Thursday, September 17, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.18 - Joint Log "Arrival & Bad News" - Commodore Rehu & Lieutenant Xavier

[USS Charon]

Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier was relieved to finally be on the Charon. She couldn't wait to find Ch'Tan, however she had to check in with the romulan CO first. Being half Klingon, D'Vana didn't know what to expect from the CO and tend to wonder if she was anything like the CO she had just left on the QF.

Shiarrael was in the ready room going over the sensor data provided by the Quantum Fury's annoying Captian.  Everything pointed at the culprit being a Romulan vessel- but which and by who?  The questions were vexing her.  Finally exasperated with the lack of information she tossed the PADD into the far wall and leaned back in her chair letting out a heavy sigh.

Straightening her uniform jacket D'Vana pressed the chime to the ready room and waited for the Captain Shiarrael to grant her entrance or whatever...

"Enter."  Shiarrael automatically said and pushed the remaining PADDs to the far side of her desk.  When D'Vana stepped in Shiarrael looked at the woman "Lieutenant Xavier I assume?"

D'Vana gave a nod of acknowledgement. "I would have been here sooner, but QF, took a little longer then I had anticipated." D'Vana said with a bit of a smile.

"It would seem."  Shiarrael said motioning to the pile of PADDs "that there were some difficulties."  She repressed a sigh and studied the woman "but welcome aboard this ship.  I hope you will find it more suitable then your last assignment."

"I'm sure I will." She said thinking of Ch'Tan. "I haven't seen Ch'Tan yet, he is still your 1st officer is he not?" D'Vana asked curious looking a bit worried that he might have moved on or something when she had been so close to reuniting with him.

"I'm afraid there was an incident."  Images of the blood soaked Commander flashed in her head as she spoke but Shiarrael remained calm and composed "he was attacked in his quarters by an unknown assailant and his injured were significant.  Along with his injured he was poisoned- however do not fret.  He is recovering, slowly so, but he is recovering."

D'Vana managed to keep calm and composed as the woman at the desk spoke. It was good she did, for she managed to hear it all instead of only half bits. "He was attacked in his quarters? can I see him at all?" She asked her voice sounding slightly tense, her shoulders having stiffened a bit in worry.

"Indeed, it is difficult to explain."  Very difficult, Shiarrael thought.  She still vividly remembered finding the bloody body of her XO- and then trying her best to keep him from bleeding to death.  It was scene she had no reason to speak of anymore than once "go to sickbay and inform them I sent you.  You will be able to see him."

D'Vana gave a nod of her head understanding that it would be difficult. "Thank you." She said softly appreciating that she would be able to go see Ch'Tan.

"Go visit him Lieutenant.  He will be happy to see you.  After that you may see the quartermaster for your room assignment.  Dismissed."  Shiarrael broke her gaze and returned her attention to the PADDs.

"Yes ma'am." D'Vana said with a soft smile and turned to leave the ready room, after all she had been dismissed, and she was more than eager to see Ch'Tan and make sure he was alright. Then she was going to kill him for not keeping his instincts as sharp as he should.


Commodore Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer
USS Charon