Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241010.19 || Medical Officer Duty Log || Lt Paul Stafford

"Jason B." <jbchemguy@gmail.com> wrote to charon@ucip.org:

=/\= Vulcan =/\=

Sitting in his hotel, Paul looked at the computer screen, waiting for
the transmission to the USS Titan. Having completed his mission, he
was eager to board the next transport to his ship and to resume his
duties in the Titan Sickbay. The Vulcan people were more than
accomodating, but he felt his visit was all but complete.

A Starfleet Commander appeared on the screen and nodded to Paul:
"Lieutenant Stafford?"

"Yse, sir." Paul replied.

"I'm afraid I have bad news. The USS Titan has been ordered to the
Z'Tara nebula in order to attempt to locate a Chodak settlement. We're
leaving immediately, and we won't be able to rendevous with you at
Starbase 22, as previously planned. Starfleet Medical is aware of this
situation and you have been issued new orders. I'm sorry for the ..
unexpectedness of this change, but I hope you can make the best of it.
Good luck to you. Titan out."

The channel closed, replaced with a Starfleet emblem.

At first, Stafford could only sit there and sigh with disbelief. What
could possibly be so important about the Z'Tara nebula? After a few
moments, though, he adoped the usual attitude of futility that anyone
wearing the Starfleet uniform quickly learned ... ours is not to
question why, as it was said.

The arrival of the USS Charon was the object of much conversation at
the various facilities Stafford toured, during his visit to Vulcan.
Stafford left his accomodations and walked down the street, wearing a
set of Starfleet eye glasses to protect his eyes from the glaringly
hot Vulcan sun.

He walked to the T'Pas Hospital and, no sooner than he entered, he was
quickly approached by one of the hospital's residents. "You are Doctor
Stafford, correct?"

Stafford nodded:

"Doctor, we have received a communication from orbital command that a
Federation starship will be coming to Vulcan with casualties from its
recent mission, including an individual infected with a virus that is
communicable to Vulcans. Can you help as we receive these casualties?"
He asked.

Paul nodded again. "Yes, I can."

"Understood. Go to Room 770 and meet with the Hospital's Director. He
will assess your credentials and determine if you can be given
privledges at this facility."

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Lt Paul Stafford
Medical Officer
USS Charon