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[USS Charon] SD 240910.31 || Joint Duty Log || Ens Doyle, CSCI & Cdt Bre'accoria ASCI

Nathanial had just dismissed Thomas when he was greeted with a message on his terminal. It was from the captain.
"Well she definitely wants to keep me busy" he said aloud reading that he would be welcoming another officer to the science department today.
He flicked open the file of the new cadet, another transfer from the Quantum Fury, an Aayla Bre'accoria. But before he had time to read it, he heard the all too familiar sound that someone was outside the office.
"Come in"
Aayla walked through the gray doors that lead to Ensign Doyles office and was greated by a casual stare. "Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria, speciality Astrometrics, Terraforming and General Science." She explained.
He looked up au the new cadet. The first thing that caught his attention was a set of pink bandages covering where her eyes should be. 'so this is one of the vree' he thought to himself.
"At ease cadet" he said while motioning towards the chair infront of his desk.
"Thank you sir." Aayla said as she sat down in the chair.
Nathanial turned to look at his screen, he scanned the file, it all seemed in check. He would have to look at it more indepth later. "Astrometrics you say. Can i ask cadet what interests you about Astrometrics?""Well sir, I really enjoyed looking up at the stars as a child and wonderingstar that was and what star that was. I was just interested sir." She explained.
Nathanial nodded, the ship itself had a full compliment of Stellar Cartographers, and an Astrometrics major wouldn't per say 'add' to the team, but he was interested in seeing what kind of impression she could have on Galen.
He picked up a PADD and entered in a few details.
"Ok Cadet" He started, handing her a PADD. "Here is your duty roster, I am assigning you to Stellar Cartography, I am interested in seeing what an Astrometrics major can bring to the team, I expect you to not let me down in this task."
Before she could respond Nathanial finished off saying "You are dismissed Cadet, enjoy your stay in the Charon"
"I wasnt just an astrometrics major sir, in my time in the Vree expeditionary force I was schooled in terraforming." Aayla answered as she got up.
He flashed a small smile, hardly noticeable, but still there, he nodded at Aayla and turned to his screen. "I'm sure that you will deliver outstanding work then, and think outside the box." He said after she had gotten up.
Aayla nodded at his response and turned with the PADD towards the door. Well that went rather well.
Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon
Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] USS Charon] SD 240910.31 || Duty Log || Esn Nathanial Doyle

=/\=Chief Science Officers Ofiice=/\=
Nathanial sat at his desk, it felt like the first time in days that he was actually sitting there, with the nebula, and all the preparations, and of course the science department was heavily involved, it had meant long hours and lots of running around. His stomach grumbled, he had missed both breakfast and lunch today and his body was going to make sure he knew about it!
He shrugged it off and grabbed the first PADD of ten that he had sitting on his desk for review. Be a science officer in Star Fleet, explore and work on new discoveries... read the pamphlet that they were handing out when at career day back in high school. "Well they definitely did not warn me about all the paperwork!
he said to noone but himself. Paperwork? he thought to himself, well I guess we could call it Paddwork... He laughed.
Nathanial knew it was time for a break, he stood up and headed for the door, he knew a mess hall that had a seat with his name on it. He opened the door and stopped suddenly, for standing infront of him was a cadet, he couldn't quite pick his name, his head was a bit of a mess after the long day, and the lack of food wasn't helping either.
"Ensign sir, I have a message from the Captain, she wishes to see you immediately." he said.
Nathanial could hear a slight quiver in the cadet's voice, was it fear? He nodded and dismissed the cadet, who eagerly left down the hall. Nathanial was slightly annoyed, he knew that if he kept the captain waiting a longer that she had to, he would know about it. He also secretly suspected that she knew the exact time it took from any area of the ship to her ready room door. His stomach grumbled again, alot louder than the last. Nathanial sighed, he also knew that if his stomach decided to sing out, he would also know about it.
Seriously, I'm trained to deal with countless situations, but this is what I'm faced with, to sneak a bite, or not to sneak a bite, that is the question. He chuckled again, boy was he tiered, mind you lately it must have looked as if every day he ended up being tiered, sure the science department was understaffed, and sure we had a supplement of numbers from the Quantum Fury, but new recruits are new recruits, and they take up quite a bit of time and energy! He thought to himself, more so attempting to justify the situation to himself.
He decided to make a small detour via the mess hall and pickup something on the go, it was the lesser of two evils in this case, after all "Immediately" was really more of a guideline as opposed to a specific amount of time, and more importantly it would not potentially cause as much trouble as a stomach broadcasting that it was needing attention could do infront of the Captain.
Though there was lots of speculation that could be had, in trying to figure out what would happen...
Ensign Nathanial Doyle
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD. 240910.31 || Personal Log "Vultures" || ASCI Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria

==/\==Deck 4, Section 1, Cabin 445==/\==
Aayla sat on her ivory couch looking at the green liquid that was now smudged on her finger and wondered what it was. Romulan Blood? maybe the Romulan child had been bleeding and some was transfered on to her? Well what ever it was it wasn't hers and Aayla shrugged it off. The high sirrilium quantities in the nebula made for both a hazard and an asset. She could see the vultures circiling over the Captain and fighting over who gets the sirrilium. More phaser and deflector power, "Useful," Aayla thought. More impulse power, "Efficient,". Less cooking time for meals, "Looks like chef's going to get it." Aayla thought with a smug grin on her face.
Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon

Friday, October 30, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.30 - Joint Log "The Hectic Abyss" - Captain Rehu & Lt. Commander Calhoun

[USS Charon, Engineering]

Shiarrael sauntered into the engine room and stopped.  She lifted her hand and slid a single finger across one of the consoles.  After examining the dust free digit she smiled, pleased, and made her way further into the Charon's hectic abyss.  To say she hated engineering would be an overstatement- although she didn't care for it she understood where the soul of her ship resided "Commander" he eyes locked on Calhoun who busy speaking to some of his subordinates.  As the Xenexian Engineer looked up at her she smirked "everything goes well I hope?" 

Quentin handed a PADD back to the crewman he was talking to and walked closer to the captain, surprised she had ventured down here. "Oh just fine… I love having an Ambassador for a lackey" he said sarcastically. Speaking freely couldn't you have assigned him to a department that can handle dissidents… operations for example" he said.

Shiarrael might have actually quirked a brow at that statement had she no pride in her heritage "I'm sure you can find something useful for the Ambassador to do.  If his hands are too soft for real work you can always use him as a servant.  Clean your quarters, fetch your coffee, you can even have him wipe your ass for all I care, as long as you make him do something that he won't enjoy.  That is the point of punishment after all."

"I just don't like babysitting when I have far more important work to do Captain" he stated calmly. A few nearby engineers looked over at the exchange between him and the captain and spotting this he glanced round and upon meeting his deep, yet cold, purple eyes upon them raised a brow as if to say 'back to work now or you'll be joining the Ambassador'. Once they had hurried off he looked back to the Romulan. "So captain; now you're aware of my anti-babysitting stance… how can I help you?" he asked. "Oh… and I'm more than capable of doing things for myself m'am" he added with a tone of bitterness not knowing if perhaps it was a dig at his condition. Lately he had been getting irritated more quickly, he had a simple response though as he knocked back several painkillers.

"I'm certain you can."  Shiarrael said slightly amused by his response to the curious engineers "I have decided to observe the operations of every department personally.  Engineering is the first one I have chosen."  She looked at the glowing warp core- it was much different than the singularity drives on Romulan ships.  The pulsating reminded her of a beating heart "were the recent communication upgrades fully completed?"

"As far as I'm aware Captain, due to the increased amount of work in repairing the ship after the effects of the temporal incursion I've yet to fully catch up on the reports. I do know that no one has complained about them not being completed however." He said explaining the situation. "Now we're back up to full operation status we have been looking at enhancing systems where possible and maximizing the output of the ship." He paused for a moment. "Was there anything in particular you wanted to observe?" he asked.

"Everything."  Shiarrael said studying her surroundings.  Although she had been to engineering on several occasions it still felt a bit foreign to her.  "Also, there will be no need to provide an escort commander, I will tend to myself and endeavor to keep from interrupting your work."  She had an idea of what might be festering in his brain

"If it makes you happy Captain" he said slowly. "Well you came at interesting moment. We're just about to recalibrate the warp core; the plasma relay manifold is off by 0.5 microns. The process is straight forward but it requires shutting down the warp core and effectively rebooting it. As you can imagine, a number of things could go wrong" he explained.

"Well hopefully you and your men are good to enough to ensure that nothing does go wrong- or at least well enough to deal with any issue that arises."  Shiarrael smirked and took a few steps back and leaned against the edge of one of the auxiliary engineering consoles. 

"Let's get to work!" he called out with an attitude reminiscent of his old eccentric self. Knocking back several painkillers he virtually jumped down from the 'pool table' platform to the warp core control panel and tapped away as if he was a piano maestro. "Jones, prepare to take the main power grid offline and divert all essential systems through the backup generators!" he called out as he ducked under the rail and opened a control hatch and pulled out several chips and as he did so the lights and computers flickered and the core whirred as it powered down. Within seconds the lights flickered back on working on the backup generators. Swinging back through he nodded to Horatio Silver, the Master Chief in engineering to begin sensory sweeps of the conduits. "tr`Vrenak begin recalibration!" he called out as he tapped on the main warp core console and brought up a live diagnostic on the MSD panel at the back of the room. He grinned at the captain as he darted past her and tapped on the wall panel before jumping back up onto the 'pool table' platform. He winced as the pain kicked in – damn he thought to himself as he steadied himself on the centre console and had to down several more pills to keep going. Once he had done this he moved back to the warp core console and waited for a few moments. "Scan and recalibration complete" Horatio called out.

Shiarrael's eyes squinted slightly at Calhoun but if she noticed his momentary spate of pain she made no other indication of it.  She watched the entire display with interest wondering if the Commander was trying to impress her with his overly showy natureoif conducting his business.

"Ok, replace nodes 3, 5, 6 and 25" he said looking at the scan and in a flash was back at the 'pool table' as he released the locks to allow the team access to change the nodes over for the updated versions that had been replicated some hours before the operation had started. "Nodes in place" tr`Vrenak called out; one of the more senior Romulan engineers onboard he couldn't stop glancing at the captain because of her history with the empire and the fact she was exiled. "Eyes on the work" Calhoun called out as he recalibrated the new nodes as the seals were once again locked. With a few final tests and scans and about an hours work done the main power grid was brought back online and normal service resumed to the ship. With an eccentric grin he finished with a musical entering of commands on the 'pool table'. "And that Captain is how we work down here. Fast, efficient and precise" he said wheeling around to face her.

"Good."  Shiarrael nodded her head certainly impressed "continue it then."  She said simply and made her way out of engineering. 


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Lt. Commander Quentin Calhoun
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240910.30| | Duty Log "Among Other Things" | | Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria|

 <<OOC: this takes place after my upcomming JL's>>
==/\==Deck 8, Astrometrics==/\==
Aayla was mapping the nebula with a stellar probe that she had sent out and watched the data come in enthusiastically. "High Sirillium quantities, Commander Calhoun and Commander Foster will enjoy that." Aayla said to her self. 
No one else darred enter Astrometrics or Stellar Cartography for that matter. Aayla wondered if it was the Cardassian or the Vree that kept them away. Still Aayla like silence and the lack of traffic in Astrometrics made it easier for her to work. Work for a Vree is their purpose their given task the only thing that matters at the given moment and Aayla's task was scouting the Nebula for any potential hazards or advantages. A sudden beep at her console alerted her to an most unsual sight. "A stellar nursery at the far end of the nebula." Aayla said as she used the console to draw the view screen's attention to the far corner of the nebula.
"And this children is our next stop, astrometrics." Aayla heard someone say as the doors opened.
Aayla turned around to face the intruders and saw a group of school children walking in through the doors. The school children looked around for a few seconds before noticing Aayla and her Alieness.
"Whoa look at her!" One shouted.
"Settle down Jeremy, its not polite to point." The teacher said.
Aayla looked puzzled for a moment and then turned her attention to the woman. "May I ask what you and your............... students are doing here?" Aayla asked.
"Ensign Chives said he would give the children a tour of the Science Labs." The teacher said.
Aayla cringed. "Damn Chives!" Aayla thought. "I'm sorry but Ensign Chives is out with an.................ailment." Aayla replied. "And I' am in the middle of mapping a Nebula for the Captain so the tour will have to be postponed." Aayla explained.
There was a unanimous sigh of disappointment amoung the children as Aayla went back to mapping the nebula.
"Well can they watch you?" The teacher persisted.
Aayla sighed. "I suppose they could observe if they dont touch anything." Aayla replied.
The crowd of children then fanned out around her and one Romulan child looked up at her with a grin.
"What does this do?" One Human child asked.
"Dont toch that Devon It might blow the ship up!" A young Betazoid girl exclaimed.
"Really wow!" A Bolain child exclaimed.
Aayla sighed with annoyance.
"Hi, I'm Dar'avon." The Romulan child beside her said.
Aayla looked down. "I' am Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria, my speciality is astrometrics and my department heads are Galen Rufo and Nathaniel Doyle." Aayla explained to the child.
"What species are you?" The Betazoid girl asked.
"Vree." Aayla answered.
"Where do you live?" A Vulcan Child asked.
"Deck 4 Section 1 cabin.."
"No, no I mean where were you born?" The Vulcan child asked.
"Vre'allia." Aayla replied.
"Where's that?"
"On the other side of Romulan space,"
Aayla was then continualy bombarded with questions from the curious children and she got little work done with mapping the Nebula for hazards. Then the techer desided that, that was enough for today.
As the Children filed out the Romulan child gave her a leg a hug and Aayla watched him as he scurried out the door.
Aayla then noticed a green liquid on her finger.
Cadet Aayla Bre'accoria
Assistant Science Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240910.30 || Joint Dutylog Part II || Lt. Xavier, AEO & Ens. Dicari, COP

D'Vana had started to reach for the tea with her right arm. she grit her teeth refusing to show pain and instead accepted it with her left hand. She took a sip from it as she listened to him she would have thought it had been easier on him however she must have been wrong. "A half klingon?" She asked rather surprise since she should have known exactly how Ensign Dicari felt.


“No this was a full klingon.” He corrected.  “How do you like the tea Lieutenant?” he asked, as he took another drink.


"Its soothing." She said though like most klingons half or full she wasn't about to tell him that it was taking away a pain she hadn't been showing. "I'm... Why did they pick on you?" She asked curiously...


“From what I understood, they were afraid of me.  Of my being different.”  He was surprised he was sharing this with her, but then again Sakarra had helped him through it, to a point.  “They said I should be subservient and that I was ‘invading’ their minds.  That goes against any and all of my teachings.”  He said.  “I am glad it is helping you.”  He said referring to the tea.


"Oh yes it is." She said softly. "They had no right to pick on you, parents should teach their children it's wrong, instead children see their parents acting as they do and follow suit towards the child. If I ever have children they'll understand and won’t pick on others." She said fiercely. "However, if another starts the fight mine will finish it." She said with a rueful smile...


“There in lays the problem Lieutenant.  Sure one should defend in what one believes.  But to fight another person because of what they started.  That goes against every fiber in my being.  But then again I am not Klingon, and was taught to ‘talk’ my way through an ordeal.  Not go out guns blazing if you will.”  He added.


She couldn't help but smile at the description. "Well that's what my Klingon uncle taught me, my father on the other hand was a disruptive influence, or so my uncle often growled. See my father wanted me to talk my way through it as well. I'd talk and talk and no one listened. it wasn't until I broke someone's nose that I got their attention. However despite the fact that it made them back off a little, it still had a negative out come. I was completely avoided half the time and the other half I was constantly having names shouted at me as the other children ran by to avoid a fight." She said with a slight shrug...


“I know what it is like to be avoided, but I also know what it is like to avoid.  I had to ‘try’ to talk my way through ordeals, being a diplomat’s son and all.”  He sighed and took another drink of the tea.  Raising his glass “To childhood, to who we are now, and to who we will become,” he toasted with a smile.


"I'll toast to that!" She said and laughed slightly before taking a drink of the ice tea in her hands. "I'm being very human right now. I guess that's one of the things that most humans found odd. a Klingon acting human." She said with a smirk.


Raising his glass, “To hybrids the one of a kind in the galaxy!” he said with a smile, “To some that would be like a Vulcan smiling, to others it just is.  I am both human and betazoid.  You are both human and klingon.  I think we have earned and were given the right to act within the confines of both races.”  He picked up a padd with the new schematics of the Bellatora Fortis, “So perhaps Lieutenant you can give me a run down on the new engine system you and t’Khellian put on the shuttle.”  He said knowing that this Klingon was something unique, “And then perhaps you would be willing at a later day to teach me how to use a boot leth.” He said.


"'Artificial Quantum Singularity...One of the most destructive forces in the galaxy. If we make a mistake installing this in the shuttle we will inadvertently open a black hole in the Charon..' That's a quote right from t'Khellian." She said softly. "And they’re called Bat'leths, not boot'leths Ensign, I'd be glad to teach you how to use one." She said with a prideful smile.


“Artificial Quantum Singularity.  I see.  Well if I recall correctly, once those are initiated they cannot be shut down.  On a shuttle craft none the less, I am not sure I like this, and as is obvious she meshed Romulan and Starfleet technology together, which even suggests the possibility that once the shuttle gets out and about could just explode.  Not to mention, I know that none of my staff is trained on Romulan technology.  Commander Calhoun approved this?  Captain t’Rehu even?”  He asked.  “I know some reports mysteriously did not appear on my desk informing me of such actions.  Lieutenant, please don’t misinterpret my frustration at being directed at you, it is the fact that this ship at times feels like it runs on secrets.”  He stated taking the last sip of his tea, “May I?” he said offering her a refill as he stood up.  “And thank you for offering to teach me how to use a bath lot.”  He said still not pronouncing it correctly.


"Oh yes please." She said handing him the cup, but frowned as well she couldn't remember Calhoun telling her what she was going to be working on only that she was to work with t'Khellian. "As far as I know I was to work with t'Khellian on rebuilding the shuttle crafts." She said softly. "Bat'Leth." She said with a patient smile something not normally found on a klingon...


Cyrin replicated some more jestral tea for both of them and handed the Lieutenant the new glass.  “I see, did Commander Calhoun give you a duty report or anything like that?” He asked.


"Oh." she said reaching into her back pocket for the padd that he had given her when he told her she'd be working with t'Khellian and held it out to Cyrin with a sheepish smile. "Forgot about that." She said softly... As Assistant Chief of Security under Ch'Tan she had never carried those Padds around because they were almost in spreadable...


Cyrin took the padd and glanced over it, there wasn’t much more on it than what the Lieutenant had told him, “Thank you,” he said handing it back to her.  “I have one last request of you Lieutenant.  Would you please recount for me everything that happened from the moment you and t’Khellian stepped onto the flight deck to when you left the flight deck.  I want to make sure that I have all the facts right.”



D'Vana grimaced because of her sarcastic tone at the start of the encounter, however she couldn't remember them doing anything out of the ordinary other then upgrading the shuttles. Nor had she known there was a possibility that they were doing something wrong... She hesitated a moment before looking to Cyrin for a minute.


Then she took a breath and started to recount what had happened on the flight deck while she worked with t'Khellian, leaving out both of their attitudes at the start and going into what had taken place from removing the federation power to installing the Romulan quantum singularity to the shuttles Nacelles had started to fall on her. Even asking Alice’s help for a moment there.

Cyrin nodded as he took additional notes of the incident, he was still going to refer to the recording of the incident just to be sure.  “Thank you.” He said taking a sip of the tea, “you have answered my questions as honestly as possible.  Now I can get to the bottom of this and report it to whomever I need to.”


"Do you mind Cyrin, if I ask; is anyone in trouble?" She asked arching her brow again. She did not know if she liked the feeling of accomplice to getting someone into trouble very much. However, as far as she knew they had not been doing anything wrong when upgrading the shuttles. After all Calhoun wouldn't have offered her if t'Khellian did not have the CO's permission would he?


“Right now, no…no one is in trouble.  In the future perhaps.  I just need to find out why my flight deck was kept in disarray.  Especially for my department to pick up.  I will notify you of my findings Lieutenant.” Cyrin said taking a drink of his tea. 


"I see. Well I hope you find what you’re looking for and I thank you for the tea it was quite helpful." She said softly. She still wasn't sure if she liked that she might have helped get someone else into trouble...


“You are welcome Lieutenant, I am glad it helped out.”  He stood up as the Lieutenant did and walked with her out the door to check on his crew and their process of cleaning up the Flight Deck.



Lieutenant D’Vana Xavier

Assistant Engineering Officer

U.S.S. Charon





Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon


[USS Charon] SD 240910.30 || Joint Dutylog Part I || Lt. Xavier, AEO & Ens. Dicari, COP

=/\= Flight Deck =/\=


After his meeting with EnArrain t’Khellian, Cyrin was none to pleased with the way his flight deck looked.  Tapping his commbadge, “Lieutenant D’Vana please report to the Flight Deck.” Was all Cyrin could say as he began running a tricoder over the parts that were littering the deck.  He was going to get to the bottom of this, and find out who was responsible and why they thought they could just leave it as is.  Kicking something that was heavy he cursed, “Damn piece of…”


“Excuse me sir?”  Petty Officer Renalds asked.


“Yes, what can I help you with?”  Cyrin hissed through the pain now flowing through his foot.


“I just needed you to verify that I have spoken to all the Flight Deck personnel and not a single one of them was on duty.”


“Thank you,”  He said ‘Where in the hell is Lieutenant D’Vana’ he thought to himself as the Petty Officer walked back and continued her work.


D'Vana had just entered her quarters when the voice came over her commbadge requesting she report to the Flight Deck. She groaned and ran a hand over her face. She didn't bother to respond what was the point it sounded very much like an order from an unknown source. Turning back towards the door she made her way out wondering what the problem could be now.


It was a short trip back the way she had come She passed a Petty Officer on her way in and with a quick scan of the area and the lone officer she saw muttering over the debris she hadn't known was left behind from working on the shuttles and figured he was the one who had 'called'


"You called?" She asked hands on hips one elegant eye brow arched. Her chestnut colored hair shone with health but was wilder then she would like it sometimes. She hadn't had a chance to shower after her first visit to the Flight Deck so her uniform was a mess especially the rip that had been caused on the shoulder from trying to keep the Nacelles from crushing her...


Cyrin looked over to the Klingon, “Lieutenant D’Vana I presume?” He asked with a bitterness in his voice.  “Ensign Dicari, Chief Operations.” He introduced himself as he folded the tricoder and put on his belt.  “Please come with me to the Flight Office, I need to ask you a few questions.  Watch your step.” He added as he limped up the stairs to the Flight Office and sat behind the desk, the office was neat and tidy.  As he watched the Klingon enter he nodded, “Please take a seat Lieutenant.”


D'Vana frowned. she wasn't sure she liked the bitterness in his voice. was this more racism towards Klingons? Why did Ch'Tan remain on a ship so hostile towards them? She sighed and followed the Ensign to the flight office. She shrugged not wanting to agitate the man further then he already seemed and took a seat where indicated. "Can I ask what this is all about?" She asked unable to prevent the growl that companied her words. She was dirty and exhausted...


He watched her face, “Lieutenant, rest assured I have no vendetta against you.  However,” he points out of the window overlooking the flight deck, “according to the crew records, there was no beta shift scheduled for the flight deck, nor was there an alpha shift either.  The records indicate that you and EnArrain t’Khellian were the only two officers on the flight deck.  I want to know why it was left in disarray for my crew to clean up.  And if the two of you didn’t cause the mess who did?”  He looked at her the entire time he was speaking.  He was very unhappy with the situation, and he was doing his best to control the tone of his voice especially with the Lieutenant.


D'Vana turned to look back out the window at the mess, she rubbed the bruise on her shoulder where the corner of that damn nacelle had been resting and scowled. "t'Khellian and I were upgrading the Shuttles to her specifications. one of the Nacelles slipped from the tractor beam that was holding it Ensign, nearly crushing me. I helped get the work done then I left early for a shower and to head to bed. when I left a group of engineers were helping to finish up what was left. I assumed they were planning to clean up after themselves." D'Vana said trying to keep her tone civilized. She was after all Klingon and she knew how others viewed half breeds like herself. Even t'Khellian had been rough around the edges with her at first.


"As to why the mess was left for you and your crew, I have no clue why it was left, maybe something came. up. If you wish I'll stay and help you clean up the mess that was made by myself and the other officers." D'Vana said managing to remain cool and calm. it wouldn't do to get angry, it would only solidify the view most had of klingons or even half klingons and that they were war mongering and almost always fighting...


“Lieutenant, thank you for that bit of information.  I now know who to turn to.  By the looks of it you could do with a trip to sickbay and a sonic shower.  My apologies for being so…dure,” (Harsh) he added, “My predecessor mislead me.  I again apologize Lieutenant.”  He actually took a moment to look at her and noticed she wasn’t full Klingon, “You’re a hybrid aren’t you?” he asked his voice inquisitive and not judgmental.


"I'm half human through my father's blood." D'Vana responded noting the Inquisitive tone, however didn't completely relax despite the lack of judgment from him. "and what exactly do you mean by 'know who to turn to.'?" She asked with an arch of one shapely eye brow. her shoulder did hurt something fierce, but her curiosity wouldn't let her walk away... well not yet.


“I am half human as well on my father’s side,” he added.  “I assure you Lieutenant I am not going to report you.  That would be invaluable to me, as what you have said is more valuable.”  He said with as much sincerity as possible.  “Would you like something to drink Lieutenant?” he offered.


"Ice tea please. your half human? then you’re not fully betazoid?" She asked never would have known the difference if he hadn't told her. Which probably made it easier for him growing up since he looked both human and betazed.


He went over to the replicator and punched in a few commands when two cups of Jestral tea appeared.  One was hot the other was iced.  Passing the tea to D’Vana “This is jestral tea, it will help to relax your muscles Lieutenant.” He stated as he sat down and inhaled the scent of the tea before taking a sip.  “Yes I am only half human, half Betazoid.  Being a half-breed growing up was not easy.  Especially one who can sense emotions either aggressively or passively.”  He took another sip of the tea and smiled, “When I was fifteen and still in high school, a group of boys loved to pick on me.  One of them was a Klingon, not unlike yourself.”  He added.



Lieutenant D’Vana Xavier

Assistant Engineering Officer

U.S.S. Charon





Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240910.30 || Joint Dutylog Part III || EnA. t'Khellian, CCOM & Ens. Dicari, COP

Rhiana nodded at that as they continued to work on getting the new power system operational."It is good to have your parent's support on what you really wish to do Ensign. We Romulans believe in nurturing our passions. Wither it is for art, swordsmanship, or building new engines for star ships. It actually surprises me that you decided to go in for bridge officer when you could be 'tinkering' down in the basement I believe it is called, if that is truly your passion why do you deny the chance to fully embrace it?" she asked him looking up from her work.

Cyrin couldn’t help but laugh, “EnArrain, I opted for Operations because it was or could have been a fast track to Research and Development for Starfleet.  Though I was denied entrance to the R and D department,” a hint of disdain could be heard in his voice.  “Engineers fix and are seldom given the opportunity to create.  In operations, as you know, we have to think on our feet and outside of the box.  To come up with a solution in a very short amount of time; we have to take one thing and turn it into another thing.  Engineers do not take one thing and turn it into another…they merely fix or add on.  We get to manipulate.  Being placed as a bridge officer was par for the task, though to be honest…I don’t want to command my own ship.  Yes, yes, I know what you could or might say to that, ‘But Ensign you are still young yet.  Things change.’  I agree with that statement, that yes perhaps someday I may want my own command, but what I want more than anything is to be in Research and Development for Starfleet.”  He commented as he pushed a few buttons to prevent the EPS from overloading as he slowly brought it back to optimal performance level, “We are currently at forty three point seven five percent of the way there to optimal level.” He reported.

Rhiana was impressed with his answer to her questions and she nodded to him. "I'm not sure about Starfleet R & D personally as you might guess but from some of the things I have seen on federation ships their researchers are impressive. I wouldn't look down on your goal of being a researcher.” she said to him softly and glanced at the indicator on her device, then looked back at Cyrin. "Things do indeed change. Life is full of surprises for everyone, even the short lived races like Humans. I have commanded two ships in my time and it is a singular experience but definitely not for the faint of heart. As an Operations officer you are already feeling what it is like to command, your discussions reflect the Captain's orders. Life and death are but a small button push away, you must admit it is a powerful feeling." she said with a slight smile.

“EnArrain I am part human, though I figure you mean a human’s life span.” He journeyed to guess.  Cyrin rerouted power as the EPS was starting to show signs of an overload before turning back to Rhiana, “What do you mean my discussion reflect the Captain’s orders?  Surely you jest by referring that what I speak of reflects Captain t’Rehu’s orders?” He asked two questions one right after the other as he shifted on the ground to a more comfortable position, “Would you mind handing me that device there?”  He asked pointing towards a tool.  “And yes it is a very powerful feeling, a feeling that I don’t trust being in.  I am almost afraid that the Captain has ulterior motives for occasionally putting me in command of the bridge.  Please don’t say anything.”  He commented.

She moved over and grabbed the tool he pointed out, something long and silver by the look of it and then she moved up beside him and handed it over. "You once told me that you were nervous about being in a command situation Ensign. Something you also told the Captain, ever since then you've been given command over the bridge many times. There are two reasons for her doing it. One is of course to make you uncomfortable and nervous, possibly in retaliation for your attempted assassination of her. But the second and most important reason is because she like me sees your potential and wants to see you succeed in your career. You've shown yourself to be willing to take risks and committing yourself to a goal no matter the cost. That is what it is to be in command." she said to him in a kind tone despite his asking her not to comment.

“Thank you,” he said as he took the tool and began to run it along the circuitry of the EPS conduit.  “The wishing for me to succeed in my career coming from you I can believe.”  He left it at that, “Command for me it is a dangerous word.  Yes I command a department, and yes I have the safety net of the Command Team when I am on the bridge commanding that.  So you are right I suppose.”  He smiled to himself as the computers voice broke his momentary joy.  “EPS Conduit overload in ten seconds.”

“Damn it!”  He cursed as he flew up and began rerouting power away from the conduit.  “EnArrain please disable all codes that allow for a person to reroute any type of power to the flight deck.  Except for mine and yours.”  He wasn’t happy at the moment, as his fingers danced across the console the EPS conduit not forgotten.  “Damn inexperienced operations officers rerouting power to what is clearly a station being worked on!” He muttered to himself.

Rhiana moved up to the stations command panel and quickly punched in her override codes locking out anyone from routing power to this station. She cursed as it took nearly three seconds to input the command, Three seconds that could have been disastrous for the two officers. After a moment the computer acknowledged her commands and her eyes burned with rage as she slammed her hand over her nearly invisible combadge. "This is EnArrian t'Khellian who is the incompetent fool who is trying to kill The Chief Operations officer and me!?" she nearly bellowed.

An almost inaudible voice could be heard from the communications system, “Sorry ma’am, t-this is Crewman Audrey Newlund.” Her voice has fear in it.

Cyrin turned to Rhiana, his face showed rage as his hand slammed against his own commbadge.  “Crewman Newlund, you are damned lucky that you didn’t kill us!  You are relieved of duty until you are properly trained in operations protocols!”  He nearly yelled, as he ended the conversation.  “If you’ve anything to say to her, feel free to state it.” He said in a much more clam voice as he tapped his commbadge again, “Ensign Ro report to the bridge for operations duty on the double.”  He ordered.  “We at least diverted the overload EnArrain.” He announced as he wiped some sweat from his brow, “This isn’t the first time she almost killed a staff member, the boatswain had a conduit explode on him because of her incompetence.”  He told her.

"Crewman Audrey Newlund this is apparently the second time you have almost killed a fellow officer. You are an utter disgrace to Starfleet training and rest assured if this was a Romulan vessel I would have you shot immediately for your gross incompetence. Your commanding officer Ensign Dicari is being very benevolent by allowing you to retain your freedom and not bringing you up on charges. Sometimes mistakes are made but there is no excuse for such inept behavior TWICE! You are in debt to your commanding officer now NEVER forget that." She said in an icy tone remnant to how Rehu spoke when she was enraged.

Cyrin stood there monitoring the situation with the EPS conduit more closely than what he would have done as Rhiana chastised the Crewman.  Perhaps it would take the Romulans words to get through to her.  He pushed a few buttons listening to the icy tone that reminded him of t’Rehu and a shiver went down his body.  ‘She is almost worse than the Captain…almost,’ he thought to himself

Finally she stopped berating the young Crewman and looked back Cyrin moving up to the console once more. The tricorder she had used was now fully drained and completely useless. She unlatched it from the Device and placed it on the edge of the panel they were working on."How bad had it been damaged Ensign?" She asked him hoping their work wasn’t set back to far by the incompetence of the Federations soldiers.

“Luckily I was able to reroute the power in time.  Had I have been a second later, the EPS conduit would be in pieces and we would be back in sickbay.”  Cyrin rerouted a bit more power slowly to help decrease the time it would take to bring the conduit back to optimal level.  “With careful manipulation and power transfer we are at seventy nine point one three and steadily rising.  If I can keep this constant we should be at full level in five minutes EnArrain.”  He announced with some delight in his voice.

Rhiana nodded at that and began to help him reroute the power relays into the console. "I have to say Ensign you work with Romulan dedication and diligence. When you see a problem you quickly and efficiently tackle it until it is no more." she said to him with a tone of admiration for the young boy. "The Device is fully charged, Console power to Eighty five percent. Perhaps we will actually get this done in the expected time after all." she grinned at him as she checked her chronometer.

“Thank you EnArrain.”  He smiled to himself as he slowly increased the power to the EPS conduit.  “We may get it done in a timely manner, however we could have finished it an hour ago had things been done properly.  That’s not to say I haven’t enjoyed working with you.  On the contrary I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you.” He stabilized the power intake so it wouldn’t overload “Where are we at now?”  He asked.

She pressed the readout once more and glanced at the numbers as they flashed before her eyes. A soft smile formed on her beautiful if still slightly bruised lips from Ch'Tan's kick."We are now at one hundred and ten percent capacity. Above projected operating parameters it looks like we've got it.” she said to him and then looked up and over at him. "I have also enjoyed working with you, not something I normally say to a non Romulan. Would you like to do the honors once more?" She asked him and offered the black fully charged Romulan transponder.

Cyrin smiled at the number she had told him.  ‘One hundred and ten percent, that was twenty percent above what is protocol.’ He thought to himself as he disengaged the power that was being rerouted to the console.  A part of him couldn’t help but feel proud that a Romulan…an actual Romulan admitted to enjoying working with him.  “I would love to,” he said taking the Romulan transponder and placing it back into the spot where it had initially been placed.  “So far so good it seems.”  He announced, “I believe you can initiate it now.” He added.

Rhiana tapped in the command to activate the Device. This time there was no power surge and the faint hum of the EPS relays working filled their ears."Device activated operating at two hundred terajewls of power. We did it Ensign." She said with a grin as she looked over at him. She looked the young half Betazoid over noticing his pleased look. Yes he had done well."This will please Lieutenant Sakkara I believe. Her shuttles are now ready for entering the Nebula.” she said with an assured nod.

“Yes, yes we did it.” He repeated.  “And yes Lieutenant Tyrax will be most pleased.” He added.  Tapping his commbadge, “Ensign Dicari to Lieuteant Tyrax, the communications device has been installed in the shuttle.” A sense of pride resonated in his voice especially seeing as he had just got to play with Romulan technology for the first time in his life.

EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer
U.S.S. Charon


Ensign Cyrin Dicari
Chief Operations Officer
U.S.S. Charon



[USS Charon] SD 240910.30 || Joint Dutylog Part II || EnA. t'Khellian, CCOM & Ens. Dicari, COP

Rhiana followed him up the stairs and her eyes drifted to the Petty officer inside the office and she quirked a brow. "I see your changes have been well recived Ensign. Your staff seem to be operating more efficently since our last meeting." she said to him as they moved up to the command console. Rhiana removed the pannel over the main circut junction for Cyrin to begin installing the next section of the device.

Cyrin moved to the main circuit junction and began installing the next portion of the device, “Well it hasn’t been official yet, she is only in an acting capacity.  I plan on talking to the Command team about a possible promotion for her and a permanent placement as Chief Flight Operations Officer,” he said as he put the device in fully.  “I think it may also have to do with some encouragement from you and the fact that I sent a person to the brig after he attacked me, unprovoked,” he added.

Rhiana stopped in her tracks and stared at Cyrin for a long moment, At first she was going to say something polite about the compliment about her encouragement but then when he said the last bit a near red haze fell over her eyes. "A junior officer struck you Ensign? Provoked or not that man needs to be court marshaled immediately. A deep space exploration vessel has no room for treason on that level. We are far away from our homes and justice needs to be met out harshly." she said coldly. She had taken the Ensign under her wing so to speak and this violation of the chain of command infuriated her.

“EnArrain, it has been handled.  It is now in the Command’s jurisdiction.  However, the same could be said of me.  I…” he paused for a moment and moved back a few steps near the door just in case “I attempted to kill the Commanding Officer.  That is treason within its own right.  Would you say that I should be punished and court marshaled and need to meet the harsh justice?” He asked her.

She shook her head and calmed a bit. "I have been informed of that situation Ensign, The Captain has already dealt with your case and choose to put you in command of operations. It was bold of you, if somewhat ill-advised.” she said actually avoiding answering what she thought about it. She was actually conflicted by it, On one hand she was amused by the attempt on Rehu's life and would have loved to see it succeed. However on the other hand, He was in the wrong and deserved to be executed for attempting to kill the commanding officer.

“Yes, she has.  But again the possibility of her changing her mind is abundant and still possible.  She taught me a lesson, and a wear it every day,” he pointed to his Ensign pip.  “These weigh heavy on me everyday knowing that I am, as the Humans say, walking on thin ice.”  He slowly moved back to the device and initiated it.  He wasn’t proud of what he had done, and with the help of Sakarra he was learning.  “I ask that you don’t put me on a pedestal or praise me more than I deserve.  Because I am no better than the non-commissioned officer I sent to the brig.” He added solemnly, waiting for the console to initiate the device.

"Ensign if you live your life in fear you will be always find ways to make your fears come true. The only person you need to worry about is yourself. If you are sure of what you are doing and what you want the Tyrant of the Charon will never have an excuse to make you pay as you call it. You see the Captain is a devil it is true but, she still has part of a Romulan Soul. Personal malice and revenge come second to duty. Be efficient and you will never leave her an opportunity to punish you." she said to him softly.

As Cyrin put the device into the console the lights flickered all throughout the Flight Deck. Rhiana raised a slender eyebrow and looked around the room."Curious...That shouldn't have happened. Ensign check the output of the device." she said to him as she stepped up pulling her tricorder.

Grabbing the tricoder from his side he set it to scan the device as he himself manually checked the output.  He wasn’t exactly sure what to be looking for, all he knew was Starfleet outputs.  “EnArrain, the standard output for this console, excluding Romulan technology, is not at peak efficiency.  In fact it is seventy two point three percent below optimum operation capacity.  Of course optimum capacity in my standard is ninety five to one hundred precent, so this is running at twenty two point seven to twenty seven point seven percent of capacity.”  He rubbed his neck, “What is the operating capacity of that device?” he asked pointing to the Romulan technology.

Rhiana looked down at the readings Cyrin had made and then looked back up at him."The standard operating capacity for the relay is two hundred megajewls per ten second pulse." she said to him as she scanned the device and quirked a brow again."However something has drained its power supply...It is only running at fifty Megajewls per pulse." she had no idea how it had happened but she began to run a diagnostic on it.

Cyrin punched in a few commands and began a level three diagnostic of the console, “Was this console prepped for the device EnArrain?” Cyrin asked as he began to read through the readouts noting that the console wasn’t prepped and that the device had caused a power drain.  “The device caused a power drain apparently with the console when I put it in.”  He stated, not mentioning the first part of the read out.

Rhiana quirked a eyebrow and stepped up to the young ensign and nodded, "After Lieutenant Xavier and I finished with the shuttles I did inform the flight control officer on duty at the time that she needed to increase the power settings to my specifications. I also told her of a helpful engineer who could assist her. I would assume they had it done, but I can't say for sure having not checked it myself." she said looking at him slightly confused by his asking.

“I see,” he said.  “Who was the flight control officer on duty?” he asked “None of my crew were on duty here in the flight deck yesterday.  They were running drills in the holodeck,” he countered.  “So, not only did we just waist what precious little time we have, we also have to reconfigure the console and possibly reconfigure the device?” he state and asked at the same time, displeasure clearly in his voice.  “EnArrain, next time please send me the request or order for any changes that way I,” he emphasized the word “can make sure it gets done.”

She wondered if she should tell him that all humans looked alike to her and their names were painfully hard to remember. Instead she thought a moment and then answered."It was Petty officer Braun, I didn't get her first name but she seemed competent when I looked at her, I apologize for my mistake Ensign. Next time I will make sure I inform you of my requests that way I know they will get done by an efficient officer." she said to him and actually straightened a little feeling a bit chastised by this mistake.

"As to reconfiguring the device yes I will have to recharge it to its proper capacity, I can do that while you update the EPS relays in the Flight control panel if you would?" she asked him and reached over taking the device from him and began to press in a series of complicated Romulan numerals.

“I can do that,” he offered as she took the device.  He watched slightly infatuated with the device before turning towards the console and reconfiguring what could take awhile.  This might make some time for small talk as it where.  Tapping in a few commands he first had to bring the console up to optimal performance quality before even attempting to reconfigure it.  “EnArrain it may be an hour to an hour and a half before we can input the device again.”  He offered.

 "An hour hmm? That is mildly annoying as this should have been a simple operation. On the bright side recharging the device should only take around thirty minutes, though one of our tricorders will have to valiantly sacrifice its life to the cause." she said trying to keep his and her own mood light with adding a little dramatic language to the conversation. It was mostly to keep the aggravation out of her own voice."Well what shall we do while we wait Ensign?" she asked him politely and with a touch more respect the normal as she saw firsthand his professionalism.

“I would prefer to stay fairly close to the unit, just in case.  Because of its low level, I am not even sure it can handle a ‘charge up’ if you will.  As for the tricoder,” he opened a drawer and pulled out a spare one, “this one can valiantly offer up its life.”  He said smiling at her words.  “Seeing as we now have roughly fifty nine minutes to spare…I honestly don’t know EnArrain.  I tend to feel out of my ‘element’ in a social setting.”

She took the tricorder from him and began to work it open to directly expose it's power core to help in the charging of the device."Oh I’m sorry to hear that. For me I was born into the life of a noble. Social interaction is something I was drilled in since I was old enough to hold a reasonable conversation. What exactly bothers you about just what is the human word...'Hanging on' with someone?" she asked him softly not knowing that she had mistook hanging out with Hanging on..Human allusions were difficult for her.

“I really don’t know why it bothers me.  I grew up as a diplomat’s son, so one would think I was comfortable hanging out in the social scene.” He said as he began another process of fixing the EPS.

She slid open the panels on the black device's right side and attached a direct line power relay to the tricorder as she listened to him. After making sure the connections were tight she looked back up at him as he fixed the EPS."Perhaps that is the reason why in itself? Sometimes when a parent forces a child along with them to their meetings and try to sculpt them in their image a deep rebelliousness forms in their soul." she said and grinned a little when her Senator father's face came to mind when she told him she was staying in the Military.

“That’s the thing I wasn’t forced to those functions, occasionally I would have to go.  But that was seldom.  I wasn’t exactly a rebel either.  Though I am the first of the male line to enter into Starfleet and not the Diplomatic Corps.  But both parents supported my decision.  I have always been good at tinkering, if you will.”  He said and a bit surprised she was sharing with him.

EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer
U.S.S. Charon


Ensign Cyrin Dicari
Chief Operations Officer
U.S.S. Charon


[USS Charon] SD 240910.30 || Joint Dutylog Part I || EnA. t'Khellian, CCOM & Ens. Dicari, COP

=/\= Bridge =/\=

Cyrin tapped his commbadge, “EnArrain t’Khellian please meet me on the bridge.”  He had already checked the duty roster and noted that she wasn’t technically on duty at the time and neither was he.  They could use the Operations Console behind the Captains command chair if needs be.  Half running to a turbolift he directed it to take him to the bridge, for once he wanted to actually beat his predecessor there.  Stepping onto the bridge once the lift stopped he headed to the secondary ops console shaking his head at a junior officer standing up to let him take control of the primary ops console.

Rhiana had just stepped out of the shower when her communicator beeped and Cyrin's voice requested her presence to the bridge. She pressed the badge as she begain to dress once more."I am on my way Ensign." she said simply as she stepped out of her quarters buttoning her tunic up and sliding her sash into place. She moved to the Turbolift and commanded it to head to the bridge. After a few moments she stepped off onto the Bridge pulling her long hair into a regulation formation and moved toward the console where Cyrin was standing.

Looking up he watched as Rhiana pulled her hair up into regulation style, “EnArrain,” he addressed her since they were on the bridge, his Rhiansu a bit rusty.  He motioned for her to take a seat.  “Lieutenant Tyrax has request I be a co-pilot with her and Captain t’Rehu on this away mission.  So I am going to need you to keep an eye on operations for me.  Yes, I already have an officer lined up, but she is a bit ‘green’ if you will.”  He took a breath, “She also presented the communications idea to me as well, and I figured that we could work on that from here.  At least to get the ships communications array lined up with the shuttles new implementation.  And seeing as you are more knowledgeable at that than I am, I would prefer to have you do it.  I would like to help out that ma’am.  You helped to teach me a lot of what I know in operations, I should also be cross trained in communications as a whole and not a generality.”  He was rambling, not because he was nervous but because he was excited.  This would be one of his few shuttle piloting missions.  He had only done a handful of simulations, but was qualified to pilot a shuttle.  “Your thoughts EnArrain?” 

Rhiana moved over to the offered chair and sat back listening to the young Ensign rant on and couldn't help but be impressed by his lung capacity."Well where should I begin Ensign? Yes I will of course retake over Operations in your absence. And I will indeed teach you what needs to be done in the Communications array for us to stay in constant contact with the shuttles inside of the Nebula. Alright the first step is for you to change the Array's setting to the Romulan transceivers I have installed on the shuttles." she said professionally to the excited young man. 

"To do that you will need to open the panel on the left hand side of the console, In side you will find a diode with hash marks on it. Turn it until it reads four hundred and fifty Terrajewls. You will likely get a warning from the main computer stating that is exceeding operational limits..If that happens place this converter into the console's EPS relay system, and then tell Engineering to execute t'Khellian tango zed one." she continued.

He had a padd out and was jotting down the notes, “Four hundred and fifty terrajewls, got it.  However, why not have t’Khellian tango zed one already programmed into the shuttle themselves.  Seeing as it is on the shuttle itself?” He asked.  He turned quickly and noticed one of his crew members in gold standing waiting for his attention, “Yes what is it?” he snapped clearly irritated that the Crewman could see that he was busy. 

“Sir I was asked to give you this.” The young woman said handing him a padd.

Snatching it he quickly scanned over it, “Crewman this could have waited, put it on my desk.  I will deal with it later.  Dismissed.” He ordered watching the non-commissioned offer walk away, “That would be the ‘green’ operations officer I was telling you about EnArrain,” he mentioned off hand waiting for Rhiana to answer his question.  Then it dawned on him, he was literally shoulder to shoulder with this Romulan and she wasn’t trying to kill him.

Rhiana eyed the young Crewman as she moved off having annoyed the Ensign she then returned her attention to Cyrin and gave a half smile. She was impressed how quickly he had figured out the solution to the situation with the shuttles. "I was hoping you would say that Ensign, Forgive me for doing it but that was a small test for you and you passed it. I'll have the codes embedded into the Shuttles as soon as possible." she said candidly as one would to a near equal.

She looked back at the retreating woman’s back and then back at Cyrin. "That is the young officer whom you've asked me to replace for the time being? Then this delivery of the padd was obviously to come and...How do the Terrans say it..’Scope me out?’ " she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Cyrin was a bit perplexed that his predecessor had been testing him, but then again she was Romulan.  He smiled at her half smile, “Thank you EnArrain.” He said with a slight nod of his head.  “Yes that was the young officer that I would prefer you replace until I return from the away mission.  She came on when Commander Falcon and several other new arrivals boarded.  She hasn’t exactly been delegated a specific position as I want to see where she is best fit, which sadly means having her work in all areas.  Seeing the importance of this mission, I would much rather have a trained officer at the console than an untrained ‘green’ non-commissioned officer.  As for her ‘scoping you out’ I am not sure.  However, if that was her intentions I will handle her.  I apologize EnArrain for her actions, and will see to it that it doesn’t happen again.”  He said feeling like he had been undermined by an inferior officer.  Especially one that needed to ‘learn their place’ in the hierarchal nature of the Charon.

She nodded to Cyrin and though of how well he had been proceeding since their talk. "Now when you get aboard the Shuttlecraft remember they will be more powerful than before. Lt. Xavier and I have placed new power cores in them as well as new Nacelles to handle the workload for the updated communications systems. The simulations we ran tell us we should be able to pick you up even in the densest part of the Nebula." she said as she pulled a ISD <Romulan version of a PADD> and handed it to him.

"If you familiar with fighter craft you'll note the shuttles maneuverability have been altered to match a fighter instead of a normal transport craft. Now let’s open up the Communication’s console and put the device in Ensign, Would you like the honors?" she asked offering the small hand held device that resembled a cross between an uplink and a black iron spike.

“About the only thing I am familiar with on fighter crafts is how to repair them.  Flying them was never required, nor did I opt to do so.  Shuttles only a handful of times.  In the almighty words of Doctor McCoy, ‘I’m an operations officer, not a pilot.’” He added as he took the ISD, and the small device, “Well then I think we should make our way down to the Flight Deck EnArrain to get this installed on the Bellatora Fortis.”  ‘This was going to be one hell of an adventure’ he thought to himself as he stood up and walked with Rhiana to the turbo-lift.

Rhiana accompanied him to the lift listneing to him speak and raised a slender eyebrow, "Doctor McCoy? Lenard H. McCoy of the Enterprise? Yes I have heard of him of course...But not that he was famed for saying he was an Operations officer instead of a pilot. I was under the impression that up until his most recent death Admiral McCoy was of Starfleet Medical." she said as the lift carried them to their destination.

Cyrin couldn’t help but laugh at Rhiana’s comment.  “No, no… it is a twist on one of his more famous sayings.  He used to say ‘I am a doctor, not an engineer.’  So instead of that I said ‘I am an operations officer, not a pilot.’” He added again shaking his head as the lift stopped.  He watched as Rhiana stepped out and he followed the ISD and the device held in both hands.  As they made their way onto the Flight Deck he couldn’t help but notice that it was a mess.  This had Romulan and Starfleet written all over it.  He looked to the Romulan, “What the hell happened here?”  He asked.  Many of his crew looking at him in dismay as well as he stopped dead in his tracks.

Rhiana remained stoic and looked directly back at the young Ensign and straightened her black duty jacket. In a clear sure voice she said."The young Engineers on beta shift obviously did this after Lieutenant Xavier and myself left. We left them careful instructions to clean up after themselves and not make a disaster area of your Flight Deck. As a Romulan and as a Klingon D'vanna and I would know better than to leave such a horrid mess laying around." she lied through her teeth with a straight face and stoic emotions that only a Tal'Shiar trained solider could manage.

Cyrin looked at her for a brief moment more, something about her demeanor had changed.  She hadn’t answered the question like she normally would have answered.  He shrugged it off and proceeded to the Bellatora Fortis with her in tow.  Many of his flight deck crew was grumpily cleaning the mess, and shot the Romulan evil glares.  Cyrin turned around and stopped at the shuttle, waiting for further instructions.  Something didn’t seem right, he felt it in the pit of his stomach.  Yet, he couldn’t put his finger on it.  Clearing his throat, “Well…now that we are here, and my crew has more work ahead for them.  Shall we?”  He asked.

Rhiana nodded and moved up toward the shuttle with Cyrin and met the eyes of the head of the flight deck who was glaring at her. Her eyes radiated cold cruel malice warning the man away and then turned back to Cyrin. "Now Ensign we must finalize the uplinks.” she said as she took the small black device from his outstretched hand and broke it down into three smaller components."One goes into the Communication system on the shuttle, The next into the Flight officers Console's relay system, and the Final into the Charon's communication console on the bridge."

She handed the one for the shuttle to Cyrin and gave him a polite smile. "Do you think you can install this Ensign? The components have been upgraded with Romulan technology already so the installation in the shuttle should be fairly simple" she said softly to him not condescending him but asking if he wanted to try it.

“I would be honored.  This is the first piece of Romulan technology that I have actually got to install.  At least I have an expert here to guide me should something go astray.”  He added the last comment with a smirk.  In his career both in the Academy to present he had yet to encounter a piece of technology or device he couldn’t handle.  Opening a hatch he placed the device in, and waited for something to happen.  Seeing as she hadn’t exactly told him how to put it in.  He could only hope he got it right.

Rhiana's eyes went wide and she shouted, "Oh Elements be merciful don't put it there!!" she said in a high pitched voice near a yelp. As the lights begun to flash and a high pitched whine started briefly.

He quickly withdrew the device, and looked to the Romulan and handed it back to her, “Perhaps you should do it.” He offered.

Rhiana laughed and shook her head and put her hand on his shoulder, "No no Ensign I was just playing a small joke on you that was perfectly natural. It was just saying that the interface was activating. When you put it back in turn counter clock wise and tap in zero zero two six on the small key pad. After that it’s just a matter of testing it and seeing if it works... However in seriousness make sure the EPS circuits are level with the control nodes in the Device..There can't be the slightest gap." she said after finishing her laugh.

Cyrin sighed with relief as he returned the device to its prior position, “Well that was close then.” He remembered the drill he had pulled on the Flight Officers a while back.  ‘A Romulan with a sense of humor?’ he wondered to himself as he felt the device lock into place and the lights began to flash along with that obscenely loud whine emanating from the shuttle.  “Now what?” he asked unsure of what to do next, “should we go ahead and program it to four hundred and fifty terrajewls, or are we going to program it with that command code?” he asked anxious and in his element.

"After you punch in the code turn the dial on the shuttles power matrix to the four hundred and fifty terrajewls. Make certain you watch for abnormal power spikes. If you see one make sure you cut the power quickly otherwise the communication system will burn out, but might also upset the artificial singularity in the power drive," she said now serious and back on the job now that the joke was over.

“Got it,” he pushed in the command code t'Khellian tango zed one then set the dial to four hundred and fifty terrajewls.  Right afterwards he pulled his tricoder out and set it to constant scan just in case there was any abnormal power spikes.  Looking at the readings he noticed several power spikes and showed them to Rhiana, “And these are within optimum parameters or exceeds that which we seek?”  he asked.

Rhiana nodded as she stepped up looking over the read outs on the Tricorder." Yes these are within acceptable tolerances for the hybrid power system I've created." she said as she moved up toward the shuttles main console and logged into the communication matrix of the Charon. She typed in a few commands testing the relays “Everything looks likes it's working on this end Ensign now all we have to do is update the Flight deck's main command panel. If you follow the same procedure on it as you did just now remembering the precautions we should have this squared away in no time.” she said to the young man who was still sounding excited to be working with Romulan components.

“Excellent!” He admitted as he finished putting the panel back on the shuttle and making sure it was secure.  He stood up and stretched his legs, “Well shall we?” he offered as he headed towards the Flight Decks main command station situated a flight of stairs above the actual Flight Deck itself.  As they made their way up to the command station he noticed that Petty Officer Renalds had made herself quite at home in the office.  Everything was neat and tidy, something his own office lacked.

EnArrian Rhiana t'Khellian
Chief Communications Officer
U.S.S. Charon


Ensign Cyrin Dicari
Chief Operations Officer
U.S.S. Charon


[USS Charon] SD 240910.30 || Joint Backlog Part X || Lt. Tyrax, CHO & Ens. Dicari, COP

“Cyrin & ‘Kara: Charon’s Bonnie and Clyde”
Part X
(The End)




=/\= Sakarra’s Quarters, 9.6 Hours Later =/\=


He watched the memory dissolve, “Afraid of what? I wouldn’t…couldn’t fight back.” He paused a moment the hatred still within him, and increasing. Every fiber of him wanted to hurt something, to lash out, but he wouldn’t let himself succumb to that. He even attempted to push the emotion to the back and repress it. “I am nothing like them!” he hissed through gritted teeth.


He was very close to losing his temper again, “I don’t know!” he added with a growl to her final question. A part of him wondered why that memory had caused such a reaction. Unfortunately he couldn’t hide his thoughts or his feelings from Sakarra as long as she was melded with him.


“You believe it is better to let your hatred fester than to face it? I told you what they feared, but no one knows your own fear better than you, Cyrin Dicari.”
As if on cue, the darkness around them gained momentum again, closing in and lashing out, very much like the young Betazoid wanted to in his despair and frustration.
“Nothing like them? In the way that you might not prey on one you perceive as weaker or defenseless, maybe. And yet you have proven that you will prey on those you fear, finding your own ways to exploit weakness or breach even staunch defenses. Could not fight back? But you have, every day, only not by confronting either them or yourself directly.”
In an instant, Charon’s destroyed ready room flashed before the two young people and then was gone again.


“Be angry with me for pointing out the truth, if you wish. It will not change that which is. Fear the Captain if you must, but be certain it is she you fear and not the unknown. All of us fear the Other, and what the Other will do when he finds out we are afraid. But it is beyond the point of admitting to this utter helplessness that one finds the power to overcome it.”


The dark mists faded away and they were standing in Vulcan’s Forge, T’Khut’s looming bulk casting long shadows on the endless sands.
Just beyond Vulcan’s sister planet, there was a star filled darkness but something was not right, there were lights up there that did not belong, and the distant sound of explosions reached the Vulcan’s ears even in the thin atmosphere of her home.
Not her memory, but no less powerful for it.


“The last thing you want anyone to hear is your own voice saying ‘I am afraid’.” she quoted Surak, even as sickly green fires lit up the skies behind them “The last thing you want to hear your enemy say before you kill him is ‘I am afraid’.”
An unnatural breeze carried scents that were revolting to the young woman’s nose, but she remained still, watching the lights above. Moving, blinking, and here and there, one would flare and then be gone forever.
A million unshed tears burned inside her, but still she simply watched.


“Tilek svi'khaf-spol t'vathu - tilek svi'sha'veh. The spear in the Other’s heart is the spear in your own. You are he.”
She turned towards the young Betazoid next to her, who watched his surroundings with trepidation.
“Yes, they are dying all around us, and through the memories of my kin I remember as well. There are endless reasons to hate. Only one to let go.”


Cyrin took a deep breath and let it out slowly, “Sakarra I did not meant to be disrespectful. You are right, I am not better than they are. I am sorry.” He apologized. The image of the ready room and the disaster he had left it in was an image that he could do without. He already felt regret for doing what he had done.


“I don’t know who or what to fear.” He sighed and his shoulders slouched forward, a position that was rarely seen on Cyrin. He felt defeated, deflated, and chastised.


“A beginning, then.” The young Vulcan stated calmly.
“It takes courage to admit you are lost and helpless, Cyrin. But if only you look closer, being lost gives you a power you never had before.”
Slowly, the scenery around them changed into a peaceful, quiet night. The Watcher had set in the distance, leaving a canopy of velvety darkness above, while the sands at their feet changed from the color of alien blood to a carpet of glittering black and silver. It was the coldest hour before dawn, the time when Sas-a-Shar seemed endless and the plaintive howl of a Sehlat carried for miles through the still and unmoving air.


She might as well have chosen the jungles of Betazed, where an abundance of plants blocked your view of the skies and the path ahead, and every step you took could lead you towards home or deeper into the endless green cathedral of trees. But there was never the same emptiness, or the same promise about the lively jungles as there was in the stark and unforgiving silence of the desert.


Slowly, Sakarra turned on the sands, looking at familiar constellations and the jagged outlines of mountain peaks in the distance.
“When you no longer know whom or what to fear, you might as well cease being afraid. When you no longer know where you are or where to go, any direction will do. The only choice left is the simplest of all. Stay or move on. Die … or live.”
She turned one more time before her level gaze met the young man’s eyes again. “What will it be, Cyrin Dicari? At this point, it does not matter where you go. Any path is as good or bad as the other. Any might lead to joy or ruin. But you are free to choose whatever you wish. Go wherever you wish. Or even stay right here, with your hatred and fear, dead long before you die.
It is all in your hands.”


“I choose…” he knew what he wanted, but he hesitated for a moment. “I choose to move on. I cannot control those actions that have been done, but I can control what I do.” He stated with the utmost of sincerity. “What do I have to lose?” he said to no one in particular as he looked at the sky, “I wish to go now, Sakarra. What is done is done, what I felt I will always feel. Yes?” He asked.


“Yes.” the young woman nodded calmly.
She held out her hand to Cyrin and nodded again, encouragingly.
“Whenever you are ready.”
It was right there, rising to the surface, no longer inhibited by his own destructive feelings. All it would take was the smallest of conscious efforts and he would be able to sense her the way any Betazoid would naturally. Well, a bit more than your average Betazoid, seeing as he now inevitably was keyed to her personal ‘frequency’ and would be able to know her even if all his other senses would be obstructed.
But that was quite alright. She had known this might happen from the start, and her mild expression made it clear she considered this not a burden, but rather just another unexpected small … complication.
One that might very well turn out to be interesting, if not delightful.
‘Infinite Diversity, in another combination’ her outstretched hand said, ‘or partners in crime. Either way, you catch me, I catch you. What’s the worst that could happen?’


“Shall we go?”


Cyrin nodded as he took her hand, “Bonnie and Clyde,” he muttered to himself chuckling slightly. “Let’s go Sakarra.” He commented.


She tilted her head questioningly, his chuckle producing an echo of humor within her. But he merely winked and then looked at the stars twinkling above. Just as he started walking, having obviously decided that uphill was a logical choice, Sakarra realized he had sensed her amusement.
For an instant, her melodious laugh echoed across the desert.


The warm lights of flickering candles played across the young Vulcan’s face as she slowly dropped her hands. She waited patiently until Cyrin became aware of his surroundings again, fully familiar with the brief sensation of disorientation that was perfectly normal after such a long and intense mind meld. But the thin telepathic thread was still there, the sensation of a Betazoid hovering at the edge of her consciousness.
Hailing frequencies open at last.


She simply couldn’t help herself. In a brief moment of mischief, she sent out the friendly telepathic nudge a Betazoid would recognize as “Yes, I heard you.”. Then, all calm and composed, she got up and collected their empty glasses.
“Some more tea, Cyrin Dicari? It is getting rather late, however another few minutes should make little difference, no?”


After the initial disorientation passed Cyrin looked to Sakarra and smiled, “Yes please.” He answered in response.  He closed his eyes and felt all the emotions on the ship wash over him, a look of contentment spread across his face as he let the emotions dance across his mind, almost as if reassuring himself that he was no longer blind.  Sakarra returned with the tea and handed a glass to Cryin who instinctively blew on it before taking a sip, “Everyone has a face again Sakarra.  Thank you.”  He commented with much relief and joy in his voice, Sakarra nodded as she took a drink herself.



Lieutenant (then Ensign) Sakarra Tyrax

Chief Helms-Vulcan

U.S.S. Charon





Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon