Thursday, October 15, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.15 | Duty Log | Ensign Cyrin Dicari, Chief Operations Officer

=/\= Bridge =/\=

After having met with the Marine, whom Cyrin didn’t know whether to trust or not, he finally made it to the bridge.  He was already thirty minutes late and Petty Officer Third Class T’Vak just gave him a blank stare.

“Yes I am aware I am late.”  Cyrin responded.  T’Vak just lifted one eyebrow and looked at him.

“Sir, you are the Chief Operations Officer.  You should set an example for the rest of the crew on board this vessel,” the Vulcan’s voice radiating in a flat monochromatic tone.

“I am aware of the Petty Officer; however this is neither the time nor the place to be discussing this matter.  If you wish to file a complaint do so, if not then get off the bridge and go help out Petty Officer M’Dun with inventory.  I do recall issuing out orders that every person in this department will be working double shifts.”  Cyrin stated flatly.  “And what do you have to report?”  He asked.

“Master Chief Petty Officer Sorjei Aniri reports that deck eight is seventy five percent complete.”  T’Vak replied.

“Good, anything else?”

“No sir.”  The Vulcan responded.

Cyrin dismissed him with a nod of his head before taking up his position at the ops station.

=/\= Several Hours Later =/\=

As Cyrin’s shift ended he wanted nothing more than to head to bed.  Yet he had more paperwork to do.  Retreating to his office he looked around to find that his ever-growing pile of paper work was just a bit taller than when he had left.  “Computer play Pavarotti, begin with Nessun Dorma, low volume.”

The sound of Pavarotti could be heard coming from hidden speakers, the music immediately washed over Cyrin like a blanket.  Pushing in a few commands on the replicator, Cyrin withdrew a hot pot of coffee along with cream and sugar.  His usual.  Pouring himself a cup he sat down behind his desk and began attempting to make order out of the chaos that was his desk.

One of the first reports he picked up was from Petty Officer First Class Janelle Renalds.  Skimming through it he noted that she was filing the reports for the Flight Deck in Chief Petty Officer James Thomas’ absence, or more like forced removal.  That also reminded him that he needed to turn in the report to Commander Marcus as well as Lieutenant Tyrax, Commander Falcon, and Captain t’Rehu.

Sighing, he pulled up the proper form and began filling it in, the standard: name, rank, department, service number, the whole kit-n-caboodle.

Name: James Thomas
Rank: Chief Petty Officer
Position:  Chief Flight Deck Officer
Department:  Operations
Department Head:  Ensign Cyrin Dicari
Service Number:  JT35987-E7
Notes:  Chief Petty Officer Thomas did knowing and willing contributed to direct insubordination and assault and battery on a higher ranking officer (A one Ensign Cyrin Dicari, Chief Operations Officer).  Chief Thomas was relieved of duty and sent to the brig on an indeterminate amount of time due to prior convictions.  Full recording can be found attached to file.
Recommendation:  Full removal as Chief Flight Deck Officer, reduction in rank to Crewman.  Recommend a potential transfer to engineering under the command of Commander Calhoun.

Finishing the last part Cyrin looked over it one more time before attaching the visual recording of the incident then making three copies he put it in his ‘out box’ which was relatively empty compared to his ‘in box’.

Returning to the report that Petty Officer Renalds had done up, he looked through it fully.  The Flight Deck had succeeded in actually completing five of the shuttles out of ten personnel shuttles, four work bees, and the Captains personal shuttle.  Cyrin would be on the team to personally handle the Captains shuttle, but they could handle the nine remaining shuttles.  Making a copy of the report he put it in his ‘out box’ to be sent to Lieutenant Tyrax.

The next report he picked up was from the Gym.  He had not yet heard that there had been a brawl.  Noting all the damage, he decided that Petty Officer M’Dun should be notified so that he could replace all the broken furniture, luckily the gym was shut down until further notice.  He would wait for Commander Marcus’ okay to send a team in to repair the gym.  Putting the report in his ‘out box’ to be sent to Petty Officer M’Dun and what new furniture would be needed, he took a drink of the now cold coffee.

The music of Pavarotti had long sense stopped playing, depositing the coffee into the replicator to be recycled, Cyrin moved over to the couch that was in his office and laid down kicking his boots off.  ‘Just a few hours of sleep and then back to duty,’ He thought to himself as the sand man quickly found him…



Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon