Thursday, September 17, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.17 - Personal/Duty Log "Honor and Family" - Shiarrael t'Rehu

[IRW Sunheart]

After the group dematerialized aboard the Sunheart Shiarrael stepped off the transporter pad and turned around to scowl at her armed escort "is such an escort truly necessary?  It would seem like a waste of time- perhaps two dozen men might be able to restrain me but these-" her scowl quickly transformed into a vicious smirk "suckling thrai pups wouldn't even be able to touch me." 

Her comments had their intended effect.  Two of the men immediately leapt off the transporter pad to challenge her.  However, her grandfather bashed his fist into one of the wall panels shattering the glass cover "fools, do not let her tongue break your composure!  Get out of my face, both of you!"  His eyes burned and the two officers bowed deeply and apologized before leaving.  The others slowly followed tossing Shiarrael angry glares as they left.  When they were finally alone in the transporter room her grandfather took his turn to glare at her "do you insist on still causing commotions?!"  tr'Sahen shivered "how shameful it is to have a grandchild such as you!  One who so openly defies her parents and duty!"

"Shameful indeed."  Shiarrael said turning her back to him "and when have I ever been a grandchild to you?  Lord Rehu is the only grandfather I have ever known- if you truly believe your words then you bring shame to yourself by coming here.  Which brings the true question…" she turned around and glared in return "what are you doing here?"

"I am here because I am not the fool you take me for.  I know well enough that your exile was caused by the Zorek.  You accepted that fate to ease pressure on the Praetor- however the Zorek are weakened.  AAnikh has agreed to rescind your exile.  Return and end this ridiculous charade." 

Shiarrael was incensed.  How dare he interfere!  It is my honor and the elements will!  "Charade?"  She crossed her arms "what is this thrai shit you're spewing?  I do not intend to return to a place where my children's heritage is questioned and where my choice of bond mate is reason for execution or exile.  I have grown tired of the endless political intrigue- I will never return as Ael'Riov.  I will forever be Shiarrael Rehu lloannen'galae Riov."

"It is a shame you have inherited fire from your mother."  Jamor's pained expression transformed into a small grin "I did not expect it an easy task to convince you but if you wish my blessing I will not give it unless you defeat me by blade.  That is, if you have not forgotten your heritage and the emerald blood that flows through your veins."  His hand moved to the hilt of his sword.

"A duel for your blessing?"  Shiarrael restrained the laugh that was sorely tempted to burst forth in mocking fashion "ridiculous- I don't need your blessing."

"But you need my protection."  His grin was replaced by a thin frown "you may be in the Federation but you are not beyond the reach of the Zorek.  Your head will be a valuable prize for them- traitor or not.  You chose the Praetor and defied them when you scarified your reputation to protect him.  They will not easily forget that.  Do you wish your children to inherit your peril?"

This time Shiarrael didn't have an immediate response.  She was silent for a long moment before slowly nodding her head after considering her children "what you say does have merit, however, how will you protect me or my children?  And why?"

"I will keep the Zorek on a leash- I am the Emperor's first."  Jamor straightened his posture "if you cannot defeat me- in two years you will return to Romulus and become heir to S'Rehu.  You are my grandchild- the daughter of my son.  That answer is all you will have to quench your curiosity about motive."

"Very well.  I will duel you."

[Sunheart, Dueling Room]

Two dozen Rei'Krannsu soldiers lined the walls of the decorated room.  Banners and statues lined the periphery of the room and at the center a simple wooden mat was laid out for their duel.  Two long Kaleh were placed at each end of the mat on a polished sword stand.  Shiarrael didn't waste time taking one of the blades and moving into positions.  Jamor did the same.  For at least five minutes both just stood in their stances waiting for the other to make their move.  Finally, losing her patience with the matter, Shiarrael charged her grandfather.  The swords clashed and loudly echoed in the hollow room.

"You have not forgotten much."  Jamor panted as he was driven back by a frenzied attack "but your stance is too aggressive!"  He stopped and slammed his sword upward catching her in a sideswipe causing her swing to be deflected just above his head.  With her arms extended he sent his leg into her chest knocking her backwards.

Shiarrael stumbled backwards but did not fall from the hit however it did take her a few seconds to catch her breath after having it knocked out of her from the sudden impact "you fight well for an old fool."  Shiarrael smirked and lunged forward again, swinging wildly, she pressed her attack harder.  It was her preferred style.  Complete mayhem in melee.  The blades clashed wildly and Jamor was having a hard time keeping up- his mind was almost completely focused on parrying her attacks.

"You fight with madness!"  Jamor shouted "but you leave yourself open!"  He had seen enough to notice the critical unprotected weakness in her aggressive stance.  With a full swoop from beneath he caught her hilt.  She barely dodged having one of her finger sliced off but in that moment he used the opportunity to dislodge the sword from her grip.  The polished blade slipped from her hands and hurtled across the room impaling one of the statues.  Jamor smirked "I win."

"I have never been one for swords."  Shiarrael shrugged nonchalantly and charged him barehanded.  Startled Jamor swung at her but missed by a mere micrometer.  Shiarrael took the opportunity to grab his extended arm and pull him down to her eye level where she slammed her forehead into the bridge of his nose.  An audible 'crack' reverberated through the room as a river of emerald poured forth from Jamor's nostrils.  Stunned by the suddenness of her attack Jamor dropped his sword and stumbled backwards.  Using the opportunity to finalize her victory Shiarrael jumped into the air and sent her boot into the side of her grandfather's head.  The Rei'Krannsu EnRiov fell to the wooden mat so hard that ornaments on his sash broke free and scattered through the room.

"Komerek!"  One of the Rei'Krannsu observers shouted disgustedly and charged Shiarrael.  She easily sidestepped his attack but several others tackled and restrained her "au susse-thrai!"  They shouted.

"Enough!"  Jamor shouted as he slowly pushed himself up.  Blood gushed from his nose but the Rei'Krannsu simply ignored it "she has won, release her and return to your posts."

"EnRiov are you all right?"  One of the men asked.

"I am fine, now go, all of you."  With that everyone in the room dispersed.  Jamor looked at Shiarrael and then laughed "so this is how you defeated your father.  Fire truly burns."  He gently touched his nose "broken."  He shook his head "you asked why I came?  Your mother asked me- she wishes to see her grandchildren and I could not deny her the request but you must remember your shame will cause others to suffer.  We also have additional Galae personnel aboard to transfer to your ship.  Including a body guard I have brought from Romulus."

"I don't nee-"

"Silence!"  Jamor snorted a handful of blood from his nose and scowled at Shiarrael "do not let your arrogance blind you.  He is for your children, to protect them, he is young but he has not the pride of these men.  His father is an old friend.  You cannot reject this." 

"Very well."  Shiarrael used her sleeve to wipe the blotch of green off her forehead "I am returning to my ship.  Have my mother come visit if she wishes to see her grandchildren."  She pressed her commbadge "Lieutenant Tyrax, I will be returning to the ship.  Inform security to send personnel to the transporter room, we will be receiving additional personnel soon.  They will need to be thoroughly inspected." 

"Understood."  She heard the Vulcan's voice over the commbadge.  She looked at her grandfather and smirked "you lasted longer than my father."  She watched a grin appear on his face just before she dematerialized.


Commodore Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon