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[USS Charon] SD240909.30 - Plot POV Log "Garbage Day" - Vaek'Riov tr'Sahen

[IRW Endless Sky]

"Disruptor residue."  Tr'Huljan shook his head "certainly one of them was responsible for this mess but which one?  Impossible to tell.  It could have been anyone.  The station was holding Federation prisoners afterall."

Vaek'Riov Itsak tr'Sahen brooded from his raised throne on the bridge of the Endless Sky.  He gave his RS (XO) a knowing look- one that told everyone he was irritated and had a suspicion about the culprit "Ulhri" he finally said the words and his RS immediately frowned.

"There is no evidence that he is the culprit Rekkhai."  Tr'Huljan cautioned.  The political intricacies of such accusations were often dangerous "we should wait until we have evidence to present to the senate."

"He is the only blood sucking fiend in this entire sector."  Tr'Sahen grumbled curses as his crew cringed at the colorful language coming from their Leih's mouth.  When he finished he looked at tr'Huljan "order the IRW Hiren into this region.  Riov t'Gonash reported of rumors that Galae ships were demanding payment to cross this space."

"Bait Rekkhai?"  Huljan smirked.

Sahen said nothing.  He simply watched the view screen but in his mind he was hoped those petty criminals who wore the honored uniform of the Galae would fall for the trap.  The Hiren was a small patrol ship- a very tantalizing morsel when alone.

[Some time later, IRW Hiren]

"Rekkhai, vessel decloaking to port." 

"Who is it?"  t'Gonash stood up and focused her attention on the distorting area of space.  When it finished she didn't need her tactical officer's report of 'D'Deridex' to tell her what that massive, outdated, beast was.  "Hail them."  She ordered.  A second later the viewscreen lit up and a rather filthy rihannsu in old Galae rags was staring at her.  "Unknown vessel, identify your purpose."

The man grinned and laughed.  He turned around and his entire bridge crew laughed mockingly "you're not in a position to make demands Riov.  By order of this sector government you are to pay passage fee to pass through this sector."

Gonash grimaced "sector fees are illegal, especially when it concerns vessels of the Galae.  If you leave I will overlook this illegal action."

The man burst into laughter "if we destroy your ship who will know?"

"I will know."  Stepping out from the shadows of the Hiren's bridge tr'Sahen glared at the filthy thing on the other side of the view screen.  Just as his face hit the light six warbirds decloaked surrounding the D'Deridex.  Among them, the D'Dherex class IRW Endless Sky, equaled in size to the D'Deredix but eclipsing them entirely in terms of firepower.  "Acts of piracy have only one punishment- death.  However, if you tell me who your master is I will forgive you this once."

The man hesitated but then he sneered at tr'Sahen "you do not have power here!"

Sahen sighed "destroy that ship.  I am in no mood for games."

"Ie, Rekkhai."  Gonash bowed her head at the Vaek'Riov and then issued the order to power up weapons.  The other six ships did the same.

"Forgive me- I had a slip of the tongue.  Let us talk!"

"Soon you will have no tongue."  Sahen said as he walked to the lift.  His back flashed as the ships pummeled the D'Deridex until it ruptured into thousands of fiery bits.   He didn't care.  He would get rid of these petty fools, all of them.


[USS Charon] SD 240909.30 Duty Log "Introductions" Captaint'Rehu & erie'Arrain t'Neral

=/\= Corridor, USS Charon =/\=

Verelan held in a curse word as she stumbled over nothing she had been agitated ever since the transporter room incident by that man with the foot, she knew she shouldn't be but she was. She had taken to reminding herself it was the new hormones that were currently passing through her system she hadn't had anywhere near the time to adapt to them Ael had told her it would be a rough few days as her bodys biochemistry settled into its new setting and then she should be able to master these new feelings. As she walked along the corriodor she wondered for what had to be the 40th time if she had done the right thing. All in all it was far too late now her old self was dead and her house had been sterilised and all Tomalak possessions returned to her no to Srens father.

As she neared her destination she played with the ring that occupied her finger it was a new house ring Ael had it made from tri vid images of the real Verelan she was lucky in that all of the young womans family was dead she wouldn't have to try and convince anyone the had known her since a child. She chided herself once more her family was dead, she was Verelan t'Neral she was the young woman, again she simply hadn't had enough time to adjust usually there were weeks of preperation for assuming a new identity rather than a few days. As she came to the door she had been seeking her feet following the path as her mind wandered she steeled herself and pressed the chime to the Captain's Quarters.

Shiarrael was tired, tired of sleeping in the cargo bay at least.  She carefully ran her hands across the soft velvet cushions of her couch as she fell into it.  'I am too spoiled here', she mused.  Back in the Empire such a thing would have been considered too luxurious- and it should have been "I shouldn't have this."  But where her vessel quarters were always far from luxury her estates were well furnished.  She did of course grow up as a Romulan aristocrat- no matter how much she denied it: certain tastes were hard to lose.

When the chime rang Shiarrael sat up, collected her thoughts, and immediately frowned as if an offensive smell had wafted by her.  Standing up she made her way to the door "I am exhausted; one would hope that this is an important matter."

Verelan had served on enough Galae ships to know that every Leih had a different command style yet all revolved around one solid principle omnipotence every CO she had ever had, had been able to promote an image of being all knowing aboard their ship they knew every subsystem and every piece of battle plate personally she highly doubted it although a few had almost proven the theory. That being said she had heard an interesting rumour on the way here not that the speaker had known she was also listening apparently the Commodore had requested a reduction in rank how unusual.  Carefully she kept her face neutral which was difficult with all the emotions that coursed through her due to the change and at seeing her Captain in a starfleet uniform. 

"erie'Arrain Verelan t'Neral reporting Ma'am I am to be your new Tal'Diann Operative" She quickly presented a padd to the Captain and waited she had made no move to relax her posture in any way instead she stood like a stature waiting the other woman's reaction.

Shiarrael couldn't help but smile wryly at that comment.  The Tal'Diann were well known to be notoriously useless.  They were the lapdogs of the Tal'Shair and only released information they were permitted.  She studied the woman for a moment and then finally invited her in "I'm surprised they would bother sending a Tal'Diann officer- what useful information will you be permitted to provide me or are you just an agency toy sent here to watch me?"  She smirked and pointed at the couch "sit down.  Where are you from?"

Verelan knew she was being toyed with an attempt to lure her into leaping to the defense of the Tal'Diann about proclaiming their independence from the Tal'Shiar promising new and exciting information it was of course all false she could promise nothing. "Thank you Ma'am" As she sank down into the couch she noted its luxury while she had nothing of it's like it her home she still appreciated it she preferred softwood furnishings. "I will provide all information that will concern this ship and its personnel and anything else Galae and Tal'Diann command authorise me to relase concerning Rhiannsu intelligence" It was a guarded answer not too much and not to little treading the line of neutrality that the Tal'Diann were notorious for using to stall and keep their masters happy.

She let herself ease into the couch before crossing her leg "I come from iRamnau my Leih from the northern province near the Mosarum mountain range."

"I see."  Shiarrael slid into the velvet chair just opposite of the couch on the other side of the small coffee table "beautiful countryside."  She had visited that area a few times.  There was actually a Gai'Shian training center just north of that area on the edge of the mountain range "I never expected much from the Tal'Diann when I was Ael'Riov- and in that regard little has changed.  I will only speak this once.  I have no interest in lip service.  You appear intelligent.  Do not bring me the garbage the Tal'Diann so commonly serve to their Leih's." 

Verelan lowered her head a fraction of an inch at the Captains last quip it was true most Tal'Diann's briefings could be superseded by ships scanners logs by the time the Tal'Shiar had authorised it but she was in a special position while she received the usual Tal'Diann drivel she had her own sources to use and whenever truly necessary she could always use the Agency to keep her position here. "I will of course serve to the best of my abilities my Leih" pausing only momentarily she looked at the woman across for her she wore a dangerous expression she had no doubt that the Captain would make her life misery if she ever tried to pass off bad intelligence, "The Mosarum mountains are a beautiful country Ma'am so quiet and peaceful and at night the dhael song fills the night it is one of my favourite places in the Empire, I hope that you always enjoyed your visits?"

"I only visited a few times- and neither was to enjoy the country.  I often sent my Gai'Shian to the training facility for additional training.  I don't mind peasants but they at least should learn more than how to hold a shovel."  Shiarrael slightly regretted not having spent more time in the area.  It certainly sounded nice "I am short on time; my children will be here soon.  Unless you have something pressing I must ask you to leave."

"Of course Ma'am I have taken too much of your time as it is" She stood slowly and brought herself to attention once more before excusing herself, "I will leave you to be with your children and i will go and meet my counterpoint." The captains merely gave a nod taking that as her cue Verelan walked out and decided to go and tour the ship.

Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


erie'Arrain Verelan t'Neral
Tal'Diann Officer
USS Charon

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[USS Charon] SD 240909.29 - Joint Back Log - Vice Admiral Baldur Odin & Colonel Susan Ivoniva

[San Francisco, Earth]

"I do not care if the review board agrees with me or not Major!" Susan threw her arms up into the air, the look of frustration on her face sending a clear message to Major Samantha Keyes that she'd do well to stop pushing the matter.

 "I was put in charge as reviewing officer for Lieutenant Colonel KeVaks' battalion and he was given six months to clean it up. What I saw today was nothing short of a complete disaster. He is not fit to command a unit of that size and that's that." The Colonel gave another glare in her assistant's direction and then put her signature on the demotion orders.

 "The final decision is mine. Please see that these demotion papers are delivered to logistics. I hope he will do better as a Major in charge of a Company." Susan noted Major Keyes' blank and forward expression, knowing this move with do nothing but further her tough ass nature within the ranks. "Well. You are DIMISSED Major."

Vice Admiral Baldur Odin who was sitting just outside of the office door grinned when he heard the Colonel's tirade.  He waited with anticipation and when the Major stormed out of the officer Baldur stood up, checked his grin, and entered without being announced "I see you are bright and energetic today Colonel.  I'm sure any Klingon commander would have been turned on by that display just now."

"Unfortunately for them Admiral, I'm not much into biting my partners... Most of the time." Susan offered her senior a stiff salute before giving a gesture towards the chair in front of her desk. She recognized him as being the Chief of Starfleet Security, although had no personal idea as to why he would be in her office.

"I hope you're not here to demote me?" She offered him a crooked grin.

"Sadly, no.  Are you familiar with the USS Charon Colonel?"  Odin took the seat and reached into his coat pocket pulling out a small stack of PADDs.

Susan thought on the name for a moment before responding. "One of Star Fleet's few joint missions with the Romulan's?" It was all she could recall, a ship that had both Federation and Romulan members onboard it.

"That's only half the story."  Odin said "the commanding officer is a former Romulan wing commander.  She was exiled and Vice Admiral Enor, who knew her from his previous post on Astate Colony, recommended her to lead the mission."  Setting the PADDs on the desk Odin slid them towards the Colonel "the Charon is on a two year survey mission of an area of space just beyond the back borders of the Romulan Star Empire and Klingon Empire.  However, there appears to be a concerted effort by elements within both governments to sabotage the mission.  So far there has been at least one attempted mutiny and several officers have been attacked."

Susan's eyes widened. She had definitely missed the post-it note that informed the general public that a former Romulan commander was given command of a Star Fleet ship. "I see." The Colonel cleared her throat. She knew that she was beyond prejudice but would easily admit that this caught her off guard. "No offense Admiral, given the circumstances, sabotage should be an expected outcome of this mission."

She took a deep breath, continuing her eye contact with the Admiral. "What is it you want me to do, exactly, sir?"

"I am sending an official observer to the Charon."  Odin leaned back in his seat and rested his chin on his knuckle "before Starfleet would approve her commission they had me interview and go over regulations with her.  These developments concern me and I want someone there to keep an eye on things.  The USS Quantum Fury leaves Starbase Versailles in a week to rendezvous with the Charon.  I want you aboard that ship Colonel."

Susan let out a small 'hmmm' as if to give the impression she was pondering her senior officer's statement. It was not as if it was a huge imposition; she had given herself a good reputation for observing commands after all.  "I will have my belongings together by 0900 tomorrow morning Sir."

"Sounds good."  Odin stood up "and I expect regular reports once you get there and assess the situation."  With that said he walked out of the door.


Vice Admiral Baldur Odin (NPC)
Chief of Starfleet Security


Colonel Susan Ivoniva
Starfleet Observer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240909.29 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier

=/\= Ch'tan's Quarters, USS Charon =/\=

Instead of going straight back to sickbay, Ch'tan had asked D'Vana to help him back to his quarters, his fathers weapons had been taken there after the nurses in sickbay had objected to having bladed weapons left in his room.

As they came in through the door, the faint smell of blood filled Ch'tan's nostrils, it was hard to clean blood away fully, "The smell will serve as a reminder," the young Klingon growled as they made their way to the couch.

"A reminder I'd rather you not live through again." D'Vana helped him to the couch and made sure he was sitting first before she sat down with him. "Are you sure you don't want to return to sickbay?" She asked softly...

"I am sure," Ch'tan replied as he pushed himself forward on the couch and took the two weapons off the table, they were notched all along the blades, signs that they had been used alot, "My fathers Mek'leth," he added slowly as he forced his legs to take his weight and stood up slowly and made his way over to where his blades were sat.

"They will take pride of place here," he said as he unhooked his weapons and replaced them with the blades of his family.

She smiled softly wishing she had known her mother more. "They will take pride." She agreed.

His legs wobbling slightly, Ch'tan made his way back over to the couch with his paired Mek'leth and placed them gently on the table, "While we were apart, I made some modifications to those weapons, why dont you take a look?" he said with a light growl, "It took a bit of research and quite alot of work, but I think it will suffice,"

D'Vana looked at him slightly puzzled, then reached for the Mek'Leth to examine the weapon. She saw nothing different about the blade from her own weapons but on the crest on the Pommel... Running her thumb over the crest she didn't really know what to say... "My mother's crest?" She asked him looking into his eyes. "how'd you find out what it was, what's this other crest?" She asked curiously.

"It was in the database, that crest is actually a mixed one, your mothers, which is also your own and my crest, I dont know if I have done it right, i'm not versed in what it all means, but I intend it to mean we are as one, our families are as one," Ch'tan replied slowly as he picked up the second Mek'leth, "I also want you to have them, as a gift," he added with a slight smile.

D'Vana looked over the Mek'leths, no one had ever given her a gift like this before. She felt tears in her eyes and set the weapons down before throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Thank you Ch'Tan, I'll make good use of them, but until that day I hope they'll  have a place in our quarters." She said softly and kissed him again being careful not to hurt him...

"We will have to request a set of shared quarters from Captain t'Rehu soon," Ch'tan replied as he kissed her back, pulling her lips with his teeth, "I will keep them here for now if you wish," he added slowly.

"I wish, a reminder to get shared quarters." she growled softly kissing him again. She's had her own quarters for far to long when all she's longed for was being back with Ch'Tan...

Ch'tan leant back on the couch and pulled D'vana close to him, he had missed being with her for so long and then when they were reunited, he was in sickbay, "I'll go and see her as soon as I can," he said softly.

"Mmm good." She kissed him nipping at his lower lip with her teeth. "Because I'll still be sharing your quarters with you until you do." She growled softly smiling at him and kissing him again...

"Well hopefully i'll be released from sickbay soon, either they release me or i'll discharge myself, I hate being stuck looking at the walls all day," Ch'tan replied as he kissed her back again, one of his large arms around her shoulders, "It could drive a man to the brink of insanity," he chuckled as he raised his legs and placed them on the table.

"Mmm any man or just you?" she asked with a soft smile.

"I think it would drive any man insane," Ch'tan chuckled as he pushed himself into a sitting position and stretched, "It feels good to be in my own quarters, even if it is for a short while," he added with a sigh.

"Well I"m glad that your able to relax in your own quarters for even a short while as well." She said softly kissing the side of his mouth where his lips met... "So what can I do to help you relax?" She asked softly....

"I am already as relaxed as i'm going to get," Ch'tan growled lightly as he turned his head and kissed his mate again, "I suppose we should be heading back to sickbay, they might get annoyed that i'm not there," he added slowly as he pushed himself to his feet and swayed a little before steadying himself.

"Possibly." She said softly moving to help him steady himself. "I'll help you back to sickbay then check in with Engineering. I still havent' done that you know." She smirked softly kissing him again...

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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[USS Charon] SD240909.29 - Joint Back Log - Captain Shiarrael Rehu & Commander Eithne Katris-Falcon

[USS-Charon - Bridge]

Eithne walked onto the bridge of the ship in which she was not the Executive Officer of. Her cool glare looked over the panels and console of the bridge and the personnel who worked at them. A soft smile came to her lips when her eyes rested on the Executive officer chair and then to the Command Chair and how it was empty. One of the bridge crew motioned towards the Ready Room.

She gave a nod in return before moving to the door and pressing the chime. This should be interesting since the Commodore seemed to forget about her arrival.

Shiarrael looked at the door with slight irritation.  In her hand was the PADD containing the notice from Enor that he was assigning a new executive officer to the Charon to replace Captain Fisher- "how bothersome."  She grimaced and crushed the device in her hand "enter!" she shouted.

Raising a brow Eithne walked into the ready room and looked over behind the desk at the rather irate looking Romulan Commodore. " Should I come back at another time Commodore? I picked up a little frustration in your response to the chime."  She had a calm and cool aura about her at the moment, but it was noticable that she could very well hold her own if need be.

Shiarrael held her sigh.  Telepaths were such annoying creatures.  Nosy to a fault- "no, I am usually irritated, or frustrated, but it is when I am furious that you should avoid me."   She motioned to the seat across from her "I was just reading about you Commander.  You have an impressive, although somewhat tarnished record, but that irritating Trill speaks highly of you."

Eithne nodded and revealed a bit of a smile at her reference to Jolias as irritating. She had to agree with the Commodore on that one, he did have is irritating moments." I will take note of that Commodore. It is nice that we already have something in common. I should be avoided when furious as well... Let's hope nothing sets us both off." She chuckled before taking her seat and continuing.

"As for the tarnish... I am sure we all have a bit in our records."

"Clean records are for those who have time to care about such things."  Shiarrael reached up to her neck and pulled off both sets of solid pips and placed them on her desk "as I have mentioned the Admiral highly recommends you.  I have no choice but to accept you- so I hope you prove his praise correct."  She gestured at the pips on the desk "I have also requested a demotion to Captain since I have no interest in remaining part of Starfleet's admiralty.  Such a constipated bunch they are.  I need you have a set of Captain's uniforms replicated and sent to my quarters."

Chuckling she looked over the desk to Shairrael before raising a brow.  "Interesting request... It is not too often that one comes across someone who wishes to stay at a rank. But, at the same time I have been a Commander for many years and have no complaint."

"I have never been interested in such petty things as rank.  I don't have the interest to waste time on anything other than leading this ship."  Shiarrael smiled remembering the look on Enor's face when she told him to demote her "you have your orders Commander."

She nodded and took the woman's last statement as her dismissal. " Aye Sir..." Turning on her heal she headed for the door. A thought came to mind that she just might enjoy this assignment.

Shiarrael quietly watched the woman leave the ready room.  She had her concerns- but didn't everyone?


Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Commander Eithne Katris-Falcon
Executive Officer
USS Charon

[USS Charon] SD 240909.29 | JL | Lt. Dlya & Lt. (JG) Bai | Campa cavallo! pt 1

=/\= Deck 6, Holodecks =/\=

"Computer, begin program Bai Charlie-India-10."

"You may enter when ready."

Indira adjusted her skirt and tank top and walked through the
automatic doors into the holodeck. A warm breeze immediately ruffled
her long black tresses, and she smiled at the outcome of the new
program she had been working on. Manicured grass covered the rolling
hills that stretched from where she was standing almost all the way to
the horizon where you could see just the barest hint of water. To the
left was a sprawling cream stone villa, topped with red terra cotta
shingles. Stepping away from the lush garden she was standing in,
Indi made her way to a portico running along one entire side of the
home and ducked between a pair of billowing white curtains that
adorned every arch of the portico, broken only by the reddish-orange
columns that held it up.

"Computer, arch." The garden Indi had been standing in turned back
into the archway that lead back into the ship's corridor, and she went
and tapped one of the panels. "Bai to Lieutenant Dlya. If you're not
busy, Runo, care to join me in the holodeck?"

Runo looked up towards the roof from his desk in Security and smiled,
before glancing down towards the paperwork he was working on. Standing
up and heading out of the offices, he strolled down the corridor, tapping his
combadge as he did. "I don't know about that, I'm knee-deep in old status
reports that I have to log into the computer. I am not sure I can find the time.
That and Commander Marcus wanted these done yesterday." He kept his voice
level and added a tiny bit of regret to it as the turbolift rose up
several decks to keep the facade going.

Indi frowned. Now that she had finally gotten the program just right,
and was excited to see it "live", she hadn't considered he'd be busy.
"I suppose duty comes first, in that case, I'm sorry I didn't check to
see if you were on shift or not. I guess I'll just hang out for a
while, and show you this later."

Walking up to the doors into the holodeck, he double checked to make sure
that this was the holodeck Indi was referring to. Seeing that a program was
indeed online, he paused a moment. "Computer, what program is currently
active?" The computer beeped before responding. "Program file Bai
Charlie-India-10 was selected by Ensign Bai 14 minutes, 27 seconds ago."

Stepping forward and watching the doors slide apart, Runo walked into a
setting that could have been his grandparents ranch back on Earth. They had
lived in a somewhat rural area for the 25th century. The breeze managed to
wing its way through what hair he had before losing itself into the giant blue
sky that seemed to stretch on forever. Several lazy clouds speckled the azure
with splashes of pure white. The adobe matched perfectly and Runo had to
admit, Indira had quite a talent for this. However with that said, he
couldn't seem to find her. "You know... it makes it somewhat of a challenge to
surprise you when you hide so well." His voice carried a little and he
knew that it wouldn't be long before he got a response. Since he had come
straight from duty, he still wore his uniform.

"Over here." Indi stood from the chaise she had been lounging in, and
tossed the PADD back down to her now empty seat. "I was just making a
few tweeks." She smiled as he ducked through the curtains to the
shaded portico. "I thought you were busy?"

"The Chief of Security has been known to give favors to those who work hard
for him so I got out early." Runo glanced about the surroundings. There was even
more detail inside than there was outside. "Its beautiful. You have
quite the talent here... can I ask where we are?"

"Welcome to Italy. I designed the program based on the villa where my
parents and I took vacation when I was younger. Do you like it?"

"It's amazing. I can't believe I passed it up when I was younger."
Runo strolled over to one of the windows overlooking the hills with the terraces of
grapes growing all over. His eyes grew distant as he spoke. "It faintly reminds me of my
grandparents farm in South Dakota. We visited once when I was fairly little, when
the Lexington was in orbit, getting refitted. I spent the weekend with them, helping
them out around the house and a little with my grandfather in the field. The 24th
century had made its debut but the people around there tried to limit what technology they
used, preferring hardwork over a computer making it for you. I wish I had spent more
time with them." His voice trailed off as he looked around, finally turning back around
to face Indi.

"They had decided to visit a friend on Betazed, a few days before the Dominion
invaded. We didn't learn about their fate until a few weeks later. They had been
taking refuge in a hotel when it was destroyed in a bombing run." He shook his
head slightly to clear the old memories before giving a sad smile. "Sorry... I'm
not here to tell stories about my family. Now, one thing I did learn from my
parents was an appreciation of good food. Where else besides Italy to dine
on some quality Italian food? I know a mean recipe for vitello con melanzane." His
mood brightened as he spoke and he gestured towards the kitchen.

Indi plastered a smile on her face, trying to mask the empathy.
"Please, lead the way." He grinned and started through the open
wooden door into the kitchen, but she couldn't just let his painful
story go, and stopped him with a hand on his arm. "Runo..." Reaching
up, she kissed his cheek. "I'm sorry." Turning quickly so he
couldn't see her blush, she stepped into the kitchen. It was clean
and bright, with every amenity a chef could ask for.
Lieutenant Runo Dlya
Assistant Security Officer
USS Charon
Lieutenant (JG) Indira Bai
Assistant Medical Officer
USS Charon


[USS Charon] SD240909.28 || Backlog || Cmdr. Lawrence Everic & Cpt Tav Ramius - "Reunions - Part III"

U.S.S. Corsair - NCC-011979
Nebula Class Starship
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Reunions – Part Three”

[ Some Hours Later  - Starbase Bar]

“Cheers”, Mustang said swallowing down another beer.  Ramius smiled rapping his glass against his and several other former pilots glasses as they all drank the glasses empty having performed the ritual so many times all of them had lost count of how many drinks the had consumed.

“Is this what you guys do all day”, Ramius said with a grin.  He and the other pilots were quite drunk from several hours of drinking, telling war stories, and generally catching up.

“Not all day”, one of the other pilots answered.  “We eat and sleep occasionally too!”

The table had a good laugh.  Ramius had learned the rowdy pilots had had a rough go of it during the war.  Several of the pilots under his old command had been hurt or killed and the bunch had toasted the memories of those who hadn’t returned by swapping stories and memories of times long since past.

“Well I’m not sure I’d believe it if I was told it gentlemen, but I believe we’re in the presence of captain who is inexorably drunk.  Should we report him?  I mean he isn’t setting a great example now is he”, Mustang asked.

“We could blackmail him with it for extra credits”, one of the pilots chimed in.

“I say we take him down to the simulator and see how well he does against a few targets?  See how rusty he’s gotten sitting all day in that comfy chair on the bridge of his starship.”

“Not a bad idea”, Mustang answered.  “We could do both?”

Ramius put his hands up.  “Please, I don’t want to have to school you guys in your current condition.  Besides, you all know you don’t stand a chance against me, drunk or not.”

“Whoaaaa”, the table roared back.  “Tall words coming from an ex-pilot.  When was the last time you flew captain?”

Ramius looked at a nearby wall which he could barely make out.  A chrono with large numbers was visible if not blurry.  “About twelve days ago.  We have holodecks on starships you know.”

“Those simulations ain’t nothing like the real thing.  Who’s willing to bet the captain here has gone soft since his wing commander days?”

“I’ll take some of that action”, another pilot shouted.  “So will I.”  “Me too!”

Ramius looked at Mustang who finished off another beer.  Mustang just shrugged with a large smile.  “Don’t look at me captain.  I’m not the one with something to prove.  I think you have a decision to make unless that is you intend to hide behind those pips on your collar.”

Having been and dealt with pilots his entire career, Ramius knew how to deal with pilot egos, but he was with good friends, had had far too much to drink, and needed to prove to them and perhaps himself he hadn’t lost his edge having been promoted to a bridge.  “Ok”, Ramius shouted.  “It’s your butts that are going to get burned.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“All talk, all talk.  Guess its time for the cap here to put up or shut up boys.”

The pilots cheered standing from the table as they paid the expensive tab and waited for Mustang and Ramius to follow.  The holodeck and its fighter simulators were waiting.

“You are coming”, Mustang said standing holding onto the edge of the table for balance.

“Doesn’t look like I have much choice”, Ramius answered also having some trouble standing.  “You bastards never did cut your superiors any slack.”

“I seemed to remember a Wing Commander who was rather tough on his pilots as well”, Mustang muttered.  “Hmm, what was his name again?  He was a real…”

“Yeah, yeah, let’s just get this over with”, Ramius stated downing the last of a final beer before dropping the glass on the table.  “You nuts couldn’t take me then and I’ll be damned if you’ll take me now.”

Mustang just waived Ramius off.  “I’ve had time to practice”, he said with his usual cockiness.

“Just like old times.  You never could beat me fairly.”

“Who said I had to fight fair”, Mustang answered.

Friends and rivals – Ramius and Everic had flown together since the Academy and had constantly tried to out fly the other for fame, the record books, and for each other’s pride.  It had tested their friendship at times, but it was part of being a combat pilot.  In the old days it had kept them sharp.  Now it was just for bragging rights, but the stakes were still just as high.

Ramius tapped his comm. badge.  “Ramius to Corsair.”

“Novada here sir.”

“Commander, please continue to oversee repairs.  I have some business matters here on the station which require my attention.”

“Yes sir.”

“Have fun captain”, Novada replied.


“Corsair out.”

Ramius was appalled at his XO’s comments.  Was he that inebriated that she had picked up on it?

“Come on Tav”, Mustang shouted tugging on the captain’s arm giving him little time to contemplate the recent conversation, not that Ramius was in much condition to contemplate anything in any real depth given his current condition.  “We aren’t getting any younger over here.” 

Ramius was dragged out of the bar by his friend as the group of pilots marched toward the station’s holodecks for a little one on one combat practice with the drunken pilots eager to put their former commanding officer in his place.


Captain Taverain Ramius
Commanding Officer USS Corsair

Commander Lawrence "Mustang" Everic
Squadron Commander / Pilot

[USS Charon] SD240909.28 || Backlog || Cpt Tav Ramius, Cpt Zane Akina & Cmdr. Lawrence Everic - "Reunions Part 2"

U.S.S. Corsair - NCC-011979
Nebula Class Starship
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Reunions – Part Two”

Akina cringed as a fight suddenly ensued.  He gripped his phaser, but then stopped.  Something suddenly occurred to him.  Ramius had deliberately precipitated the fight.  Akina had no idea as to why, but Ramius obviously had a plan however half-baked.  He decided to see the captain in action.  This was after all his doing.  If he was going to provoke several drunken men, then Akina would sit back and watch.  Heading over to the bar, Akina ordered a beer.  If Ramius was going to put on a show then Akina saw no reason not to enjoy himself.

After thirty seconds, one of the officers was upside down on the floor.  Another lunged at Ramius only to wind up falling backwards onto the table rolling off its edge and onto the floor.  Akina sipped his beer as another man threw a fist behind Ramius.  To his surprise, Ramius reached up and blocked the man’s attack, grabbed his arm, and flipped the man forward sending him crashing onto the table’s surface with a thud.  Glasses fell to the floor shattering as the entire bar had swollen up around the brawl as bets and wagers were being taken as to the victor and loser of the conflict.

Akina was halfway through his beer enjoying the bubbling refreshment as one of the men grabbed a nearby bottle and shattered it over Ramius’s head.  Zane stopped sipping wondering if he should intervene, but his cynicism prevented his action.  This was Ramius’s fight.  If the man wanted the crap beat out of him who was he to stand in his way?  He had provoked the fight.

To Akina’s amazement, Ramius shrugged off the attack as if he hadn’t felt it.  The man who had attacked was equally stunned and was soon eating the pavement as a result of Ramius’s retaliation.  A few more moments passed and the officers all lie panting and in some cases bleeding on the floor of the bar with split lips, bruised chins, and even more injured egos.

“WHAT THE HELL”, a voice yelled out from the back as a pilot stepped from the backroom with a bottle in one hand.  He quickly noticed his pilots laid out on the floor which seemed to fill the man with anger.  Ramius had quickly turned his back to the man presenting him with an obvious opportunity to attack unchallenged.

Indeed the man seized the opportunity without regard to Ramius’s rank which glimmered in the dim light of the now jam packed bar.  Akina had been forced to push his way through the crowds, beer in hand, to maintain an eye on the action.  He greedily slurped down more beer as the action intensified.

Several of the men had regained their footing and Ramius now found himself pinned on three sides by several angry pilots.  They all charged at once now coordinating their assaults having been unsuccessful against the captain on an individual basis.  With uncanny speed and power, Ramius not only dodged the men’s advances, but somehow counterattacked within the blink of an eye.  In what seemed like an instant, three men flew backwards and a forth fell atop a nearby table which collapsed under the stress and clattered to the ground.

Ramius, composed and in a defensive posture still wore an unshakable smirk.  Akina was convinced Ramius was enjoying every second of this shameless display of violence and combat.  What was so incredibly disturbing was the fact that despite the combined efforts of all the man none of them had so much as laid a hand on the agile captain with the exception of the bottle which had shattered over Ramius’s head. 

Akina was beginning to see NeoDyne’s lust for capturing Ramius alive.  Taverain moved and acted just like the teenager Akina had been forced to fight within the research facility on Astate.  This display was purely for show as this was only a mere fraction of the captain’s true ability.  Akina was quite sure Ramius could have killed them all within seconds if he had so chosen.  It was all suddenly so clear why Ramius behaved as he did.  Neodyne wanted to capture Ramius and extract from him the building blocks needed to grow an army of Ramius’s all with the same levels of destructive capability.  Such a force would be difficult if not impossible to stop by any of the galaxy’s powers.

Akina quickly swallowed the last of his beer.  The necessity of keeping Ramius out of NeoDyne’s hands was now more clear than ever.  If he fell into their grasp the Federation and indeed the galaxy itself would be consumed by a peril unmatched since the Borg had invaded and almost conquered Earth.  A violent, bloody, and destructive fate would befall billions should the man before him be captured.  In his blood ran the deadly secret of a bygone alien race whose abilities should have died with them.

Akina shoved his way through the crowds.  He had to put a stop to this.  Ramius was too valuable to risk in a stupid bar fight.  Seconds from intervening, Akina stopped by a boisterous laugh that filled the entire bar.  Glancing down, one of the pilots, a commander, lay on the floor with a split lip and a wide smile as he laughed uncontrollably.

Perplexed by the behavior, Akina paused unsure what exactly was occurring.

“TAVERAIN RAMIUS”, the man shouted.  “You salty old pirate!”

Ramius moved and helped the man upwards from the floor.  Then two men pulled each other into a tight hug before stepping back each with a smile.  “Well hello Lawrence.  Had I known it was you and your men I wouldn’t have gone so easy on you”, he said with a wide grin.

The gathered crowds groaned and muttered as they quickly dispersed the action now over.  Within moments the bar was almost normal with little trace save for some broken glass and a split table that a fight had occurred.

“What the hell are you doing here”, the commander asked wiping the drying blood from his lip with his sleeve.  “And why did you decide to wipe out me and my pilots?  A simple hello would have sufficed.”

Ramius smiled saying nothing.  “Barkeep, three bottles of your finest whiskey please.”

The group of men sat down as did Ramius as alcohol was delivered with all of the men taking part in some sort of ritualistic pilot drinking routine which Akina did not understand.

“You’ve gotten slow and sloppy”, Ramius said after knocking back a shot of the powerful, but excellent alcohol.  “I’m disappointed Lawrence.”

“Did you show up here to inspect me and my men?  I didn’t know.  We would have worn brass knuckles if we knew you were coming.”

“They wouldn’t have helped…much”, Ramius quipped pouring himself another drink.  “What on earth are you doing here wasting away in this dump drinking substandard rot gut?  What happened?”

“No more war happened”, Lawrence responded.  “After the end of the Second Dominion War, Starfleet put most of us combat pilots out of work.  We were offered posts as helm officers, shuttle pilots, or honorable discharges, but many of us refused.  Without a war there just isn’t a need for seasoned combat pilots these days in this new era of peace and goodwill.  We’re washed up and have been hung out to dry by the very organization we fought and died to defend.  It’s disgraceful.  Now we just fill our days with whatever work comes our way.  When we aren’t on a mission we’re stuck on starbases like this one for months at a time.  It seems no one needs soldiers anymore.  It’s a diplomat’s world now with the Dominion vanquished yet again.  We served our purpose and like the other relics of war were now antiques relegated to the same dusty corners where our medals and commendations are hung.  No one needs or wants a soldier these days; we’re liabilities at least until the next major conflict.”

Ramius sighed.  He knew all to well the pains these men had and were facing.  The war had been terrible on many, yet for some who had given everything the pain still continued onward long after the conflict had ended.  Yet, despite his feelings, he knew exactly how these men felt and it was why he had diverted the Corsair.

“The war has been difficult on many of us”, Ramius said.

“Difficult?”  Lawrence laughed.  “You seem to have made out ok.  They made you a bloody captain!  Of all people!  I would never in a million years have guessed Starfleet was that stupid!”

The pilots all had a good laugh at Ramius’s expense.

“So they made you a captain did they”, Lawrence stated.  “So what’s it like being all respectable now?”

“Respectable”, Ramius asked with a questioning tone.  “Who said these pips make me respectable?”

“Well we just assumed…”

“Well don’t.  I’m the same Ramius I was as your wing commander during the war.  In fact, its because of that I am here now.  I’m here to offer you all a job assuming you’re up for the challenge.”

Lawrence’s eyes narrowed slightly.  “What sort of job?”

“A dangerous job”, Ramius responded.

“How dangerous?”

“Let’s just say the mission is classified and off the record.  I can promise you all a chance to get back in the game and can almost assure you your skills, which I highly value and admire, will not go unused.  In fact I can almost assure all of you that your talents will not only be needed, but will be vital to the success of our mission.”

Lawrence rubbed his chin as he stared at Ramius’s features.  “Ramius you sound like those close lipped intelligence officers we used to make fun of during briefings.  Tell me this isn’t an intelligence mission.”

“It isn’t an intelligence mission, it’s my mission.”

“Your mission?  Since when does Starfleet let its captain’s run around the cosmos on their own personal time?”

“Lawrence, have I ever played by the rules”, Ramius asked.

The pilot thought for a moment.  “No, no I suppose you haven’t.  What’s the target?”

“Sorry, need to know only”, Ramius said with a grin.  “You guys are either all in or all out right here, right now.  I cannot say anymore.  I’m offering a mission where you can do what you’ve been trained to do and what you want to do.  You can accept or you can remain here drinking cheap whiskey in this burned out bar waiting for menial orders which I’m sure are typically insulting to your talents.  What is it going to be?”

“Well could we have a moment alone to discuss the offer?”

“Of course”, Ramius said standing leaving the pilots to debate his offer.  He moved to the end of the bar where an intrigued Captain Akina sat quietly his face a mix of confusion and interest.

“Ramius, please tell me you didn’t drag the Corsair all the way out here to pick a fight with a bunch of has been pilots for old times sake?”

Ramius shrugged with a smile.  “Actually, I did drag us out here to pick a fight with some has been pilots.”

Akina quickly ordered another beer which he set about rapidly swallowing.  Perhaps an alcoholic buzz might help him understand Ramius’s twisted logic.

“Come again Captain.  The trail to Dr. Ballantine is growing colder by the moment and you decided to catch up with some old friends?”

“Yes”, Ramius replied ordering a beer for himself.

Akina looked at his beer in disbelief.  He needed to be drinking something harder.  Much harder.

“There’s more to it than that.  While they don’t look like much, you’re looking at quite possibly the finest and most decorated combat pilots in the fleet.  Each has a kill ratio an average pilot only dreams about.  Everyone at that table is a three time fighter ace or better.  The commander there for instance is a good friend.  We went to the academy and fought together in the war.  They don’t come any finer.”

“Funny”, Akina replied, “They don’t look like the best of the best.”

Ramius chuckled.  “They’re combat pilots Akina.  They abhor spit and polish as much as do I.  They might be navy pilots, but that doesn’t mean they have to be pressed, clean, and shaven.”

“Is that what they are calling undisciplined and disgraceful officers these days”, Akina answered sarcastically.

“Would you care to tell them that yourself Captain”, Ramius asked.

Akina refused to answer.  He’d had enough fighting to satisfy him for sometime.

“I’m here to recruit them.  Admiral Valtren can fix up some transfer orders and I’ll have their fighters transferred aboard the Corsair.  They all served under me during the war.  Not only are they expert combat pilots with experience, but they’re loyal, brave, and most of all trustworthy.  The insurance I mentioned, well that’s them.  Should NeoDyne, the Romulans, or the Klingons decide to pick a fight they’ll think twice against the Corsair’s war time weaponry and a squadron of expert pilots.”

Akina sighed.  “You actually think you can waltz in here, offer these men a mission with little to no details, fix up transfer papers, commandeer their fighters, and leave here like nothing happened?”

Ramius was about to respond to Akina’s skepticism when he was approached by the commander.

“Ok Ramius.  We talked it over.  You’ve bought yourself a squadron assuming you can fix the transfer paperwork.  We’ll do it.  Things were never dull when you were in command and we all decided it would be nice to have a proper commander again.”

Ramius smiled looking at Akina.  “Captain Akina, meet Commander Lawrence Everic.  Commander Everic, Captain Zane Akina, Starfleet Intelligence.”

“Just call me Mustang”, Everic said shaking Akina’s hand.  “Mustang?”

Ramius leaned over to Zane.  “It’s his callsign.  Sheesh you’re dense.”

“Well I just knew someone in Intelligence was involved in this business.  Well you guys always find a way to make our lives hell out there.”  Mustang slapped Akina on the back with a laugh.

Zane merely looked highly annoyed directing his gaze at Ramius who was enjoying the entire situation far, far too much.

“Can a friend buy a captain a drink or is that considered inappropriate now”, Everic asked.

Ramius had duties to attend to, but he could postpone such matters for a drink or two with an old comrade in arms.

“I thought you’d never ask”, Ramius replied with a grin.

Akina, desperate to leave the bar, obtained Ramius’s permission to return to the ship.  So confused by Ramius’s actions he was unsure if he should speak to the ship’s counselor if only to vent.  Perhaps Commander Novada’s ear would suffice.  Surely she had dealt with Ramius’s eccentric behavior long enough to be sympathetic.



Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina

Starfleet Intelligence


Commander Lawrence “Mustang” Everic

Squadron Commander / Pilot


[USS Charon] SD240909.28 || Backlog || Cpt Tav Ramius & Cpt Zane Akina - "Reunions - Part 1"

U.S.S. Corsair - NCC-011979
Nebula Class Starship
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“Reunions – Part One”

The steel doors of the airlock parted with a hiss of air that gently caressed the face of Captain Taverain Ramius who stood patiently as the bulky double doors slid open.  Stepping outside the Corsair, Ramius took a deep breath only to find the station air smelled precisely like the sterile, ionized air of the Corsair and was little different.  Slightly disappointed, he moved onwards with Captain Akina close behind. 

Ramius stopped beyond the airlock and leaned against the steel railing of an observation deck as he stared out of one of Starbase 145’s large windows at his ship – the USS Corsair.  The majestic Nebula Class starship gleamed in the bright lights of the station.  Docking at the station would afford the crew some time to relax.  They would indeed need the respite.  Ramius’s plans to go on the hunt for the wily Dr. Ballantine would place his ship and crew in a dangerous area of space between two empires that had always been wary and suspicious of the Federation.  His presence would not be welcomed which is why he would need to be swift, discrete, and most of all stealthy.  However, Ramius was a realist.  Years of fighter combat had taught him that things seldom went according to plan.  It was possible and probable the Corsair would encounter Romulans, Klingons, or NeoDyne forces and would need to be ready to defend itself.  That contingency is why he had stopped at Starbase 145.  He would need some additional insurance if he were to attempt this dangerous and unauthorized mission to find and capture Artimus Ballantine.

“She’s a good looking ship”, Akina said leaning against the railing.  “She’s even more impressive on the outside.”

“She’s a tough girl”, Ramius replied with a slight smile.  “She’ll need to be if we go after the doctor.”

Akina shook his head.  He still had reservations about Ramius’s plans.  “I still think chasing him across the Neutral Zone is both foolish and fraught with danger.”

Ramius turned toward the intelligence officer with a stern expression.  “Danger comes with your uniform Akina.  Being in Intelligence doubles that risk.  Enough with your calls for caution.  If we are to strike back at our mutual adversary then we must be willing to take some risks to achieve our goals.”

Akina stiffened.  “Ramius I have no fear of your plan.  My concern comes from my lack of understanding of it and how we intend on tackling the challenges that lie ahead.  Beyond the Neutral Zone are some large and hazardous obstacles.  If we are to scale them we must first have a plan and then plan contingencies as well as having an exit strategy.  In my line of work one must have plans in place to both achieve objectives, but to also escape and spy another day if and when things do not go according to plan.  Neither of us can afford to let emotion cloud our judgment or influence our decisions.  The stakes and the risks are far too high.”

Ramius nodded.  “Agreed.  That is why we are here.”

“I don’t understand”, Akina answered, “which is part of my objection to your proposal.”

“You will.  I promise everything will be explained in full detail in short order.  Let’s go.”

Akina sighed.  Ramius was a man of few words.  What little he did say was often cryptic as were is unorthodox actions.  The man had perfected the arts of deception, misdirection, and guile.  Zane couldn’t blame him.  The life he had been forced to live with a bounty on his head coupled with the supreme responsibility that hung on Ramius’s shoulders had made him cautious, careful, and above all unpredictable.  Perhaps that was how he evaded NeoDyne’s tentacles day after day, mission after mission.  Ramius was the ultimate fox and Akina had no doubt that if he were chased by a thousand eager hounds filled with the lust of the hunt he would find a way to evade them all.


== [ Thirty Minutes Later ] ==


“In here”, Ramius gestured toward a rundown looking establishment with a grungy exterior fa├žade.  Akina noticed the place was another seedy bar.

“Oh no.  Not another bar.  Not again.  What the hell are we doing here?  I’m not in the mood for a drink and neither of us has the time to be drowning ourselves in alcohol.”

“I’m not here for booze”, Ramius muttered.  “This is where we’ll find him.”

“Find who?”

“You’ll see.”

Akina rubbed his head.  Ramius’s stubborn mysteriousness was beginning to irritate him.  “This gets ugly and you can fend for yourself Tav.  I’m not in the mood to fight my way out of this place.”

“Would you stop your b*tching for two seconds and just get in here”, the captain shouted over his shoulder as entered the rough establishment.

“Whatever”, Akina muttered following Ramius’s lead.

The place wasn’t too dissimilar from the bar they had fought their way out of two weeks ago.  Filled with all sorts of unsavory characters Ramius and Akina were both carefully scrutinized by the patrons as they entered less than friendly territory.  Akina shoved his hand into his pocket.  Even aboard a starbase his intelligence training ensured he was always prepared for the unexpected.  His fingers closed over the cool plastic exterior of a type I phaser.  If trouble did occur at least he would be ready this time.

Ramius meanwhile forged ahead through the bar as if he owned the place.  Akina looked on as the captain approached a table of Starfleet officers who appeared to be pilots.  Many of them seemed to have already had one too many drinks.  This didn’t look good.

Ramius stopped at the crowded table, grabbed a half empty bottle of whisky on table, took a sizable swig and then spat out the liquid in a spray over the table.  Akina immediately froze.  ‘Damn that Ramius!’  Did he had a death wish?  He pulled the phaser from his pocket and kept it discreetly at the ready.  It was obvious trouble was only a few moments away.

“I cannot believe you bums are actually drinking this low grade swill”, Ramius proclaimed holding the bottle before the men.  “Only the saltiest old seadogs drink such filth.  Have you lost your sense of respect?  Obviously it seems that you have!”

Several of the officers stood quickly in response to Ramius’s words.  Akina rolled his eyes, but fixated on Taverain’s expression.  To his surprise the captain was grinning.  In fact, Ramius was enjoying this!  The fool was starting a bar room brawl and wore a smile?  Akina resisted the urge to hit his forehead.  What sort of madman was Ramius?  Did he get a rush out of pain and injury?

“I don’t care if you’re a captain or not”, one of the drunken men blabbered.  “You’ll be handing that bottle back over and apologizing or else I’m afraid we might scuff those shiny pips of yours.”

“I’d like to see you try”, Ramius said with a wide grin.  “The last person who tried wound up in traction for a month.”  Ramius dropped the bottle to the floor which shattered its alcoholic contents leaking into a sticky amber puddle.

“You’ll regret that captain.”

“Highly Doubtful”, Ramius answered with confident smugness.



Captain Taverain Ramius

Commanding Officer, USS Corsair


Captain Zane Akina

Starfleet Intelligence


Monday, September 28, 2009

[USS Charon] SD:240909.27 || JL - Duty Log || CSEC, Lt. Cmdr Dylan Marcus & ASEC Farien M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell.

=/\=Chief of Security's Office=/\=

M'Narth walks down the halls toward the Chief of Security's Office as to talk with him about the reason and what is going to be going on with him on the ship. While walking down the hall he started to see other Starfleet Officers giving him looks that didn't please him as he knew that Starfleet still didn't like Romulans or trust us that much. M'Narth  finally got to the office of the Chief of Security. He rings the door chime and waits to be requested to enter. 
Dylan was Finishing up his official report into the murder of the two Romulan Scientists and the attempted Murder of Lt. Commander Ch'tan. The report would show the cases had been closed, stating that the prime suspect was missing. He heard the door chime and looked up from his terminal. He saved the file and switched off the unit.
"Enter." he called out.
M'Narth entered the office and walked in front of the Chief of Security's desk and came to attention and saluted the Commander. "Farien M'Nart i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell of the Romulan Rei'Krannsu. I am reporting for duty Commander." 

The Commander motioned to the seat opposite his desk. "Have a seat Farien." He said.  "I understand that you have been assigned as the Personal Body guard of Captain t'Rehu. That being said, she has placed you under my department; that means any security measures you want to implement go through me." he said.

"Well Commander, I would like to let you know that I have I will be carrying a Romulan Disrupter Pistol and Rifle with me at all times Commander. I would like to request that either a pair of Starfleet Security personal or Starfleet Marines be assigned to the Ael'Riov Office and personal quarters. I am sure that Ael'Riov t'Rehu is not going to be happy but I am here to insure her protection not her happiness. Also I will be needing a close protection team with her children at all times. I am not sure of her bond mate as he was detailed in my report or orders, so I will leave that you Commander. I also request that a Special Reaction Team be placed under my command to assist in doing my duty Commander." M'Narth hands the Commander a request form with everything that he just stated waiting for his agreement or disagreement with it.
Marcus took the data PADD and looked it over. "The disruptor pistol I have no problems with while you are on duty, however I draw the line at my officers walking around the ship with rifles." He replied. "As for the guards around the Captain's quarters and children, that is already in effect after the attempted mutiny on this ship. We try to keep as low a profile as possible around the children. The Father is, how shall we say; not in the picture at present." Dylan got to the end of the list of requests. "What exactly would this special reaction team do?" he asked the man. 

 "While the disruptor rifle was a request by my superiors that I be allowed to carry the rifle. I understand that you don't like it but my orders are such that I would be willing to compromise with you, if you have two Marines assigned to my detail; that would work. As for the Special Reaction Team they would be able to provide a bigger force to protect the Ael'Riov when things as you humans say 'get hairy'. They could be equipped to have site to site transporters to be able to show when I would need them to show up. As of the children I understand to keep there security detail low profile but I would like to meet the Security Officers that are assigned to them. We would be like the old Earth nation United Kingdom's London Metropolitan Police Service Royalty Protection Group. If you understand what I mean Commander?" M'Narth is knowing that he is not going to get everything but he will try to work with Commander Marcus. 
Marcus leaned forward and clasped his hands on the desk. He was not too keen on having Romulans dictating how he ran his department. "While i appreciate your superiors concerns, Security on this ship is my responsibility. You have your two men Farien, though as marines are in short supply on this ship; you will be assigned two klingon guards." He paused to gauge the man's response to his statement.
"I will arrange to have you speak to Lt. Acel'a I will be assigning her as the officer in charge of their protection from now on." he leaned back in his chair. "I'm afraid that the special reaction team will have to be put on hold. Security is a little short handed now that the marines are no longer on the ship. I can't spare anyone else at the moment. but we have the best Security AI system in the Federation. ALICE has been programmed to monitor all movments of the Captain and her children at all times as well as those who visit. She can react faster than anyone on this ship. I trust that this will be acceptable?" he asked more as a formality rather than a need for the Farien's approval.
While Commander Marcus was talking M'Narth was judging that he was not going to get all what he would like to have, but he understands that unlike Rei'Krannsu where things would be done because of orders. Here Starfleet is a bit different. "While Commander, I understand that you have shortage of Security Officers, I was briefed before I came aboard the ship with your recent mission. I do understand that your allowing me to of your officers and the Klingon Guards to my detail, but are you sure these Klingons are going to listen to my orders or am I going to have show them just what the Rei'Krannsu are know for?" M'Narth laughs abit. "As for your Security AI System ALICE, I have been able to look over her specification and I believe that she is very nice and will work great for this but I would like to have direct access of the system for ability to have the Ael'Riov and her children transported out of danger as soon as I could Commander. Also I mean no disrespect to you or your command if I am trying to follow my orders Commander." M'Narth leans forward and offers the Commander his hand is a show of respect. 
Dylan tried to hold back a smile. "The klingons will follow their orders. Their commander has assured me of that." Marcus replied, knowing the history between the two races. As for your access, You will have access according to your rank. Anything outside that, for now; will be on a need to know basis. While this is not a Romulan ship, I am sure that you will understand the need restrict certain information not expressly needed for ones duties. That was a round about answer he knew, but then again transporter access was not a highly restricted system.
Dylan stood up and took M'Narth's hand. "Not at all. We all have our orders. This not your typical mission. certain compromises are nessesary; but as long as follow the chain of command we wont have any problems."
He looked to his chronometer and then back to the Romulan Officer. It was nearly time to pick up Lizzy for dinner. "Dismissed, oh and Welcome aboard." He said.
    M'Narth was glad that the Commander was not going to such a hard person to work with. "Commander I understand your not allowing me access to more then needed as I would do the same to you on a Rei'Krannsu ship in your place. Your right Commander this is not a typical mission for myself or someone in my service as we are more what you humans call Special Forces or Rangers. I can assure I will follow the chain of command." M'Narth shacks the commanders hand and then returns it to his pistol and just waits. "Thank you Commander, I think that your the first person that has welcomed me aboard the ship as I think most of your crew doesn't like the idea of a armed Romulan walking around the ship." M'Narth turns and walks out of the office.
=/\=End Log=/\=
Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon.
Farien M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell
Bodyguard, Rei'Krannsu
USS Charon

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[USS Charon] SD240909.27 | Joint Duty Log | Captain Rehu & Commander Jennings

=/-\= Bridge, USS Charon =/-\=
For some time now Counselor Jennings had been trying to schedule some time to talk to Commodore Rehu. Unfortunately, before that opportunity arose, the Commander saw the reports traveling down through the grapevines that her proper title was once again 'Captain.' This had been somewhat shocking at first, as Rehu seemed like the sort of person who would not exactly give in to such a demotion. But then, after thinking about it for only a few minutes he realized that she was also the exact sort of type who, on occasion, warranted demotion.
So, after seeing these reports filtering around he made the decision to postpone all of his other appointments until he had a chance to speak with her regarding the situation. Which is how he found himself standing outside of her ready room waiting for permission to enter.

"Enter."  Shiarrael said, her eyes were staring at a PADD as the door opened.  When Jennings stepped in she didn't bother to look up at him "what can I do for you today Commander?"

Under normal circumstances Paul may have been offended by such a lack of recognition, though he had come to understand the command style of this particular Commanding Officer. Stepping in towards the desk, stopping behind a chair with his hands behind his back he cleared his throat, "Actually, ma'am, I was hoping you could clear up a few minutes of your time."

Shiarrael broke her attention off the PADD and looked at the Commander "you have a few minutes.  What do you need?"

Being careful not to use any particular title, he continued, "Well, ma'am, I thought you might need to talk about what's happened. I'm sure it's a frustrating situation you've been put in."

"Frustrating situation?"  Shiarrael was slightly confused "Commander what are you talking about?"

"I'm referring to," Paul stumbled, fighting in his mind for the proper words. "Your demotion, ma'am."

"This?"  Shiarrael pointed at her collar and laughed "frustration?  Commander you are certainly mistaken.  This is liberating.  I demanded it- but that should be only known between us."  She smirked "what are they saying?  I have been intrigued."

Her revelations definitely caught the Counselor by surprise, and for a moment he wasn't quite sure how to respond. "Nothing of any relevance, apparently, ma'am. But you have to realize that flag officers aren't often demoted back to Captain. And when they are, it's usually over something rather large. And most people can think of a number of...smaller items, but nothing that could really merit a demotion."

Shiarrael sighed and leaned back in her chair "your lack of creativity is truly disappointing Commander.  If someone wishes it upon another they can easily twist circumstances to their benefit.  I have lost a dozen Starfleet Marines after knowingly marooning them on a Romulan outpost.  I have also failed to completely follow Starfleet's highest and most classified directive.  One can easily twist those incidents into something meriting what I have been given."

"I apologize, ma'am," he replied with a slight bow of his head. "I would have assumed that Command would be thrilled that you found a way to neutralize the Omega threat without destroying an entire civilization. As for the Marines, I can think of a couple other alternative solutions, but then you did what you felt was necessary. While mutiny is a serious offense in Federation standards, it's much more personal within your people. Correct?"

"There is only one punishment for treachery among my people Commander.  If the Federation had equal standards there would have been no need to maroon them on the outpost."  Shiarrael smirk "but perhaps they met the same fate anyways.  The universe is truly a master of irony at times."

 Deciding it best to move the conversation along, and having just the subject to approach, the Paul continued, "You said your demotion from flag status was liberating. What exactly did you mean by that?"

"I don't need the additional responsibility of such ranks."  Shiarrael smiled at Jennings "Commander, I assure you I am quite sane.  You can go about your business without such worries."

Jennings offered a slight smile in return as he countered, "And I assure you, ma'am, that's it not insanity I'm concerned with. In this case it's crew morale that's at the forefront of my mind. To have their commanding officer demoted is sure to dampen spirits, whether you accepted or requested doesn't matter if they don't understand. Not to mention your own morale. A depressed Captain is an inefficient one."

"They just saved two hundred and fifty million people Commander.  I doubt it is possible to dampen their morale."  Shiarrael returned her attention to the PADD "as for me, I am quite fine."

Shaking his head, Paul leaned down against the chair in front of him, his weight resting on his hands which were spaced across the width of the chair-back, "The image a commanding officer has is instrumental for a crew's happiness, ma'am. It might not be that way in the Empire, but in Starfleet the entire ship is centered on its captain. So forgive me for insisting on discussing the topic, ma'am, but unless the crew sees that you're still satisfied with your position, there's not much of anything can keep morale from falling."

Shiarrael stood up and walked around the table.  With a wide grin she grabbed the Commander by the collar and forcibly dragged him out onto the bridge "Commander I am growing tired of listening to you prattle on.  Go waste the time of someone who has plenty to spare."  The entire bridge staff turned and looked at the pair and she glared at them "are you all not busy?"  She shoved Jennings towards them "occupy their time since they seem to have plenty to spare, enough to concern themselves with the business of others."  She smirked at Jennings and walked back into her ready room.

It took several moments for Paul to really compute what had just happened. It was so shocking to him that she ended up back into her sealed office space before he actually turned around to look at the closed doors. Ignoring the looks he was getting from the officers working on the bridge, he felt his face beginning to get warm.
In all his time as an officer serving in Starfleet he had never, ever been treated as such. And never had a commanding officer laid hands on his in such a manner. It was...unacceptable! It was beyond belief. Despite all of his command training, and his years as a diplomat, he felt his temper rising past a mild simmer to something close to an all-out rage. For several moments he stood there, glaring at the doors. Several courses of action ran through his head. It would, of course, be most practical to return to his office and contact Starfleet Command about her physical assault on him.
But then practicality rarely won out in an emotional situation.
Taking a deep breath, his face now a bright red from anger, Paul made his decision. Without further thought he strode forward, back towards the ready room doors, which parted for him, and entered back into the Lioness' den.

Shiarrael looked up and frowned "apparently you did not comprehend?"

"No, ma'am," the Commander replied, not bothering to control his tone or his volume. All of his counselor collectivity and calm went flying out the viewport as he continued. "It was you who didn't comprehend! And I don't give a flying damn who you are, what your position is, or who you know, but don't you ever lay another hand on me!"

"Lay a hand on you?"   Shiarrael laughed and hysterically so "counselor, If I had laid a hand on you, you certainly would not be in front of me right now.  You would either be unconscious or dead."  She stopped laughing and stood up "after that display I highly doubt morale will decline much.  Now the rumors will say the Captain hasn't changed much."  She pointed at the door "before you make another foolish accusation Commander I suggested you leave my ready room and calm yourself."

"If you were wanting to make a point there are better ways to do it than throwing around one of your senior officers, ma'am," replied the Commander, with a deal of emphasis on the last word. "You may have have convinced the crew you're the same you, but I'm pretty sure you just convinced me that you need to start scheduling some regular counseling sessions!"

"How far do you think I can throw you Commander?"  Shiarrael smiled wickedly.

With a glare in his eyes, Paul answered plainly, "Unless it's directly to my office, with you in tow, then not far enough."
"You have some cleverness."  She smirked "very well, schedule me in for as many sessions as you feel necessary.  Now get out of my office, or you will learn how far I can throw you."
=/-\= End Log =/-\=
Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon
Commander Paul Jennings
Head Counselor
USS Charon