Friday, October 23, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240910.23 || Duty Log || Ensign Cyrin Dicari, Chief Operations Officer

=/\= Deck 6, Section 14-Alpha =/\=


Cyrin stepped off of the turbolift and searched around for his Andorian boatswain.  “Computer located Master Chief Petty Officer Sorjei Aniri,” he instructed.


“Master Chief Petty Officer Sorjei Aniri is in section 14-Alpha,” came the reply.


Smiling Cyrin quietly made his way to said location, he saw the twitch of the Andorian’s antennae and knew that this was one officer he could not sneak up on seeing as they felt air vibrations with those things, “Sir,” the Andorian responded without turning around.


“Chief Aniri,” came the reply.


“I felt you several meters away Ensign, if you were trying to figure out how I knew it was you.”  Sorjei said turning around a tool in his hand.  Cyrin noted that Sorjei seemed more at ease now that he was in his ‘element’ and a lot more confident.


Cyrin smiled, “Sorjei you’ve nothing to fear.  You came aboard about the same time I did.  We worked together on Versailles.  I just wanted to check up on you.”


The Andorian relaxed further, “Well to be honest sir, this whole damned ship is a mess.  I have teams all over the place running level three diagnostics.  So far no major encounters.  Just a few hiccups on Eres deck, but those were quickly fixed.”


“Good, good,” Cyrin said with a smile.  “Just a remind Sorjei to stay away from the recreational room until further notice.”


“I saw what those damned Klingons and Romulans did to the recreational room sir.  They are like a shax on this ship.  No disrespect to EnArrain t’Khellian or Captain t’Rehu meant.  Or any other notable person of Klingon or Romulan decent.  The way that room is destroyed reminded me of a klazh.”  Sorjei stated.


“Understandable Sorjei.  Many times the crew on this vessel doesn’t understand that ninety percent of the time it is our department that has to clean up the mess they make.”  Cyrin said with a sad look.  “How much longer do you predict for completion of a deck by deck completion?”


“Roughly ninety six to one hundred forty four hours from now.  That is just a rough estimate at this time, until I get reports from my team leaders.  And before you say anything yes I will have my report for the day on your desk.”  Sorjei said his antennae shrugging towards each other indicating amusement.


“Sounds reasonable, if you can get it done sooner please do.  I will be attending an away mission with Lieutenant Tyrax and will be unavailable for any major issues.  EnArrain t’Khellian will be helping to oversee Operations, unless she is called out as well.”


“Well at least EnArrain t’Khellian isn’t a klazh or a shax,” Sorjei gave with a laugh his antennae shrugging even further together showing a higher state of amusement.


Cyrin laughed at Sorjei’s comment, “No she is no klazh or shax.  In fact she is probably the only Romulan I would trust to protect me…maybe.”


“Sir, may I speak freely?”  Sorjei asked.


“Yes.” Cyrin nodded.


“I was curious as to why you have been spending so much time with Lieutenant Tyrax?  Not that it is any of my business, but just curious.”  The Andorian asked as his antennae moved towards Cyrin pointing directly at him, showing a polite interest.


“Lieutenant Tyrax has been helping me out.  I have had some…personal issues, and she was the person I turned to for guidance.”  He responded.


“If memory serves sir, she is also part Betazoid.”


“Yes she is, and that is part of the reason.”


“Is she,” Sorjei paused for a moment contemplating the right word, “imadi?” he asked.


“Imzadi is the term you are looking for, and no she is not imzadi.”


The Andorian nodded not prying any further, “Well then, you answered my question.  Now I can squash some rumors in my department before the flourish into an eth’la.”


“That would be appreciated Sorjei,” Cyrin smiled.


“One last thing before I return to my duties.  How do you know about Andorian words?”  The Andorian asked politely.


“My father was an ambassador, so it came naturally.  I would at times review over some of his material on other races to familiarize myself just in case I had to attend one of those ambassadorial functions.” Cyrin answered.


The Andorian nodded and gave a smile before returning to his work.  Cyrin had managed to meet with all of his departments in a respectable amount of time, now it was time for him to formulate a report for the Command team.


“Operations deck,” he commanded to the turbolift as he stepped on it.



Ensign Cyrin Dicari

Chief Operations Officer

U.S.S. Charon



Andorain Syntax:

Shax – a poisonous parasitic insect that nests under the sking of its host.

Klazh – an animal known for its careless way of moving.

Eth’la – a flowering vine