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[USS Charon] SD240909.16 || Backlog || "The Corsair, A Captain, and Confrontation - Part 2" - Cmdr. Novada & Cpt. Ramius

U.S.S. Corsair - NCC-011979
Nebula Class Starship
 “Sic Parvis Magna”
(Greatness From Small Beginnings)

“The Corsair, A Captain, and Confrontation”

…These are the stakes and the responsibilities that come with such knowledge.  Choose carefully commander as once you begin down this path, you cannot go back.”


==Backlog ==[ PART 2 ]=======================================================


“I accept the danger”, Novada quickly said giving the matter careful, but rapid consideration.


“Very well”, Ramius humbly replied.  She had made her decision if in fact it had been faster than he personally would have liked, however he respected her judgment and would now be relying more upon it.  He was still vexed by Valtren’s fatherly meddling, but such issues he would deal with at a later time.  On a personal level he was distressed by the growing number of people who knew of his dark secret; a secret he had kept hidden from the universe for over thirty years.  Despite his inner trepidation there was some comfort to be had with others sharing the burden he had carried for so long.  There had been times when he would have done anything to tell someone about his troubles.  Like the Greek titan Atlas who was forever condemned to carry the weight of the world upon his shoulders Ramius could empathize with the mythical figure.  The burden and responsibility was great, perhaps too great for any one man to bear, however he had walked the difficult path for so very long he knew no other way.  Letting others help him was difficult for him to accept.  His anxiety and suspicions had grown in recent years as NeoDyne had become smarter, more cunning, daring, and dangerous.  Ramius constantly felt their knife at his throat.  Thus was his existence however he had vowed to avenge his dead parents and his brother’s years of captivity at their cruel hands.  The day when NeoDyne would pay for its misdeeds lie somewhere in the future of that he was certain.  The long and dangerous road to that day was dark, unclear, and fraught with danger, but he would continue to walk it no matter the distance, the time, or the risk.


Ramius took a seat and motioned for his XO to join him.  She nodded and sat down next to the CO on his couch.  “How much did Valtren tell you”, Ramius asked.


“Not much.  As I said he kept the details rather obscure however his orders were quite clear.”


“Commander, you’re looking at a genetically altered human.  My brother and I were diagnosed at a young age with a rare birth defect which was terminal.  I’ll spare you the details, but my brother and I were saved by an unethical experiment which involved genetic materials obtained from an extinct species which was discovered on my home planet.  The original samples of that species were destroyed in an accident leaving the only remaining viable samples of their DNA flowing within the veins of myself and my brother.”


Novada nodded.  “I suspect there is some significance to your medical condition sir?”


“Indeed.  The race whose DNA was used to correct our birth defect was discovered to have incredible benefits which include enhanced mental processes, speed, strength, etc.  Over the years I have discovered that I can harness this power for short durations.”


“How so sir?”  Novada paused for a moment.  “Sir, the cut above your eye.  I noticed it was bleeding earlier when you returned from the surface.  I cannot see the injury now.  Did you treat the wound yourself?”


“In a way.  Rapid healing is a benefit of my unique talents.”


“I am beginning to see your reasoning for concern and caution.”


“While I have been endowed with miraculous abilities alas their effects do not last long and indeed I suffer a penalty for their use after the fact.  The human body was never meant to possess the abilities bestowed upon me and thus there are severe consequences for their use.  But all of this is just background on a far more sinister issue.


Have you heard of the NeoDyne Corporation?”


“Military contractor of some sort if I recall.”


“More than any mere contractor, NeoDyne is a multifaceted colossus which is engaged in weapons, medical, and aerospace research.  Its influence and power have grown over the years making it a formidable name in politics, defense, and even diplomatic circles.”


“I’m not sure I understand sir.  What does this company have to do with you?”


“Its president, a man named Merikai, he also knows of my secret.  His late father first heard about our miraculous abilities some twenty years ago when we were children.  Since that time NeoDyne and its agents have pursued my brother and I across the galaxy in order to capture us and extract the alien genetic information from our blood.  They raided my home as a child and killed my mother and father in the attempt to possess our secrets.


My brother was captured during that raid and endured years of vile experiments at their hands.  He later escaped, but he is not the boy I once knew.  His will and mind have been forever scarred by their hands.  I managed to escape with the assistance of Admiral Valtren, then a mere Lt. Commander in intelligence and a close friend of my father.


Even now, after two decades, NeoDyne continues to pursue me.  On the colony Akina and myself were following up on a lead which we hoped would allow us to find evidence to shed light on NeoDyne’s dark ambitions and activities, but we were ambushed by their agents.  We narrowly managed to escape.”


“Why are they so intent on obtaining this DNA?  Is it purely for profit?”


Ramius almost smiled.  “No.  Profit is the furthest thing from their mind, from his mind.  I cannot be sure of their exact motives Commander.  This is what Akina and I are so desperate to ascertain given their recent actions.  The explosion on Astate and now another attempt to capture me leads us to conclude NeoDyne is becoming impatient.


If they manage to capture me and extract the DNA from my blood they will have the genetic information needed to reconstitute the lost alien genetic code.  Such knowledge would undoubtedly allow them to perform experiments of unprecedented horror.  In time we think they may be able to merge the alien genes with humans successfully without the side effects my brother and I are prone to.  We have some evidence that suggests NeoDyne is attempting to do so even now using the samples obtained from my brother, but have so far been unsuccessful. 


There is strong evidence to suggest NeoDyne seeks to create a new breed of human hybrids, possibly a new type of super soldier with unnatural abilities that could prove to be quite formidable.  Once obtained and mass produced they might sell such biological know how to the highest bidder and create a genetic arms race or perhaps attempt to take control of the Federation or other powers themselves.  In either case, NeoDyne’s ambitions have no end and they are positioning themselves quietly and with subtle precision to become a galactic power broker.


The doctor, must to his credit, also suggests that the alien DNA while unstable might also be harnessed in time to extend human life far beyond its current limits though such a feat my brother and I are incapable of and the suggestion is purely speculation.  However, it might be possible to create a treatment granting the elite vastly extended lifespans giving NeoDyne control over life and death itself.  No one should have the power to decide who lives and who dies and such power can only lead to corruption, suffering, and abuse.”


Ramius sat back while his first officer drank in the new knowledge he had presented her.


After a time she looked up at him.  He sensed fear in her eyes.  He was unsure if that fear was directed at him or the implications of the knowledge he had just imparted.


“I..I’m just finding this hard to believe captain.  Is Starfleet aware of the…”


“No”, Ramius quickly interrupted.  “Starfleet knows nothing!  And that’s how it shall remain!”


“But if NeoDyne is so much of a threat then..”


“Commander look at me and listen”, Ramius commanded.  “The information inside of me is too valuable for anyone to know about.  It is Pandora’s box.  No matter how good the intentions, no matter how noble or pure the individual, absolute power corrupts absolutely.  The stakes are the lives of billions of innocent people and I cannot and will not let anyone open the box.  The risk is too great.  I am prepared to do whatever it takes to prevent this from occurring even if that means I must take my own life to rid the universe of the curse within me.  Do you understand now the gravity of the situation?”


Novada nodded though she was having difficulty fully grasping the magnitude of the captain’s words.  Such a story was so incredible it was almost beyond belief.  “I understand sir.  Your words are indeed difficult.  As you said this path is not easy to follow.  However, I was warned and accepted the risk and responsibility.  You have my word your trust in me will not be betrayed sir.”


Ramius placed his arm on Novada’s shoulder.  “Thank you.  You have no idea how much that means to me Alanis”, he said warmly.


Alanis blushed slightly.  This was a side of the captain she had never seen.  Was it possible he really did possess a heart under that tough, hard exterior?



“Sir, our mission then, is it related to all of this?”


“Yes and no”, Ramius replied.  “Admiral Valtren has managed to secure the Corsair for special intelligence operations classified as black.  You were wondering why we seem to get all the missions no one else wants?  Well, such is the price for certain freedoms that would otherwise be impossible.  By doing Intelligence’s dirty work we are afforded certain latitude and authority to pursue NeoDyne and monitor their activities.  It is our hope that with time we can gather enough evidence to expose the company and its sinister intentions to the public eye and destroy their power and influence and end the danger they pose to peace and liberty.”


“Were you able to learn anything on the colony sir”, Novada asked.


“We heard an interesting tale, one we have yet to substantiate.  Akina is checking on it now.  If it is true then it is only further evidence that NeoDyne is positioning itself to achieve some dark plan.  We must uncover their intentions.  I fear that even without the DNA within me they may still have enough of the puzzle to conjure up demons from hell itself and unleash them on the galaxy.”


“I should probably return to the bridge sir.  I think I need some time to fully appreciate everything you have told me.”


“Of course”, Ramius said standing helping his first officer upwards from the sofa.


Novada suddenly stiffened and saluted.  “You have my support sir.”


Ramius nodded.  “I will count on it then Commander.”  He moved to shake her hand.  As he grasped it he wanted desperately to tell her more, to unload a lifetime of pain, sorrow, self doubt, and more into her understanding and warm arms, but such thoughts were the stuff of dreams.  Professionally such desires were impossible. Ramius’s personal affections for his first officer were not only unprofessional, but unrealistic.  Despite such facts he could not hide from his own humanity.


It came as a huge shock to find Novada suddenly pulling Ramius into what might be considered an embrace.  “You are not alone sir”, she whispered softly into his ear.  With those words she smiled, turned, and left the ready room leaving Ramius alone with a jumble of powerful emotions to contend with.


“Damn that woman”, he whispered into the quiet room as a smile formed on his face.  It was the first time he had smiled in some time.  In some small way she had liberated him from his worries if only for a brief moment.


Ramius returned to his window and gazed out at the stars streaking past at warp.  He was suddenly filled with a tiny glimmer of hope.  His allies were growing and progress was slowly being made toward his goal of exposing and destroying NeoDyne’s ambitions.  Perhaps that dream was closer than he had envisioned.  Only time would tell.


~ FIN ~



Commander Alanis Novada
Executive Officer, USS Corsair

Captain Taverain Ramius
Commanding Officer, USS Corsair