Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241010.26 || Joint Log "House of Healing" Part VIII || 1st Lt Brent Warren, LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

=/\=  T'Shen monastery, Shi'Al province =/\=
17th Day in the month of et'Khior, YS 9022



It was a procession unlike this old monastery had seen, following the tall, blue eyed Marine into the eastern wing. Holding a relaxed, almost purring young woman to his bare chest as if he meant to share the body warmth a human can summon even under such conditions he strode onward, followed by a flock of equally soaked Vulcans.

Wringing one of his wide, loose sleeves until another puddle of water formed on the stone, Sejet hurried to catch up to the Marine and did not hide the deeply satisfied look on his serene old face when he saw the young T'sai was indeed very much awake and aware.

"Brent Warren. Please follow me." And with a courteous bow to the woman in his arms "T'sai. It is gratifying to see you again."


"And you, S'haile." Quite unwilling to take her eyes off her beloved yet, Sakarra at least knew very well where she was now, and was also acutely aware of two very familiar minds following no two steps behind. Down the corridor where copper braziers were blazing merrily and … ah. Of course. More water. Well, she could use it, that much was for certain. 


Brent turned to the old monk who had shown him the way in initially and followed him.  After all if he ran this house of healing then there was a good chance he knew what he was doing.  She was awake though.  He couldn't stop smiling because of it either.  He leaned down pressed another kiss to her for a brief moment before he had to avoid running her into a wall nearby.  Perhaps he should pay attention to where he was going, lest he hit her head against the wall.  After a few turns and twists, the room that Brent came into was quite warm...

Baths.  Large ones.  He nodded at the old monk, kneeling down before the large heating stone and setting Sakarra down on top of it.  With that accomplished he slowly and very carefully removed the soaked sheet.  Helping her off of the bottom of it gently so that she could lay against the stone proper he folded the sheet up in a haphazard way before setting it aside.  He knelt down next to the stone and took her hand into his again.  "You really are a deep sleeper you know that?" he said with a teasing smirk on his face.  "That's twice now I've had to wake you up by either threatening cold water or actually using it."


A resounding splash made clear T'Para had not bothered using the steps leading down into the warm, fragrant water but had decided on the more ... direct approach after cheerfully tossing the rain-soaked towels at an unlucky novice.

Sakarra for her part stretched out on the hot stone like a little feline basking in the midday heat, letting the warmth sink into her aching bones. It would not have taken much and she might have purred outright, reveling in her beloved's touch, the ocean blue gaze resting on her and the low hum of familiar minds enveloping her like Nevasa's light. Ah, she was hurting – there seemed no part of her that was not in pain to some degree, but it seemed to matter little enough.

Even the obvious … unease of the monks and novices floating around them like red and white clouds only served to make amusement shine in the deep, back pools. Of course. An outworlder. Allowed into this inner sanctum by the abbot himself. They would not dare object, but it made them… uncomfortable all the same.


Well, now. He seemed to have been successful enough to convince at least Sejet that he was more than entitled to be here, saving her the trouble of tiresome … explanations.

"It would seem, ashal-veh, that between you and I cold water has become yet another recurring theme, yes?" If her low, melodious voice was intentionally light and unconcerned, it did not mean she wasn't aware of the shadow of pain still casting its bitter spell over them, and so many others. It merely meant she defied it, silently, consciously.

She didn't care if some healer might blink in shock as she reached out to trace the beloved features, having longed too much to do this, and more than once believed she would never do it again.

She didn't care she was stretched out on the heated stone, displaying the wounds still covering her body to everyone with eyes to see.

She didn't care if they could tell what had caused them, didn't care what images might form in their minds.

There was Vulcan modesty, taboos, calm and reason.

And there were times when neither meant a thing.


"Shall we have a bath, my love? I will admit the warm water looks most … inviting. And I believe we already have a volunteer to assist." A small twinkle in her eyes acknowledged the blushing novice in her tattered robes and the patiently amused expression on the old abbot's face.

"He will attend, T'sai?"

"Ha, S'haile. If V'Ley shall have your leave?"

A steely grey brow climbed fractionally but the monk nodded. The young healer was qualified enough for such a minor matter, and was obviously attached to her patient. And not unduly discomfited by the patient's mate. Quite the contrary if Sejet was any judge.


"The colder the better it seems," Brent said with a smirk on his face as she mentioned the cold water. Those hovering around him made Brent uneasy. He could tell that they were uneasy around him, to a lesser degree than that friend of hers was, but still it was there. Hopefully her words would give him the incentive to stop being such an asshole. What was the old phrase? It is better to remain silent and let others wonder if you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

How nice to have seen it put into practice. "A bath? If it's what you want right now and it will help you heal, then we shall my dear," he said before he reached back to his love, picking up Sakarra into his arms before he slowly walked into the bath, settling her down into the warm water before he removed his pants and boots before sliding down behind her. "I am more than happy to attend my dear. But I am afraid that I have not much skill as a healer, but I can follow orders well enough if told what to do," he cast a glance over at the young healer hoping that she got the hint.


It took only the smallest of gestures from Sejet to clear the room of anyone but the people basking in the warm water before the abbot retreated as well, bowing slightly and with a decidedly humored shimmer in his wise old eyes.

The first sound echoing in the high-ceilinged room after the doors closed was one that none visiting the planet circling Nevasa expected to hear – quiet, soft, but distinct. Laughter.

"Ah, cousin mine. Incorrigible to the last, yes?"

"T'Para." Breathing deeply to let the low, almost sensual burning that enveloped her skin disperse, the young woman allowed not only her voice to carry all that was between her and the one who was her near sister and more, so much more … but in fact let the smile light her face when the very pregnant woman swam gracefully towards the stone where Brent had set her down.

"Sakarra." A world, a universe of meaning in the few syllables. No need to say 'I was afraid'. No need for 'I am overjoyed to see you' or anything else for that matter. They both knew.

Just as both shared a moment of silent laughter over the vibrantly green ears of poor V'Ley as the tall Marine slid into the waters.

Follow orders indeed.


Wordlessly, the young healer had shed what was left of her robes and watched the last novice retreat with the sodden clothes before walking slowly into the bath. "You may …" she grabbed a linen cloth soaked in cleansing herbs and held it out to the human, trying hard to look as dignified and serene as befitted a healer tending to her patient, and in honesty almost succeeded, too. "You may see to the cuts and abrasions. Only spare the disruptor wound, it needs more time."

How he could bear seeing his mate like this, V'Ley could hardly fathom, but then again he had killed the one who had done it. Perhaps that was enough.

She moved towards the platters of fruit and spiced bread left on low tables by the water, and the carafes with sparkling, clear water and juice, selecting with a practiced eye the things that would be most beneficial to one who needed to replace a good amount of blood without overly taxing the stomach. After more than two days in her trance the T'sai was like to be famished, but one could hope she knew not to … overindulge just yet.



[To be continued …]


Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


Brevet 1st Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander



USS Charon