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[USS Charon] SD241010.26 || Joint Log "House of Healing" Part V || 1st Lt Brent Warren, LtCmdr Sakarra Tyrax

=/\=  T'Shen monastery, Shi'Al province =/\=
17th Day in the month of et'Khior, YS 9022



"Vulcan males to be certain." Her amusedly quirked brow conveyed she did not except her own mate from this assertion, nor did she in any way hold the matter against them. "It has always been this way, since the Time of the Beginning and likely will be for all tomorrows. Humans I believe say that 'Love is blind', yes? For us … blindness is the … least problem. Ah, hayal'uh, ohassu. Ish-veh pi-ma'at." The little healer's eyes widened even more if such a thing was possible but she made no reply. Unfortunately this only prompted the V'Ket to add a few more words in rapid-fire Vulcan that nonetheless sounded like a large predatory feline experiencing glee at the sight of a frightened gazelle running for its life before she returned her attention to the human, an almost-smile curling the corners of her lips. "Of course you know I am breaking roughly eighty-three taboos by even mentioning such things to an outworlder. Just as you may safely assume none of them will dare and stop me."


No longer dripping water onto the honey colored stone but still appearing like a mother Sehlat after she had fallen into a lake, T'Para all the same managed to look quite regal in her attire of towels, mumbling unintelligible things under her breath when the little one decided to plant a heel squarely in mother's kidney. "As for those who feel they know your beloved's heart better than you – let them be grateful she is not awake to explain to them the error of their ways."

Though the mention of nine children prompted two elegantly slanted brows to shoot up by a considerable margin, it wasn't quite enough to drown the mischievous light in T'Para's eyes when little V'Ley stepped behind the Marine, murmuring soft apologies before resting her fingertips against his shoulders.

"A brave woman as well as reasonable. I had heard humans reproduce with … more ease, however … this is not common, yes?" Another second and the little healer's eartips would flush so brightly one could use them as ship's running lights.


Cold day in hell. T'Para filed it away as a most interesting metaphor and nodded. Of course one would not speak such things aloud to one's S'thora, but his matter-of-fact acknowledgement hinted at his playful insolence extending to … well, everyone. The fact that little V'Ley seemed to find it no less endearing than T'Para nearly made a chuckle erupt from the pregnant woman's lips. Well and so, if they thought her mad for it, she had an excuse. The best there was.

"Of course I am serious, Brent Warren. While the Clan will officially be protesting any divulging of private information, the … circumstances are much too close to the eternal thread of poetry, too woven into the structure of this very world to not …" and this time, she did smile. Brief, darkly, at once amused and vibrating a vague sense of danger "… ring true in every beating Vulcan heart."


He finally noticed the small, warm hands reaching around to open his uniform jacket and T'Para duly noted that he seemed rather less startled than one might expect "I asked the healer to see to your shoulder, if you have no objection. You appear to be experiencing discomfort and she is quite skilled at neuropressure."

If the poor girl's flashing eartips amused her in the process – well, who could blame her?

"And the latter, to be truthful." Taking in both the human's smirk and the pleasant scent of her tea, T'Para subjected him to another long look out of dark grey eyes that unsettled him as little as the others, meaning not at all. "That alone should have told me things about you, Brent Warren. Though I suppose I was not aware or willing to believe how strong your bond truly is until …" Until you brought her back when even Sihayel said it was near impossible.

"Until you proved it."


"I'm sure the other one hundred and seventy-one taboos will remain sacred," Brent replied with a wink at T'Para.  "Ah. Are they unwilling to stop you because of the circumstances regarding my beloved here and how close of a friend you are to her? Or is it because you will soon have a little one to look after?" Brent took another sip of the tea as moved his arm around a little bit. He really should be keeping off of it more, but some things were unavoidable.  He chuckled about how Sakarra would voice her opinion of those who questioned his love. "I suppose it will be all worth it in the end won't it. I will be vindicated, they will be proven wrong, and I will be able to see the looks on their faces as they have realized their error, try hard as they might to hide it."

The healer's hands on his shoulders was something he had not anticipated.  Well perhaps she could help him with this damnable pain.  When she mentioned that his actions would be put to song and verse he sighed, looking a little bit annoyed and at the same time amused.  "I think we understand what military fame is.  To be killed on the field of battle, and to have our name spelled wrong in the newspapers."

He paused for half a moment, before he aided the small hands with his jacket, taking her hands and gently placing them on the neck of his jacket, before he removed his sling and with great pain, removed his arm from the sling.  With a slight grunt he removed the jacket, letting the healer pull it away before he took it back, folding it up before setting it aside, next to Sakarra.  As he removed his shirt he gave off another annoyance of pain.  Bringing his arm back down again he pulled it off, setting it aside as well.  "Anything you can do my dear would be of a great help.  I refuse to be addled by medicine when she wakes, but in the mean time, gods is that annoying."  He then motioned at his warm jacket and to T'Para.  "If you need more warmth please use the jacket to help yourself."



"They are unwilling," T'Para's grey eyes seemed to hold the faintest shimmer of blue in their depth, so faint one might have thought it was but a reflection of the human's unusual gaze, such a deep blue, the hue of sapphires at dusk "for the reasons you cited and more. Not even the Matriarch would chide a carrying one for being … irritable, and as for them," the flicker of a playfully malicious smile crossed the clear, elegant features once more "they know well when it is wise to keep one's peace. And ah, try and hide it they will, Brent Warren." At least those who did not immediately scatter before the heat the sharp, night black eyes could summon when it suited the little woman stretched out under the fine silks. So much more like her foremother than either ever cared to admit. "Though those who have decided to name you unfit will hardly be swayed, thinking your beloved young and rebellious. The one none will dare gainsay is Eldest Mother, and she is also the one with the right and power to challenge. Rarely though such things occur, it is not … unheard of. And much as I would like to advise you in this, T'Leia is not one to predict … easily."

Then again, he probably had a good deal of experience with handling a female like that. It would be an interesting confrontation to be sure, though T'Para now knew her own heart would have a stake in it. Not only was this mindful, attentive and cheerfully insouciant outworlder growing on her by the minute, but she was as certain as only a Vulcan with a lifelong bond to her near-sister could be that Sakarra's joy or pain was depending on the outcome.


V'Ley for her part had regained enough composure by focusing on her calling rather than the aesthetically pleasing shape emerging from under the fabric, to actually assess the human's physiology. True, there was a brief exhale at the extent of the injury just as his surprisingly light, gentle touch made her ears exude a fair amount of warmth once more, but it was to be expected, no? He was bonded to one of her kind. Approaching a highly touch sensitive creature with care had to be second nature to him by now, just as an understanding of when it was safe to … be less careful.

If she did not stop wondering about such things she'd never get anything done.

Broad shouldered as an adolescent Sehlat and breathing in a manner that indicated a fair amount of pain, the Marine presented V'Ley with a small conundrum when her fingertips ran over his back, seeking the pressure points under tense muscles. No, this would not work unless she could persuade the body to forget the strain it had been under, at least for a while. Humming a quiet, soothing melody that flowed into the sound of the falling rain, mingled with it, became near indistinguishable from it, the little healer's hands started a simple, yet effective massage, and if V'Ley's heart gave a little leap at the fact he was implicitly trusting her, not even questioning for one second what she was doing … she kept it fairly well concealed. Though the dark eyed V'Ket gave that amused, knowing look again.




[To be continued …]


Lt Cmdr Sakarra Tyrax

Executive Officer


Brevet 1st Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander



USS Charon