Friday, October 16, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.16 Joint Log - Cmd Jade Falcon & Lt. JG Indira Bai

Disappearing for over a year tended to bring up questions.  Questions that, frankly, Jade found to be rather inconvenient.  'Where were you?'  'What happened?'  'Are you ok?'  Damned inconvenient indeed, he thought to himself.  He must have been interviewed by a dozen Starfleet personnel represented this agency or that.  It was probably best that he never see that JAG officer again, but not all first encounters can result in friendships.

He had left Seraphim with Eithne to give them some time alone.  They after all had a lot of catching up to do.  He on the other hand was on his way to sickbay.  He still wasn't exactly sure how Enor was about to find him, or how he even knew where to direct his agents to look, but he had been found and was mostly happy for it.  That is except for the general motions one in his position had to go through in order to return to active duty.

For the time being any questions regarding Jades disappearance and whether it amounted to going AWOL had been set aside in order to return to some semblance of normalcy.  One hoop he wasn't spared though was that of a medical checkup.  Of all the inconveniences that had been momentarily pushed aside for him, he knew this was one that would not budge.  At least they weren't sending him to the counselor.

His boots made a soft thud against the felted deck floor as he stepped into sickbay.  He had not dressed in his uniform - technically not allowed to until after this little encounter was over.  He ran gloved fingers through his spiked, jet black hair, looking this way and that for one of the medical personnel.  

"Anybody home?"

Indi had barely finished straightening the biobed that Mr. Tatlock had been on when she heard him call out, and stepped out from behind the half wall that had inadvertantly hidden her from view.  Another one from her list.  "Mr. Falcon, a pleasure to meet  you," she said, pulling a hand out of the pocket  of her lab coat and extending it to him.  "I'm Doctor Bai."

He looked for a moment as if he wouldn't take the proffered handshake, but after only a nano-second hesitation, he took it firmly.  "If you would care to follow me?"  She gestured towards a different, as she had straightened the one Mr. Tatlock had used, but not sanitized it yet.

"Sure, why not?  Let's get started," he said in an almost sardonic tone.  He took his gloved hand back  She seemed nice enough, but he still was not comfortable being here.  He was a very private man for a whole host of psychological reasons.  He had always had an understanding with the medical department onboard the Warrior.  They would check him out and as long as he was not dieing and could do his job, they would refrain from irritatingly personal questions like "How are you feeling".

New ship, new crew.  For him anyway.

"So what is going to be involved here?"

She smiled.  "Not much.  Mostly a few scans.  As I've told others, I'm just making sure that you are as fit as you appear to be when coming on board this ship.  If you could lay back on the biobed..." Indi trailed off and waited for him to comply so she could start the scanners overhead.

"Personally, Mr. Falcon, my policy is very simple.  I don't want people in Sickbay any longer than absolutely necessary.  I do not run endless or pointless tests, and I do not want anyone to suffer undo stress by being here when they do not wish to be.  However, neither will I release you unless I am confident you are healthy or that treatment orders will be followed."

She cocked her head to the side slightly, hands on her hips and waited for a response.  One didn't have to be able to read minds or emotions to know that Jade had a... distaste ...for medical personnel.  

Jade grinned.  "My dashing good looks and boyish charm aren't enough to convince you just to sign off on it?  Such a shame."

He hopped up onto the bio bed and quickly dropped back.  He was a fan of getting in and out of sickbay, or any bay for that matter, as quickly as possible.  He was happy to note, however, that this was the first time in a long time be had not walked into Sickbay with a reputation that preceded him.

"Well then, lets get going."

Indi grinned and started the scanners, watching each of the little blips of each monitor, occasionally scanning an area a little more thoroughly with a hand scanner.  He may be dashing and charming, but no more than she was stubborn and overprotective.  Contrary to popular belief, Indi thought, Sickbay isn't just for the sick and injured.

As she had promised there were few tests, and shortly she let him sit up on the biobed.  "Well, physically you appear to be perfectly fit to do your duties, I will make the notes in your file.  However, if I may make a suggestion, Mr. Falcon, I would say 'Seek the Counselors before they seek you.  You'll hate it less if you feel like you are on your own turf, and they'll be happier for not having to hunt someone down.'"  She smiled for a moment, and then grinned at the look of almost disgust on his face.

"That doesn't sound like an actual doctors order.  I believe I will take the liberal interpretation that that was a discretionary recommendation."  He slid off the bio bed and adjusted his cloths.  That was not nearly as bad as he had hoped it would not be.  Still, he could have spent this time with Eithne or Seraphim, or at the bar.  He still had to meet the captain.

Indi chuckled at the comment.  "No, it wasn't an order, merely a recommendation that you can choose to follow or not, as you see fit.

"Well then, doctor, I look forward to working with you in the future."  He imagined he would be in here soon enough, and probably not by choice.

"Keep in mind, Mr. Falcon, I do make housecalls if you prefer or if need be... don't hesitate."

He ignored her and asked, "Just one question though...whats the captain like?"

She laughed out loud at that and shook her head.  "That, Sir, you will have to find out for yourself."

Lt. JG Indira Bai
AMO - USS Charon
Commander Jade Falcon
ASec - USS Charon