Friday, September 25, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.25 - Joint Log "Adieu" - Capt Rehu, Lt Tyrax, LtCmdr Foster, & Lt Xavier


The wind was calm and the sky was clear.  Shiarrael took a moment to enjoy the fresh air before making her way up the embankment to where everyone was gathered along with the two flag draped coffins.  She estimated at least half the crew was present as she made her way through the crowd to stand between the coffins.   

With his arm draped over D'Vana, Ch'tan had managed to make his way to the funeral for the dead crew members, he had even managed to get hold of one of his uniforms and had struggled into it for this special occasion.

D'Vana helped to hold Ch'Tan up. She wasn't happy with his escape from Sickbay, but she knew that either with or without her help he would have came here regardless of what anyone thought. And she'd rather not have a fight with him so soon after joining him...

Standing off a little to one side, Sakarra watched the CO walk towards the coffins. The light breeze carried the scent of trees down from the mountains and the low, hushed murmur of the crowd mixed with the sound of waves rolling against the shore.

The young half-Vulcan had chosen her dress uniform for this occasion and was mildly surprised to not only see so many of Charon's crew here, but in fact most of them seemed to have had a similar thought.

"Welcome everyone."  Shiarrael turned to face her crew "today we have to conduct the hardest duty:  the duty of saying goodbye to fellow crewmembers and friends."  She carefully placed her hand on one of the coffins "Lieutenant Edward Hightower.  He was a husband, son, and father of two.  He served in Starfleet for seven years earning many commendations as a heroic and brave officer."

She carefully placed her hand on the other coffin "Ensign Emilio Ramer.  He was a talented student and loving son.  The Charon was his first assignment but his mother informed me of how proud he was to serve on this ship.  How proud I was to have him serve on my ship- our ship."  Oh how easy this would be if they were Romulan- I could speak of glory and honor and be through, Shiarrael thought.   This was harder.

"It is true that life can be both wicked and cruel but it is always beautiful and never easy.  Remember these two men well when you conduct your duties.  Remember their loyalty, their service, and ultimately remember their sacrifice.  There will be a time when you may be called upon to do the same.  So cherish the life you were given and still have."

The weakened Klingon forced himself to stand tall when the Comm... Captain started speaking, he had to correct himself when he noticed that she wore four golden pips on her collar, he closed his eyes and listened to her words, swaying a little in the wind.

D'Vana didn't have to do much to help Ch'Tan stand tall as the Captain spoke. She stood just as tall, She hadn't known either man very, and from what she was hearing they had fought and lived honorable lives...

Hands clasped behind her back, Sakarra kept her level gaze on the two coffins. One could have mistaken her for a statue, although there was a brief flicker of surprise in her dark eyes at the CO's words.

"Attention!"  Shiarrael called and took a step back as the coffins were lowered into a carved hole.  "Salute!"  She ordered and saluted the as they were placed out of sight.  As the dirt was sifted onto the gravels Shiarrael gave the order to return to ease and then dismissed everyone.  "Lieutenant Tyrax, come speak with me for a moment."

Tilting her head thoughtfully, the young half Vulcan slowly walked through the dispersing crowd towards Shiarrael Rehu, whose uniform was surprisingly sporting different pips.  "Yes, Captain?"

Shiarrael smiled at her new second officer "We're departing this system in fifteen hours.  I want you to inform the crew to finalize their leave.  Also, make sure engineering gets decks two and three in working order before I throw myself into a fit of rage."

Sakarra acknowledged the order with a graceful incline of the head.  "As of 38.4 minutes ago, partial power has been restored to deck three. The report from engineering estimates another four point six hours before final diagnostics can be run."

 She briefly pondered whether the fit of rage was another partially humorous comment and decided to spare her CO the experience of having to make it a reality.  "With your permission, I will personally oversee the progress."  Everything else would have to wait.

"Progress will be nice."  Shiarrael smirked and looked at the group of Lyrillians gathering at the grave site.  "Dismissed Lieutenant."

"Indeed."  the young woman nodded again and then swiftly turned to walk a respectful distance from the funeral site before tapping her comm badge "Lieutenant Sakarra to Charon.   One to transport."


Captain Shiarrael Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman/Second Officer
USS Charon


Lieutenant Commander Ch'Tan Foster
Chief Tactical Officer
USS Charon


Lieutenant D'Vana Xavier
Assistant Engineering Officer
USS Charon