Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240909.22, Personal Backlog, Replacement Pt 2, erie'Arrain Neral

=/\= Tal'Shiar Headquarters 3rd Tier =/\=

"The woman you see in front of you is a Tal'Diann officer freshly qualified from their acadamy, 18 hours ago on her return home before her posting to the Charon her shuttle experienced a total systems failure at the time she was being watched by one of our field agents with a view to recruitment. With her death we have been given an opportunity to field an agent on the Charon, we have kept all news of the shuttle crash secret as far as the Tal'Diann and Galae know she is currently with her family when in reality she is currently in a local morgue awaiting a closed funeral." Ael too walked back to the desk and sat down Sren looked at the young woman on the screen she was beautiful and if her profile was correct she would have gone far within the Tal'Diann it was a shame she had died so suddenly.

Sitting for a moment drawing his thoughts together Sren looked at both of them the humour that had once filled them was gone the hawkish faces he had imagined where firmly sitting cross from him "So what is my task to be delivery of the new agent or selection" he was hoping it was delivery a fast flight in a fighter and then maybe he could go back to enjoying his vacation time. 

Lai chuckled for a moment "We have already got transportation arranged a fast escort frigate will enter high warp and take our replacement to the Charon."

"Then I am to be involved in the recruitment stage sir check through profiles and biometrics and find the correct woman for the job"

This time it was Ael that answered she gave no chuckle she just look at him in the eye a cold dark predator challenging him to interrupt her as she explained his assignment to him, "We have already selected the replacement erie'Arrain we have selected you to take her place"

Sren looked at her then to Lai they must have surely made some kind of mistake "I am afrai..." was as far as he got trying to change their minds or just pointing out thr fact that he wasn't a woman.

"Unfortunately all of our female agents that could make our deadline are in ongoing missions which cannot be broken off it time without compromising the missions themselves which is of course out of the question. All of our agents that do not match her profile would require major surgery to correct height, weight, facial contours, fingerprints not to mention their voices there simply isn't enough time for that." Ael ploughed on ignoring his attempts to to break in while Lai brought out a padd that seemed to simply materialise in his hand.

"We have checked your biometric data erie'Arrain you are the same height, the same weight, same eye colour you come from the same province as her so you speak not only with the correct inflections but use the same local dialect something that would take longer than our deadline to teach someone. Your romantic liaisons also put you at the top of our list of male candidates" With the last sentence she seemed to smirk as she returned to her perch on the old man's left hand side and took a drink from the citrus he had poured what seemed like so long ago.

Sren looked at her "You must be mad I may share certain biometrics with her but there are major differences between us" he finished allowing a little of his frustration and anger to vent into his tone

The old man lent forward picking up the padd before sliding it across the desk "Now now Sren did you honestly think we didn't watch you as well oh very interesting stuff an excellent cadet at the academy a few fights but nothing too serious, your assignments again nothing out of the ordinary always doing as you were told. You thought you could keep a secret from us though didn't you Ael is correct in saying that your liaisons will lend themselves to this post we know all about you little flings you little boyfriends over the years. Now that is something we can't teach oh we have 5 more male candidates who could take on the role we are asking you to play. But none of them could pass as a female none of them could fake interest in a male when required, none of them could keep their mouth shut when they see a bit of skirt. None of them could live day in day out using a woman's inflections her movements no Sren we picked you and you will accept if you wish to stay in the Tal'Shiar." His grin left the unsaid with no need to be spoken Sren knew the threat he had used it himself on junior personnel far to often

"And as for the other difference between you well that's just a small matter isn't it, nothing that can't be fixed. Now look at the padd I just gave you if you accept Sren tr'Tomalak will cease to exist you will die in a shuttle accident which suffered total systems failure returning to your home from this meeting you will be declared dead. Only myself and Ael will know your true identity you will be entered as a Tal'Diann source into the books of Section 5. Your land and property will be passed seized by us and sold this is a deep cover assignment it is unlikely you will ever return to ch'Rahnan as Sren tr'Tomalak now what is your answer" He finished leaning back in his chair steeping his hands over his gut.

Sren thought it over for a second it was not as assignment he could refuse is he did he would die in a shuttle accident if he accepted he would still be alive and once it was over he could face a major promotion and if he didn't he would be promoted within the Tal'Diann and become more important an asset. "If I accept Lai, If I accept Ael I will want something arranged to secure my future should this operation dissolve" Sren looked at them they had clearly been expecting this as there was no look of shock or of displeasure at their names being used. "I will continue to draw my current wage and when and if this operation finishes assuming I am still alive I will receive a stipend for the rest of my life, and my home will be sold to me at no cost." Quickly he continued speaking as Lai looked ready to lecture him on how his two legends couldn't become contaminated. "I have invested too much time in that house for it to be sold to a stranger you said we lived in the same province then it is not unreasonable for her to buy a home there and I am sure a paper trail can be laid to show several owners since myself. Those are my terms"

"Not unreasonable although highly unusual erie'Arrain the last agent to set us terms disappeared for several years." Ael said as she looked over to Lai seemingly having a conversation that only they were privy to.

"Maybe but not every agent is asked to die, be reborn and lose certain important organs"

"Very Well erie'Arrain now go with Ael she will teach you everything you need to know you will undergo surgery en route to the Charon and have a sub vocal processor installed" Lai seemed to return to the friendly old man routine with the end of the meeting Sren wondered if that was how he worked all the time fooling people into thinking he was their friend before hitting them over the head with reality. 

"Congratulations erie'Arrain your old self will be dead within a matter of hours your new name from this moment on is Verelan Neral no let us go we have to get you ready the Charon is expecting you as is your new commander" Ael grasped his arm as escorted him out of the office.

Erie'Arrain Verelan Neral
Tal'Diann Officer
USS Charon