Saturday, October 10, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.11 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier

=/\= Foster & Xavier Quarters, Deck Two, USS Charon =/\=

D'Vana walked through the doors and paused knowing almost instantly that Ch'Tan wasn't within. She scowled he should be resting and recuperating still. she growled low in her throat and did a quick check noticing his weapons missing.

"Computer Locate Lieutenant Cmdr Ch'Tan." D'Vana growled in a low voice. he had told her he would be resting and taking it easy.

[LtCmdr Ch'Tan Foster is in holodeck 2] The computer stated evenly.

"Dammit." She growled and knew he was training. She hated when he made her worry like this it only tend to anger her when she knew he was pushing himself to hard. She growled again as she left the quarters. She didn't growl often, unless she was angry.

=/\= Holodeck 2 =/\=

Stepping off the lift she made her way down the corridor and into the holodeck despite the computer informing her that Ch'Tan had it reserved for the hour. She stood hands fisted on her hips and glared at him. A low growl deep in her throat to reach his ears letting him know he wasn't alone...

Ch'tan was sparring with Kulg'Rek, it was obvious the older Klingon was taking it easy, he had hardly broke a sweat where as Ch'tan was dripping with the effort, every strike burnt his muscles and his legs were starting to shake, yet he forced himself through the well practiced routine.

As he heard the growl he flicked a quick smile at the older Klingon and broke away from the fight at the same time he did, his legs being weaker, the drop in activity forced Ch'tan down to one knee, his mek'leth points down in the ground supporting his weight.

D'Vana gasped and hurried over to him. "You petaQ!, are you trying to get yourself killed." She growled both angry and worried as she scowled at him not even noticing the other Klingon just yet. "Or are you just trying to give me a heart attack?" She demanded.

"Maybe a bit of both," Ch'tan chuckled as he pushed himself up to his feet, "Kulg'Rek, this is D'Vana, D'Vana, Kulg'Rek," he added with a slight smile as he slid the weapons into their holders and leant on a nearby pillar.

"It is an honour to meet you D'Vana," Kulg'Rek said with a slight bow as he flicked his bat'leth over his shoulder and into its clips.

"An honor to meet you as well, Kulg'Rek." She said respectfully to him and bowed slightly in return before turning to punch Ch'Tan on the shoulder, "You know your not suppose to push yourself passed your endurance for longer then necessary what were you thinking?" she asked angry and concerned... she wouldn't show weakness before the older klingon but she wanted to take Ch'Tan in her arms and cry from the worry he had caused her unintentionally...

"I need to train," Ch'tan barked back at the punch, "If I dont train I wont regain my strength," he added quickly.

"And a Weak Klingon is no Klingon," Kulg'Rek finished with a slight smile, "You think like one of us, son of Ch'Krang, but you must remember you are part Human and they are much more fragile," he chuckled as he stretched his arms.

"I do not intend to cause you concern D'Vana," the young Klingon said as he stretched as well, "But physical activities will help me build myself up again and become the man I was before," he added with a light growl.

"Your right, and that is the man I fell in love with but you will always be that man to me Ch'Tan, and you are right, you do need to train to build your strength, however." She growled and turned her eyes on Kulg'Rek. "I don't find weakness in being half human." She growled though remained respectful of the older klingon, "it gives me a reason to train harder and remain as strong as any klingon." She said.

"I did not say humans are weak D'Vana," Kulg'Rek replied, "I only stated that they are more fragile than Klingons," he added with a smile to lighten the mood slightly.

"I have to do this for myself," Ch'tan replied as he kissed D'Vana hungrily, "but I will try not to overdo the training too much," he added with a large grin on his face.

She grinned and growled kissing him again just as hungrily. "Mm you better because you might find more exercise waiting for you at home, only alittle more on the fun side." She growled again kissing him again to enjoy the taste. "I know Kulg'Rek, I just have a terrible temper sometimes. I need to talk to you two about the incident in sickbay it would seem they'd like me to be a liason in your place Ch'Tan." she said softly...

"I thought something like this would happen," Ch'tan growled growing louder as he stalked towards the older Klingon, "I thought you said you could keep your men under control Kulg'Rek, who wants to tell me what happened?"

"I can keep them under control," the older Klingon growled back, "But I cannot watch them all day," he barked.

"Enough, I wouldn't mind bashing a few heads in myself, but this isn't helping, I don't need you two getting into a fight just yet as well." She growled. "From what the doctor said it's possible one of Kulg'Rek's men blames the romulans for attacking you and a fight broke out over it." D'Vana said repeating some what the doctor said, however she realized she didn't know all of what had happened either...

"Well I know for a fact he wasn't a Romulan, ears weren't pointy enough," Ch'tan laughed as he stepped towards the door, "My attacker was Human, very much so," he added as the doors slid open, "Computer, exit program,"

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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