Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.14 || Joint Duty/Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Dr Fisher

(OOC: There will be a backlog out shortly which comes between this log and my last log with D'Vana)

=/\= Sickbay, USS Charon =/\=

After spending some time with D'Vana in their quarters after the training, Ch'tan had realised that he was still technically meant to be in sickbay and figured he had better go in for a checkup and to request that he be allowed back on duty, slowly the young Klingon stepped through the doors and looked around for a familiar face, one of the few doctors he trusted, Doctor Fisher.

A smile came to her face when she saw the officer walk through the doors of sickbay, a deep happiness was there as she remembered he diagnosis months back. For someone she had faith would do well, and someone she faught to stay alive, she was glad her hard work was not in vein.

"Commander Foster! How nice it is to see you up on your feet!" She exclaimed quietly as she gently placed the padd with her file on the biobed before her. " What can I do for you? Is everything ok?"

"Doctor," Ch'tan replied with a gentle bow in her direction, "A testament to you and your doctors," he added with a small smile, "Well technically I haven't been released from sickbay yet and I was wondering if you could give me a check over and sign me off as fit for duty, staring at the ceiling could drive a man insane,"

" Thank you Commander,I have to say, I am glad to see that our efforts were well rewarded." She picked up the tricorder and motioned to the biobed to her right. " I can certainly clear you for duty, as long as you keep an eye out for poisons I do not mind doing that for you."

"If I spot any more poisoned daggers I will be sure to avoid them, the same goes for anything sharp that drips green," Ch'tan grinned as he sat down on the edge of the bed, "Did you get a chance to meet my father while he was here?" he asked as he placed his hands on his knees.

She nodded as she started the scan. " Aye, I did. He was very.... Well, let me say that it was hard not to meet him. He surely knows how to make his presence known.. But, I must say that he is a very strong man... And loves you much as a father should. " She smiled and waited for the scan to finish. " How have you been feeling since you were released?"

"He is a true Klingon Commander, you have to make yourself known," Ch'tan chuckled as the scan started, "Hmmm, My legs have been a little weak, but they have been getting better the more and more I used them, other than that, the only other things to note are my appetite, its a lot bigger than it used to be,"

She chuckled at his last comment. " That is because your body has been on fluids for so long... it is starved for the nutrition it can get from harder foods..." Pausing she then continued, " When it comes to your legs, I suggest exercising them regularly and specifically strengthening them again, there was only so much we could do to keep them from going stiff on you..."

The tricorder beeps with the results of his scan and she nodded as it was just what she expected. " As for returning for duty, I would say you are safe to return, just be weary of pushing your limits until your legs return to full strength."

"I will be certain to add some leg work to my training schedule," Ch'tan replied as he stood up when the scan had finished, "I will report to Captain t'Rehu and tell her the... good? news," the young Klingon added before pausing for a second, "How are Captain Fisher and your child?"

A soft smile came to her lips as she answered his query about her family. "They are doing great! I should be able to spend more time with them now that I have stepped down as Chief Medical Officer... Shaun will enjoy the news."

"Tell the Captain that I expect a rematch now that hes got two flesh and blood legs," Ch'tan growled lightly with a slight smile, "I expect you stepped down to spend some more time with them both? that is certainly honorable,"

She nodded and thought of the fight they had had about her work coming before the family. " I stepped down because of that and it seemed my work was coming between me and them..." A sigh left her. " I think I made the right decision."

"A department head position is alot of work at the best of times, it is hard to juggle them both, but I believe you did make the right decision," Ch'tan replied with a soft smile, something that looked a little out of place on the Klingon's face, "Family is always the most important thing, they are the ones we would do anything for,"

" Aye..." She took note of the crew member who walked into Sickbay and nodded to the Commander. " Is there anything else I can do for you Commander? I am sorry to cut this conversation short... But I fear there is another who needs assistance." A smile graced her lips.

"If you could forward the report to the Captain, that would be most helpful," Ch'tan replied as he returned the smile, "I will go and speak to the counselor, Captain t'Rehu will probably want a psych evaluation as well,"

Nodding she immediately sent the report off to the Captain and looked back to him. " Report sent Commander. And I will forward the message to my husband regarding the rematch." She smiled as she gave him a respectful nod. " Take care Commander."

"You too Doctor and thank you," Ch'tan replied as he headed for the doors, a light smile on his face as he came one step closer to being back on duty.


Lieutenant Lylan Fisher
Assistant Medical Officer


Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer

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