Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.22 - Teaser 2 - "Memento Mori"

[ch'Krysyn, Sector Governor's Palace]

Tr'Zadul gently caressed the sharpness of his blade with a soft brick of granite.  Around him his men quietly watched- as if sharpening one's blade was an art to be admired.  He preferred the gentle scraping sound of metal and stone and the splash of water as the rock was bathed as a rhythmic source of meditation.  However, the sound of the back doors bursting open interrupted the mood.  Tr'Zadul grimaced and dropped his blade.  Standing up he looked at the doors "who dares burst in here?"

"Dare?"  Terrh smiled and casually entered the room "what is a dare?"  His malicious smile turned into a half smirk "I need to speak with the governor.  One of you dogs go fetch him.  I am short on time."

Several of the men stood up and aimed their disrupters at Terrh but Zadul diffused the situation by simply lifting his hand "the governor is busy, but if you insist on meeting with him.  Then accompany me."

Terrh waved at the men as he left the room following Zadul. 

"Governor."  Zadul carefully knocked on the large wooden doors that led to the Governor's bed chamber "Terrh is here to see you.  He insists it is a matter of urgency."

There was grumble from the chamber and then a shout "tell him I am busy!"

Terrh sighed and pushed Zadul out of the way.  Shoving the door open he entered "Governor tr'Ulhri, you seem to have forgotten our arrangement.  Now put away your whores I have something to discuss."

Two rihannsu women disappeared beneath the covers.  The middle aged governor looked at Zadul with an irritated glare but when he turned to Terrh he smiled "forgive me I was just reaching my moment."

"It is almost ready.  We need your men and ships to collect more specimens to test it on."  Terrh looked at Zadul who winced at the sentence "this needs to be done immediately."

Zadul glared at Terrh "I hear there is a Federation starship in the region.  If they discover what you are doing and inform Romulus you will-"

"That is none of your concern."  Terrh grinned.  From beneath the covers one of the whores jumped out of the sheets and headed for the door.  Terrh didn't hesitate.  He pulled out his disruptor and vaporized them just as they reached Zadul.  Glowing embers in the silhouette of a person passed through Zadul before dispersing into smaller bits "and kill the other one.  I am growing tired of this nonsense."

"Forgive me."  The governor grabbed a dagger off the nightstand and stabbed into the sheets.  A shrill scream was heard for a moment before silence engulfed the room.  When he finished the white bed sheets were dripping emerald.  Looking at Terrh the Governor smiled "and when you finish I will finally have my seat on the senate?"

"Of course."  Terrh smirked.

"Zadul!  Assist him."

Zadul bowed his head "yes my lord."

[Unknown Location]

"Run Nyril!"  The elderly Rihannsu woman stumbled into her house and shuttered the door.  Her breaths labored as she ran for her old disruptor rifle.  Outside she could hear screams as the loud rumble of Galae flitter tanks began to shake the rickety home.  "Nyril!"  Her 10 year old grandson ran past her holding the rifle.

"I won't let them hurt you grandmother!"  The boy stormed out the door into the frey. 

"Nyril!  No!  Come back!"  She started to follow after him but an explosion nearby sent her across the room and into blackness.


Terrh yawned as he watched the tanks storm into the small village.  "How much longer will this take?"

"Not long."  Zadul said disgustedly "there are not many left on this planet.  What will you do once you have murdered all of them?"

"This will finish it.  One the memento mori is done we will no longer need individual subjects but an entire planet."  Terrh chuckled.

"Memento Mori?"  Zadul inquired.

"Remember you will die."  Terrh spoke the words with a wide smile "a phrase from a long dead Terran language."

Zadul just grimaced and turned his attention back to the massacre.