Monday, October 25, 2010

[USS Charon] SD 241010.25 Duty Log Col Falcon, 1Lt Warren, and Pvt Davis

=/\= Marine Commander's Office =/\=

Inhale.  That's really the way that one could describe the way that Brent was eating.  He was utterly famished still.  The lack of food when the Romulan's had taken over the ship, combined with how little sleep he got had been weighing heavily on him.  Now he was watching by Sakarra side, while trying to do right by his men at the same time.  He had already visited those who were still in sickbay, trying to stay one step ahead of the doctors who wanted him to take more pain medication and sedatives.

Now he was back in his office doing his level best to requisition new material and harass the engineers to fix his barracks.  The pile of PADD's was intimidating to say the least.  Another sandwich was needed.  Yes.  Brent moved to the replicator and got himself another one, complete with potato salad and another lemonade.  Hopefully he could be done with this crap soon, and would be able to return planet side.

In the first few hours Aria had been on the Charon there had been not one still moment.  Not to say that she couldn't take anymore, but assignments usually didn't begin with action.  But neither did they usually end with the request she had gotten when all was said and done.  Down the corridor toward the turbo lift.

"How was it?  The battle, I mean."  She gave Sam a wry grin.  "Was it everything you'd ever hoped for?"  The marine knew the girl was no stranger to martial situations, but it was an entirely different experience to fight with a marine force.

Sam caught up to Aria, having found herself walking 2 steps behind out of old habit. "It's nothing I would ever hope for, but I was happy to help with Starfleet." Truth be told she hadn't done much but aim and fire, and run errands. "I'm glad we were able to retake the Charon."

Brent set his plate down on his desk and grunted.  There really was too many things going on right now.  He took a bit of his sandwich, before beginning to look over some of the damaged material that they had.  It would take a goddamn miracle to get this all replaced in anything remotely like an orderly fashion.  Setting his food down again he began to try to make heads or tails of the request forms.

"Not the way I had expected to join the ship."  The turbo lift took the two swiftly to the marine deck, packed full of barracks, supplies, weapons...and offices.  She motioned for the girl to follow her, making way for the Charons current marine leader.

A finger reached out for the office door chime.  Rank or no, the Colonel respected the sanctity of the marine office when it suited her.

Brent looked up at his door, annoyed.  Great.  Interruptions.  He looked at his sandwich for a moment and considered another bite before whatever one of his privates was having an issue with.  He decided against it at the last second.  "Enter!"

Aria ushered Sam in through the door, following the girl close behind.  "Lieutenant," she gave Brent and nod.  "I understand you're busy putting the pieces of Charon's marine detachment back together.  nevertheless I need a few moments of your time."  Of course, she was not about to ask, but simply took the time.  "This is Sam, yeoman who came with us on board the Fury."

Brent wasn't sure what to make of the very skinny woman in a fleet uniform.  He was glad that he held back his intial reaction to shoo her out and say that he was far too busy when he saw Colonel Falcon behind her.  "Colonel," Brent said standing up as he set his PADD down immediately.  "Of course ma'am.  What can I do for you?"

He looked at the yeoman and nodded.  "Crewman.  Welcome aboard.  I'm sorry there isn't a nicer welcome wagon here.  Hopefully we can work something out later for you."

Aria looked down at Sam, then back to the lieutenant.  The man was absolutely huge by comparison and the situation was not without humor because of it.  "She would like to transfer her service agreement over to the marine corps as a orderly."  The woman's sharp eyes swept across the messy desk - like a clerical a-bomb had been dropped on it.  "Think you could find some use for such a post?"

Sam eyed the desk, holding back an urge to rush over and organize the chaos. But the large man behind the huge mess kept her in check, her eyes at the floor.

Brent looked at the woman for a moment then back at the Colonel.  "Yeah we could always use another orderly I suppose.  What other posts have you been to?  Do you have a copy of your service record that I could have a look at," Brent said as he looked at Sam.

Sam nodded, reaching for her records. "Just yeoman sir."

"She came with us when we stormed the airlock to free Charon," Aria added, "she's no coward.  On top of that she seemed to have a profound urge to organize the battlefield as we progressed.  Something tells me she'll take those paper pushing missions off your hands, no problem."

Sam gave Aria a small grateful smile, blushing a bit at the compliment.

Brent looked at Sam and then at Aria as it seemed that there was more to this than just the Yeoman's initiative.  "Just out of basic then huh?" he said looking at the service record before scratching his head.  "Alright I'll put you to work then.  I'll want you to make steady progress on physical fitness scores though.  Running, pull ups, push ups.  If you can give me that then I'll bring you into the Company."

Sam swallowed. That was one thing she sorely lacked, but she nodded. She could work on it.

The Colonel smiled, pleased with the way things had turned out.  "Very good.  I'm sure she'll be able to make satisfactory scores soon enough.  In the meantime, I am positive her presence will be appreciated."

"Thank You" Sam managed to meet Brent's eyes, if only momentarily. She eyed the mess, but refrained again. She could wait until Aria left, and the Lieutenant might have specific orders for her.

"Very well," Brent said making note to look into his newest Marine later, but deciding that he had too much to do now.  "Alright then.  Thank you Colonel, I'm sure she will be most helpful.  May I interest you two in some lunch while you are here?  The replicator is in fine form today I must say."

"Not for me, at the moment, leiutenant," she said.  "But," adding quickly, a quick regloss of the lips with her tongue, "I'll be meeting with you in the very near future."  A wink signaled Aria's turn at the heal.  "Be seein, you two.  Arrivederci," and she escorted herself out.

"I could just get to work?" Sam asked.

Brent looked at her for a moment.  "Not yet.  Sit.  Have something to eat with me.  I haven't had much real conversation lately," he said.  "What do you want to eat," he asked as he moved over towards the replicator.

Sam sat immediately. "Whatever you are having is fine sir."

Brent looked back at her for a moment before he shrugged and ordered another sandwich and potato salad.  "Here.  I managed to input a good lemonade recipe in the replicator.  If you don't like it though I can just get you some water," he set the plate down in front of her, nudging some of the PADDs out of the way.

He sat down and took a bite of his own sandwich, before he chewed and swallowed it down.  "Have they gotten you all set up with some quarters already?  We'll move you into the barracks real soon."

"Not yet." She answered, taking a bite of her own sandwich. She made herself eat it slowly, and sipped at the lemonade. It was surprisingly good. "Anywhere is fine." She assured him.

"Really?" Brent was a little surprised by that before he took a long drink of his lemonade.  "What made you become a yeoman...  Sam it was yes?" he said as Brent leaned back in his chair.  "What's your last name."

"Yes sir, Samantha Davis. It's what I tested highest in." She told him honestly.

"Davis.  Private Samantha Davis," he said with a smile looking at her.  "Where did you grow up?" he asked, reaching for his sandwich again.

She got a larger grin on her face at that. "Yes sir Private Samantha Davis. Olympus IV Sir"

"Ah.  I haven't heard of it before.  Then again I doubt too many people here about the colony that I came from either," he said as he polished off his food.  "What do you do in your spare time Davis?"

"Read mostly. May I ask where you are from?" She asked, making the effort at 'small talk'

"What do you enjoy reading?  Classics?  Modern Literature," he asked her.  "I'm from Gligamesh 9.  Small little planet out in the middle of nowhere."

"Starfleet and Marine protocols." She answered. Now she had something new to look up as well, Gligamesh 9 was put to memory.

He blinked at that.  "That's all you read is protocol and regulations?  Really?" he didn't think that one would have so little to do as to just read regulations.  "I can recommend you some old classics from Earth if you want."

She gave him a small smile. She knew she needed to branch out, but there just always seemed to be something to catch up on. "I guess I should try one. It just always seems there is something to catch up on." A look at his desk reminding her of that point.

He saw her glimpse to his desk and sighed.  "Gods I have too much to do.  I'll tell you what Davis, I'll level with you."  He looked her square in the eyes.  "The woman I love was greatly hurt and is being treated on Vulcan.  I don't actually spend much time here, and what I do is spent showering, eating, and checking on my Marines.  Sadly Starfleet will put my ass in a sling if I don't fill out these requisition orders and status reports."

"I don't even like being away from her for this long.  But!  With you here, I'm hoping I can stay above water.  So once you get done with your lunch.  I'll help you start, and then I will leave the ship again.  Alright?"

"Yes sir, I can handle the paperwork. I understand. I'm sorry, I hope she will be alright." She said sincerely, quickly scarfing the rest of her sandwich and downing the lemonade.

"You and me both," he said with a smile as he watched her inhale the rest of the food.  "Alright lets get started then shall we.  When you get done bother the quartermaster on the ship to get you some quarters in the barracks."

"Yes sir." She had now idea who or where the quartermaster was, but the computer would tell her. For now, they had work to do. Sam cleared their dishes quickly, then returned to get to work on the mountain of reports and other paperwork to be done.

Colonel Aria Falcon
Marine Commander
USS-Quantum Fury


Brevet First Lieutenant Brent Warren
Marine Commander


Private Samantha Davis
Marine Orderly