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[USS Charon] SD240910.15 - Joint BackLog || Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax, Arrain Aehlen tr'Kethry, Ensign M'Riarr (NPC)

[USS Charon, Deck 6]
M'Riarr was on her way to the gym for a little bit of stretching and climbing, when a whole pack of security officers came storming up behind her. At first, the green eyed Caitian nearly jumped to the ceiling, but then she simply pressed her large frame against the wall, trying to prevent her paws from being stepped on.
"Whoa, what's the hurry?"
When she got no reply, her natural curiosity won out and she sauntered after the security team. Hey, they were going her direction anyways, and… oh MY. So much for a workout today. What the hell?
Piles of Romulans and Klingons, some in better shape than others, and yes, here was the first group of medics racing out of a turbo lift.
M'Riarr shrugged and decided to get out of everyone's way when she figured maybe someone could use help in hauling big Klingons around. Not much of an effort for the large lioness but these sweet little humans might find it difficult. But wow, lots of different blood scents in the air.
She stuck her furry snout through the door and was about to ask who was in charge and if they could use a helpful paw, when she saw a familiar face in the middle of this mess and let out a near panicked mew.
Vulcans shouldn't be this pale, should they?
People scrambled when 180 pounds of upset Caitian came pouncing into the middle of the gym, heading straight for the chief helm officer who was examining a large piece of wood stuck under her ribs with a critical look. One good thing about being a big predator was that when push came to shove, people rarely got in your way to ask silly questions.
"Miss Tyrrrax, oh, Miss Tyrrrrax. What happened?"
"Ensign M'Riarr." Sakarra nodded at the looming bulk of fur standing over her and noted idly that she had never seen the Caitian so … unsettled.
"While I appreciate your concern, I do believe you should let security and medical …"
"Mrow. Let them do what? Let you sit here and bleed?" M'Riarr's usually near sultry purr now more resembled a growl. "I don't think so."
With one swift move, she gathered up the little Vulcan and jumped straight for the door, not giving anyone a chance to object. Least of all the Vulcan herself.
"It is called triage, Ensign. There are others with worse…" Sakarra blinked when the pain radiating from her side reached a new level and for several long seconds she was simply too busy getting that and the excessive bleeding back under control. Really most inconvenient…

[Deck Seven, Main Sickbay]
M'Riarr burst through the doors, cradling a mildly grumpy Vulcan in her large arms. The front of her uniform was already soaked with green blood and the coppery scent of it was stinging in her nostrils, adding to the Caitian's near frenzy.
"Doctorrrrrr! Anyone, damnit! Emerrrrgency here!"
Aehlen, who was busy with an in-depth study of the Federation device called a 'medical tricorder' looked up throwing a disgusted glare towards the ball of fur that lumbered into sickbay shouting like a wounded thrai. Holding the device in his hand he approached the beast "we are not deaf" his eyes caught the sight of the bleeding Vulcan in her arms "this is not a dining hall; you cannot devour your prey here. Go elsewhere."
He turned around and headed back to finish what he was doing.
Baring her magnificent fangs, M'Riarr wanted to grab the horrible little person by the neck and shake him, but that would have meant dropping her department head.
"The only one who'll be devoured here in a minute is you."
"Ensign, I believe that is enough."
"Sorrrry Miss Tyrrrax. But he…"
"Since we are already here, you may as well put me down."
M'Riarr looked at the Vulcan's pale face and then gently lowered her onto the nearest biobed before looking around sickbay for some other pointy eared one who might know how to help the Lieutenant. But there was only that one. Fine.
Sauntering over to the insolent thing, the Caitian grabbed him by the collar and dragged him backwards.
"Unlesssss you tell me you're not a doctor, you're going to patch up this ship's second officer. NOW." Hissing in disdain, M'Riarr nonetheless gave Miss Sakarra an apologetic look.
"If you're not a doctor, well, I haven't had lunch yet!"

Casually prying the animal's grip off of him Aehlen swatted at the beast as if she were a pesky fly. "I am a surgeon." He stated plainly and pushed past M'Riarr to the biobed where the Vulcan was set. Holding up the tricorder he ran the diagnostic node over the wound. After a few minutes he winced and tossed the device across sickbay "difficult thing." He turned around and called a nurse over.
"What can I do for you doctor?" The nurse asked hesitantly.
"Sanitize." He said holding up his hands. The nurse nodded and grabbed the sanitizing beam. Carefully running it over the surgeon's hands she then ran it over the large wound. When she finished, to the shock of the nurse, Aehlen slid his entire right hand into the wound. He felt around for a bit and then pulled his hand out "there is damage to the muscle and several veins in the cavity. I will need something to cauterize the vein damage to prevent further bleeding."
The nurse ran over and grabbed a surgical tray pulling it over to him. Aehlen grabbed a laser scalpel and slid part of his hand back into the wound. After five minutes of work he finally pulled it out "there are foreign objects lodged in the wound. I will remove them." He slid his hand back in and began removing wood splinters and dropping them onto the floor next to him to the dismay of the nurse. When he finished he slid is hand back into the wound and felt around a bit more "it seems I have retrieved them all. Clean the wound and wrap it. I will repair the vein damage later."
M'Riarr watched wide eyed as the … thing.. that called itself a surgeon started pulling splinters out of the chief helm officer's side, but the Vulcan merely looked downward with something like mild interest. Maybe she was already drifting into unconsciousness? That HAD to hurt, right?
Well, at the first sign of distress from her Lieutenant, she would rip that thing's head off and go find someone else.

While Sakarra disapproved of the Caitian Ensign's approach, she simply had no energy to spare for an argument. Biofeedback control had it's limits as well, and, oh goodness. Well, that was certainly… different. Ow.
Whoever said that Romulan body temperature was close enough to a Vulcan's to be comfortable, certainly had not experienced a strange surgeon's bare hands rummaging around inside them.
Still, a fascinating experience to say the least. Ow.
When he finally seemed satisfied with poking around, Sakarra quirked an inquisitive brow at the odd Romulan "I must say, your approach is certainly unorthodox, although I do commend your speed. One more is lodged right underneath the lowest rib."
Aehlen perked a brow at the Vulcan and slid his hand back in. After a minute of exploration he pulled the splinter out "forgive my lapse." He said nonchalantly. The nurse stood next to him wearing a horrified expression. "Is there anything else?" he asked dropping the bloody splinter onto the floor with the rest.
"No, I believe that should suffice." Sakarra favored the surgeon with a polite nod and despite being exhausted and by now really quite cold, there was an inkling of humor in her black eyes.
"Unless of course you could spare one of your nurses to procure a blanket after 'wrapping me up' as you put it. The temperatures in here are somewhat detrimental to an injured Vulcan's health."
"Nurse, provide her with a blanket." Aehlen said and looked at the giant fur ball "if you have no use as a blanket I suggest you leave."
"Actually," M'Riarr glared at the Romulan with murder in her green eyes "there's nothing like a Caitian to keep you warm. But your beds arrrre too sssssmall and Miss Sakarra would hardly stand forrrrr it anyways."
As the nurse came back with something thin and flimsy - at least to M'Riarr it was - she puffed out her large chest and hissed at the surgeon again.
"Bessssides, I don't take orders from.."
"Ensign, I should think we've had enough of that today. Although I am grateful for your assistance, your shift begins in 2.1 hours."
Giving the Caitian's bloodied uniform a meaningful look, Sakarra raised an eloquent brow.
"And since mine will begin in 12.8 hours, some rest may be advisable. Dismissed, Ensign M'Riarr."
"Hrrrrrrmmmm. Yes Lieutenant." With one more irritated twitch of her tail, the large Caitian turned on her paws and marched towards the doors.
"I wonder if Caitians are as easy to skin as Kzinkethi." Aehlen stared after the cat before looking at Sakarra. He dipped his head in a slight nod before leaving her bedside.
"An interesting question." The young Vulcan murmured and stretched out on the biobed while the rather pale-faced nurse wrapped her in a blanket. 

[End Log]
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
Arrian Aehlen tr'Kethry
Ensign M'Riarr  (NPC apb I-Chaya)
Assistant Helmscat
USS Charon