Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.14 - Personal Log "Shiarrael's 13th" - Shiarrael Rehu

<<sorry if this log seems a bit silly, I had a VERY bad day today, realized it was the 13th and was inspired to write this :)>>

[USS Charon, Holodeck]

A burst of wind rustled branches and sent leaves scattering about the camp.  The five tents that lined the periphery of the campfire were occupied- a few were occupied with people busy doing…unsightly things.  Shiarrael sighed and stood up making her way into the forest.  This holo-program had so far proved less then interesting.  Above her a string of clouds passed by the moon- as she looked up a thin mist rose up from her breath illuminated by the dim blue of the Earth's moon.  It was beautiful but not so much as watching Ch'Havran (Remus) linger in the horizon of Ch'Rihan (Romulus).  A shrill scream coming from the direction of the camp interrupted her admiration of the moon.  Turning around she sprinted back to see what happened.

When she reached the camp she found a half naked human female being dragged out of her tent by a man wearing a strange mask- it was filled it little holes.  She eased up on the scene and watched.  The man let go the woman and lifted a large blade into the air.  Swinging down he severed the woman's head which rolled off into the forest while her headless body spewed a fountain of blood high into the air.  The others watching the scene from their tents screamed profusely and ran off in an assortment of directions.  Shiarrael however covered her ears at the obnoxious sound.

She started to approach the man but crewman Yates who was running by grabbed her arm "No, it's too dangerous.  We have to run; we need to get to the cabin."

"Run?"  Shiarrael balked at the idea but the crewman grabbed her arm and dragged her along with him.  As they ran she could hear an assortment of screams echoing through the forest.  Finally they reached the cabin where three others were hiding.

"We need to bar the door!"  Yates shouted and asked for help.  Crewman Fielding helped him drag a book case in front of the door.  "Make sure the windows are locked!"

"What about the others?"  Ensign Yolan asked.  The Bolian's fingers shivered as she tried to get a splotch of blood out of her clothes.

"We can't worry about them; we have to worry about ourselves!"  Yates said.  Stopping what he was doing he looked around "where did the Captain go?"

Fielding shook his head "I don't know."

"Maybe she chickened out."  Yates grinned.  "Now someone-" His comment was cut short when one of the cabin's windows shattered.  "Oh no!"  The masked figure tore through the window and hacked at Yolan who screamed and rolled over trying to avoid the blade. 

An hour earlier…

"So, I got this holo-deck program from my brother back on Earth.  It's based off twentieth century horror.  I hear it's pretty scary.  So scary it'll probably scare the shit out of even the Captain."

"Is that so crewman?"  Shiarrael asked having overheard the conversation from her own table.  The other crew at the table looked horrified "if that is the case then you won't have extra duty in engineering."  She smirked.

Yates stood up "you want to try it Captain?"

"You have intrigued me- I have never been frightened to the point of defecating on myself.  I'm sure it will be quite entertaining."


As Yolan screamed the others scattered.  Yates ran towards the kitchen but as he reached the door it burst open and knocked him over.  Looking up he had to rub his eyes and look again.  Standing in the doorway was the Captain and in her hands was a yard long lead pipe.  She looked at the crewman and shook her head "for a kitchen there is very little in the way of weapons but I found this under the sink."  She then charged the masked figure slamming the lead pipe into the back of his head.  He turned around un-phased and moved towards Shiarrael.  She laughed hysterically "this might turn out entertaining after all."

Fielding came down the steps and looked at Yates "what is she doing?"  The crewman shook his head "I don't know.  Captain."  He called out but she didn't appear to hear him "Captain!  You're not supposed to fight him!  You can't beat him."

"Why'd you dicks leave me behind to die?"  Yolan grimaced "anyways I'll put fifty credits on the Captain."

"Guys…"  Yates sighed.

"I'll take that bet."  Fielding said.

Shiarrael unleashed a torrent on the masked figure.  Parrying his blade with her lead pipe she kept herself steady and refused to relent to his endless onslaught.  Finally seeing an opening she kicked him into one of the shelves and then smacked him across the head with the pipe.  He pushed up unaffected by her attack but his mask was cracked.  Shiarrael then slammed her pipe directly into the mask, it shattered and fell off.  In its place was a black void.

"Why doesn't he have a face?"  Fielding asked.

"Because you're not supposed to fight him!"  Yates sighed again.

"I think the Captain is going to win."  Yolan chuckled.

"She can't win!"  Yates snapped at the Bolian.

"You're ugly."  Shiarrael said "but you're strong.  I can admire that but you have no strategy.  You attack mindlessly.  How ridiculous."  She smirked.  It was almost child's play to dodge his scripted and slow attacks.   Seeing another opportunity she leapt into the air and kicked him backwards through the window and outside.  She followed and the others carefully removed the bookcase and exited through the door.

Outside Shiarrael was unrelenting in her assault.  She pounded his formless skull with the pipe.  Finding an opportunity she knocked the blade from his grasp and then kicked him down to the ground.  Tossing the pipe back through the window she picked up the blade.  He stood up and meandered towards her but she easily severed his head in one fell swoop.  The headless corpse fell over into the dirt while the head rolled over to Yates.

"This…is…impossible."  Yates said his jaw dropping.  Several other crewmembers exited from the forest clapping their hands at the Captain and chuckling.

"You owe me fifty credits."  Yolan said.

Fielding grumbled "so I do."

Shiarrael walked over to Yates panting "it was certainly entertaining but my pants are no soiled.  You will need to report to Engineering for extra duty crewman."  With a smirk she called for the exit and left.  The other crew followed.

Yolan patted Yates on the back "too bad the twentieth century didn't have Romulans."


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon