Saturday, October 10, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.10 | Joint Personal Log: Part I | Ens. Dicari, COPS & Lt. Jg. Darc (NPC), AEO

=/\= Holodeck 2 =/\=


Cyrin had just finished inputting the last commands for the hologram program he had created for Evelyn.  He started the program and tapped his commbadge.


“Lieutenant Darc please come to Holodeck 2 I could use your assistance doing a Level 2 Diagnostics.” He stated not mentioning his name knowing that Evelyn would recognize it.


Her team was just finishing up the repairs to deck 2 when her commbadge chirped. she tapped it to respond, "I'm on my way Cyrin." She said softly and started towards the turbolift.


She walked through the doors and smiled at him, "assistance in doing a level 2 diagnostic?" She asked him with a sweet smile as she moved to stand beside him...


“Yes, I have most of my department out doing menial stuff to help improve the ships functions.”  He said, “and I figured that you were my best selection in aiding with a level two diagnostic.”  He pressed a few commands on the terminal indicating that the program was to start when he said ‘Computer initiate level 2 diagnostics.’  “After you,” he indicated opening the doors to the holodeck, but right before he let her move in he bent down and gave her a kiss to show her that he was glad to see her.


Evelyn had been hoping for this kind of greeting. She kissed him back just as glad to see him. "What are we doing the level 2 diagnostic on?" She asked curiously smiling at him before continuing inside the holodeck.


“I need to run a level 2 diagnostic on the holodecks holoemitters,” he answered as he followed her into the holodeck.  Once the doors swished closed behind them he smiled while her back was towards him.  “Computer initiate a level 2 diagnostic.”  He directed the computer when everything began to shift around them began to form the city of Paris, France.  A small caf? had materialized and there was a small table set with a romantic dinner.  Behind them they could see the Eiffel tower, and off to one side of the table was a small band playing some traditional French music.


Evelyn's breath caught in her throat as she turned slowly taking it all in she had never expected anything like this she had seriously thought that he needed help with the holoemitters. "You sneaky sweet romantic considerate man, how did I get so lucky to find you?" She asked softly stepping into his arms and kissing him softly on the lips... 


Returning the kiss he smiled, “Sournois moi?  Je suis innocent!” (Sly me?  I am innoncent!) Cyrin proclaimed.  Walking over to a chair he pulls it out offering her a seat, “I promised you Paris, and since I couldn’t take you to Paris, I brought Paris here.  This would be Paris in the twenty-first century.”  He added.


"Yes you did promise me Paris, and I love you for bringing Paris to me instead." She said softly and kissed him again, "Do we have time to eat?" She asked bitting her lower lip looking into his eyes as she still stood in his arms, her's wrapped around his neck...


“Yes of course we do.  Why do you think it’s a level two diagnostic, that could take us hours and hours and hours…” he said with a sly smile.  Kissing her again.


She smiled back at him and kissed him back enjoying the taste of him, though trying to push aside the fact that he hadn't responded to her 'I love you.' "Ok let’s eat then." She said with a slight smirk...


He hadn’t forgotten about her words of ‘I love you’, he had more for that nights entertainment than what she knew about.  “Let’s,” he agreed.


"Well since I've never been to Paris, and you speak it so much better then I, maybe you should order for us." She said softly as she moved closer to the romantic table and started to take a seat, hesitating a moment not sure if he wanted to pull her seat out for her or not with the setting he choose.


He pulled the seat out a bit more for her, when she sat he pushed it in.? “I only speak a little French mon amour,” taking a seat opposite her one of the servers lit the candle in the middle of them, “The meal has already been set up,”? a few servers began bringing in some red wine, duck l’orange, a side salad, as well as some steamed vegetables, and off to one side was also some chocolate covered strawberries but they were covered they would be a surprise.? “Paris est magnifique, oui?”? He asked her forgetting that she didn’t speak the language.


Evelyn looked at everything and licked her lips, it all smelled wonderful and made her mouth water as she realized it's been a little while since she last ate. She licked her lips, but could do no more than blink at him when he spoke the perfect French she knew not...


Cyrin chuckled, “Okay so I speak more French than I let on… I asked if you if Paris is beautiful, yes?”  He translated for her.  The server poured the wine into a glass for each of them to try before giving them a full glass, Cyrin tasted it and nodded his head and waited for Evelyn’s response.  While he waited another server began to bring out the plates with the food on them, the silverware was pure gold.  “Bon Appetite!” Cyrin said with a smile as he waited for her response to the wine.


"Oh yes, Magnifique." She said softly though had to wonder if that was French or Italian, or if she had even said it right.  She sipped the wine and smiled enjoying the burst of flavor dancing on her tongue and nod letting the waiter add more to her glass...


The server smiled and filled both of their glasses before putting it on the table wrapped in a towel.  “Enjoy mon amour,” Cyrin said as he watched the lights flicker off Evelyn’s eyes.  “You have the most pretty eyes for a Betazoid!”  He stated “and the most kissable lips.  You Siren of my heart.”  He laughed gently.


"Well I'm only half Betazoid, My lips are yours to kiss as often as you like." She said softly. "I'll cherish your heart if you cherish mine." She then added smiling softly…


Cyrin laughed, “You stole my heart mon amour.  That is why I call you a Siren.  And I will kiss your lips as often as I possibly can.”  He gave her a sly wink before taking a bite of his food.  As he chewed he watched her eyes and the sun begin to set causing colors to dance across them. 


Eve smiled softly taking a bite of her own food savoring the taste and the texture of the meat. She grinned innocently at him wanting to kiss her now, but she was also very hungry... "If you were going to kiss me as often as you can then why do you sit on the other side of the table from me??" She asked curiously...




Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon





Lieutenant Junior Grade Evelyn Darc

Assistant Engineering Officer

U.S.S. Charon

(apb D’Vana)