Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240910.14 - Joint BackLog "Just a scuffle" Part I || Commander Dylan Marcus, Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax, Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier & Farein M'Narth tr'Lhoell

[USS Charon, Deck 6]
Eyes fixed on her PADD, Sakarra made her way down the corridor. The repairs and upgrades to the main deflector dish were coming along nicely, with both the Chief Engineer and young Mr Dicari coordinating their efforts.
That left only the matter of … the young woman stopped in her tracks when right before her Alice shimmered into view, her holographic face as friendly as ever but if there ever was a mildly annoyed AI, this had to be it.
"Hello Lieutenant. Sorry to bother you but you said to inform you if there was another scuffle."
"Indeed, Alice. Where?"
"The gym."
Sakarra started walking again, at a rather brisk pace, with the hologram falling into step right beside her.
"Have you informed Commander Marcus yet?"
"Yup. He's on his way. Might be a minute though. He's not really on duty right now so.."
"No need to elaborate. How many?"
"Just two shouting at each other over the other two being confined to sickbay but …"
"Understood. Please inform Lieutenant Xavier and then return to the gym in case things get out of hand."
"Will do, Lieutenant."
The strawberry blonde hologram faded out of view and Sakarra rounded the corner leading to the recreation room and gym. Unfortunately, things obviously already had gotten out of hand. Judging from the noise, rather enthusiastically so.  Before the young Vulcan's surprised eyes, the doors to the gym were opened in a quite unconventional manner, meaning by way of having a rather astonished looking Romulan thrown right through them.
Not that the young man seemed to mind all that much, after shaking off the effects of impacting a door and wall in rapid succession, he simply launched himself right through the gap into the waiting fists of a most disgruntled Klingon.
Dylan wasn't far behind Sakarra. As soon as he was told of the scuffle, he threw on his uniform and grabbed a type I and bolted down the corridor. He arrived just in time to see the Romulan duck under a Klingon's fist and bury his shoulder into the warrior's mid section.
Kulg'Rek Entered the Fray with hopes of ending it, but a racial slur here and a well timed punch there; The older Klingon was now very much part of the ruckus as well.
"Hold it!" Dylan said with as loud a voice as he could muster. "What the hell is going on here!?"
M'Narth was just about to head down to the Captain's Cabin to make one last check when Alice came up, "Farien tr'Lhoell we have fight in the Gym between a Romulan and Klingon and your needed there now."
M'Narth just shook his head and heads to the Turbolift. "Computer, Gym" M'Narth checks his Disruptor Pistol and makes sure that its at the ready and runs off the Turbolift right for the Gym when he sees Dylan and hears him say, "What the hell is going on here!?"
M'Narth has his hand on his weapon to back up the other member of Security, but walks over to the Romulan and grabs him and brings him away from the Klingon to question.

D'Vana had actually been about to contact Lt Sakarra when someone appeared before her. She tensed slightly reaching for her Mek'leth and paused when she noticed it was a hologram. "You are?" She asked dressed in her Klingon gear at the moment since she would probably have been talking with Klingons after contacting Sakarra.
"Lieutenant Sakarra sent me to inform you of the fight in the Gym."
"Thank you I'll be right there." She told the hologram. D'Vana stepped into the lift she had been walking to as the hologram left her. "Deck 6" She said as the lift started and came to a stop. Stepping off she made her way into the Gym.
"What happened?" she asked even as she moved into the fray as well to pull them apart and stop the fight though she grabbed the Romulan by the scruff of his neck and just moved him out of the path of the Klingon's fist...

Well, this was quite obviously what James might have called 'a bit of a stir'.
Off to the left, Kulg'Rek acquainted two Romulans with the leftovers of - yes, most likely this had been a Ping-Pong table once - and someone had taken the meaning of 'punching bag' rather too literally. There was but an empty piece of chain dangling from the ceiling while the red and rather heavy bag was swung by a sole middle-aged Arrain, apparently intent on releasing it into the vicinity of three Klingons. Said Klingons in turn had their large hands full with two younger Romulans, one of whom was suffering from a rather bad nosebleed. Didn't seem to slow her down much, from the looks of it.
Sakarra was quite content to let Security handle the issue - after all, the Commander's assertive entrance had already succeeded in making at least a few combatants stop in their tracks, looking rather sheepish -  but then her sharp eyes caught the glint of a dagger being drawn and she made a leap forward, cursing herself for this rash action in mid-air.
Well, too late now. She impacted the Klingon precisely as planned, but her weight was simply insufficient. The large warrior staggered briefly and then shrugged off the incident, returning his focus on the two advancing Romulans.
That is, until he felt a comparably tiny and very warm hand close around the base of his neck and lost consciousness.
In a splendid display of ingratitude, the two Rihannsu deprived of their opponent settled for the new one which had appeared before them. Before the young Vulcan could say a word (or more - in fact, several colorful metaphors presented themselves as suitable), she had to sidestep a punch. And another. Well, one could certainly not accuse these people of a lack of determination. 
Part of her very much wanted to bring this 'excitement' to a rather abrupt and decisive end, but for the moment there was still the option of trying to minimize damage. Physical damage at least, the gym itself looked rather… what was the phrase? Done with? For?
Oh, come now. Part of a table against a little Vulcan, not even two third your weight? Maybe he was just irritated that whenever he tried to score a hit, she simply managed to never quite be there. A cultural thing?
Well look at that, an airborne Klingon. Ducking away from a good 200 pounds of very angry warrior, Sakarra saw another dagger being drawn from a boot. This was not going well.
D'Vana stepped in the way then having already dealt with the Romulan she had saved earlier from having his face smashed for him. She grabbed the Klingon dagger in hand and growled as she struggled with him twisting his wrist until the dagger fell clattering to the ground then she kicked him in the gut, moving into a spin kick she knocked him back but not far enough to knock him off his feet.
He came back at her and she ducked slightly bringing her fist up into his solar plexus then grabbing that wild mane of hair and slamming his face into her knee hearing something break even as she felt him go limp into unconsciousness.
[To be continued...]
Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineer
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helm Officer
Farien M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell
Bodyguard, Rei'Krannsu
USS Charon