Saturday, September 12, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.12 joint log CDR D.Marcud MCapt H.Tatlock

=/\=Security Office=/\=

Tatlock arrived at the security office, He was there to get a quick briefing of operations and to draw weapons and military equipment.
Commander Marcus sat at his desk and reviewed the records of the new transfers. He picked up a PADD and looked it over as the door chime sounded. "Come in." he called out. As the doors parted, in stepped a marine Captain. He looked the man over, he wore rank bars similar to those worn by fleet lieutenants. "You must be captain Tatlock." Dylan said extending a hand for the man to shake.
  The 37 year old Captain shook the officers hand, "I'm Harry " He said saying that he was pleased to meet the new acquaintance.
Dylan shook his hand and motioned for him to take a seat. "So Captain,... harry; tell me a little bit about your self." Dylan said. he always preferred to get to know officers by what was not in their service record. he found much more informative.
  "Well originally I'm from Carpathia, I spent many years with the Carpathian company, rising up to Infantry captain." Tatlock then told the story of him and his two brothers who also joined the federation .And how he ended up on the Enterprise during a strange mission. 

Dylan looked over the man's record. "Well you certainly come with an excellent record." Marcus started. "Due to an attempted Mutiny by the previous marine detachment on this ship,  you will be the only Marine currently serving on Charon presently. That being said, The marines primary duty on this ship was to assist Security in guarding the more sensitive areas of the ship. Since you do not have a Marine commander as such, the next officer in the chain of command would be myself. 
"I was unaware of any mutiny ,no-one briefed me before I got here"
Tatlock replied
"No i don't suppose that you would have been." Dylan said. "The previous Marine commander, Colonial  Cole; Did not agree with a Romulan in command of a Federation starship. He and his men, failed to over throw her command." Marcus paused to gauge he man's expression. "Tell me Captain, How do you feel about serving under a Romulan?" 
"It makes no difference to me " Harry replied, "I understand there are some Romulans who hold high office in the Marines and Starfleet."

Marcus nodded. "I'm glad to hear that." he said. 
"So whats the score them? " Tatlock asked

I mean with Rumulus? I thought they were against contact with the federation, thats what we in Carpathia see it as"

he added.

"Officially Things have been friendly enough. Unofficially, relations have tended to be strained. So many things are with the empire these days though." Marcus replied. "There have been reports of an attempted coup on Romulas, but little to support much. they are very tight lipped about things of that nature."
"Ah yes I understand "Tatlock replied..
"So what do you have instore for me?" He asked looking at the security chief...
  "For now, just some R&R. Get to know some of the crew" he said leaning back in his chair. "Im sure that we will be more than busy, as soon as we get underway again."
The officer nodded and went to stand up,
"pleasure to meet you" he added and left the office,
Tatlock went to the crew lounge to see who he could meet..

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon
MCapt Harry Tatlock
Marines officer
USS Charon.

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