Thursday, October 15, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.15 | Joint Personal Log: Part II | Ens. Dicari, COPS & Lt. Jg. Darc (NPC), AEO

“Paris: Part II”




=/\= Holodeck 2 =/\=


“Ahhh… that mon amour is the true question.  And the only answer is so that I may look at your beauty in the sunset.”  He said.


She smiled and blushed softly. "Such a smooth tongue, had I not already fallen I would have surely plunged." She said smiling softly at him...


“And I would have been there to catch you.”  He added finishing off his vegetables and taking a sip of wine.


She had never considered herself to be one of those girls who giggled whenever someone complimented her as he was doing now, but she couldn't stop the giggle that escaped her lips a she smiled at him. She blushed a hand moving to cover her lips surprised at what she had just done...


Cyrin couldn’t help but laugh at Evelyn school girl laugh.  “You are truly unique mon amour.  Truly unique.”  He said taking the last bite of his duck l’orange.


"I'm glad you think so, because I've always considered myself unique as well." She said with a smile before sliding a piece of Duck l'orange between her soft lips...


Nodding he agreed.  He stood up, “If you will excuse me I must prepare something.  But no peeking!”  He warned her.


She grinned and giggled. "I will try to resist." she said nibbling on some more of the duck...


Heading over to the chocolate covered strawberries, he made sure that his back was turned to her while he slipped a small package out of his pocket and placed it on top of the strawberries before covering them back up again.  “You can turn around and look now, but you won’t see anything… not until you are done eating.”  He smiled as he walked back to the table and refilled both of their glasses with some more wine.


She smiled and speared the last few pieces of duck l'orange and stuffed them into her mouth covering it while she chewed and swallowed slowly. "Done." She said when she finally swallowed the mouthful and grinned at him...


“Very well,” He smiled as the servers cleared the plates from the table.  He personally brought over the covered dish of chocolate covered strawberries to the table.  Sitting down he took a drink of his wine and smiled knowing what was hidden within.  “Go ahead, open the dish.”  He said with a smile.


She smiled softly wondering what was inside. lifting the lid she smiled as she saw the first desert they wore together and a small package. "What's this?" She asked looking to him wondering what he was planning...


“Open it,” He told her.  Inside he had hidden a gold necklace with a heart on it, the words that were inscribed onto the necklace was ‘Je t’aime’. 


Eve, looked to him then started to open the package slipping a gold necklace with a heart on it. "Je t'aime" She read the heart then looked to the man she loved, "what does it mean?" She asked softly her voice nearly breathless as she wanted to hug him...


“What do you think it mean mon amour?”  He asked her, as he stood up and went behind her wrapping his arms around her before taking the necklace and fastening it around her neck.


"My love?" She asked softly not really sure. She turned to smile up at him reaching up to tangle a hand in his hair and bring him close to kiss... "Thank you Cyrin, It's beautiful and I"ll treasure it always." She said softly.


Giving her a kiss, he smiles at her answer.  “Close, that is what mon amour means is ‘my love’.  Je t’aime means ‘I love you’,” he smiled gently giving her another kiss.


She smiled in response. "I love you Cyrin." She said softly getting another kiss from him, savoring each and every taste of him...


Grabbing another kiss he returns to his seat.  “One of these days…if we ever make it back into Federation Space and near Earth I will take you to the real Paris.”  He said with an air of determination about him.


"I'll hold you to that. though I'd also like to visit my grandparents." She said softly not having seen them in so long. She watched him return to his seat wondering what else he had planned for them tonight. she reached for a chocolate covered strawberry, but instead of taking a bite she threw it at him playfully.


Cyrin looked at her in shock, “You… you threw a strawberry at me again!  Again!”  He exclaimed, grabbing a strawberry he threw it back at her.  “We are even mon amour!”  He said with a grin.


Cyrin looked at her in shock, “You… you threw a strawberry at me again!  Again!”  He exclaimed, grabbing a strawberry he threw it back at her.  “We are even mon amour!”  He said with a grin.


Eve giggled at the shocked look and let out a startled gasp as he through a strawberry back at her. She looked at him shocked and threw the strawberry she held and had been about to eat, at him.


He dodged the flying fruit this time and came back up, “No more chocolate covered strawberries for you Evelyn!”  He said trying not to laugh.


She smirked and stood with one in hand licking the chocolate off the tip a bit seductively as she walked over to him. "Really?" She asked seductively running the chocolate of the strawberry over his lower lip, then kissed him hungrily....


He returned her kiss, before pulling back slightly, “Yes really!” he said with a sly grin.


"Mmm if you wish." She growled softly and kissed him again. "You taste like strawberries and chocolate." She smiled softly.


“Do I?”  He asked a slight groan escaped him as he returned the kiss and grabbed one of the strawberries and shoved it down her uniform, pressing up against it to hear a squelching noise.  He smiled as he continued to kiss her, knowing that she would get him back.  “If only I had my spoon…” he said breaking the kiss and grabbing one.


Her startled gasp was cut off by the kiss as she kissed him back reaching for a strawberry and slipping it inside his uniform as well and squishing it. She grinned as he reached for his spoon. “Oh and what do you plan to do with that?" She asked curiously...


“You don’t remember the Holy Spoon of Amundul?”  He asked moving around in his chair the strawberry a tad uncomfortable.  “I recall that it could toss rolls at you, but you took it from me!”  He said laughing, he noticed the sunset, it had been two hours already.  “Mon amour, je t’aime.” (My love, I love you) He added becoming serious.  Kissing her one last time, “I am afraid our time here is at an end though.  He pouted a bit to show that he didn’t want it to end so soon.  “I am sorry mon amour but I only booked the holodeck for a few hours.  Forgive me?”


"Oh yes you are more than forgiven. Though my shift is ending soon however I have to put in an extra hour now, but perhaps we can finish this in your quarters later?" She hinted with a smile and kissed him again. "I love you Cyrin." She said looking into his eyes...


Cyrin smiled, “Computer end program,”  He walked with her to the holodeck doors and noticed the strawberry patch on her back, “You might want to get changed first.”  He said to her as she headed down the hall.



Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon





Lieutenant Junior Grade Evelyn Darc

Assistant Engineering Officer

U.S.S. Charon

(apb D’Vana)