Friday, October 16, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.16 || Duty Log || Ensign Cyrin Dicari, Chief Operations Officer

=/\= Deck 10, Cargo Bays 7 and 8 =/\=

Cyrin had overslept and was very stiff as he walked into Cargo Bay 7.  Petty Officer First Class Lunir M’Dun, a dark haired male Caitian was busy giving out instructions.  Several crew members including Petty Officer T’Vak were hastily following the orders.  This was much more efficient than what he had encountered on the Flight Deck.

Standing back against the wall, he just observed for several minutes.  There were several large crates spread over the area of the bay.  Many of the items that belonged in the crates were spread out on the floor.  The murmur of officers counting and taking note of the counts, then having another crewmember recount again could be heard.  In fact it was soothing in an odd sort of way.

Stepping over what appeared to be items belonging to engineering, Cyrin walked up to M’Dun.  “May I?” he asked extending his hand to check and see what the counts where.  M’Dun nodded and handed Cyrin the padd.  Glancing over it he noticed they were short on several essential items, most of those being actual food.  He also noted that there was a back order for supplies in general.

“Petty Officer, explain to me why we are short on several essential supplies?”  Cyrin asked.

The Caitian looked at Cyrin dumbstruck for a few moments; his face reflected his thoughts which could be a pluck era of things.  “Ensign, you can’t be serious can you?”

“You are the Materials Officer are you not?”  Cyrin asked.

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Then I expect my materials officer to know why we are running low on supplies and where they went.”  Cyrin stated.

M’Dun stared at Cyrin for a few minutes, “Yes sir, I will pull up the records and have them on your desk in two hours.”

“That will work, but next time I ask, you had better know where these materials are.  Understood?”

“Yes sir.”

“Have you received my note on the gym Petty Officer?”  Cyrin asked.

“Yes sir.  Once Commander Marcus gives the go ahead I will requisition the proper items to repair the gym.”  M’Dun answered.

“Good,” was all Cyrin had said.

“Sir, may I speak freely?”  M’Dun asked.

“Please do.”  Cyrin nodded.

“Ensign, I heard rumor that you had Chief Petty Officer Thomas removed from duty and placed in the brig.  Is this true?”  M’Dun asked.

“Yes Petty Officer, that is true.  I will not hesitate to do it to any other crew under my command.  For the first few months I dealt with my staff refusing to follow even the most basic of orders and requests.  Then I ended up in sickbay, and my department went to hell in a hand bag.  So, now that I have my own duties and responsibilities to this department, this ship, and the command staff…I will do so with or without the acquiescence of my staff.”  Cyrin added.

“That sounds reasonable.  If I may sir, I do offer my apologies.  However, understand that you were just a Cadet.  Fresh out of the academy, a spotty record at best in the academy; not to mention we had just lost a strong leader.”  M’Dun countered.

“I understand that Petty Officer, but there is no however.  I was placed in that position by then Commodore t’Rehu and Lieutenant Commander Foster.  They were aware of my academic record as well as my service record on Versailles, so my being ‘green’ or having a ‘spotty record’ had no bearing on this issue.  I am not EnArrian Rhiana t’Khellian.  Nor will I ever be her, I cannot fill her shoes.  This is now my department, and I have to mold it how I see fit.  If you are with me than all the better for me, if you are against me, then I suggest you request a transfer to the Engineering Department or the Science Department!” Cyrin stated.

“Sir, I meant no disrespect.  I am with you, you have the backing of EnArrian t’Khellian, Captain t’Rehu, Commander Falcon, and Lieutenant Commander Foster.”  M’Dun said.

“Petty Officer, you are a seasoned veteran of Starfleet, you above anyone else should know that if an officer, regardless of rank, is placed in command of a department then there is a reason.  A reason that even you don’t need to concern yourself with; you respect the officer and do as the officer instructs regardless of rank or experience.”

“Yes sir.  I will remember that from now on.  Again my apologies.”

“Duly noted Petty Officer,” Cyrin mentioned as Petty Officer T’Vak came up to M’Dun and presented him with a list of numbers from a crate.  “Well Petty Officer M’Dun, you seem to have things under control here.  I want those records on my desk, as well as a report on these Cargo Bays, even if you haven’t completed them I still want a report at the end of every shift.”

“Yes sir.” M’Dun stated snapping to attention causing a smile to come across Cyrin’s face as he left the Cargo Bay to check up on Master Chief Petty Officer Sorjei Aniri his boatswain.



Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon