Tuesday, September 29, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240909.29 || Joint Personal Log || LtCmdr Foster & Lt Xavier

=/\= Ch'tan's Quarters, USS Charon =/\=

Instead of going straight back to sickbay, Ch'tan had asked D'Vana to help him back to his quarters, his fathers weapons had been taken there after the nurses in sickbay had objected to having bladed weapons left in his room.

As they came in through the door, the faint smell of blood filled Ch'tan's nostrils, it was hard to clean blood away fully, "The smell will serve as a reminder," the young Klingon growled as they made their way to the couch.

"A reminder I'd rather you not live through again." D'Vana helped him to the couch and made sure he was sitting first before she sat down with him. "Are you sure you don't want to return to sickbay?" She asked softly...

"I am sure," Ch'tan replied as he pushed himself forward on the couch and took the two weapons off the table, they were notched all along the blades, signs that they had been used alot, "My fathers Mek'leth," he added slowly as he forced his legs to take his weight and stood up slowly and made his way over to where his blades were sat.

"They will take pride of place here," he said as he unhooked his weapons and replaced them with the blades of his family.

She smiled softly wishing she had known her mother more. "They will take pride." She agreed.

His legs wobbling slightly, Ch'tan made his way back over to the couch with his paired Mek'leth and placed them gently on the table, "While we were apart, I made some modifications to those weapons, why dont you take a look?" he said with a light growl, "It took a bit of research and quite alot of work, but I think it will suffice,"

D'Vana looked at him slightly puzzled, then reached for the Mek'Leth to examine the weapon. She saw nothing different about the blade from her own weapons but on the crest on the Pommel... Running her thumb over the crest she didn't really know what to say... "My mother's crest?" She asked him looking into his eyes. "how'd you find out what it was, what's this other crest?" She asked curiously.

"It was in the database, that crest is actually a mixed one, your mothers, which is also your own and my crest, I dont know if I have done it right, i'm not versed in what it all means, but I intend it to mean we are as one, our families are as one," Ch'tan replied slowly as he picked up the second Mek'leth, "I also want you to have them, as a gift," he added with a slight smile.

D'Vana looked over the Mek'leths, no one had ever given her a gift like this before. She felt tears in her eyes and set the weapons down before throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Thank you Ch'Tan, I'll make good use of them, but until that day I hope they'll  have a place in our quarters." She said softly and kissed him again being careful not to hurt him...

"We will have to request a set of shared quarters from Captain t'Rehu soon," Ch'tan replied as he kissed her back, pulling her lips with his teeth, "I will keep them here for now if you wish," he added slowly.

"I wish, a reminder to get shared quarters." she growled softly kissing him again. She's had her own quarters for far to long when all she's longed for was being back with Ch'Tan...

Ch'tan leant back on the couch and pulled D'vana close to him, he had missed being with her for so long and then when they were reunited, he was in sickbay, "I'll go and see her as soon as I can," he said softly.

"Mmm good." She kissed him nipping at his lower lip with her teeth. "Because I'll still be sharing your quarters with you until you do." She growled softly smiling at him and kissing him again...

"Well hopefully i'll be released from sickbay soon, either they release me or i'll discharge myself, I hate being stuck looking at the walls all day," Ch'tan replied as he kissed her back again, one of his large arms around her shoulders, "It could drive a man to the brink of insanity," he chuckled as he raised his legs and placed them on the table.

"Mmm any man or just you?" she asked with a soft smile.

"I think it would drive any man insane," Ch'tan chuckled as he pushed himself into a sitting position and stretched, "It feels good to be in my own quarters, even if it is for a short while," he added with a sigh.

"Well I"m glad that your able to relax in your own quarters for even a short while as well." She said softly kissing the side of his mouth where his lips met... "So what can I do to help you relax?" She asked softly....

"I am already as relaxed as i'm going to get," Ch'tan growled lightly as he turned his head and kissed his mate again, "I suppose we should be heading back to sickbay, they might get annoyed that i'm not there," he added slowly as he pushed himself to his feet and swayed a little before steadying himself.

"Possibly." She said softly moving to help him steady himself. "I'll help you back to sickbay then check in with Engineering. I still havent' done that you know." She smirked softly kissing him again...

(To Be Continued...)

Lieutenant Commander Ch'tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer


Lieutenant D'vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer

USS Charon

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