Sunday, October 24, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241010.24 Duty Log, CSci Commander Arcos Darye


Arcos waited up for another two hours continuing to read over reports, and compile some of his own.  He was still in the mess hall.   According to his orders he was to report to Vulcan for a limb replacement surgery.  After which he was to head to the Charon.  He would be more than happy to have a real, flesh and blood arm back.   It wasn't that he hated the cybernetic one.  It just didn't feel at all like the real thing.   He wondered why there wasn't any scheduled rehabilitation, out of curiosity he decided to head over to the computer station in the mess hall, where he drank a coffee and began to research Vulcan's medical facility and similar procedures to the one he was about to undergo.  He had about twenty minutes before he was to head to the Vulcan hospital.

//-- two and a half months prior, on abandoned asteroid training facility.--//

"Commander Arcos, hurry it up we've only got thirty seconds before we reach the next check point." Marine Captain Folner shouted as the Ops team held back the holographic enemies in the surrounding areas.

"Sorry Captain, I am already am rushing through this… and if I don't get…" he said tapping a few buttons to the bio, tank where his sampling container was about to be filled with a sample of the biological weapon.  "… There its filling."

"Not Quick enough Commander." The holo-simulator ended and the Marine Colonel stepped in to the training area.  "if this had been a real deal, the facility would have been locked down and you and your team would be trapped."  The Colonel informed the team that they would try again tomorrow.  They were making progress already they had gotten twice as far as in the original attempt last week.  According to surveillance the facility was one mile under the surface of an asteroid in a system fifteen light years from their present location.  "Tomorrow is a new day, Team dismissed… Except for your commander."  The Colonel said as the marine and special ops members of the team exited the training area.

"Colonel, I am trying my best.  I just need more time."  Arcos said as the room emptied.

"I wouldn't lie to you, If we had more time I'd have us run the scenario another eight times through.  As it is I have begged to extend our training time.  The base goes operational in eight days; it takes about six to get there without triggering their patrols.  You have two days, commander.  That is all."

//-- Present day, Orbit Vulcan --//

"Arcos, prepare to visit the medical facility.  The medical staff will meet you at the Vulcan transporter room."  The captain said over the comm.

Arcos hit the comm. Panel and said "Understood". He was ready to get his arm back.  The surgery would take six hours including the time before he would be released.  He headed to the Deneva-class transporter room.


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon