Friday, October 29, 2010

[USS Charon] SD241010.29 Backlog CSci Commander Arcos Darye


//Back log, prior to Charon posting(retirement)– On route to Secret Second Dominion base unregistered Covert ops ship, Rigel-class (cloaked)-//

Commander Arcos and the team had finally completed their training, but of the entire run through of the covert ops mission the team had only one success.   Although it wasn't entirely his fault, he questioned if the problem in the team was him.  Of twenty or so run through of the last stage of drills he had been the reason for failure in almost all of them, but then the rest of the team had already been training for two weeks when he arrived on the secret training facility.   If he had more time he probably would have had a few more successes. Now he would face the challenge of doing everything like the last training attempt, with the need to modify performance when changes to the plan occurred.

"You look troubled, commander."  The special ops team member mentioned.  Captain Wyatts was a squadron leader in first force prior to being picked up by the marines for special ops.  "Care to share what's on your mind?"

"I just feel the team was rushed.  I am pondering our chances of success." Arcos said honestly.

"Ponder all you need to, that might be the one tool we have left to ensure our success." He smiled. "Chess, Commander. Chess."

"I understand." Arcos grinned and commented, "I should let you know that I lost a good number of chess games to a friend, and science team member on the Warrior… She was or is a Vulcan."

"Oh Turon…" He laughed. "I read you two had sort of a plutonic relationship.  Pitty she already had a mate."

"What the? You read a report on that?!" Arcos said a bit shocked.  He cringed.  "Just exactly what did you read about us?"

"Calm down Arcos, she's the one who recommended you." The captain laughed again.  "Did you really think someone of her caliber was a lieutenant Junior grade for that many years?"

"You mean…"

"Yes.  She's one of us or used to be… Her time in the Vulcan Science Academy was a bit longer then you'd imagine. We picked her up as a addition to our team about thirty years ago.  She's held just about every rank in the federation except for admiral."

Arcos flat out started to laugh.  "Oh my gosh… I had no idea, but that would explain a few things." He paused.  "Well Marine captain. You've managed to calm my nerves.  How much longer 'till we arrive?"  Arcos asked.


The marine captain looked at his watch, "Thirty minutes.  The Major will want us to report to him in his temporary office a.s.a.p."


Commander Arcos Darye
Chief Science Officer
USS Charon