Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.14 - Joint BACK Log "Aftermath" - Captain Rehu & Commander Katris-Falcon

[USS Charon, Gym]

Shiarrael stared at the carnage.  At first she hoped the elements were playing a trick on her, perhaps she was dreaming?  She closed her eyes and willed the scene to disappear- however she was quite disappointed when she opened them.  The carnage remained and her fury threatened to boil over into a tirade that would send entire suns hurtling out of her path.  "Commander."  She turned around and looked at Eithne "what do you make of this?"

Eithne had seen something similar to this scene before when she was aboard the Warrior, it would be a funny story to tell... But, not at this moment, in all seriousness, she has never seen carnage like this as a result of crew turning on each other. "Looks like an old fashioned brawl happened here..." She shook her head, very unhappy with what had happened here.

"Indeed."  Shiarrael's expression remained placid as she walked into the middle of the aftermath.  She kneeled down and picked up a piece of table, studied it, and then chucked it across the gym.  "This is entirely unacceptable but…" she could see it.  She could see a smug faced Lamont standing in front her, mocking her, and her command style.  She gritted her teeth and stood up "throwing these fools out an airlock will accomplish nothing, will it?"

Shaking her head she lifted a chair and studied the damage done to it. "Unfortunately no. Though it would rid us of such insolent presence... It will only lead to a court marshall... Which in turn lead to paper work... Too much of a head ache..." She sighed. "But... We can't sit them down and scold them like we would our children... I fear it would be like speaking to brick walls..."

"Children?"  Shiarrael laughed "they do act like children."  She heaved a lengthy sigh and massaged her temples "they seek to drive me insane."  The brawl was enough to draw her ire- but the fact that her second officer was injured in the melee infuriated her.  "I will not deal with this matter; I'm afraid I may lose my composure and accidentally snap some fool's neck."  She studied Eithne "I have not decided on a punishment for this, however, deliver this message to those fools.  Should they ever fight again aboard my ship I will maroon them on some lifeless moon so they may beat upon each other endlessly and not destroy this ship in the process.   Also inform Commander Marcus to hold them in the brig until I decide on an adequate punishment and I want the feed from the melee sent to my ready room for my personal review."

She nodded to the Captain. " Aye Captain... I am sure some fool's neck was already broken today... " She paused a moment and nodded again. " I will forward the message on... Would you like me to think of punishments instead of yourself?"

"No, I will think of a punishment worthy of this catastrophe."  Shiarrael motioned to one of the technicians who was surveying the damage "this is a crime scene Petty Officer I want this place sealed off until an investigation is completed."  She nodded to Eithne and then stormed out.

Eithne looked over to the Petty Officer and motioned for the door. " You heard the Captain... Get out..." She waited for the officer to leave before she left the room and locked it behind her, she would pass the message on to Commander Marcus and wait for the Captains order to authorize entry before she would unlock it again.


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Commander Eithne Katris-Falcon
Executive Officer
USS Charon