall had many hundreds of photos of Carpathian men who had fallen during thier time with Starfleet.
"And general" Regis spoke in a dagerous tone "I want pardon's for all those men who were wrongly branded , do I make myself clear?"
"Crystal sir"
"Good then let us speak no more of this, but I want a report when the Pardons have been sent out"
I will do that personally sir" the general replied.
The president dismissed the general who thought that the president had gone mad, but orders were orders and he had his, if he refused then me might loose his job, promotions and well other things.
The president called his aide who came into the office,
"Peter, I have decided to do a presidential Pardon to all the officers who have been branded as a traitor , immidiatly" The aide grinned and typed the orders on the PADD , "I will get these orders out quick as I can sir " the aide replied.
The president thanked the man and continued reading his papers.
"My new pardons will really boost my ratings "he said to himself grinning.

From The Tatlocks:)

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