Friday, October 16, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.16 - Cdt Grey, Counselor - Duty/Personal Log

=/\= Counselor's Office =/\=

Kallistra slid her right leg beneath her left, interlacing her fingers together and setting them down atop her knee.  She tilted her head to the side slightly to observe the ensign as he spoke, absorbing his words in an attempt to fully understand the situation.  For a couple weeks she had been aboard the Charon and she was slipping into the swing of things with more ease than she expected.

"So you see, counselor." He started but paused for a brief second. "I just become so infuriated at times. Especially when I consider that my honor may be at stake. It is essential for a Klingon to maintain his honor. Ensign Takath insulted my honor by suggesting that I am a weakling."  She sighed for a second as she considered his words then nodded.

"Do you think maybe that Ensign Takath feels threatened by you?" She smiled faintly as she continued. "He is a Tellarite, you know. And Tellarites have the tendency to be quite as hot-tempered as Klingons are reputed to be. Perhaps he felt threatened by your progress in engineering. You mentioned that you have had issues with Ensign Takath before?"

The Klingon nodded in response to the question, "Yes. That petaQ has tried to undermine my progress and to assert himself because he is jealous. He is just not as inventive or intelligent as me."

"Now now…no need for such language." She declared, hoping he would calm down. "Even if he is jealous or not, that is no reason for there to be quarreling between you two. Unfortunately I have another appointment very soon so I am going to reschedule an appointment for later on this week. You, Ensign Takath, and I are going to have to have a talk about this. It is best that the situation be rectified before either of you are punished or even worse, suspended."

Ensign Shrakar rose from where he sat and offered her a nod, "Is two days from now a good time?"  Kallistra nodded, smiling as she responded, "Why yes. How about in the evening?"  He nodded in assent then wandered out of the counseling office.  She recorded the time on the calendar in her datapad then checked the chronometer that rested on the desk.

Two more hours. She thought to herself.  All of a sudden, the computer made a beeping sound, conveying to her that she had received a message.  She glanced in the direction of the computer screen then said, "Show me the message."  A Bajoran woman's face flickered onto the screen and the expression on her face revealed her annoyance beneath a mask of understanding.

"Hello Mrs. Grey. This is Renora at the day care and I would like you to come down here at the soonest you can. This message concerns your daughter Bellona. Hope to see you soon." Her face vanished and the screen returned to the inbox.  She heaved a sigh, pondering over what trouble Bellona became involved with now.

Over the next two hours, Kallistra saw three people.  One was a cadet who was having issues with her marriage with an engineering officer.  The other was a young lieutenant who was having unthinkable nightmares of his deceased family that passed on a month ago.  The last of the three was a middle-aged woman that was talking of her longing to see her children back home on the Randar Colony.  When the last person finally left, she deactivated her computer and gathered her items, slipping them into her bag.  Once she slung the bag over her shoulder, she wandered over to the turbolift and took it a level down, making her way over to the day care.  When she wandered in, she saw Bellona sitting down in a chair at the far end of the room while an assortment of children played with one another.  Glimpsing that made her sigh softly.  At once she made her way over to the Bajoran woman named Renora and offered her a friendly wave accompanied by a smile.

"Hello counselor Grey, I am happy you could come." She smiled as warmly as she could but seemed visibly upset.  She could feel the woman's irritation and that she was hiding it but said nothing.

"Can I please speak with you for a moment? This is concerning Bellona." She beckoned Kallistra over to her then assumed a serious expression. "Counselor, I am not quite sure how to say this but your daughter seems to have made quite a few children uncomfortable."  She frowned, clearly not happy to convey such unfortunate news.  Kallistra nodded, listening, "Go on, please."

"Well Bellona seems to have been invading the minds of children and many of the children are well…they are afraid of her. Aside from that, she has been quite anti-social. Not playing with the other children and even taking to sitting at the end of the room where no one is. We have tried to incorporate her into our games and to make her feel welcome but she does not seem to respond much to it." She cut herself short.

"I understand, Renora. But you must understand that she is still coping with the death of her father. It has affected her greatly…more so than I thought it would. I will take her home and speak to her though. She knows all too well that invading the mind of another is clearly now accepted. I'll remedy the situation and make sure it happens again."  With that, Kallistra moved into the day care and picked Bellona up, carrying her out of there.  Bellona seemed visibly upset, tears staining her face.  Kallistra was bombarded by her melancholy emotions and frowned herself, moving into the turbolift.

=/\= Turbolift =/\=

Cdt Kallistra Grey


U.S.S. Charon