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[USS Charon] SD240908.31 || Backlog || - "A Common Enemy" - Cpt Zane Akina & Cpt. Taverain Ramius

[ Backlog – Eight Months Ago ]

U.S.S. Corsair - NCC-011979

Nova Class Starship

 “Sic Parvis Magna”

(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

Captain Taverain C. Ramius, Commanding

In Orbit Above The Astate Colony

"A Common Enemy"

Captain Taverain Ramius sat quietly in his ready room as he skillfully erased the transporter logs from the ship’s main computer.  No trace of beaming Captain Zane Akina aboard the Corsair from Astate could be allowed to exist.  He had left orders with Doctor Durandal that Akina would not be entered as a medical case into the computer and that he only be treated for his injuries without questions or standard procedures.  Akina was to be treated as nothing more than a phantom – at least for now.

Ramius was anxious.  Although he had great respect for Captain Akina and his accomplishments, Ramius’s own history with the NeoDyne Corporation superseded the Captain’s recent investigation and discoveries.  Ramius had to know how much the man had learned.  If he knew too much things could be come extremely complicated forcing him to take measures he would never consider otherwise.  Hopefully he could reach an understanding with the captain.  They both had an old score to settle with certain individuals that might aid in forging a working relationship.  Ramius would have to evaluate Akina and see if such trust was possible.  If it wasn’t he would have to find a way to make the Captain disappear.  Such were the stakes regarding the knowledge Akina now had in his possession.

He glanced at the blood spattered tricorder on his desk.  The ship’s main computer was still busy decrypting the high grade code used to protect most of the information Akina had managed to extract from the NeoDyne computer systems.  It would be sometime before any of the data would be available for analysis or review.  He had to hand it to the Captain – the man was an excellent intelligence operative.   It was highly likely the data he had obtained would prove to be of particular usefulness and quality.

“Sickbay to Captain”, Durandel’s voice cut in suddenly.  “The patient is conscious and I’ve had him sent to your quarters as instructed with an armed escort.”

“Thank you doctor – I appreciate your expediency.”

“Captain, I’ll go along with this for now, but I want an explanation as to what’s going on.  That man, who I wasn’t allowed to identify, still needs rest and medical attention.  I will not withhold administering my duties and obligations to treat the wounded forever.  Whatever business you have with him, I suggest you conduct it quickly sir.  I do not want a confrontation with my commanding officer, but you have put me in a difficult position sir.”

“Your objections are noted for the record doctor.  I have my reasons, but I will assure you that the patient will receive proper care as soon as I have spoken with him to my satisfaction.”

“Very well captain.  I would expect you will notify me if there are any problems with the man?”

“You have my word doctor.”

“That’s all I need.  Durandel out.”

Ramius grabbed the tricorder from his desk and exited his ready room onto the bridge.  “Number One, I’ll be in my quarters.  I don’t want to be disturbed for the next three hours under any circumstances.  You have the conn.”

Stepping into the turbolift Ramius headed toward his quarters for a conversation he was not looking forward to.

[ Moments Later – Captain’s Personal Quarters ]

Ramius dismissed the guards outside his door and entered his quarters.  As the doors closed he issued a firm order to the computer.  “Computer, seal the room and place level one forcefields at the doors.  Disable all audio, recording, and sensor systems – authorization Ramius Delta 11257 Sigma.”

Captain Zane Akina, bruised and battered, sat on the Captain’s sofa with an odd expression on his face.  The two captains exchanged silent glances for a time before Ramius had a seat across from Akina at his office desk.  Folding his hands on his desk, Ramius said nothing instead taking a moment to visually inspect the man sitting across from him.

“No questions, no answers, doctor’s who say nothing, armed escorts, and now sealed and secured rooms – if I didn’t know better Captain Ramius, I’d say this was an official interrogation”, Zane stated calmly.  “I have some experience in such things”, he remarked with a touch of sarcasm.

“You know me”, Ramius asked with an inquisitive tone.

“Does that surprise you Captain”, Zane asked.  “Your step-father I believe happens to be an Admiral in Intelligence and you yourself are well known as being one of the greatest living combat pilots of all time.  What was it they call you – ‘the hero of Anataraine?  You destroyed an entire squadron of enemy fighters single handedly and saved your disabled starship from certain destruction – but of course all that information is classified – except to those in the intelligence community who take interest in such matters.”

“Like yourself I assume”, Ramius replied flatly.  “I assume you have some interest in such matters?”

“Why yes.  You’re quite the fascinating individual.  Your personal record isn’t the best in the fleet – impersonating officers, stealing equipment, disobeying direct orders, breaking the chain of command, misuse of Federation property for personal gain, violating the territorial sovereignty of another species – of course that’s all off the record – quietly hushed up by your well connected step father, the good Admiral.  Your combat record though is the stuff of legend – I assume it’s why they gave you command of this starship?  With the recent Second Dominion War – I suppose even Starfleet needed every seasoned military veteran they could find given the darker days of the conflict.  I’m just surprised someone with your record is still in command after the end of the last war.”

“I sense some malevolence there Captain Akina.”

“No ill will, just personal objections.  You’re undisciplined.  You don’t follow the rules.  You make your own which can endanger yourself as well as others.  You are a maverick; dangerous and unpredictable which makes you more of a liability than an asset.”

“Is that so”, Ramius answered.  “Is that advice from an expert on the subject?  You seem to have taken a few liberties yourself Captain Akina.  I believe you’ve impersonated a few officers on Astate, hell you’re officially listed as Missing in Action and yet failed to report back in so you could conduct your personal investigation in private.  You’ve associated yourself with local mercenaries – not the best crowd of allies out there, and you were around when a 100 kiloton fusion explosion  suddenly detonated on a peaceful tropical island in the middle of nowhere.  I won’t even get into the fact that you trespassed on Starfleet property, improperly accessed Starfleet systems, or made use of illegal technology much like this tricorder here for non-official, personal business.  Either you and I have something in common, or your last statement seems somewhat hypocritical sir”

Akina didn’t reply, but tipped his head slightly in acknowledgement of Ramius’s better than expected knowledge of his actions and movements.  “You are well informed captain.  Very well informed it would seem.”


The two glared at each other for a time.  The tension between the two was evident.  Neither cared for the other, however the silent mood in the room was more along the lines of rivalry than hatred.

“Well since you know so much about me Mr. Akina, let me return the favor”, Ramius said calmly.  “Captain Zane Akina, Starfleet Intelligence Operative – Service Number 3764189.  Your accomplishments are many, but your crowning achievement is infiltrating and exposing illegal arms deals between NeoDyne Corp and the Breen roughly ten years ago.  The evidence and media coverage nearly bankrupted and ruined the company.  I myself was quite alarmed when I learned the company had managed to survive after your impressive work.”

“And why is that Captain Ramius?  What vested interest could you possibly have in a corporation such as NeoDyne?  I exposed a threat and a wrong doing, it was my job.  What does that have to do with you?”

“Everything”, Ramius replied cryptically.  “Let us get to the heart of this conversation.  While I enjoy our dialog, I have need of information.  Information you possess Akina.”

“Agreed.  What is it you seek Ramius?”

“We’re analyzing the tricorder you had in your possession.  Most of the data is heavily encrypted and will take some time to decode.  But beyond that – I want to know what happened down there on that island.  I know NeoDyne was involved, but I need facts and I believe you can provide them.”

“Captain Ramius, your actions thus far don’t exactly inspire a climate of mutual trust.  Especially when the stakes are this high.  While your record is impressive and your step father is an influential Admiral in Intelligence, I am not obligated to tell you anything.  Trust is something that has to be earned in my book.  So far, you’ve given me little if nothing in return and no reasons to trust you.  My investigation is classified.  You have little if no jurisdiction in my affairs.”

“I have top intelligence clearance”, Ramius firmly stated.  “Dear old dad provides me with that much.”

“Nevertheless, I am indebted to you for saving my life from those corrupt marines back on the island.  That is a debt I cannot easily repay – but the price you are asking in exchange is too high.  I cannot be sure you aren’t working for NeoDyne yourself – it seems everyone else around here is.  My objective is to get my information to Starfleet command and expose the corporation for the atrocities it has committed on Astate.  Until that goal is met – I cannot and will not give you what you seek.”

“Captain Akina”, Ramius said coldly.  “You won’t be contacting Starfleet about what you have seen or uncovered.  And the information you obtained from the facility below stays with this ship.  I cannot tolerate this knowledge escaping into the public – it can never be exposed.  I’m sure you can understand?  I have a fair idea what you may have seen down there and from the fire in your eyes I can tell your soul wants revenge for what occurred.”

Ramius paused for a moment as he noted Akina’s subtle change in expression.  “Don’t look so surprised Akina.  I’ve seen that look dozens of times in the eyes of fighter pilots who wanted nothing more than to fight an impossible fight, to sacrifice themselves, to avenge a fellow pilot or crewman against any and all odds!  You have the look of a pilot with just that expression; one who is driven to avenge an injustice.  And not just any injustice; one that transcends all decency and honor.  But the foe you seek is far too influential and well equipped.  Besides you’ve already hurt them once – do you really expect they would let you do so again so easily?

“What are you getting at Ramius”, Akina snapped his injuries and fatigue still very much with him.  He was annoyed Ramius seemed to know so much about him and his feelings.  Was the man an empath or perhaps telepathic?  He’d seen nothing of such abilities in Ramius’s records that he could recall.

“You need allies and so do I.  We both want to same thing – we both want NeoDyne destroyed.  Neither of us alone possesses the power to take on the entire company, but together with other allies, unified in purpose, we can inflict damage – perhaps fatal damage this time – that is if you are willing to help.”

Ramius stood from his desk and walked about his quarters slowly considering his next words.  “I’m not here to coerce you or force you into anything.  If we are to build a relationship – that first step must start with trust.”

“Captain Ramius, with all due respect, why should I trust you?  All you’ve given me is a good speech – words which neither help nor hurt me.  I’m afraid I need something more tangible.  Why don’t we start with your reason for wanting NeoDyne destroyed and then perhaps we can work our way up from there.  An equitable request, don’t you agree?”

“My reasons”, Ramius whispered to himself.  He stared at Akina for a long moment as he paced the room as if contemplating a difficult decision.

“If we are to work together I suppose you are entitled to both my reasons and the truth.  However, Captain, I will give you a choice.

“Computer, release forcefields and locks on doors.”

“I’ll permit you to leave this ship, now if you choose to do so.  You’ll be beamed to the outskirts of Astate where you can go about your career and forget we ever met – I however shall keep your tricorder and the information on NeoDyne.  My connections probably outweigh yours – so you will in essence have nothing to report to Starfleet other than a fantastic story that few officers will believe or accept.”

“And my second option”, Akina asked his tone angry.

“I will give you my reasons for seeking NeoDyne’s demise and complete your understanding of their dark ambitions and activities for the last twenty years.  However, in doing so, you must agree to a partnership with myself and others who seek the ultimate goal of toppling NeoDyne and its leadership.  This partnership is non-negotiable and once initiated into this circle of allies you cannot leave.  If you accept I will give you the answers you seek, and a chance to quench the fire inside you to take revenge on the company, but in return we have to establish a mutual bond of trust and respect.  Your obedience is what I will require and demand for I, and I alone, hold the key to NeoDyne’s destruction.


Akina listened.  Ramius used the word ‘key’.  It was just like Dr. Ballentine’s medical notes.  He too referred to a key.  Was it possible Ramius was talking about the same thing?  How much did this man know about NeoDyne and its activities?  He seemed well informed.  Extremely well informed.

“That is all I can say captain.  The door is there and unsealed.  You may leave now or stay – the choice is yours.”

Akina’s eyes narrowed as he evaluated the Captain’s unusual proposition.  Such an alliance was odd to say the least, but could he trust Ramius?  The man had a sterling record of loyalty and duty to the fleet that was beyond question despite his reckless and cavalier methods which differed little from Akina’s own unorthodox ways for accomplishing difficult tasks no one else dared to conquer or approach.

Akina stood from the couch and moved toward the Captain.  He looked the man in the eyes, carefully, like a scientist probing for data.  He saw nothing in Ramius’s eyes but a genuine fire that betrayed no ill intent or deception.

“Very well Captain.  I accept your offer.  However, before I agree to such terms I must have some type of assurance.  I sense no ill will, but I’ve worked in intelligence too long to take many things on faith alone.”

“A reasonable request.  Computer, reseal the doors.”  Ramius moved to the corner of his desk where he stopped running a finger along its thick, obsidian colored surface.  “Tell me Captain Zane, have you ever seen the impossible?”

“I’m not sure what you mean Captain”, Zane replied.  “I’ve seen quite a lot in my career.  There are many things the uneducated or ill-informed could refer to as impossible.”

“How about a nightmare then?  Something unnatural – something that should have never existed, but despite the odds, is a reality.  Have you seen something  mankind was never meant to see, something that began innocently enough, but in the wrong hands could alter the balance of power in this galaxy, destroy the peace, and perhaps mankind itself?”

Akina saw the faces of the children, destroyed in the NeoDyne facility flash before his eyes. 


“Yes, I may have seen something similar to what you are describing, but that nightmare is gone – forever.  Neodyne saw to that.”

“Did they”, Ramius replied with a questioning tone.  Turning to face Captain Akina, Ramius took a deep breath and lowered his head.  His hands turned to fists and when his head finally rose, Akina nearly fell backwards at the shock of what he saw.  Bracing himself against the edge of the couch, Akina sucked in a terrified breath.  “ isn’t possible!”

“NO”, he said regaining his footing.  Zane looked on at Ramius whose eyes were now the same brilliant crimson as the NeoDyne teenager’s below who he had fought in the facility only a few hours prior.

“What the hell”, Zane shouted.  “What is this – you’re one of them?  You’re one of NeoDyne’s experiments?”

Ramius raised his arm and in a flash sunk it through the dense corner of his obsidian desk made of plasteel and other materials that a normal human would have been unable to dent, let alone scratch.  Without any expression of pain, he withdrew his bloody arm embedded with fragments of glass and wood which he carefully extracted and tossed to the floor.  Curling his arms and fist before him, Zane looked on with wide eyes as the wounds quickly stopped bleeding and began to heal as if by magic.  No dermal regenerators, no equipment, Ramius’s arm was repairing itself before his very eyes.

A few minutes past as Ramius replicated a towel to clean his wounds and returned to his chair. The color of his eyes slowly faded back to the blue-grey pupils Zane had first noticed.   Ramius said nothing giving Akina time to absorb what he had just witnessed.

Akina sat in silence unsure what to say or how to react.  The captain was just like the children – had he been one of the experiments himself?  Had he escaped NeoDyne sometime in the past?

“Captain, I must say you have my undivided attention”, Zane finally spoke.

“Captain Akina, you and I need to come to an understanding.  An agreement – a contract that transcends friendship –be it professional or otherwise, but we must trust each other.  I want nothing else than to see NeoDyne destroyed.  I’m sure after what you witnessed on the planet you want the same.  Thus we have a common enemy and a common threat that if not stopped could cause destruction on a grand scale.”

“I’m listening Captain”, Zane answered still shocked by Ramius’s demonstration.

“I have a good idea what NeoDyne was attempting down there – It was I who funded your mission via a certain mutual acquaintance, Mr. Ailec Reltah.”

“You were the one”, Zane said astonished.  “I wondered why the mercenary was so willing to assist with so few strings attached.”

“Indeed.  Since you nearly destroyed NeoDyne ten years ago, I’ve followed you with great interest.  It’s what led me here.  I’m sorry if I manipulated events and even yourself, but I had to know what NeoDyne was up to and you were the perfect candidate.  I believe you succeeded brilliantly, but as you no doubt have experienced first hand, NeoDyne is a corrupt and morally twisted organization.  Their president seeks to develop technology for profit and personal gain.  Alistair Merikai will stop at nothing to obtain those goals. That is why he has been searching for both myself and my brother for nearly twenty years.  My brother was not as fortunate, he was captured by them some years ago, but escaped, but not before they obtained samples of his DNA – samples which they were mostly likely using to create beings of great strength and power.  Does any of this sound familiar Akina?”

“You, you are just like the others I saw.  One nearly tried to kill me.  I tried to save the others – but, I was unsuccessful.  They were all children damn it – NeoDyne was playing God with human children!  Children with incredible strength and speed.  One even referred to himself as the ultimate life form.”

Ramius leaned back in his chair examining the man closely.  “Indeed, that supports my suspicions.  I will give you my story as this entire affair began with my brother and I, but other than my step-father the Admiral, Doctor Durandal, and my twin brother you will be the only one else alive, with the exception of Merikai himself who knows my family’s dark secrets.  Be warned – what I have shown you will never again leave this room.  If it does your life is forfeit and I will use every means at my disposal to hunt you down and silence you.  Now, do you accept my terms or are we done speaking?”

“I think I’m beginning to like you captain”, Zane answered.  “I’ll choose the risk if you don’t mind.  I have many questions that demand answers and you seem to know a great deal.  Perhaps we can be useful to one another since we have like goals and objectives.”


The two men, bonded by a common enemy, shook hands to make the agreement official. 


“Captain Ramius, I have many questions.”

“Of course”, Ramius replied.  “But I have a promise to keep.  You require additional medical attention and rest.  We can speak in detail on this matter as soon as you recuperate from your recent ordeal otherwise my chief medical officer will likely have my head. He is the one officer who has more power than either of us combined. For your sake and mine I suggest you report to sickbay.

Akina nodded as he headed for the doors which Ramius unlocked.

“Captain Akina – my trust and my faith on what we have discussed I seldom grant.  Do not make me regret my decision.”

“My word is my bond Captain.  I do not give it lightly.  You have exposed yourself, no doubt at great personal risk, to forge a relationship based on a mutual enemy.  I respect a man who is willing to take such risks – it shows courage, integrity, and honor.  Qualities I value.  While your concern is not unfounded you have my personal word as a man and as a Starfleet officer that this matter will stay between us for as long as you deem necessary.  I can see you are far more acquainted with certain facts than myself and look forward to our next meeting.”

Ramius nodded slightly.  “Get some rest Captain.  We shall speak of this again soon.  There is much to discuss if we are to pursue this dangerous course together.”


Akina noticed Ramius’s arm bore little trace of ever being injured other than a general reddish swelling.  The cuts and bruises he had seen moments before had vanished.

“Do not concern yourself with my well being or my desk’s, we’ll be fine", Ramius said noticing the Captain's glances.  "You’re the one who needs the medical attention Captain.  I suggest you return to sickbay.”

Akina nodded stepping through the doors to the captain’s quarters.

Ramius rubbed his arm which throbbed.  A minor demonstration of his unusual abilities wouldn’t cause any severe effects, but it was enough to keep him off the bridge for the next hour in the event he paid the usual penalty for using his enhancements.

Tapping his comm. badge, Ramius called a trusted security guard.

“Ramius to Lt. Vannaire, see to it Captain Akina makes it to sickbay and inform me when he arrives.”

“Aye sir”, came the reply.

Ramius had a good feeling from their initial talk.  Trust would take some time to develop, but they were both linked by a common enemy – NeoDyne.  That alone should help them form a lasting relationship.  If the company was to be stopped – Ramius would have to find allies he could trust.  The official channels were out – no one would believe the horrors NeoDyne was engaged in, and Ramius himself, was a target.  If word ever leaked out about his condition – Starfleet themselves might decide to stick him under a microscope for the rest of his life – and that was a outcome that he could never let happen whatever the cost – even if it meant forfeiting his own life.  The secrets coursing through his veins had begun with him and would end with him – the universe’s ultimate mistake, Taverain Ramius and his twin brother were victims of a terrible curse that was theirs to bear and protect. Ramius had realized it might someday cost him his own life to forever erase the dark secrets within him from ever again threatening the peace of the galaxy.  However, until he was forced to make such a sacrifice, he would pursue NeoDyne to the ends of the galaxy and beyond as long as it took to avenge his parent’s deaths and stop a madman from his insidious plans to institute dominion over everyone and everything.

[ To Be Continued … ]



Commander Keith Durandal

Chief Medical Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina

Starfleet Intelligence


Captain Taverain Ramius

CO, USS Corsair


[USS Charon] SD240908.31 - Plot Teaser 1 - "Memento Mori"

Plot Teaser 1 – Memento Mori

[Hidden Neodyne Base, Romulan Star Empire]

"You told us that we would be able to operate without distractions!"  Doctor Zemikes slammed a balled fist onto a console "and now we have a Federation ship near us.  What will you do if they discover us and our work?!  All will be lost!"

Terrh stared at the man wondering if he should take the argument seriously.  Finally deciding to humor the good doctor he smirked, that blasted annoying Romulan look that hinted at their ever moving deviousness "what work?  You have failed to produce any results since the abysmal performance of the test pathogen four years ago.  The Federation?"  Terrh laughed "should be the least of your worries."  He picked up one of the thick vials and simulated dropping it, an action that caused the doctor to jump away in panic "do not worry doctor; I am not as foolish as you."  Sliding the thing back into its place Terrh sighed "you worry about your work and I will worry about the Federation ship."

Zemikes studied Terrh wondering if the veiled threat was real or not, finally deciding that it was dangerous to ponder the question he looked through the large viewing glass at the test subject room.  Hundreds of gurneys lined a long and narrow room where fully suited technicians made their way from bed to bed checking vitals and tossing the dead into large rolling dumpsters "I'm running out of test subjects you know."

"You would have plenty if you did not waste that entire city with your first test, but there are still some left on that planet.  I'll see what scraps I can get you.  In the meantime," Terrh smirked again "I brought you some special test subjects."

"Special?" Zemikes asked.

"Yes, special, very special, they are an assortment of Federation species; Humans, Andorians, and some others.  They should be excellent tests.  Starfleet Marines tend to be well vaccinated."  Terrh pointed to the room where half conscious and bloodied people were being dragged in, chained, and bound.  "They should work well."

"Ma…marines?!"  Zemikes's jaw dropped "what if they discover this.  How did you get them?  Do you want the Federation to find out about our research?  What if the Romulans find out about this!?"

Terrh sighed again and slid the vial out of its holder.  He shook his head sympathetically at the doctor and then wrapped a hand around Zemikes neck until he started gasping and clawing at the hand choking him.  "Good doctor I'm afraid my patience with you has run thin."  With a wide smiled Terrh slid the vile into the doctor's open mouth and placed it carefully between his molars.  Releasing his grip on the doctor's neck Terrh slammed his palm into the doctor's chin.  A heavy crack accompanied it.  Terrh released the doctor who fell to the floor spitting out blood, bits of teeth and glass.  His eyes were wide with terror as he stared at Terrh "what…what have you done?!  The virus…the cure isn't done!"

"Cure?"  Terrh laughed derisively "there will be no cure silly doctor" He nodded to one of the other researchers "have Zemikes taken in to be with the other test subjects and sterilize this mess before you're all infected.  Oh, and Doctor Chaya, you are now in charge of this project.  My handlers do not tolerate failure- nor do I.  If you wish to outlast Zemikes it will do you well to remember that."  As Zemikes was dragged out of the main lab by the suited technicians Terrh studied a small holographic viewer he held in his palm.  On it a diagram of a ship swirled.  The highlighted black lettering on its hull read: U.S.S. Charon.  "Jolan'tru."  He said with a grin.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240908.30 - Duty Log - "Vindicated At Last" - Lieutenant Acel'a(ASec)

[USS Charon, Cargo Bay 1]


Acel'a was both surprised and pleased, by the appearance of the cargo bay.  She admired the decor, which resembled a ceremonial hall, with wooden floor tiles and two large banners decorating the far wall where two tables were set up.  Acel'a marveled at the four marble pillars in the center of it all. A number of other crew were gathered there, having been summoned for what was to be an awards ceremony. Much later, Commodore Rehu walked in to begin the ceremony.  An officer then announced "Attention on Deck!" and Acel'a stopped talking. The Commodore stood between the pillars, grinning, then unsheathed a sword from its scabbard, letting it fall to the floor.


Then Acel'a listened attentively as Shiarrael began to speak of celebratong honor and valor, while explaining the blade's purpose and representation. As she lifted the sword up and turned toward one of the pillars, a burst of flame erupted and the sword was passed through it. then uttered the three other elements, passing her sword through each one, finally slicing through the last pillar, collapsing it.


As it collapsed she looked at her crew, grinning widely, Shiarrael called the first crewmember, Sakarra Tyrax, to step forward. Acel'a continued to watch as the officer came forward and she gestured to another officer, who went to a table and picked up some items, returned and handed them to Rehu. Then the Commodore uttered a phrase and pulled the single pip from the Vulcan's collar, replacing it with two solid pips, as well as pinning the Rising Star Ribbon. The Acel'a heard Shiarrael call her name.


The pantographed woman stepped forward, Shiarrael, again, motioned to one of the accompanying officers who walked over to one of the tables and grabbed a few more things.  The man returned and handed the items to Rehu who studied them, briefly and then smirked at Acel'a, uttered the same phrase, "honor to those who work hard.", pulled out a velvet box, opening it.  She then ripped the two pips from Acel'a's uniform and let them fall to the floor. Shiarrael uttered another phrase,  "Rewards come to those who serve well." and replaced them with two solid ones and then a Kragite Order of Heroism, ribbon. Commodore Rehu then told Acel'a to continue to do well and return to the line. Acel'a quickly returned to the line, feeling just a little prouder and stood a tidge taller.


Acel'a smiled as three more officers were similarly awarded and finally Shiarrael spoke once more, holding her blade up high. Then she presented every officer with sheathed replicas of the sword she held. Acel'a took hers, with reverence, understanding what it represented. She repeated her personal vow, silently, to maintain the highest standards of conduct and to continue to serve with honor. The Commodore then told everyone they were given permission, by Ohoni, to take leave on the planet, they are orbiting. Then she dismissed the officers, slamming her foot upon the wood flooring and saluting. She quickly exited the room and Acel'a relaxed her stance, as did the rest.


Acel'a looked forward to this as she had just finished her part of the investigation into the murder of two Romulan Science Officers, coming up somewhat empty and disappointed with the lack of full co-operation by those she questioned. Several minutes later, Acel'a returned to the office and quietly let Commander Marcus know of the ceremony and her promotion, to full Lieutenant. This made her feel vindicated, after recent events.




Lieutenant Acel'a

Assistant Security Officer

USS Charon


[USS Charon] SD240908.30 - Duty Log "Honor and Glory" (Promotion Log) - Commodore Shiarrael Rehu

[USS Charon, Bridge]


Shiarrael stepped out of her ready room exhausted from the tiresome meeting with Cerywyn.  The Admiral was certainly as irritating as her Rihannsu counterparts.  Admiralty seemed to be the same boorish and imperious bunch no matter the insignia.  Such a meddlesome bunch.  In the corner of her eye she noticed Kanryth exiting behind her.  He said nothing save for a simple nod before heading to the turbo lift.  She started to wince but stopped herself and focused her attention on Lieutenant Haruhi “Lieutenant, send a ship wide announcement.  All senior staff and off duty personnel are ordered to gather in cargo bay one at 1900 hours.”  Shiarrael glanced at her chrono “in five hours.”


I have also have some preparing to do.  Shiarrael reminded herself and pondered for a moment.  After a quiet minute of thought she glanced at Haruhi again “Lieutenant, you have the bridge.”  She ignored the look of surprise in the young woman’s face.  Instead she gently rubbed her hands as she entered the turbo lift deep in thought.


[5 hours later Cargo Bay 1]


Everyone seemed generally surprised by the appearance of the cargo bay.  The floor was now covered by thick wooden tiles and two large banners decorated the far wall where two tables were set up.  And centered amongst it all were four marble pillars.


Shiarrael entered the cargo bay much later then everyone else wearing a devilish smile noticeably enjoying the widespread reaction to the scenery.  “Attention on deck!”  One of the officers announced bringing the conversations to a standstill.  Shiarrael grinned as she stepped into the middle of the four pillars and unsheathed her honor blade letting the scabbard drop to the wooden floor loudly “my beautiful crew, today we celebrate your valor and honor. You have all served loyally and well, and the Elements reward those who are worthy. This blade feels the blood of your toils and gives glory to you who love your ship and your duty.”


"I now dedicate this blade to the Elements."  Shiarrael lifted her sword up and then turned to face one of the pillars.  "To Fire that creates and destroys" a burst of flame erupted from the pillar and she passed the sword through it.  "To Air, of weapons, words, and wings” She waved the sword above the next pillar before turning to another.  "To Water of our joys and our tears” a fountain of water flowed out of the pillar and she ran the sword through it.  Finally she looked at the last pillar "And to Earth, our cradle and our grave" she swung the blade hard slicing through the marble pillar.  As it collapsed she looked at her crew grinned widely “Sakarra Tyrax step forward!”


As the Vulcan stepped forward Shiarrael gestured to one of the accompanying officers who walked over to one of the tables and grabbed a few things.  He returned and handed the items to Shiarrael who studied them and then looked at the Vulcan “honor to those who work hard.”  She pulled out a velvet box and opened it.  Reaching out she ripped the single pip from the Vulcans uniform and let it fall to the floor.  “Rewards come to those who serve well.”  Shiarrael replaced it with two solid ones and then a Rising Star Ribbon “continue to do well, Lieutenant.  Return to the line.”  People started to cheer but Shiarrael lifted her blade “silence!”  When the crowd calmed Shiarrael continued “Acel’a step forward!”


As the woman stepped forward Shiarrael gestured again to one of the accompanying officers who walked over to one of the tables and grabbed a few more things.  He returned and handed the items to Shiarrael who studied them and then smirked at Acel’a “honor to those who work hard.”  She pulled out a velvet box and opened it.  Reaching out she ripped the two pips from the Woman’s uniform and let them fall to the floor.  “Rewards come to those who serve well.”  Shiarrael replaced them with two solid ones and then a Kragite Order of Heroism “continue to do well, Lieutenant.  Return to the line.”  This time people were quiet and Shiarrael smiled, they learn fast.  “Runo Dlya step forward!”


Shiarrael gestured to one of the accompanying officers as Dlya stepped forward; again the officer walked over to one of the tables and grabbed a few items.  He returned and handed the items to Shiarrael who studied them and then nodded to Dlya “honor to those who work hard.”  She pulled out a velvet box and opened it.  Reaching out she ripped the two pips from Dlya’s uniform and let them fall to the floor.  “Rewards come to those who serve well.”  Shiarrael replaced them with two solid ones and then a Kragite Order of Heroism “continue to do well, Lieutenant.  Return to the line.”  When Dlya was back in with the group she continued “Indira Bai, step forward!”


As the young doctor broke from the line Shiarrael gestured again to one of the accompanying officers who walked over to one of the tables and grabbed a few more things.  He returned and handed the items to Shiarrael who studied them and then nodded to Bai “honor to those who work hard.”  She pulled out a velvet box and opened it.  Reaching out she ripped the single pip from the Woman’s uniform and let it fall to the floor.  “Rewards come to those who serve well.”  Shiarrael replaced them with one solid pip and one semi-solid and then a Golden Heart ribbon “continue to do well, Lieutenant Junior Grade.  Return to the line.”  “Nathanial Doyle, Step forward!”


So young, Shiarrael smirked and nodded her head at the attending officer who returned to the table to pick up the final velvet box.  He returned and handed it to her.  “Honor to those who work hard.”  She opened the velvet box and pinned the single gold pip onto his collar.  “Rewards come to those who serve well.”  Shiarrael added a Manheim ribbon to his uniform “continue to do well, Ensign.  Return to the line.”


Shiarrael held her blade high up for everyone to see “this is an honor blade.  Every Romulan officer carries one to signify and protect their honor and ideals.”  She nodded to the attending officer who opened a box pulling out several sheathed swords “I will now give each one of you your own blade.  Replicated of course- this is to remind you of your duty.  Not just to Starfleet but to all people of this galaxy.  Remember what you have done here to today to save these people and cherish these blades.  Ohoni has given permission for everyone to take leave on the planet and we will remain in orbit to study the effects of this new star on Lyrila for some time.  Take this chance to relax; there will likely be few opportunities to do so later on.  Dismissed!”  Shiarrael slammed her foot into the wood and saluted before leaving.




<<OOC: These are not the only awards but I wanted to get the promos out of the way.  Many more awards coming this week!”


Commodore Shiarrael Rehu

Commanding Officer

USS Charon


[USS Charon] SD:240908.29 || JL || Cmdr Dylan Marcus & Lt. Lizzy Johnson (NPC)

=/\=Dylan's Quarters=/\=

["Chief security officer's log stardate 240908.27: My officers and I have completed our investigation into the murder of the two Romulan scientists as well as the investigation into our mysterious Mr. Del. If I were to rate the information we turned up, i would say it was inconclusive at best. I can with a hundred percent certainty say that the two men were murdered. I can also say that Ch'tan was in fact poisoned. I can say that who ever perpetrated both of these crimes, wanted a race war on this ship. despite the science officers involvement how ever small, in the Romulan underground; I do not believe that anyone on this ship had knowledge of this fact or any reason to act on it.

The poison used to poison Ch'tan was of a type used by Romulan Tal'shiar agents. Again not something that would easily be brought on board. In addition I cannot see what the Tal'shiar would gain in killing a Klingon starfleet officer. 

Then there is our Mr. Del. A man dead by two years now turns up on a starship beyond both the Federation and Romulan space, not to mention he is no where to be found. I had my men search this ship up and down and could find no trace of him. For the time being the investigation is closed pending any further developments. i have decided to take some time and enjoy the R&R we have been given. I am heading down to the holo deck to blow off some steam.

End log"]

~Johnson's Quarters~

Freedom, I can rest and relax. Lizzy thought to herself tossing her jacket on a chair and falling onto the couch. She had just finished her shift, remembering the omega she had seen and closed her eyes to savor it. She did not know why but it had just been so beautiful. Omega had reminded her of the north star, shining beautiful, but hiding a deadly secret that even the north star did not hold...

She was free and wondered if Dylan was also free. "Computer locate the Chief of Security." She said softly.

[Commander Dylan Marcus is in the holodeck.] The computer stated in that automated voice.

Getting up Lizzy changed into gray shorts and a tank-top, she figured that Dylan was training. She wondered if he knew how to do anything other then training. She smiled softly to herself knowing very well that he did know how to do something other then training. He was rather romantic at times.

She tied her raven black hair up in a pony tail grabbed a towel and a bottle of water and made her way out of her quarters towards the holodeck to either watch Dylan train or act as his partner. She might even let him win.

Dylan had not noticed Lizzy enter the holodeck. He was too busy with the holographic men attacking him. one of them came at him with a right cross. Dylan was able to employ a variation of a classic akido throw to dispatch him. Another had gotten a foot in the ribs.

Lizzy stood just inside the door watching him defend against the men attacking him. She knew they were no match for him, he wasn't bulging muscles, but that did not take away form the hidden steady strength he seemed to possess. But then she might also be quite bias as he was her's. She licked her lips as she watched the muscles play acrossed his back.

"Think you can handle a real opponent?" She asked softly from where she stood.

He stopped where he was and turned to her. "You think you could take me?" he let out a playful challenge.

"Maybe, maybe not. care to let me try?" She asked with a teasing smile. I haven't used my hand to hand skills in quite some time. mostly self defense." She said softly.

"Computer delete holographic assailants" Marcus called into the air. He took up a ready stance and waved her toward him.

Lizzy smiled at him innocently setting her water bottle and her towel down on a bench and moved closer before stretching alittle watching him with alert eyes.

Dylan circled her as he watched her movements. He smiled slightly this was much better than fighting holograms. He thought. He stepped forward and sent a quick jab at her, feeling her out. He grinned as she blocked it.

Lizzy smiled as she blocked his quick jab and returned with one of her own a combination kick to feel him out. She hadn't used a holo program like this in close to 5 years. though she did know how to defend herself and attack if need be.

He swept her kick aside easily. it was not an attack that she intended to strike him anyway . Like him she was just getting a feel for him. he let loose another flurry of blows toward her, this time he  was not holding back. 

=/\=End Log=/\=

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Lizzy Johnson

Asst Engineering Officer

USS Charon 

(APB D"Vanna)

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Saturday, August 29, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240908.29 || Backlog || "Escaping The Darkness - Part II" - Cpt. Zane Akina, SFI

[ BACKLOG – Eight Months Ago ]

Astate Colony
Unpopulated Jungle Island Chain
"Escaping The Darkness" - Part II


The minutes passed – Zane emotionally spent and badly wounded picked himself up off the forest floor and returned to the nearby shuttle.  Tapping the control pad to unlock the hatch, Zane leaned against the hull as the door slid open.  There was one final duty to perform as he willed himself onward through pain, emotion, and brutal exhaustion.  He had to get his information to Starfleet back at headquarters in Caenis and he had to it quickly and quietly as he could be sure both Starfleet and the Romulans were now tracking the nuclear explosion both now on high alert.  He didn’t want to be here when the cavalry arrived to investigate no matter which side showed up first.

As he stepped into the shuttle someone behind him cleared their throat causing Zane to instantly freeze.

“Captain Akina.  What ever are you doing in such a dangerous place”, a familiar voice asked from behind.

Turning from the entrance of the shuttle, Captain Zane Akina came face to face with an old acquaintance, Marine Colonel Leon Ventris of Astate’s 145th Marine Battalion.  As Zane looked on he could see a dozen marine sharpshooters and infantry in the trees and forest surrounding him – any one of them could easily end his life should he make any sudden moves.  Once again, Zane found himself on a razor edge between life and death.

“Colonel Ventris, what an unpleasant surprise”, Zane stated making no attempt to move outside the shuttle.  “One could ask you the same question.”

“I have an affinity for pure air and blue skies away from all of the hustle of Caenis and my duties”, the Colonel said with a wry, arrogant smirk.

Zane, not amused by the Colonel’s obvious dodge to his question, continued their verbal sparring.  “I see.  It is quite lovely here – with the exception of that atomic cloud over there and the radioactive fallout that will soon blanket the area exposing everything in its wake to high if not lethal doses of poisonous radioactivity.  But, never mind the beautiful scenery or its pitfalls – since you and I both seem to be on vacation here on this lovely island I have a question for you as well.  Do you always go camping with a full platoon of expert sharpshooters or do they share your enthusiasm for the outdoors?”

“My dear Captain.  Let us get to the matter at hand.”

“Indeed.  I’ve had an exhausting day and suddenly I find the scenery to be less attractive than it once was and thus desire to leave this little paradise.”

“I think that can be easily arranged Captain.  Leaving this place is in fact what we need to discuss.”

“Forgive me Colonel for being rude, but just get to the damn point”, Zane said bluntly.  Ordinarily he would have enjoyed the verbal games, but he was exhausted, angry, and trying to find a way out of yet another impossible situation for what seemed like the fourth or fifth time today.

“The tricorder in your hand.  If you would be so kind to hand it over.”

“And If I refuse”, Zane said with defiance.

“Captain, please, let us be reasonable here.”

Zane interrupted.  “Colonel, it’s obvious I’m not leaving this shuttle alive.  Your presence and the presence of the marines only serves to fuel my suspicions that you are all on the NeoDyne payroll.  You were the one who activated the facility’s auto destruct and you are the man responsible for killing dozens of innocent children whose only crime was being born into this world at the hands of monstrous, morally corrupted individuals like yourself who seek only power, wealth, influence or all three!  Since we’re getting right to the heart of things Colonel – just confirm my suspicions before you execute me and take what you will!  Give me the satisfaction of knowing it was you who killed those children!

Zane’s anger was mounting like a building storm.  “Neodyne lost control of the facility.  They knew what was down there, but they didn’t know what to do with them once they escaped and went wild.  No one could figure out quite what to do about the situation after so many had died.  AM I CORRECT?  Neodyne just quietly shut the facility down under your watchful eye forgetting its existence and hoping their little problem would just go away or at least stay quiet until enough time had passed for the threat to have passed so the research could either be collected or restarted!  AM I RIGHT?  ANSWER ME DAMN YOU!”

Ventris’s smug cockiness vanished and was replaced by harsh contempt.  “Very good Captain.  You are truly as keen and clever as your records indicate.  My compliments for piecing together the puzzle.”

“And the personnel director back at Caenis”, Zane added, “He carefully and quietly placed key personnel for you here on Astate and coordinated transfers and personnel assignments?”


“And the dead intelligence officers?  Did they get to close – or were they just liabilities also on the payroll of NeoDyne?”

“They became liabilities unfortunately and had to be eliminated.  They both knew too much after the facility had been shutdown.  NeoDyne had too much invested here for anything to leak out.”

“Collateral damage”, Zane mumbled.

“Afraid so – which is unfortunately what you will soon be as well.”  Ventris looked down at a scanning device and then back at Zane.  “You are correct in noting that in approximately ten minutes radioactivity will begin to blanket this island given the current weather conditions.  As much as I would love the opportunity to chat – my time and yours has run out captain.  The tricorder in your hand  - please hand it over and I will assure you that your end will be swift and painless.  It is the least I can offer a fellow officer.”

“You’re no officer”, Zane shouted back.  “You’re a traitor and a disgrace to everything that uniform stands for!  ALL OF YOU ARE!  If you want this tricorder so badly Colonel then come over here and take it from me.”

“That can easily be arranged captain”, Ventris said with a hiss.

“WAIT”, Zane yelled holding his hand up.  There was one question remaining.  Since it was clear he was to die shortly he wanted the final puzzle piece to complete the picture.

“Before you kill me, permit me one last question Colonel.”

“Very well Captain.  Ask, but be brief.”

“Yourself, the NeoDyne facility, the personnel director, the contractors – everything couldn’t have been arranged so carefully or neatly without raising suspicions.  Even back channels have eyes and so do the walls – this was too carefully crafted, too calculated, too well thought out to be so perfectly executed even by a corporation as influential as NeoDyne.

Who was the architect?  There has to be someone in a position of influence at the highest levels pulling the strings of the marionette puppets below him or her – there has to be a coordinator, someone of influence or access to influence to pull something of this sophistication off!

I want a name!  Grant me my final wish before you terminate my existence.  I want to know who it was!”

Ventris hesitated for a moment staring the Captain down for several seconds.

“Very well Akina.  Since your meeting with the reaper is pending I will tell you.  I’ve personally never met the man.  He’s an influential ambassador, up and coming, from what I know – perhaps to become one of the Federation’s leading diplomats in time.  He pulls the strings having access to all the right connection and ears.  He is nothing more than an unwitting pawn.  I highly doubt he has any knowledge of the ramifications of his actions.  However, to answer you question, his name is Ambassador Ian Lamont.”

“Now you know Captain.  Satisfied?  Or does it leave that mind of yours thirsting for more information?  In any event you’ve had your last request granted.  Any final remarks?”

Zane stiffened realizing his death was at hand.  There would be no escape this time.  He was out of aces – his tricks exhausted.  The final hand had been cast and it was his time to fold.  How calloused and fickle fate was he thought to himself.  How could someone like Ventris continue to live while someone like himself died?

Perhaps in few moments he would know the answer to that question.

“I just want it to be known that I died a loyal Starfleet officer, true to myself, true to justice, and true to the fleet and the people of the Federation.  If I am to die, at least I do so with the knowledge I died defending my principals in this life against the slime of humanity like you, your men, and the President of NeoDyne, Alistair Merikai who signs your blood stained paychecks.”

“How touching”, Colonel Ventris remarked.  “Goodbye Captain Akina.  Give my regards to the children when you see them.”

Zane closed his eyes awaiting the shot that would end his life.  When it struck he suddenly felt cold as he could feel the molecules and atoms of his body being torn apart.  A slight dizziness enveloped him yet there was no pain, no burning, no anguish.  How funny it was that a phaser could destroy his life so quickly yet cause no negative feelings.  He’d seen others disintegrated and their expressions were far from pleasant.  How odd that as his life ended he felt virtually nothing at all.

His vision was a swirl of lights and particles as he tried to make sense of the approach of the afterlife.  Then suddenly his vision cleared, the haze lifted and he found himself staring into the eyes to a transporter technician, a Starfleet captain, a medical officer, and several heavily armed Starfleet guards all standing before him in a transporter room.  This couldn’t be heaven or hell – could it?

Unable to process any additional information, Zane’s eyes rolled backwards into his head as his knees buckled beneath him.  He collapsed on an empty transporter pad as his mind and body simply shutdown after a day of extreme mental, physical, and emotional strain.

The medical officer rushed up to Akina’s unconscious body as the Captain looked on with a measured expression which betrayed nothing.

“Commander Durandal, your prognosis”, the Captain quickly asked with a firm tone.

“He has some broken ribs, dust inhalation, I’m reading elevated radioactivity levels from his clothing, though the levels are not lethal.  He had several contusions and lacerations and has lost a fair amount of blood.  He’ll make it, but I need to get him to sickbay immediately.”

“Very well”, the captain said.  “Site to site transport – two to sickbay at once!”

Doctor Durandal stood next to his patient as the transporter chief set the computer to beam the pair to sickbay.

“Doctor, patch him up fast.  I must talk with him as soon as possible.  Time is not on my side.  As soon as he is able to stand I want him in my quarters under heavy armed guard.  Notify me as soon as you deem him fit to engage in conversation.”

“Captain, he’s going to need to recover and rest I cannot ..”

“Doctor, obey your orders this once.  I want to speak with him.  You have eight hours.  Do what you can in that time.”

“Aye sir”, came the muted reply from the ship’s chief medical officer.

“Energize”, the captain commanded as the medical officer and Captain Zane Akina vanished into a swirl of blue particles.

The captain dismissed the guards and then headed himself to the exit.  In orbit above Astate, the U.S.S. Corsair, and her determined commanding officer were running out of time.  He had already violated his orders to be here at this planet and the chief engineer’s thin excuses for emergency repairs at Astate were only going to buy him little time if any.  His engineer was there to fix the ship, but recently the Captain had been asking him to tear it apart if only to buy him more time - time he didn't have to answer questions that demanded quick answers.  Such questions could very well determine how the balance of power would unfold for decades to come on a galactic scale.

As he headed back to the bridge of his starship, Captain Taverain Corsica Ramius, hoped he could buy at least another day in orbit given the now tense situation on the ground.  Perhaps the massive atomic detonation could be an asset to him.  The event had caused quite a stir between the Romulans and Starfleet and could be used to his advantage.  He could offer the local commanders his ship’s sensors and a Starship in orbit, especially a Nova class like the Corsair heavily armed due to the war with the Dominion, would help deter any aggressive posturing by the Romulans.  Perhaps he had more time than he originally anticipated.

In any event, recent events on Astate and in particular, the actions of Captain Akina, held the captain’s interest.  The next few hours would prove to be lively that much he knew for certain.

Tapping his badge he called to the bridge.  “Number One, place the ship on yellow alert and raise our shields.  Bring weapons to standby readiness – I want to be on full tactical alert given the situation on the ground until we know more about what the hell just happened down there.  And get me an open channel to Starfleet on Astate - I need to speak with them immediately about the situation.

[ To Be Continued… ]


Captain Zane Akina
Starfleet Intelligence

Captain Taverain C. Ramius
U.S.S. Corsair

Commander Keith Durandal
Chief Medical Officer  - USS Corsair

[USS Charon] SD240908.29 || Backlog || "Escaping The Darkness - Part I", Cpt. Zane Akina, SFI

[ BACKLOG – Eight Months Ago ]

Astate Colony
Unpopulated Jungle Island Chain - Secret Underground Research Facility (NeoDyne Corp.)
"Escaping The Darkness" - Part One

[ Part One ]

Pulling himself from the exposed hatch back onto land, Zane grabbed the critical tricorder from his backpack quickly shedding the extra bulk and weight.  He knew if he could reach his base camp half a mile away he might have enough time to escape the island or at least be far enough away to avoid the initial blast that was now inevitable.

A facility as large as the one beneath his feet despite the warning would take several minutes to fully detonate.  A fusion explosion was typically used to destroy large secret facilities and took time to fully activate.  Multiple fusion power cores were often overloaded.  The end result was several runaway nuclear power plants which when properly constructed and with other technologies could create atomic destruction on massive scales with horrific releases of energy and radioactivity.

Zane estimated he had only a few precious minutes to make it back to his shuttle.  He dashed off back to camp – he’d never been a sprinter, but now he had little choice.  He had to get as far away from the facility as he could and quickly.  The entire area was likely to be devastated and highly radioactive for years if not centuries to come.

Dashing through the underbrush and trees, limbs tore at his face, scratching and cutting his flesh like knives as he ran.  Tripping on a plant he felt forward into the dirt rolling down a steep embankment as rocks and dirt did further damage to his already battered body.

Picking himself up he continued to run, his heart pounding in his chest, until at last he could see his campsite and his shuttle.  Continuing to run the ground suddenly shook violently beneath his feet.  Again he was thrown forward as hell erupted around him.

White light more intense than the sun itself enveloped Zane and the campsite blotting out existence.  Zane was bathed in a sea of pure, absolute white as he rested on the ground which jerked and shook beneath him like an untamed bronco.  Closing his eyes tightly, the brightness of the light still penetrated his closed eyes seconds before a deafening roar could be heard in the distance.  There was a sudden second of calmness.  The birds and animals had all ceased chirping and talking, silence reigned for that one instant in time, before hell itself erupted into the world of the living destroying all life it touched in the distance.

A massive shockwave rattled the ground around the battered captain.  Gale force winds snapped trees like toothpicks, rocks were thrown about, trees were uprooted, and the air became thick with dust and dirt.  Then, as quickly as it had overtaken him, it was over.  The hellish nightmare retreated back through its gate as quickly as it had sprung forth and a deadly quiet fell upon Zane’s ringing ears.

Pulling himself up from the dirt with what little energy he had remaining, Zane turned and looked off into the distance wiping the blood from the many cuts on his neck and face.  A huge, grey and black mushroom cloud rose miles above the tiny forest island.  With the facility underground much of the surface had been spared the inferno of the nuclear detonation.  NeoDyne had done its work well.  The facility was gone and with it all traces of the horrors it had created deep below.  The nuclear fallout and high radiation levels would ensure that no living thing would be able to venture anywhere near the explosion site for years to come.  No one would see the horrors – they had just been erased from the pages of time and history forever.

Zane held up the tricorder which was still tightly clutched in his hand.  The device, spattered with droplets of his own blood, was now the only record of the facility, the children, and NeoDyne's sinister activities.  He had to get this to Starfleet – the galaxy had to know what had happened here.  Staring up at the giant cloud that towered above the island like a giant umbrella, Zane sank to his knees.  He hadn’t been able to save any of them.  The smiling face of the child known only as X109 filled his vision.  That child and the others like him were now only memories erased by the NeoDyne Corporation - killed at their hands to silence them and their secrets.

Unable to control himself, Captain Zane Akina, the fearless intelligence officer who sometimes doubted the existence of his own heart began to cry.  Shuddering from an overload of emotion and regret, Akina finally let loose a torrent of harsh emotions; pain, sorrow, guilt, and anguish.  The faces of those children filled his mind and heart as tears rolled down the captain's face.

As his emotions poured forth beyond Zane’s control deeper within himself a raging fire, he could not yet sense grew ten fold in intensity.  Other emotions held it for now in check, but the primal human instinct for revenge had taken root.  Someone had to pay for the atrocities committed – someone had to answer for the children who had been made to suffer and who were ultimately destroyed  That person was the chairman and president of the NeoDyne Corporation – Alistair Merikai.

Zane had to stop the man and his ambitions - even at the cost of his career or his own life.  The blood of too many lives was now on Merikai's stained hands.  The slippery executive would come to know the same pain and fear he had put others through.  The lives of those at the facility cried out for justice - Zane was now their only hope at redemption and peace.  He had to stop Merikai at all costs - and stop him he would using every advantage and every fiber of his existence to do so.  Akina swore to the dead children he would avenge their deaths - he owed them that much having been unable to save any of them from annihilation at the hands of a corrupt and unholy corporation with terrifying ambitions to unleash hell upon the world of the living.

[ To Be Continued ... ]



[USS Charon] SD240908.29 - Personal BackLog "Golden Land"- CHO - Sakarra Tyrax


"This affinity" [the Captain replied] "is sufficiently striking in the case of alkalis and acids, which, although they are mutually antithetical, and perhaps precisely because they are so, most decidedly seek and embrace one another, modify one another, and together form a new substance." ...
"Forgive me," said Charlotte, "as I forgive the scientist, but ... the choice seems to me to lie entirely in the hands of the chemist who brings these substances together. Once they have been brought together, though, God help them!"
Unexpected. That was certainly the best word to describe the experience. Or maybe it should not have been. Maybe she of all people should not be this surprised. Yet she was walking these streets, her astonishment of course completely invisible to anyone but the man by her side, the man who took all this with his usual open mind and unquenchable curiosity, and she was both puzzled and - no point in denying it - somewhat overwhelmed by the onslaught of sensations.
All of the Empire seemed to be coming and going, checking the wares of the countless merchants at their stalls and shops, haggling, laughing, shouting and waving greetings, it was inexplicable how they were even able to hear their own thoughts. Throngs of people clustered here and there at particularly popular spots and the scent of pastries, flowers and ale wafted above it all in a symphony that was both intriguing and beginning to give her a minor headache.
And through it all they moved, the people, the scents and the noise, the man beside her carrying the little one who so excitedly waved her arms at all this commotion and she, the one who should have looked more familiar to them, yet still drew more bemused glances than the man and child with eyes as dark as night skies.
Once again she reminded herself to adjust her body language, to walk as casually as possible, after all what use was it to leave the uniform behind if one still moved as if trapped in hostile territory?
Her mate caught the fleeting thought and chuckled while at the same time turned a bit to prevent the little one to snatch a - well, some sort of bread, apparently - from someone's basket.
'Almost there, Imzadi. But you do look as if you could use a drink'
Though their bond she sensed his amusement, mingled with mild concern.
And she did not object when his hand reached for hers, not only to reassure but for the logical reason that otherwise they might get separated in the crush.
To the casual onlooker she was only a stately looking woman in somber, if somewhat old fashioned robes, moving serenely through the bustle of the market. But everyone who looked longer than the fraction of a second would notice something a bit off, unless of course they saw the alien man and the lively child first.
It was just as well that he had insisted on carrying the little one, she was so enthralled by her surroundings and interested in everything from a small bird perched on a roof to the lettuce-like blue leaves offered at a stall, there was no telling what might have happened if she somehow had gotten loose and decided to do some exploring of her own. Just a few days ago the child had yet again proven her extraordinary speed and resourcefulness when she had escaped their quarters - and incidentally her father who had fallen asleep from exhaustion - and arrived on the bridge, followed, inexplicably, by Lieutenant Eichenlaub's cat. Thankfully, the Captain had taken the episode with good humor and simply asked that both child and cat should be returned to the safety of their respective quarters.
"Svai! 'akov!" obviously, they had reached the shop her mate had been looking for, and the child happily announced that fact.
"Yes, little one. Very pretty flowers. No, we need to ask first… oh dear."
She had managed to grab a blossom of most pleasing color and scent and presented it to her father by way of literally waving it under his nose.
"Lagga" the shop owner nodded, favoring the child with an eye-crinkling smile. "She sure knows what she likes. You are from the lloannen'galae ship?"
"Hm? Oh, yes. I'm sorry. Good day to you."
"The very same to you and yours," the elderly man replied with a small bow and a glance in the tall, silent woman's direction. "May I offer you a refreshment?"
"Why yes, thank you." the younger man nodded and gracefully accepted the cup, just barely saving it from his little one's inquisitiveness "I heard you have seeds for sale as well? Would it be possible…"
The ebony-haired woman left her beloved to dive into all the botanical marvels this planet had to offer, the brief smile in her mind barely visible at the corners of her  mouth. The joy he felt over being here, able to immerse himself not only in what was both his profession and passion, but the entire culture, so alien and so fascinating, the deep pride and happiness he felt when the child in his arms shared in his delight by demanding to be shown more plants, more of everything, and was indulged by a most courteous and truly patient merchant - it all radiated off him like heat from the desert soil, warm and constant, even after dark has fallen.
She slowly wandered the shop, yet again bemused by all the abundance of fruits and flowers, offered by a world so unlike her own. It was difficult to conceive what those who first came upon this place must have felt - a paradise with golden skies after an eternity of hardship.
Sha-ka-ri - they must have thought. Mirage, an illusion brought about by faulty sensors and minds desperate to find something, anything after the long, cold night of space.
She could imagine the joy when finally every sensor reading was confirmed, when it was clear there was no illusion. What she could not imagine was the sensation of actually seeing, touching, knowing, for the first time.
Tracing the petals of a delicate, magenta-hued blossom with long, slender fingers, she experienced that sensation of something important, some discovery just beyond the reach of conscious thought.
But then the sounds of footsteps made her turn and from the look on the men's faces it was clear both had concluded the trade to mutual satisfaction.
"Your lady has the same exquisite taste as your daughter it seems"
"So she does" there was laughter twinkling in the black eyes and before she knew it, her arms were filled with exotic flowers, the warm and sweet scent almost making her dizzy. There was no point in protesting, as neither her mate nor the merchant who smiled so readily and insisted on feeding the child pale purple berries he called 'ihor' would have listened.
She took great care to not do the polite man any discourtesy by showing even the mildest sign of exasperation and inclined her head gracefully.
'Only one more stop, Imzadi' 
He tried to wipe some of the purple berry juice from the little one's face, but only succeeded in spreading it a little further. Despite herself, she felt a surge of silent laughter wanting to erupt. 'Only one? I must admit to astonishment.'
"We can always take the grand tour." he chuckled and turned back towards the man with the silver streaked hair
"Thank you again, and -  Jolan tru?"
"Jolan'tru." the merchant confirmed with a small bow.

[to be continued]

Ens Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman
USS Charon


[USS Charon] SD240908.29 || Backlog V || Captain Zane Akina, SFI (NPC) - "Into The Darkness - Part V"

[ BACKLOG – Eight Months Ago ]

Astate Colony
Unpopulated Jungle Island Chain - Secret Underground Research Facility (NeoDyne Corp.)
"Into The Darkness" - Part V

Captain Zane Akina stood quietly as the teen uttered words that made him cringe.  “If
this is a trick I will end your life just like all the others.”

“No tricks.  Follow me.  I promise to show you the exit", Zane said strongly.

The first child he had met, “X109”, grabbed Zane’s hand.  “You’re a good person.  I know it.”

Smiling softly, Zane led the children back through the facility toward the access shaft he had entered.  It was possible he was making a mistake by freeing them, but he had little choice.  He could sense the teenager's extreme distrust and malevolence behind him.  The slightest sense of betrayal could be fatal.  He had no idea what these children were capable of, but he could only guess having seen the bodies which he was again passing; a grim reminder of the children’s wrath should it be invoked.

The journey toward the exit was faster and easier with the electrical power restored.  Zane estimated they were close.  A few more corridors and turns would lead back to the escape shaft where he could contact Starfleet personnel on Astate and request emergency assistance.  Someone else had to witness this - they had to see this place for themselves.  The sheer magnitude of injustice, cruelty, and violation of everything moral and just had to be exposed.  NeoDyne's sinister and vile plans had to be stopped for they were a threat to galatic peace and stability as much if not more so that the Dominion or Jem'Haddar.

Rounding the final corner there was just one room remaining to traverse.  A pair of double doors at its far end led to the maintenance shaft he had entered from and freedom from this hellish laboratory.

Zane walked slowly his hand still holding the young boy’s whose only name was a scientific designation, “X109” as they made their way toward the exit.


“What’s going on”, one of the children shouted as alarms and warnings flashed across the walls.  Red light replaced the standard white leaving the group bathed in crimson darkness as alarm klaxons and warning alerts sounded from speakers and video displays showed the count down timer for some built-in safeguard that had been activated to obliterate the facility and erase its existence.

Zane was no fool.  Such a system would have already been automatically activated if indeed the facility’s computer had been programmed to react to any serious contamination breech.  Someone else was here – someone who didn’t want Akina or the living evidence around him from escaping the facility.  Someone had intentionally activated the destruct sequence to keep this place and its dark secrets silent - forever.

“WE HAVE TO MOVE NOW”, Zane called out tugging on the young man’s hand.  “We have to get out of here quickly!”

“LIES – I KNEW IT”, shouted the teenager from behind.  “He’s no different from the others.  He’s just like them!  He wants to hurt us!”

Zane turned to see the group of children had stopped.  Their loyalty to the teenager seemed iron clad.

“NO”, Zane shouted.  “The exit is not far.  It’s just through those doors.  I don’t know what’s going on, but we have to get out of here now!”

“NO”, shouted the teen.  It was obvious to Zane the young teen did not comprehend what was happening around him.  His world had been this facility – it was all he knew.  The boy probably knew nothing of the outside world, of humanity, of other races.  He had been educated to speak and perhaps given some limited education, but the scientists here were no saints - the boy had been given only what he needed to know in order to function and nothing more.

The alarms and warnings had served to breed distrust in the boy who most likely already had a strong distrust for adults due to the things the scientists had no doubt subjected the children to – painful terrible experiments that Zane couldn’t possibly fathom.

“All of you, get back.  I won’t let him hurt any more of you.  He’s one of them.  We’ll take his light tool for ourselves and use it to gain our freedom.  We don’t need him any longer!”

Zane swallowed his hand slowly moving for his disruptor at his side.  His training and instinct forced him to pull the weapon, yet his heart was screaming to him in tones louder than words like a throbbing headache of emotion. He couldn’t fire – he couldn’t kill children.  His mind was suddenly flooded by the training, voices, and indoctrination of Starfleet instructors and officers who had drilled into his very being the necessity of protecting oneself from an enemy, any enemy.  Intelligence information came at a high price, one instructor he had had once said.  Lives were expendable if the information was important enough.  Kill or be killed the words of another instructor floated through his mind.  How could he kill innocent children?  How could he live with himself?

Zane shuddered hesitating as his mind was blurred by emotions, training, instinct, and impulse.  He had killed before, yet he was fighting adults in battle or on the silent battlefield of intelligence in dark allies and behind closed doors.  He had in his possession evidence that would rock the quadrant both on a tricorder and in living form.  The eugenic wars that had produced such tyrants as Kahn Noonian Singh on Earth centuries ago seemed to reinforce the idea that history did indeed repeat itself - just in new, dissimilar ways.

Zane hesitated his weapon hand quivering. The very children he was trying to save from death had in a single instant become his enemy.

He looked on, weapon drawn, as the computer screens around him counted down the time to destruction.  He faced the ultimate endgame scenario – his own personal Kobayashi Maru – the traditional test given to Starfleet cadets seeking command in which there was no way to win.  This was his no win scenario - kill or be killed - die at the children’s hands, the complex’s ticking time bomb, or live with the guilt of disintegrating a dozen children for the rest of his days only to save his own life.

He could kill these children with his weapon and escape and have to live with that action forever, be destroyed by the facility’s self-destruct system, or take his chances fighting the children which given the evidence suggested it was a fight he couldn’t win.

“SEE, he now points his light tool at US”, the teen shouted.  "He will use his weapons against us just like the whitecoats did before!"

“NO, X002”, shouted X109 the small boy still clinging to Zane’s leg.  “He’s not like them.  He isn’t!”  Tears were streaming down the young child’s face as Zane held the teen in check with his pistol.  Time ticked away second by painful second as Zane struggled for a solution against an impossible situation.

“HE’S ONE OF THEM”, the teen shouted enraged.  Zane felt a pang of fear grip him as the teenager’s blue pupils suddenly dilated and turned a bright crimson red.  A solution finally presented itself however crude.  Perhaps if he eliminated the teen he could save the other children.  Perhaps he could save the teen also, but if not, the needs of the many would indeed justify the loss of the one.

His mind made up, Zane pulled the trigger of his weapon its tip aimed at the belligerent teenager.  Faster than lightning the teen reacted, Zane suddenly felt the teen’s hand on his throat as he was hoisted into the air off his feet.  His disruptor shot bounced harmlessly against a rear wall seemingly too slow to hit the teenager who had reacted with amazing, uncanny speed.

The teen laughed with a sinister tone as Zane struggled to breathe a crushing grip blocking air from reaching his lungs.  The child’s speed and strength were like nothing he had ever seen or even heard about.  No species could react like that or exhibit such strength at such a young age.  It was impossible!

The teen, confident in his superiority, threw Zane across the room like a pitcher tossing a baseball.  Zane flew threw the air like a rag doll hitting the floor yards away skidding to a stop against the metallic wall his disruptor spinning out of his grasp and disappearing into the depths of the room.  The youth had thrown over 225 pounds more than fifty feet like it was nothing.  Zane was amazed and terrified at the same time.  It was clear now what had happened - the staff here had stood no chance against such strength and speed.

Coughing, still recovering from both the throw, and the crushing grip of the teen, Zane scrambled for his weapon which lie several feet away.  He was only a few feet from his weapon and the teen, now running at him, was over sixty feet away.

With his hand almost upon his weapon’s hilt, again the teen grabbed him.  Zane couldn’t believe it.  The teen moved with speed that was physically impossible covering ground at speeds no species could obtain.


Zane tried to reason with the teenager.  “We’re all going to be killed if we don’t get out of here”, he yelled.  “Can’t you hear the alerts!”

“Adult tricks”, the teen said with a confident snarl.  “I’m going to tear you apart slowly for tricking us!  Just like I did the rest of your kind with your lies and deceptions!”

“Listen kid, we’re all going to end up dead!  This place is going to explode a mile high in just a few seconds!”

“More lies!  You adults seem capable of nothing more.  You are slow, weak, and so utterly predictable.  I am invincible!  That is what they told me!  I am faster, smarter, and stronger than any other creature alive!  I am the ultimate form of life in existence!  Nothing before or since has surpassed my abilities!  Once I escape from this dungeon with your tool there will be no one to stop me!  I’ll have my revenge on all the lying adults from the world you came from.  My brothers and sisters will never again have to fear the likes of you and those with the white coats!  We will kill everyone.”

Zane now understood with crystal clarity want NeoDyne had been researching.  How they had achieved it was too much for his mind to understand, but it was quite clear to him now the meaning and intent of this facility and its research.  They had been building a superior biological life form – either for military use or for some other sinister purpose he couldn’t say, but the knowledge and ability of the corporation to produce such life could well grant them immeasurable power over people, territory, perhaps entire governments or quadrants.

Zane felt himself lifted off the floor again and thrown into the air.  His body hit a wall several feet from the floor and crushed a nearby video display which exploded in a shower of sparks.  Breathless and hurt, Zane struggled to get to his feet.  If he was going to meet his end he would do so standing.  His arm had been cut by the impact and Zane could feel a warm stream of his own blood running down the length of his arm.


Laughing the teen again approached to finish Zane just as he had killed his other victims.  Zane never anticipated meeting his end like this, but then again, no one knew their ultimate fate.  At least whatever happened would be quick.

“STOP”, a voice shouted out as a small body attached himself to Zane.  The younger child, X109, clung to Zane as he cried profusely.  “HE ISN’T LIKE THEM BROTHER!  STOP IT, YOU’RE HURTING HIM!”

“Get out of the way X109”, the teen shouted back.  This doesn’t concern you.  I will protect you from the adults.  I am your protector.  Me and me alone!”

“No!  No!  Zane isn’t like them.  He helped me!  He brought back the light!  He brought us food.  He wants to help us!”

“LIES”, the teen screamed.  “He’s tricking you X109!  Just like they all tricked us before!  Injecting us with their shots and causing us so much pain!  NO!  He must die like the others!”


Zane felt the young boy push something into his hands.  HIS DISRUPTOR!  The boy had retrieved it for him!

Anguished washed over him at what he had to do.  The young boy had the teen distracted.  If he was going to act – that time was now.

“I’M SORRY”, Zane yelled out at the teen.

A green beam cut through the air slamming into the teenager’s right  leg.  The teen screamed in pain the disruptor beam ripping the atoms of his leg apart with its usual deadly efficiency.  Zane quickly scooped up the small child and ran toward the exit as the computer screens counted down the final fifteen seconds.

Racing through the doors, Zane spotted the ladder and the sunlight shining from the opening he had made earlier.  Grabbing the first rung of the ladder he raced upwards toward the light and fresh air of freedom and safety.

The young boy, X109, giggled as Zane frantically climbed unaware of the danger that was only seconds away.  Nearly to the top, something tugged at Zane’s leg instantly stopping his progress.

Looking down, Zane locked eyes with the crimson pupils of the teenage boy who had somehow pulled himself to the ladder and climbed it with one leg, in extreme pain, and twice as fast as Zane had been able to do so himself.

“I WON’T LET YOU HAVE HIM”, the teen cried pulling on Zane’s boot as he struggled to pull himself and the young boy out of the hatch and back into the dense jungle.  "YOU WON'T TAKE MY BROTHER!"  Zane stared into the depths of the boys crimson red eyes which burned hot with unnatural brightness.  The image would forever be etched into Zane's memory as he locked eyes with the teenager's for what seemed like an eternity.

A hand with ten times the strength of his own yanked the young boy from Zane’s grasp as the two children fell backwards down the shaft into the reddish darkness.  There was nothing but silence afterwards as Zane screamed downward into the maintenance tunnel.

“NO!  X109”, Zane yelled downwards.  He quickly went to climb down to rescue the child when he heard the automated computer warning from below.


There wasn’t time.  He was out of time and so were the children.  All that remained was to escape this infernal place as quickly as possible and report to Starfleet Command.  It was all he could do now - fate had sealed the children's destiny and if he didn't hurry it would seal his just as easily and swiftly.

[ To Be Continued ... ]

Captain Zane Akina

Starfleet Intelligence

NPC – (APB Tav)