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[USS Charon] [Backlog]SD240910.13 Joint Duty Log - Lt/Ens CHO/Stellar Cartographer Sakarra Tyrax and Galen Rufo - "Mission Prep" Part I

=/\= Deck 8 - Shuttle Bay, USS Charon =/\=

Galen headed down to the shuttle bay to get some shuttles ready for some exploratory assignments but he had to deal with the Vulcan CONN officer he didn't hate her parse but he just hated how Vulcans hide their emotions. Once in the shuttle bay Galen looked around spotting a technician a evil grin came across Galen's face. "Technician." Galen shouted. 
The technician jumped and dropped the bin of spare parts he was carrying he turned, "yes.... yes sir." He finally said.
Galen just grinned, "where is Lt Tyrax." He said gruffly still able to keep the young technician scared even when grinning he knew he shouldn't be doing this but he was bored and he found it entraining and plus it was always good to keep the enlisted on their feet.
"Shes..... shes over there." The technician said pointing over to where one of the shuttles is. 
Without saying another word Galen walked past the technician and stepped over the spare parts, "you might want to pick those up or someone might trip over them." Galen said not looking back. The technician nodded and then muttered something under his breath and was glad that the Cardassian couldn't hear it because he didn't want to know what would happen if he did hear it.
"Lt." Galen said loudly as he got closer to the CONN officer, "I need something from you." He said as polite as he could seeing that she out ranked him and he could get some trouble for speaking a superior officer without respect.

The level two diagnostic had failed to reveal the trouble with the Hurst's engines and Sakarra was just about ready to find some tools and look into the issue herself, when she reminded herself that there was an entire engineering team standing by for just this contingency.
Simply because she preferred to be on 'personal' terms with every craft she was going to fly did not mean she could take them apart and put them back together at her leisure. Those days were long gone, although with Vulcan stubbornness she still insisted on familiarizing herself with every last circuit and engine component, diving head first into maintenance hatches whenever an opportunity presented itself.
Just as Sakarra stepped out onto the shuttle's ramp, a familiar figure came striding towards her.
"Indeed. What is it you require, Ensign?"

"I need to requisition a couple of shuttles for a upcoming mission and I need some things adjusted on them." Galen said remembering the last meeting he had with the Lt he actually was able to fluster the Vulcan. 
He then handed her a PADD with the CSci officers signature and the things that he needed adjusted on the shuttle to make it a successful mission, "also we're looking for pilots seeing that we scientists aren't qualified to fly these." Galen said not really caring about that detail but if the mission was going to be a go ahead then they would need pilots.
"Adjusted?" Sakarra accepted the PADD from the Cardassian Ensign and then canted her head slightly, as Vulcans are prone to do when they are studying new information.
How fascinating that even when Mr Rufo's demeanor was as close to polite as it was now, he still managed to radiate disdain and an air of irritation. 
Sakarra vividly remembered how he had been able to ruffle her feathers once, coming dangerously close to experiencing a disgruntled Vulcan firsthand.
"Ensign M'Riarr is likely to volunteer for such a mission, as might be Mr. Athalla, provided he has recovered from his recent… shock."
Actually, the pilot might just be glad to get as far from the ship as he could right now, hiding from the Captain in a nebula had to sound like an enticing prospect.
"As for the adjustments, I suggest requesting an engineering team. Since the Chief of Science has already approved the mission and put you in position to oversee it, you may as well ask engineering to provide you with whomever you deem qualified."
Sakarra added her recommendation concerning which shuttles would be best suited for the nebula survey to the PADD and then signed off on their usage before handing the device back to the blue eyed Cardassian.
"Aye ma'am." Galen said mockingly as he took the PADD he was really hoping that flight ops would've been able to deal with all of this but he was going to have to go bug engineering. "I'll let the CSci officer know about the pilots and that we've the shuttles. Good day ma'am." Galen said turning and heading back out hoping to see that technician again at this point that was his high point of his day.
Shaking her head slowly, the young Vulcan watched the Ensign retreat. Apparently, his perpetual bad mood was some type of default state. His tone with other officers however could certainly use some improvement. Good thing he had left now, since it had become increasingly difficult not to make a rather ...dry comment.

<<To be continued........>>

Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
USS Charon


Ensign Galen Rufo
Stellar Cartographer
USS Charon

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