Sunday, October 25, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.26 || Joint Duty/Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Robberts

=/\= Counselor's Office, USS Charon =/\=

Luckily for Ch'tan's legs, it was only a short walk from sickbay to the door of the counselor's office, the last time he had been here, it was to talk to Commander Becker, but she was no longer on the ship and he had no idea what to expect with the new counselor, he reached out and tapped the chime quickly before taking a step back.

Audrey looked up from her computer screen, then stood up at her desk. "Enter." She said with a confident voice. When her office doors opened, she saw the Klingon- but she knew that he was only half. Not because she had read his file and knew who he was, but because she had been raised with Klingons and knew how to tell the tell-tales of how to indentify a full blood, and less.

"Lieutenant," Ch'tan said as he stepped through the doors, "I believe Captain t'Rehu will want a full psych evaluation before she will allow me to return to duty," he added as he came to attention at the other side of the desk.

"Come, sit down. Let's just move past all these formalites." Aubrey said as she moved into her office taking a seat in the corner of her room where her desk wasn't.

Ch'tan took the seat that was offered and crossed his arms across his chest, "I believe I am in firm control of my mental state, however, the Captain will likely ask your opinion on me after the attack, so I think it is best if we get it out of the way now," he growled lightly.

"I know you don't like being here." Aubrey said, tring to get to the point. "My family is Klingon, and I have been raised on Qo'noS, so I know how Klingons... pefer... not to have to be around counselors." Audrey explaned. "But it would help if you weren't so closed off." She said, refering to his arms being crossed.

"If you will humor me, I refuse to open up around strangers," Ch'tan replied with a slight grin that flashed some teeth, "For obvious reasons,"

"Because you don't want people to think that your nothing but the perfect Klingon warrior?" Aubrey said with a smirk. "Fine, don't. Im not going to make you. But it's going to make it harder for me to say that your 'fine and nothing wrong'." She gave a soft shake of her head. "Tell me why *you* think your in here. What do you think that you can get out of talking to me?"

"It is a much more... human response than that," Ch'tan grunted in reply, "A stranger nearly robbed me of my life, I do not feel I can trust anyone," he added slowly, "As for what I think I can get out of this meeting, I want to get your opinion for the captain."
Aubery had seen this before, but she knew the cases were always differnt. "A stranger." She said at first. "You need to keep that in mind. That the person who almost killed you was a stranger. Not someone you know." She hoped she was going to make sence to this man. "Im sure there are people here on the ship you felt you could trust before this incident. Do you still trust them?"

"You misunderstand me Counselor, you said I was closed off and I am, because right at this moment I am sat with a stranger, I have never met you before, of course they are people on the ship that I trust, but you, I cannot trust, because for all I know, the would be assasin was someone in a Starfleet Uniform." Ch'tan growled in reply as he loosened his arms, "I can give you a list of the people I would trust with my life if you so wish,"
"No, that's not needed. Im well aware that you can give me a list that's vast." Audrey's mind was twisting with his words, trying to figure out the man that sat before her. "Is your problem that your finding it difficult to trust those in a starfleet uniform?" She was amused at the irony because she was wearing one herself.

"Not just a Starfleet Uniform, any stranger, regardless of what uniform they are wearing," the half Klingon replied slowly, "Anyone who I do not know,"
"It's a natural to not trust someone who you don't know. But it's a willingness to try to trust someone that makes the difference."

"Counselor, I am just here so you can tell the Captain I can fulfil my duties, if I went and asked her to return me to duty before seeing you, we would be sat here in an hour or so," Ch'tan rumbled in reply, "I understand that I need to try and trust people, but I will do that in my own time."

Audrey sighed. "First- I want you to check with sickbay, and see if *they* medicaly think your fit for duty. Then ask to be put back on the duty roster." Audrey knew what was happening here. "Your trying "to cut the middle man"." She said raising an eyebrow. "Then, if it's deemed useful, I am of course happy to talk to you again to give you clearance." Audrey wasn't going to give him clearance, because it wasn't exactaly needed.

"I have already been cleared by the medical staff, Doctor Fisher examined me before I came here and as for being put back on the duty roster, I do not believe that would be possible at my last posting, so the Captain would need to reassign me," Ch'tan replied with a light chuckle, "I heard the post of Executive Officer has been filled and it would be a shame for them to have come all this way to be told they are not needed,"

"Go see if you can get back on the roster, and *then* if the captain says you need a phyc eval, I will give you one. Our talk here and now isn't going to work." She said with a warm smile.

"As you wish Counselor," Ch'tan growled in reply as he pushed himself to his feet and stepped towards the door, "I may see you later," he added as he stepped out of the office.

(End Log...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant Audrey Robberts
Chief Counselor

USS Charon

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