Monday, October 19, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.19 - Plot POV Log "Quiet Observer" - Ensign Lara Batiste (NPC)

[USS Charon, Bridge]

Ensign Lara Batiste lazily studied the readouts from the auxiliary science console.  She would have preferred to look at the nebula from stellar cartography- the three dimensional displays were second to none but being in the presence of Rufo, well, that was something she preferred not to do.  The Cardassian stellar cartographer had an attitude that could send a super nova retreating.

Letting out a quiet sigh Lara leaned back in her chair and twisted her head to look at the view screen.  The outer edges of the nebula had long since replaced the passing stars.  She enjoyed watching the swirling assortment of colors, bright greens and lights browns twirling in spindles of clouds that reminded her of cotton candy.  Every now and then there would be flashes of ionization which made her think back to the summer storms of her home on the banks of Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans.  It was truly a magnificent sight. 

Returning her gaze to the console she jotted down some notes onto her PADD.  It was a bit tough being on the Charon.  Most of the science officers were young kids.  Originally she intended to finish her dissertation at the observatory on Alpha Centauri but when she heard about the Charon's mission she couldn't resist the urge to get a temporary commission and finish her dissertation aboard.  It wasn't so much the mission as the Vulcan sentiment that there was a great possibility of young developing stars in the area of space.  From all of her study the area was a dead region, very few stellar nurseries for the development of stars, but the Vulcans were insistent that there was new development.  Lara wanted to confirm this for herself or for the benefit of her dissertation, refute the notion entirely.

Of course so far the mission had yet to reach the stellar cluster.  The Charon seemed to be busy with other things- not insignificant things of course.  So far they had found a planet where a Klingon ship from the early 24th century had crashed and then the discovery of the Lyrillian planet which moved at warp.  The latter of which was quite a find. 

There were also other things.  Things which made Lara regret her commission.  The first one was the attempted mutiny by the Marines under Colonel Cole's command.  That was truly a shame, especially since counselor Becker was having a relationship with Cole, if the ship rumors were true.  The Commodore, at least Rehu was a Commodore at the time, marooned them on a Romulan outpost.  Then there was the attempted murder of Commander Foster.   Luckily the Commander survived but the tension between the Klingons and the Romulans aboard were at an all time high.

Looking back at the view screen Lara keenly studied the glowing silhouette of the Captain who was standing next to the helm.  The green light of the nebula reflected in her face and her beautiful violet colored eyes seemed to be studying it with the same intensity and awe Lara felt.  There were a lot of people aboard who didn't like the woman.  For awhile Lara found the Captain to be arrogant but now her opinion had changed.  How many people could keep a ship together through so much chaos?

"We have arrived at the outer edges of the Nebula Captain."  The refined Vulcan seated next to the Captain announced.

The Captain was quiet for a long moment as she seemed to watch the splendor of the nebula.  Finally breaking her silence she spoke as she walked back to the command chair "science launch a probe into the Nebula." 

Lara was no longer interested in her own note taking.  Now she was intently watching the events on the bridge.  A blue streak slipped out from beneath the Charon's saucer and disappeared into the swirling green and brown.  Turning around her eyes became glued to the auxillary science console.  A few seconds later a litany of results were scrolling down her console's screen and Lara studied them intently as the science officer on the bridge read them off.  When he finished reading the details Lara turned around just as the Captain stood up.

"I'll be in my ready room."  Rehu motioned to both Tyrax and Falcon "both of you join me.  Ensign Dicari- you have bridge.  Try not to break it this time."  Lara watched as the trio walked off the bridge.  She looked at Dicari and suppressed the urge to chuckle.  Standing up she slipped her PADD into a pocket.  A nice lunch was in order with such a perfect view today.