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[USS Charon] SD 241010.22 || Medical Officer Duty Log || Lt Paul Stafford

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=/\= T'Pas Hospital =/\=

Paul Stafford sat in the Hospital library, on the twentieth floor of
the hospital complex. The walls were filled with bookshelves of
various types, containing parchments from Vulcan's pretechnological
medical history. The actual research was done by computer, but the old
documents provided a certain quaint historical feeling to the air.

Paul's focus, though, was on reading the material he could find on the
Memento Mori virus, as the director had tasked him. The depth of the
research into this virus by Starfleet was incredible, and he found
that there was so much that he had to read and reread passages to
retain all the necessary information. This research project was
becoming slow and rather arduous, much to his worry.

His study was soon interrupted by a woman's voice.

"Doctor Stafford?" The Vulcan woman asked, speaking very softly in the room.

"Yes?" Paul whispered.

"You are needed in the hospital. The Romans have begun firing on the
planet and, while this city was not one of their targets, a misguided
torpedo stuck a building. The emergency crew was able to deactivate
the warhead, but they are now bringing casualties with reports of
radiation burns. Our hospital staff is not experienced in dealing with
this sort of injury and we assumed that your Starfleet training might
better equip you to handle this problem."

Stafford nodded, affirmatively. "Possibly. Why are they due to arrive?"

"There are 2 casualties that will be arriving by ground transport in
approximately 15 minutes."

Stafford nodded again. "Thank you. I will report to the triage room at
once." He stood up and deactivated the computer interface, gathering a
few PADDs he'd left sitting around. Clutching the PADDs in his hands,
he was soon heading toward the door.

=/\= Admitting Room =/\=

The 15 minutes was hardly enough time for Stafford to put away his
PADDs and to change into appropriate attire for receiving casualties.
Nevertheless, he made the most of the time and was ready to go as the
two victims arrived.

He pulled a medical tricorder from his side pocket and quickly scanned
both victims, noting the information on the display. The two
casualties were Vulcan males, wearing hazardous protection uniforms.
Their faces and hands seemed to have the worst burns, probably because
of the direct distance from the warhead, he reasoned.

The hospital's attending physician watched Stafford with a healthy
amount of skepticism, but found these symptoms inconsistent with the
usual injuries he was used to treating. "So, doctor, what is your

"These are plasma radiation burns. Give them 10 cc's of hydronalyn and
set up the dermal generators." Stafford ordered.

The nursing staff seemed concerned about taking Stafford's orders and
they looked to the attending for confirmation. After he nodded, they
set about preparing the hyposprays. The hyposprays soon arrived and
were administered with a slight hiss sound. Paul checked the readings
as the dermal regenerators were being used.

"Alright, vitals are returning to normal. We should admit them for 24
hours just to be sure. Sometimes hydronalyn can cause tachycardia in
Vulcans and Romulans." He picked up the hospital PADD and entered his
orders, before handing it off to the attending for approval.

"This treatment plan seems acceptable." The attending commented briefly.

=/\= END LOG =/\=

Lt Paul Stafford
Medical Officer
USS Charon