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[USS Charon] SD 241010.31 Backlog Duty Log Brevet 1Lt Warren & Pvt Davis

OOC:  This take's place some time before we all get booted off the ship.  Not sure when, just sometime before.

=/\= Marine Commander's Office, USS-Charon =/\=

Sam had spent the last 30 hours or so organizing Lt Warren's office. She had his requistion forms filled out and ready for his signature, and had waded through the numerous Padds that had been littering the office. Then she had polished his desk by hand and even wiped down the chairs. It had been a relief to do the mundane, ordinary task. With everything done she had curled up under desk, without any conscious thought about it, and fallen asleep

Brent had just arrived back from Vulcan once again.  This time however he was a bit happier, as Sakarra was awake.  He made his way into his office looking over a few of the messages that had come in for him.  Apparently those few reports he had sent out had been interesting reading for the higher ups, as there was several requests for more.  It took him a moment before he realized that his desk was looking perhaps better than he had ever seen it before.  He blinked a few times, smirking as he remembered the new orderly he had.

Well it would seem that she definately was worth the effort of bringing on board.  He smiles and moved behind his desk...  IT was then that he heard the light but rythmic breathing coming from under his desk...  And behind his chair.  He pulled the chair back to find his newest Marine curled up in what looked like the most vunerable fetal position he had ever seen.  Not quite sure what to make of it, Brent leaned down and gently nudged her.  "Hey.  Marine.  Private Davis.  You alright," he asked with a smirk.

Sam immediately woke up, banging her head lightly on the top part of the underneath side of Warren's desk. She blinked, taking a moment to orient herself. "Sorry sir." She blushed, hoping she wasn't in too much trouble. "I'm fine. I finished the requisitions, they just need your signature, and the rest of the paperwork is on your secure storage core." She went straight into work mode, quite use to being busy immediately after waking.

He offered her a hand out of the bottom of his desk before he watched her immediately move into work mode again.  It was getting late out, he had only left at this time because Sakarra had finally collapsed into sleep again.  "It's past time for day shift to be done with Private.  Why don't you go back to your quarters for the evening?  Catch up on some reading," he asked before he moved over to the replicator and began to make himself up a large plate of seafood alfrado.

Sam took his hand, a bit warily, but without hesitation. She dusted herself off once standing, though it was hardly necessary. "Yes sir, I'll find the quartermaster." Sam hadn't bothered, as she'd been busy within these 4 walls for over a full day.

Brent almost nodded and didn't respond any more but then he realized exactly what she had said and he looked at her.  "Wait you haven't found the quartermaster yet?  Where did you sleep last night or whenever it was that you slept.  Don't tell me you slept under my desk.." he said the hint of disbelief quite clear in his voice.

She pushed a lock of hair behind her ear, and looked down. "I'm sorry. It won't happen again sir." She mentally chastised herself for screwing up so soon after being assigned. "I'll let you eat." Sam figured the best thing she could do would be to just get out of his hair and leave him to the privacy of his office.

"Oh no you don't," Brent said as he took her by the hand again as she tried to leave.  He lead her back and motioned for her to sit before putting his plate of food in front of her.  "Are you allergic to seafood of cheese or anything?  If not then dig in, I'll get one of my own," he said before he moved back to the replicator.  "I don't want to hear I'm sorry from you Marine.  I want to hear why you did it."

Sam tensed as he took her hand, but she didn't resist. She also sat obediently when he motioned to the chair. It wasn't until he mentioned the food that her stomach made itself known. She hadn't eaten since he'd fed her last. A small sigh escaped as she realized her mistake there. She would never make the physical requiremnents for a Marine if she didn't eat.

The normalcy of the paperwork had lured her back into old habits. She was several bites into old eating habits as well, shoveling it in as fast as she could so she didn't lose it, before she realized and stopped; returning to a normal eating pace. "Habit sir." She told him. "I was a slave on Olympus IV until several months ago. I'm not use to having a place to sleep.  I use to curl up under the desk all the time, it was safe. I just got busy wanting to make a good impression for you and I forgot. Really, it won't happen again." She tried to assure him, though her nerves shown through.

Brent was about back to his desk with his own food when he nearly dropped it down onto the floor when she mentioned what she was in the past.  He gave her an incredulous look for a moment, not sure if she was pulling his chain.  The peices fit though, the way she had jumped when he had awakened her, her inability to really look him in the eyes.  Her lack of any hobbies.  He nodded then sitting down.  "I see.  That's why you tensed when I touched you then to have you sit down," he asked, beginning to pick at the food in front of him.

She nodded. She wasn't concerned about people knowing her past, it was just a fact. But she was concerned about her future. "I can do the work. I'll make the physical requirements." She managed to look him in the eyes briefly as she gave the short version of how she'd helped with Aria and the Marine boarding party.

"If you've overcome the adversity that I think you have, I wager this will be no trouble for you given the right amount of time," Brent said as he began to eat.  "I had heard that you were a part of that boarding action.  I'll remember to set up a few drills for you when you start getting closer to the physical requirements."

He thought about everything for a few moments.  "How long ago was it that you were liberated," he asked.  "Your service record indicated that you had just graduated from the three month long enlisted course.  How long was it before that, that you were freed."

"Two months. It's been seven months now." She swallowed then. "What kind of drills?" She asked. While she hadn't minded, had actually wanted to help liberate the Charon, she was happy with organization and paperwork. She didn't want to go into battle again, not unless she absolutely had to.

Seven months total since liberation.  "I'm going to recommend to the quarter master that you be given your own quarters for a while.  Once you have settled in more to ship life and what goes on here, we'll see about bringing you back into the barracks," he said, eating a little bit more before responding to her question.  "Probably combat drills.  Retaking of ships, urban combat, the various different areas we might fight in.  I put the Marines through their paces a lot.  Eventually I'll slide you into some of that with them."

She smiled. It was a relief to hear she would have her own place. The smile left as he explained the types of drills, but she squared her shoulders and nodded. She wanted this, she wanted to give back to Starfleet. She could do this, all she had to do was keep telling herself that. "Thank you sir."

"I want you to go talk with one of the doctors here.  Ask him to help you come up with a diet that will help you gain weight and improve muscle mass.  As soon as things return to normal around here you'll be joining the other Marines for PT every day," he said.  "You don't have to do it, that's not an order Samantha.  However if you want to become a full Marine it will help," he said quietly, looking at her before he spoke up again.

"However.  You should definately go talk to the councilor.  I'll leave that up to you for your own convinence.  That one is an order.  I need you to begin integrating into the unit.  I am not sure if you can do that if you can't meet my sergeants in the eye."

"I was working with Dr Anderson while we were on the Fury." She told him. "I'll find him again." She then made herself look him in the eyes again. "I'll join the Marines for PT, and I'll ask Auden about who to see." She didn't know who the Counselor onboard was, but she guessed that Auden would, since it was within his department. "I can do this" She told him more firmly than she was actually feeling. But she held his eyes a tad longer, forcing herself, and hopefully him as well, to believe it.

He nodded, pleased that she had already begun to see someone about this.  "Good!" he said and began to work on the last of his food.  When it was all gone he motioned at her plate.  "How do you like seafood pasta?  I prefer the prawns over scallops myself."

Sam hadn't actually tasted any of it. She'd been too concerned with getting the food eaten to appreciate it, but she wasn't above lieing, well little white lieing anyway. "It was good, thank you sir." His empty plate then had her on her feet, clearing both plates from his desk and putting them back on the replicator to be recycled.

"Alright then Marine let's get you some quarters.  They'll probably be really small, but it will be better than under my desk," he said with a smirk.  "Once your in your room, and stituated you can sack out in a proper bed while I take in whatever new busybody paperwork I need to have done.  I leave it for you here on my desk, and give you permission to come in here.  You can fill it out and when I return we can work on whatever else we have.  Sound good?"

Sam nodded enthusiastically. "Yes sir. But your desk is nice." She blushed slightly, realizing she probably shouldn't have tried to joke with a superior officer. But his friendly manner had put her at ease, and he reminded her of the Marine Major who had rescued her.

Brent smirked chuckling at her little bit of humor.  Well that was good, she could have a bit of humor at her own situation.  "Hopefully your room will have a desk of your own.  Just try not to sleep under it alright," he said winking at her before he motioned that they should leave to go get her some quarters.

Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander


Private Samantha Davis
Marine Orderly

[USS Charon] SD 241010.31, Science Report, CSci Commander Arcos Darye

//Science Report – USS CHARON – Star Date:241010.31//

I. Schedule of Science Command Staff
II. Lab summary Table
III. Lab projects summary
IV. Bridge Functions
V. Damage/repair/casualty Report
VI. Science Commanders Comments

I.   Schedule
Name| position||rank| assignment|
    |first shift |Second shift| third shift|
Arcos Darye| Chief Science Officer| Commander | Department head
    |1)Bridge|2)office hours|3)OFF|   
Y. Beindocoff| Stellar Cartography| Lieutenant J.G | Research/Lab Management | NPC
    1)Research/Office| 2)OFF| 3)Bridge
B. Roberts| Beindocoff's Assist| PO3|Research/office| NPC
    1)Research| 2)Office| 3)OFF
S. Vorn| Science Officer| Ensign | Admin Assistant| NPC
    1)OFF|2)Bridge|3)office hours
I. Castillo| Geo Science |Petty Officer 1st| Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)office hours| 2)research| 3)OFF   
M. Blande| Bio Science| Ensign| Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)Office hours| 2)OFF| 3)Research
T. Yin| Chem Science| Chief Petty Officer | Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1)Research| 2)office hours| 3)OFF
S. Ronsett| Phys Science| Lieutenant J.G | Research/Lab management| NPC
    1)OFF| 2)office hours| 3)Research
Ollanda| Cybernetics| Lieutenant J.G |Research/Lab Management| NPC
        1)OFF| 2)Research| 3)office hours
G. Yellin| Anthropology| Lieutenant J.G |Research/Lab Management| NPC
    1) Research|2) OFF| 3) office hours
Officers: 7|Enlisted: 16: 3 enlisted lab masters, 14 enlisted Lab assistants|

|Total Science Personnel: 24 (max 29/min 17/skeleton 3)|

II. Lab Summary Table

Labs | Lab master | Assigned assistants | Experiment
General Science | Department head charge | 1 | OPEN   
Biology | M. Blande | 2 | Foods that taste the same
Chemistry | T. Yin | 2 | Planetside Survival skills and Chemistry
Geo Science | I. Castillo | 2 | Geological catastrophes Ecosys
Physics | S. Ronsett | 2 | Natural phenomena and speed of light
Cybernetics | Ollanda | 2 | Probe repair/Development
Anthropology| G. Yellin | 1 | T'kon Empire Remnants
Botany| (open lab) |    1 | Edible foods
Stellar Cartography| Y. Beindocoff/B. Roberts | 1 | Solar studies

III. Lab Project Summary

A) Biology: Biology mixes with a lot of the other other fields, but the lab is utilized for a majority of the ships biological research including microbe study, cellar study, animal and space creature study, the study of Life, how it works, and how it continues to function today and in yester year.

Biology Officer in-charge:  M. Blande |OFFICE HOURS: 1st shift

CURRENT STUDY SUMMARY:  Ensign Mary Blande takes up the question, why does some food taste the same as others to differing species that are a part of the Federation or encountered by.  She will be using the famous simulated holo-cadavers to chart taste buds and tactile sensitivity of over 100 differing humanoids, cross reference listed foods in the replicator, the age of re-sequenced proteins, and naturally grown, raised, or otherwise harvested foods.

Progress Update:  Mary began last week with a list of hundreds of foods considered alike.  Preliminary analysis is finding that differing species have differing taste likes and "taste-buds", thus an arrangement of similar foods to some peoples are similar where as to others remain unique in each dish.

B) Chemistry: Chemistry studies the physical nature of life, the study of chemicals and elements how they react and work together with each other.  Chemistry often works with biology and physics to come to a closer understanding of what we explore on the ship.

Chemistry Officer in-Charge: T. Yin |OFFICE HOURS: 2nd Shift

CURRENT STUDY SUMMARY: Timothy Yin encounters new territory as he studies impromptu field chemistry, ranging from medical to weaponry uses of differing common substances on planets within the federation.  He will be tasked with this interesting look at survival tactics that could save any Star Fleet personnel in a bind.

Status update: Timothy is continuing research, but has grouped survival locations to similar regions and planet types.  Continuing the research will require additional research personnel.  Our current location on Vulcan will provide a couple extra hands.

C) Geo-sciences:  The Geo Sciences department works with anthropology, Stellar Cartography, biology and other fields of science to grab a basis of the physical relationship of ecosystems, glaciations, gravitational pulls, tectonics, and seismic behavior of planets, moons, asteroids, and planetoids.

Geo-Sciences Officer in-Charge: I. Castillo |OFFICE HOURS: 1st Shift

CURRENT STUDY SUMMARY: Isabella Castillo studies the breakdown of ecosystems due to geological catastrophes as well as known situations where life adapted or did not.  She will look at fossils of differing worlds, charted research of known worlds going through these changes and also developing simulated holo-programming of these changes.

Status Update: Isabella is using computer modeling to continue her teams research.  Holo-programmers are needed. Thankfully, the ships present location has adequate personnel to help continue this research.

D) Physics: Physics assists in astrophysics, quantum physics, bio-physics, standard physics.  The Physics team answers question in gravitational effects, trajectory, and other physics challenges.  Often Physics will work with geology or stellar cartography.

Physics Officer in-Charge: S. Ronsett|OFFICE HOURS: 2nd Shift

SUMMATION OF CURRENT RESEARCH: Sarah Ronsett studies the possibility of natural phenomena to produce movement approaching and exceeding the speed of light.

Status Update: Sarah continues her research with the aid of the federation library on Vulcan.

E) Stellar Cartography: Stellar Cartography works with Astro-metrics to provide maps of the galaxy and studies the stars themselves mapping inner corona and outer solar system alike.


Stellar Cartography Officer in-Charge: Y. Beindocoff/B. Roberts |OFFICE HOURS: 1st shift/2nd shift

SUMMATION OF CURRENT RESEARCH: Yuri Beindocoff and Ben Robert study several logged breakdowns of solar systems including star expansion, nova, expulsion of proto-mater, and compaction.  Using the maps of the system and last reports the two will make some conjectures about which star is next, and what impact would a nova from these areas have on its localized regions.  Team will also continue to provide maps of regions with in the ships general area.

Status Update:  Utillizing the computers on Vulcan, Yuri and Ben are making headway on this project, but have limited their findings to our known Galaxy.

F) Cybernetics: The team plays a part in science cybernetics and robotics.  Together the team assists in probe assembly, repair, research, and equipment programming.  These guys play a major role in research set up, and develop new ways to keep us busy and tooling our research.

Cybernetics Officer in-charge: Ollanda |OFFICE HOURS: 3rd shift

SUMMATION OF CURRENT RESEARCH: Ollanda and her team take on a project of refitting probes and new probe construction.  The probes will be utilized for planet atmosphere and ground exploration, as well as space and deep star penetration studies.

Status Update: Assisting with the repairs of the cybernetics lab, the team has begun research ahead of schedule.  While most of the labs are non-functional, the cybernetics lab is now operational.

G) Anthropology: Part of the anthropologies job is to find out what humanoid life is like in surrounding solar systems.  They are basically a historian, but also provide an in-depth analysis in to cultures, societies and the way people live now, then… and on many worlds flourishing, dying, or since perished.  A lot of the teams focus is providing a guide for officers to use when approaching a world on or off duty.

Anthropology in-charge: G. Yellin |OFFICE HOURS: 3rd shift

SUMMATION OF CURRENT RESEARCH: George Yellin begins his one month research study on the T'kon Empire.  Its growth and collapse, known lost outposts, and surviving elements or peoples from that time.

Status Update:  With the Vulcan research library as close as it is, Lab or no lab, George continues his research.

H) Botany: The botany team, made up of volunteers and lab assistant Crewman Chris A. Smith are continuing to care for the planet current in the lab.  Since the team has no samples yet of Gamma quadrant plants, the focus have been on bordering sectors to the gamma quadrant.

SUMMATION OF CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: Production of edible food for ships mess hall, and continuing care for samples and specimens from ships travel.

Status Update: Because of the functional design of the botany lab, the continued care of the specimens in this lab will go on without any disturbances.

I) General Science Lab: The General Science lab will be available at request, but is currently on standby for mission specific research.  The lab has holo-emitters for research and is shared with other departments as per request; departments can make use of the lab if unused by the science team.  The General Science lab is the ships state of the art science laboratory capable of housing six differing experimentations from any science department.  The lab assistant is charged with set up and preparing the lab for each team utilizing the lab.  Additional assistants can be utilized if necessary from other labs.





IV.  Bridge Operations

Science Bridge Crew:

     Commander Arcos Darye| Chief Science Officer| 1st Shift
     Lieutenant J.G Yuri Beindocoff| Stellar Cartography|3rd shift
     Ensign Samuel Vorn| Administrative Assistant|2nd shift

NOTE: The Bridge team is charged with gathering scans for the science department, requesting launch of science probes, and monitoring data for bridge operations.  All scans and data can be made available to other departments and teams on request.   The science lab teams may also monitor their portion of the scans from the bridge at their request, but is limited to lab masters and the science department officers.
V. Damage/repair/Personnel Report:

 +Science Labs

-Only Botany and Cybernetics labs functional
 +Science Stations

-Only the secondary Stations and Auxilary Stations are functional

     +Science sensors/Deflector

-Sensors and Deflectors are limited due to ships reduced power and present location


Commander Arcos| Arm replacement| ready for duty two days after surgery

Officer injured:  2 – 1 major/ 1 minor

Enlisted injured: 6 – minor injuries

Promotion Request:
Personnel: Rank|PersonnelName|
à New Rank|Name




Commander|Arcos Darye|CSci


Training Requested:





VI. Science Commanders comments
+Arrival:  I am on Vulcan awaiting surgery.  Once that is complete I will make my way to the ship.

+labs:  Because of extensive damage to labs, Officers and crew assigned to those labs not working or under repairs should conduct library research or use facilities on Vulcan.

+Shore Leave: Your welcome to visit the planet or stations near Vulcan, don't go far we may leave at moment's notice.  Research for the time being is optional, but officers are encouraged to continue if so desired.

+Training: its required that one be rank of petty officer or higher to conduct research, but if you have completed science, or enlisted and sim-guide training… you can request that you be given lab management training.  Once this is complete, I will put in a request for a promotion to Petty officer 3rd class for you.  All candidates interested in working in a lab can also get cross training in other labs, example: Crewman Sarah is assigned to the chemistry lab, she would like to be trained on biology.  If she requested the cross training she could put in a training request with her immediate commander who would inform the science administrative team… once the training had been completed in character, we would put in a request for a rank advancement to technician… or if she was a technician, and had been so for a while she could get further training in a third lab duty she could put in a request for specialist.  Now mind you these are only requests and would require authorization, but it would help flesh out your character.  Once you reached specialist and having served as a specialist for some time, you could then request lab management training.

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[Trek Universe] SD 241010.30 | Starfleet Command Meeting "The Shaken Pillar" wrote to

=/\= Starfleet Command =/\=

Jason moved quickly across the grounds in the cool afternoon breeze. He
had just learned about the attack on Vulcan and was now heading for a
meeting called by Travers. He was taken a back, it should have been
impossible for the attack to have occurred, which meant the majority of
Starfleet was sleeping on the job yet again, "nothing like being so low
on CO's they promote one who couldn't find their asses with a map and a
big red x," he murmured as he made his way inside.

Drayson crossed the grounds at the same time, his course intersecting
with Admiral Roberts, "Morning Admiral," he greeted, "How in the hell
did this happen?" has asked as they headed for the command building.

"I wish I knew, do you know how many ships, starbases, Marine bases and
listening posts they had to get by to get this deep?" Roberts asked with
a sigh and handed over a fifteen page list of everyone along the most
probable route.

Drayson went over the list, "So either our cloak detection grid isn't as
good as it's supposed to be, or they've found a way to skip right around
it. Wormhole maybe? Maybe they figured out Transwarp?" he suggested as
they continued their determined march towards the building.

Jason shrugged as they stepped on the lift, "I'm not sure, with what
happened at Utopia all the Federations grids should have been upgraded
and there should be more defenses in each system, there's going to be
more the one officers career over because of this," he replied and shook
his head.

Out in space at an undisclosed location, Rear Admiral Douglas was
sitting down behind his small desk in his equally small office on his
new prototype. He began typing on his console, setting up a intelligence
grade secure subspace comm back to Starfleet Command for the meeting. He
sighed as he stared at the Starfleet Command logo he got in return since
no one was set up in the conference room yet.

On the USS Erasmus, Suzanna sat in her office, a secure connection set
up, no holotransmission this time, but there was no time and she wasn't
in the mood. In fact, although her Vulcan appearance was neutral, her
human half was seeding. She disliked most Romulans, there were one or
two exceptions, but having fought two wars against them, both times
instigated by the Romulans, and the first one the Romulans had invaded
Vulcan. Her contacts on Vulcan had sent her sensor logs of the area and
her best science people were studying them.

At Quantico, in a brand new office he had not even had the chance to
settle into, Lucius looked over the preliminary reports for what felt
like the hundred millionth time. Shock had accounted for the dominant
feeling an hour ago. Not shocked by who had sacked Vulcan, but how they
pulled it off. He had scarcely been ushered in as the head marine when
his staff handed him the news. Lucius could not help but let memories of
the last two Romulan wars flood back and he had trouble finding words to
justify those atrocities, but found ample words to link them to this
latest practice in barbarism.

The secured link ready, Lucius waited for the meeting to begin. Relief
forces had already been dispatched. No doubt it would be discussed but
the faster they arrived the better. he sighed, not nerves, but anxious
to get started.

Roberts and Drayson stepped through the main doors of the command
building, heading right and down the stairs to the basement levels. A
Starfleet Marine was waiting, coming to attention before conducting
their ID scans.

"Please go through sirs," the Marine advised as the doors slid open to
the command briefing room. Drayson took his usual seat, others already
waiting, but a few stragglers yet to show.

Admiral Douglas was leaning back a little in his chair waiting
patiently, staring off into no where in particular when his monitor
beeped. He righted himself and tugged on his tunic lightly as he looked
to the screen to see people gathering, "Afternoon everyone."

Roberts paused inside the door as a message that Admiral Graham had
arrived at CSOD, "Admiral Roberts to Admiral Graham, report to Starfleet
Command briefing room two, double time please," he called then moved
over to an empty chair.

"On my way, Admiral." responded Graham. He arrived in moments and took
a seat amongst some of the "Top Brass" he had only heard of.

On another screen the view of the USS Thunderchild observation lounge
could be seen. Sitting at the black granite and oak conference table
were General Liconie and Captain Munroe. The Marine was looking nervous
and angry at the same time, the attack had happened on his watch and his
entire fleet had missed it, not a good point to add to a resume.

One of the watch centre communications technicians approached the table
and whispered to Commodore Drayson. "Thank you Chief," he replied,
turning back to the table, "We've secured the Vulcan ambassador and
taken him to one of our continuity of government sites," he updated the
assembled brass. "He's naturally quite shaken - at least as much as a
Vulcan can be."

At that moment, the doors opened and Admiral Zacharias Travers entered
the briefing room, a determination in his steps and his face. "Thank
you all for appearing on such short notice," he began, reaching the head
of the table in short order. "As you all know, the reason for this
briefing is to discuss the events that took place at the planet Vulcan,"
the CinC added without waiting for anyone to react to his presence.
"Before we make any reactions in response to this unprovoked assault, we
need to make sure our details are clear. We need to establish who was
involved, what the purpose of the attack was, how it was achieved, the
damage that was effected, and the deployment of immediate relief
efforts. General Liconie," Travers said looking at the screen showing
the Commander of Beta Fleet, "We'll begin with your preliminary report,"
as he sat down in his designated seat.

"I know as much as everyone else at this point, a report was filed in
writing with a standard status. Neither the CO of the Charon nor
Quantum Fury has attempted contact to warn of what would happen or in
the aftermath," Liconie replied, "I will be turning them over to IA
after all is done."

Master Chief Petty Officer Horatio Black was at the back of the room
with the rest of the communications and operations staff. He noted the
flag officers around the table and had already begun recording those who
were not present. His job was simple. Observe the meeting and ensure the
communications equipment was not tampered with and remained secure. This
was his official posting; the truth was far from that. He was a Section
31 conscript, tasked by the Director to observe the meeting and record
it in its entirety. Section 31 had been caught off guard and this attack
posed more questions than it answered. This meeting would put them in a
position to determine how to react and know what Starfleet was planning
at all levels across the fleet.

"Keep me apprised of what they find out," Travers replied. "Is there
any indication what the objective of the attack was?" he asked to the
entire staff.

Ashley sat in her chair toward the end of the table, still not filled in
on all the detail of the incident. She felt rather unprepared, for which
she blamed her assistant. She felt new to the group, and this was not a
good feeling when she needs to work with all these people like they have
know each other for years.

Suzanna's image was shown on the split screen with the other
participants that called in via subspace communications, her Chief
Science had just shown her some of the preliminary analysis. "Sir, I can
not speak to motive or objective, I can say they have used some sort of
wormhole technology. All the markers and astrophysical activity that we
have analysed of the sensor logs from Vulcan indicate this. They seem to
have found a way to artificially create a worm hole in a specific
computed location or path." The half Vulcan paused for a moment, "there
is much more analysis needed, however, this is a very worrying trend."

Horatio looked up at the last comment made by the Chief of Starfleet
Science. Confirmation of wormhole technology was certainly of interest
to Section. He also noted the arrival of a Captain, but wasn't familiar
with who she was. Tapping at his console he continued to monitor the
meeting as it unfolded before him. Part of him was uneasy, he felt like
he was betraying the Federation. He didn't necessarily agree with what
Section did, and this was nothing like his childhood games playing spy…
but he knew it had to be done… his family were at stake and this
information could be used by them to save millions. Clearing his throat
he passed a PADD over to one of the other officers in the command center
and returned to his station.

Rear Admiral Douglas cleared his throat before speaking up, "Knowing who
perpetrated it might help. The attack was launched by Vaek'Riov
tr'Sahen, using a portion of the fleet under his control. tr'Sahen is
based out of I'Rak Prime, which given the travel time under normal warp
speeds, we would most certainly have seen that fleet movement."

"In addition, apparently the Romulan Preator and the Supreme Commander
of the fleet were unaware of this plan. It seems Vaek'Riov tr'Sahen
managed to bypass not only our detection, but that of his own military
and the Tal'Shiar. Subsequently they have increased their fleet's
presence along the Neutral Zone, most likely anticipating some form of
response." he glanced at his padd just off to the side of the screen to
see if he missed anything then looked back, "We are pressing our sources
for more information on Vaek'Riov tr'Sahen."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I know I am new to this august group, " said
Graham, clearing his throat and rising from his seat, "But I think we're
avoiding an observation that seems obvious, albeit yet very
disturbing... the people that set these defenses in place, were no
amateurs. And although this Romulan Vaek'Riov is well experienced and
obviously skilled, he would still need help from inside to get that deep
into Federation territory, especially to one of the Founding Members of
the Federation Council. Folks, I hate to say this...but...we have a
traitor in our midst! And considering the nature of this infiltration,
possibly even in this very group."

Admiral Douglas raised a brow, "I caution against premature judgement on
this matter. We do not yet have enough information to suggest inside
support. This technology allowed them to appear directly above Vulcan.
Strictly speaking, knowledge or tampering of perimeter defenses was not
necessary." he would agree the possibility was there but to jump to such
a conclusion now without evidence was rash, not to mention mildly insulting.

Ashley raised an eyebrow at Graham's comments, and agreed with Douglas.
"It is important that we do not loose the best of ourselves seeking to
place blame. However, it may be prudent to open an investigation, if
such "accusations" appear to be warranted". Ashley shifted in her chair,
"an internal investigation would require unlimited access to a number of
secure offices and files, and may be the only way to truly know if a
Federation citizen, let alone Star Fleet Officer was in anyway involved
in this incident."

Roberts just listened to the conversation quietly, taking it all in and
watching those in the room and on the screens. He knew most were upset,
and the General being Betazoid just naturally didn't hide his feelings
very well, which probably made him a good Marine before he ended up as
Fleet Command, but was more and more a stumbling block that he was sure
was going to have the man in trouble sooner then later. After the
Admiral finished Jason sat forward, "do we know where this rogue went
and while we're here meeting, what kind of support has already been sent
to Vulcan?"

The unanswered questions within the discussion were disturbing. Lucius
couldn't admit being comfortable with the idea of a traitor on the
Federation's side, but given the suddenness of the attack and the extent
to which the Romulan force had penetrated Federation space, it seemed

Suzanna wondered why so often infiltration and insurgence was thought of
when unknown technologies were used, or if the intelligence agencies
were surprised by something. Having lived through, and fought against a
real Starfleet insurgency, these events did not bear the hall marks of

"Just as important," the General added, "are we to assume the attack was
the only one of its kind? The sack of Vulcan could have been a dry
run. It doesn't seem to serve any strategic purpose otherwise, except
perhaps to test the effectiveness of the attack."

"Many Romulans still hold onto a dislike or even hatred of Vulcans. It
is not inconceivable that some would simply want to hurt them given the
opportunity." commented Chris, "However, the possibility of others in
the Romulan Empire making further use of this technology, whether it was
planned originally or not, is very real. We should start communication
with the Preator to hopefully avoid such attempts."

"A peace-keeping force is already on its way, to be taken under the
command of the most senior marine commander currently on-site, arriving
with the USS Charon. Additional forces are enroute pending the
possibility of a repeat attack." Lucius had acted as quickly as the
information had come to him. As the reports had described, the
destruction was sufficient to necessitate the presence of an
expeditionary force, which he had authorized shortly before the
meeting. "Temporary food provisions shouldn't be a problem, but I'm
concerned about where to put the displaced in the meantime."

"I think I agree with your original statement, General," Roberts started
and sat forward, "that this was a dry run of sorts. They'd know we
wouldn't be caught twice unprepared. Just out of curiosity, and mind
you my specialty is tactics not science, how would the Bajoran, the
Spinward March or the unstable Chlorian wormholes be affected if this
artificial wormhole were directed at them?" he asked, looking to Blokpoel.

"A good question." Suzanna replied in first instance, while her mind was
considering a response. "Both the Bajoran and Spinward March wormholes
are controlled by beings, if they are targetted, it may just damage
them, which could lead to the decision by the beings to close the
wormhole, or they could be destroyed. It is to soon to speculate, we are
in the early phases of studying the data, and this is one of the paths
we will analyse."

Graham sighed and nodded. He stood again and said, "I will concede that
real evidence of a Federation collaborator may not be evident at this
time, but I am gratified that you do not dismiss the necessity for an
investigation out of hand. As to the means used to create this
'wormhole', the only means available to the Romulans that may presently
exist may be the Veteron Collider. Is anyone aware of its present
status or whereabouts?"

Travers leaned forward to speak, a motion that was noticed by everyone
as he'd remained nearly perfectly still during the discussion. "I agree
that the 'how' of this attack is important, but more importantly, I want
to know if it can be defended against. Wormholes are, by nature,
unstable phenomena, even artificial and long-lasting ones, so I have to
believe that as large of a threat to the Federation as this represents,
there have to be weaknesses in whatever systems that were used."

The CinC stood. "For the immediate concerns, General Liconie, Captain
Munroe, I want Beta Fleet mobilized. All of it that can be spared. Put
enough ships on the border to match the Romulan show of strength, but no
more. Have the reserve border groups start running battle simulations,
and let them see you running those drills. Bare our teeth a little for
their benefit."

"Commodore Drayson, the Praetor needs to know that this, like his own
movements, is just a cautionary and defensive measure. But one of their
officers went rogue and attacked the Federation, which I expect the
President will want the Empire to be held at least partially responsible
for. We don't want a war, but we will not suffer any more attacks
because neither he nor the Supreme Commander can keep their people in
line. I want all the information they will give on Vaek'Riov and what
they know about the technology they employed."

"Admiral Douglas, in the likely event the diplomatic channels are unable
to secure that information, we'll need to rely on your agents to get it
for us. In the meantime, Admiral Blokpoel, we'll need your
astrophysicists working with the Corps of Engineers to continue to do a
full analysis from the data we already have, and draw from whatever
sources you have to. I want an emphasis on early detection options, as
much as we can, and possible determent."

Travers waited a moment for all of that to sink in before continuing.
"General Sulla, Admiral Roberts, I'm putting both the Corps and First
Force elements in the area on full alert. If there were any stragglers
from Vaek'Riov's group who managed to escape, find them. Capture them if
possible, but if not...." he trailed off without finishing that
statement. "If there are surviving ships, we'll need their databanks
intact. If they've gone to ground and trying to pass as Vulcans, work
with the Vulcan government to flush them out."

"As for the possibility of infiltration. Captain Reithel, Admiral
Graham, I will make this clear: I will not allow for a witch-hunt. But
all the same, run a discrete background sweep of high-profile members of
Starfleet and the Federation Council, anyone who may have assisted in
allowing this attack to occur. If you find anything you believe warrants
further investigation relating to this attack that is beyond your
access, then you bring it to me. If you need extra eyes, I'm sure
Internal Affaris can accommodate you with some of their resources. But
for now, this is strictly observation and analysis. Last thing we need
is our own people blaming each other out of paranoia and overreactions."

"Are there any questions?" Zeke asked.

"Aye," Roberts replied, "I'd like to task Unit Eight specifically with
finding and taking control of this technology. It is a powerful weapon,
as you said, and has the possibility of cutting off our forces sitting
the farthest out. I'd be willing to have a Recon or Airborn team pair up
with the Unit Teams to accomplish this."

Admiral Douglas leaned forward toward his screen, "We can make that a
CSOD operation, Admiral, if you are agreeable. I'm just concerned with
sending First Force into Romulan space before we even known where this
technology can be located. It may have been destroyed at the source or
relocated by now. To be frank, Intel agents are already in Romulan space
and won't raise any alarms. Sending a force, as skilled as they are, can
be considered an act of war and they would run a higher risk of being
discovered." not to mention the agents he would task with this do not
officially exist.

"Find out what the Charon's people know," Travers interjected, "They
came through the same wormhole, so they may have a better idea of it's
location and properties. As for going in after it, Admiral Douglas is
correct, we don't yet know enough to warrant so brazen a response on
sovereign Romulan territory. However, begin prepping the team in the
meantime, Admiral Roberts. Coordinate with General Sulla and Admiral
Douglas to find it's location. If viable, and if the Romulan leadership
is not forthcoming in spilling the details, we'll decide on a more
direct course of action then. But understand this, there will be no
operations into Romulan space without my express authorization."

"Aye, sir, no official ops into Romulan territory, understood," Roberts
replied, making notes about areas where the could still be deployed to
and sit and not technically be in RSE space, "General Sulla, Admiral
Douglas, I'll contact you both from my office."

"We're near Vulcan and will set a course," Liconie said and nodded to
Andrew, "we have both Fleet Head of Medicine and Head of Fleet
Operations aboard so they'll have direct access to any Fleet support,"
he said.

"Alright, this meeting is adjourned for the time being," Travers said,
turning to leave. "My chief of staff will be coordinating with everyone
for continued updates. If there are further developments, inform me
immediately. Dismissed." As he began walking out, he motioned to
Commodore Drayson for a word in private.

Drayson stood and approached the Admiral, "Yes, sir?" he asked, as they walked out of the room together.

Lucius nodded his understanding before the remote link ended, anxious to
get started on a solution to the sudden and severe military advantage
the Romulans seem to have gained. It was something he would probably
lose sleep over until solved, no doubt akin to many in the intelligence
branches. He made a note to pick up a bottle of champagne for when the
dawn finally washed away this Federation security nightmare.

Lucius looked to the intercom. "Demere, new orders for the peace
keeping forces on Vulcan. Have Colonel Falcon put some of her Recon
boys in aid worker cloths in case any of the Romulans made it to the
surface before their ships went down. The last thing we need there is
an insurgency."

= End Log =

Admiral Zacharias Travers (NPC)
Commander, Starfleet (apb - Auryn)
Starfleet Command

Lieutenant General John "Razor" Liconie
Commander, Beta Fleet
Beta Fleet Command

Captain Andrew Munroe
Deputy Commander, Beta Fleet
Beta Fleet Command

Admiral Jason "Duck" Roberts
Commander, First Force
Starfleet Command

Rear Admiral James Graham
Executive Commander, First Force
Starfleet Command

General Lucius Sulla (NPC)
Commandant, Starfleet Marine Corps (apb - Jade^Falcon)
SF Marine Headquarters, Quantico III

Rear Admiral Christopher Douglas (NPC)
Director, Starfleet Intelligence (apb - Jaeger)
Starfleet Command

Vice Admiral Suzanna Blokpoel
Head, Starfleet Sciences
USS Erasmus

Commodore Jack Drayson
Director, Starfleet Diplomatic Corps
Starfleet Command

Captain Ashley Reithel
Director, Starfleet Judge Advocate General Corps
Starfleet Command

Master Chief Petty Officer Horatio Black (NPC)
Officer of the Watch (apb - Rik)
Starfleet Command/S31

Friday, October 29, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241010.29 Backlog CSci Commander Arcos Darye


//Back log, prior to Charon posting(retirement)– On route to Secret Second Dominion base unregistered Covert ops ship, Rigel-class (cloaked)-//

Commander Arcos and the team had finally completed their training, but of the entire run through of the covert ops mission the team had only one success.   Although it wasn't entirely his fault, he questioned if the problem in the team was him.  Of twenty or so run through of the last stage of drills he had been the reason for failure in almost all of them, but then the rest of the team had already been training for two weeks when he arrived on the secret training facility.   If he had more time he probably would have had a few more successes. Now he would face the challenge of doing everything like the last training attempt, with the need to modify performance when changes to the plan occurred.

"You look troubled, commander."  The special ops team member mentioned.  Captain Wyatts was a squadron leader in first force prior to being picked up by the marines for special ops.  "Care to share what's on your mind?"

"I just feel the team was rushed.  I am pondering our chances of success." Arcos said honestly.

"Ponder all you need to, that might be the one tool we have left to ensure our success." He smiled. "Chess, Commander. Chess."

"I understand." Arcos grinned and commented, "I should let you know that I lost a good number of chess games to a friend, and science team member on the Warrior… She was or is a Vulcan."

"Oh Turon…" He laughed. "I read you two had sort of a plutonic relationship.  Pitty she already had a mate."

"What the? You read a report on that?!" Arcos said a bit shocked.  He cringed.  "Just exactly what did you read about us?"

"Calm down Arcos, she's the one who recommended you." The captain laughed again.  "Did you really think someone of her caliber was a lieutenant Junior grade for that many years?"

"You mean…"

"Yes.  She's one of us or used to be… Her time in the Vulcan Science Academy was a bit longer then you'd imagine. We picked her up as a addition to our team about thirty years ago.  She's held just about every rank in the federation except for admiral."

Arcos flat out started to laugh.  "Oh my gosh… I had no idea, but that would explain a few things." He paused.  "Well Marine captain. You've managed to calm my nerves.  How much longer 'till we arrive?"  Arcos asked.


The marine captain looked at his watch, "Thirty minutes.  The Major will want us to report to him in his temporary office a.s.a.p."


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 241010.29 || Character Story || "Die Tonight, Live Forever", Part III || Ens. Landon Neyes, NPCs

=/\= Trill Symbiosis Recovery Clinic,  SD 240605.01 =/\=

The speckled shapes around him, moving absently as he moved his head, began to retake their rightful focus. A few people stood at the foot of his bed, and they simply stood. Gregory  smiled a little, wearing his blue science uniform. Landon's head was still throbbing, just as it did every morning when he woke up, and he groaned a little in protest as he quickly realized he was slowly ascending from his comfortable sleep. The sheets of his bed wrinkled around his legs and moved with him while he stretched a little. Every time he woke up he had this feeling that he was backed by an army. He was supported by an unseen gathering of rallying minds that no one else had. It was them against the world.

This morning was a little different.

"Landon Irelle. Er. Excuse me. Landon... Neyes. Good morning. I'm counselor Odalla." The woman standing next to Greg said, she then motioned to the taller man opposite her, "and this is Admiral Edrayu. We're here to see if you're feeling well enough to be fit for duty."

Landon scoffed. "Sweety there's been a monster eating half my dinners for a weeks or so. I've got a jxuxi'o of a headache and you wa-," Landon grinned and wiped a little eye booger away, not looking as he flicked it off to the side, "oh hey, Greg. You bring these eudgj'ids in here?"

Greg stifled an awkward chuckle as he looked to the side, "We're here to help Donny."

Don't call me that.

Oh relax. He's being friendly.

The few days prior had been a spectacle of some dark days in Landon's memory, which had admittedly become much more vast, and largely unexplored. Landon could tell that Greg wasn't as comfortable around him as he used to be. Why should he be? Landon wasn't really Donny anymore, he felt like a phased out Donny with the tweaking of an entirely new person. It was as if Landon Irelle was someone he used to remember being, but now he had stepped into the body of someone else. Someone new and bold, courageous, strong, sure of himself. He had memories that were old and troubling. Happy and new. Loving and dark. They appeared to him like any other memory would, except they were through the eyes of someone he wasn't. Days that had passed in pain were burned into the forefront of his mind, and the happy ones jumped around as he was reminded of things he hadn't even realized he knew. For instance Greg's hair looked like a style that was popular on Bajor about 50 or so years ago. Landon himself had never set foot on Bajor, even though it wasn't that far from Trill. Toran, however, had been to Bajor numerous times. He traded there on a regular basis. Landon could remember this one time when-

"Mr. Irelle?"

Landon's eyes snapped back as he was reminded there was actually company around. He couldn't be drifting off into his newfound universe. "Neyes."

"Oh yes, excuse me." The Admiral smiled a little, remembering his mistake. "We're here to talk to you about how you'd feel about being reinstated to active duty next week. You've spent the better part of the last couple weeks on Trill, and the Symbiosis Commission has assured me that you're through the worst of your condition."

The counselor held up a graceful hand. Neyes looked at her as she pursed her lips a little, inserting herself to no doubt correct some ill-informed choice of words on the Admiral's part. Landon smiled a little to himself as he thought about what it must be like for the young woman, to be in the shadow of a man who no doubt has had little recent experience being the guy out of his element. He was surely an excellent leader, but he was no official on the matters of Landon's journey since his journey. The woman smiled a little, giving the Admiral a soft and apologetic look.

Landon grinned to himself as he watched the two interact in that moment. Hilarious.

"Sir. What I think you mean to tell the Ensign is since you're doing better," she looked to Neyes, "we'd like to extend our congratulations on your successful joining. Once you feel you're ready, we have some open positions we feel you might like to try." She took a few steps past Greg and the Admiral, and held out a wide document PADD. 

OH! Well she smells nice. I've never been able to find a perfume that fit me tha-

I don't wear perfume anymore, my dear.

Well I used to...

His lips shaped into a little face of interest, and his eyebrows raised slightly, Landon took the PADD and nodded gratefully to the counselor. She really did smell nice. After taking the PADD, he needed only a moment to read practically everything on it. There were only two assignments on the list after all. It did irk him a little to see such a short list of choices, especially given how skilled he was. Yet he clung to humility as he smiled diplomatically back at the two stooges Starfleet had sent not for Neyes' benefit, but for the benefit of the Federation/Trill relations. Landon was carrying one of the more ancient symbionts, and that meant that his position in Starfleet was subject to a little more bureaucratic nonsense. The worm wasn't going to win him any promotions, and it certainly didn't mean he was suddenly experienced enough to start acting higher than his status as an Ensign. Even if he felt a little differently.

"Ah. I see I have so many options available to me." He quipped.

The Admiral shifted a little. "We felt you might like to start off slowly. Given your rough ride since the joining, you must certainly understand. We could have simply ordered you into your previous post, but the good counselor suggested we add a deep-space assignment to the list." He looked down and out the corner of his eye at her.

"Since you have so much starship experience as a symbiont, we thought you might benefit just as much from a science vessel assignment as you would your star base shuttle pilot assignment." She added, nodding a little and motioning with her hands. To Landon, they looked like they were trying not to insult him. Normally he would have expected two people this young to treat him with the respect he deserved, but then he had to remember that he was really just 23 years old in this host. She seemed too ready to point out the benefits to him, and to make sure he felt included in this obvious bullshit display of interest in his life. The Admiral was all to ready to simply defend his position in the most clean cut and directive way possible, with a little positive spin.

Neyes rolled his eyes.

"Please. Just send me into space. Getting holed up in a moon-sized cage of traffic chaos isn't really on my to-do list right now, so I'll let you torpedo me into the depths of beyond."

"Mr. Neyes, if you feel lik-" She started.

"Save it, ma'am." Landon winced. "You're giving me a headache with this squishy-feely crap. I want the assignment on the Melbourne. Confederate fleet or no." He said, moving his right hand around in the air to silence her. His slid his feet over the edge of his bed and let them fall downwards onto the floor. It was cold, but still the first time he'd let himself out of bed in a few days. It was relieving to be back on solid ground for a change, even if there were two very annoying people mucking it all up for him...

"Greg, let's go." Neyes said, making his way over to the doorway. "It was nice to meet you both." Landon gave a passing glance at both the Admiral and the counselor.

Greg's brow shot up as he tried to figure out what to do, but Landon simply took his hand and the two left out of the doorway into the clinic, leaving behind the others. The counselor, however, wasn't ready to be dismissed from Neyes' attention.

"Ensign Neyes! You're still under my supervision for the next week!" She called out after him, hopping along awkwardly behind him as she tried to steady herself on her high-heeled shoes. "We need to discuss your placement and what you'll be doing for the remainder of your recovery period."

Landon kept on moving down the hall, not even turning to face the woman. "I've got some things to take care of. You're welcome to come if you'd like." And indeed he did. Landon had spent the better part of the last week piecing together samples of thoughts and memories that made his family's death a little more suspicious than he was comfortable with. With a few new perspectives to take into account, he felt like something was amiss within his past business contacts, and that they needed a talking to.

"Landon, where are we going?" Greg asked, following along side him.

The Trill's face softened a little. "I have questions, Gregory."


"Yeah. But first we're gonna pick up my old ride."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Ens. Landon Neyes
Chief Engineer

Thursday, October 28, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241010.28 || Joint Log "House of Healing" Part X || 1st Lt Brent Warren, LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

=/\=  T'Shen monastery, Shi'Al province =/\=
17th Day in the month of et'Khior, YS 9022



"My story on the other hand is rather tame in comparison.  The Captain saw fit to have me look after her children," he said with a slightly unamused look to his face.  "I'm not sure where she thought that I would be good at it but it turned out to be interesting anyways.  This was before I had made my feelings known in no uncertain terms to my beloved.  She came with me as I took the twins down to the holodeck..."  Brent relayed the story of how they had taken the twins to the forest program, letting them run around, get soaking wet...  Even the part where he had managed to cannon ball into the lake, causing his beloved to burst out into laughter.  Brent smirked at the end of the story.  "That is quite tame in comparison.  My dear we should make it a point to go start fights in a bar some place."


It was quite a sight, the speed with which the young healer answered the request, surging through the water like a small yacht under full sails. Though V'Ley kept an eye on the Marine tending to her patient – and he was doing rather well, for one not trained to her profession – she could find no reason to inundate the young T'sai with attention. For one in her current state, she looked remarkably … at peace, to be certain.  Picking fruit of the offered plate with long, slender fingers she would have been the image of a priestess of Gol leading a ceremony if not for the unsettling intensity of the dark eyes, and the lines of emerald crisscrossing her body. Even the cloth traversing her skin in gentle, near reverent motions barely elicited more than a thoughtful look here and there. True, a Vulcan can hide a great deal of pain from others, even their own kind. But not from one trained to look for such things, recognize even the subtlest sign. 

She showed none. None at all.



After a small amount of splashing and milling about, the little healer had managed to settle behind the Marine and subject his shoulder to a critical look. Well now, if those two were any indication the margin by which the planet had escaped disaster was likely more narrow than people knew. Sands and Seas. One could hope the Sundered were not minded to attempt any such thing again soon, though V'Ley strongly doubted their lust for war was in any way diminished. It was, after all, in their blood as surely as it was in hers. Only without anything to temper it. How they had managed to not destroy themselves was a mystery to the young healer, but then again while there were other foes to cheerfully wage war on there was no need to turn all that violent energy to your own kind. Only some of it, for no battle is more satisfying or heated than the one fought with your neighbor.


"Routinely? You will have your jest, ashal-veh." As unperturbed as if her beloved had not just suggested highly inappropriate behavior in semi-public, Sakarra raised an indulgent brow at T'Para's obvious attempt to not … snicker. "I will admit at the mentioned instance I allowed my … temper to get the better of me. Aided in no small part by Aldebaran whiskey. However, aside from mentioned Klingon who I daresay did not begrudge me the numerous bruises after all, I was fortunate enough and did no lasting harm. Well, aside from the market stall with melons which I fear was beyond saving."

"Ah, Ktarian melons, yes?"

"Even so."


Having found the spiced bread to be more than just agreeable, T'Para had begun to inflict heavy casualties on the plate and stopped only briefly to make the young healer blush again at hearing a Vulcan chuckle outright "A bath with the children of your S'thora, Brent Warren? I can see now part of your reference to … cold water being an enduring theme, though I suspect there are some things left untold. And I should mention your beloved never has been known to start a fight. Finish one …" the amused twinkle in deep grey eyes held a thoughtful, if not slightly … dangerous shimmer "… she will."


Again Brent felt the skilled hands of the healer begin to work on the pain that he had discovered had returned with a vengeance. Once again he smiled as the healer worked her magic over the injured shoulder. He again had the urge to thump his leg like a dog, the warm soothing feeling of the healers hands stopping the pain he was feeling. He let out a breath before he redoubled his efforts to help Sakarra, his attention no longer distracted from the pain coming from his left shoulder. He idly wondered how long it had taken the healer to learn that. If it wasn't very long he might ask that both he and Sakarra learn it, so that in moments where the other was injured they could perform it to one another. However if it felt this good, Brent figured that it took some time of training and practice, and maybe even meant you couldn't eat meat anymore. Hell with that.

"So I've noticed. Just when it seems that I have gotten the upper hand I find her around the corner the next day looking to turn the tables on me," he said with a smirk. "Of course that only makes me want to respond in kind to her... And so the endless cycle continues on..." he said a slow smile before he examined Sakarra's wounds and nodded with satisfaction. "I'm afraid I can't do much more for you my dear. You'll need someone with skill to help you out from here."


"Ma'ht wliarr-eshel, Brent Warren." Kicking back her legs in the large pool fed by the monastery's famed mineral springs, T'Para took to paddling in what qualified as an outright exuberant manner – but it was her low, husky laughter that made poor little V'Ley look on in exasperation. Oh, what might the human think… not that he seemed at all stunned, or taken aback. Still, telling the man in so many words that he was a 'hoot' or 'riot' … the healer began to wonder if her eartips might ever return to normal any time soon.

"Though I am certain the constant turning of furniture is in this case a delightful activity. Ah, ohassu. R'hi wloay'lha yhar-kutor. As much as I would be content to remain right here until this one is ready to seek out the world, we have tormented my cousin enough, yes?"

Not that Sakarra seemed at all discomfited as T'Para duly noted, though the water and most of all the herbs had to sting like a myriad of sand grains blasting against her wounds. If anything, she looked … relaxed. Even leaning against her mate in a light, subtle manner that did not impede the healer's efforts. Up until now she had believed the … heritage some few of her House had to endure to be a mighty inconvenience, but apparently there were merits to it as well.


"Ha, t'naeh'ru. Nam-tor i'wak rayeh." Making sure with one more almost leisurely push of small thumbs that the towering Marine would not feel any pain for hours even if he decided to jump any more roofs, V'Ley paddled around his imposing frame to look over her patient and nod in approval. He had done well, and if they could persuade the T'sai to take sufficient nutrients it might not even be necessary to employ any of the modern technology always on hand for the more serious cases. A slower recovery that would enable the Vulcan physique to make a learning experience of it was always preferable, unless urgent circumstances or undue suffering dictated otherwise. In a dire emergency the knowledge and control gained over one's own physical functions might be the one thing that tipped the balance, as few knew better than the woman sitting here alive and breathing.

"May I ask you to attend once more, Brent Warren? We shall return the T'sai to her room where Sejet may see to the disruptor wound."

"Kup im'rahe nay-veh, ohassu."

"Ha, T'sai. However, I shall prefer you did not walk just yet."


Brent nodded once to the healer, then looking back to Sakarra as he tilted his head ever so slightly.  "Come now. You have been through a lot my dear. If anyone deserves a little break right now it is you," he said as he exited out of the bath to dry himself off. After only a few moments Brent found himself clothed with his boots back on, just as Sakarra exited the bath. He helped make sure she was dry carefully, not touching her wounds any more than he had to, before wrapping another sheet around her. However instead of simply letting her be after that he leaned down and in one fell swoop scooped her up off of her feet. He smirked at her as she turned to look at him, figuring that one of her glares was coming he spoke up in the hopes of avoiding it.




[To be continued …]


Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


Brevet 1st Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander



USS Charon