Tuesday, September 22, 2009

[USS Charon] SD240909.22 || Personal BackLog "A Match for a Match" Part XIII - Ens Nathanial Doyle

==/\== Star Fleet Academy - Dorm Room ==/\== SD240401.24 [13:40]

Nathanial entered their dorm room, Will was a dead end, a pitiful boy chasing the love of a girl way out of his league. He looked up and was confronted with a full room. Khzarr stepped towards Nathanial. "We have gathered everyone, well almost everyone"
"Who are we missing?" Nathanial asked.
Before Khzarr could reply the door sounded.
Nathanial turned around and opened the door, standing in the doorway was the Chief Inspector, and he wasn't alone, he had a fairly large entourage in tow. The inspector looked into the room an noticed the amount of people present, "Ahh Nathanial, it seam's you have done the hard work for me!" Turning to his entourage "Men no one leaves the room without my permission."
The officers nodded and took up positions outside the door, two men entered and began to look for any other way out.
The Inspector looked at Nathanial "We need to talk." He indicated to leave the room and accompany him.
Nathanial turned to Khzarr, nodded and then followed the Inspector.
They headed down the corridor and around into another corridor, as soon as they had cleared the line of sight from the rest of his men, the inspector stopped Nathanial.
"Looks like alot has happened since I saw you this morning Nathanial..."
"That is has" Replied Nathanial without missing a beat.
"Ok look, to the point. I know you are looking for Arianna, I also know your not directly responsible for her disappearance, but every single bit of evidence is coming back to you. So here it is plain and simple, you help me and I will help you."
Nathanial looked at the inspector, he knew that he was getting too many dead ends, and maybe working with the inspector would give him access to more information, and after all if they were working to the same ends, it couldn't hurt, could it?
"Alright Inspector, lets do this."
Standing in the hall they began to exchange information, Both covering as much as they could about what had happened in the past three days.
Then the inspector mentioned what he had found at Sara's apartment. Nathanial's face turned white.
"I was only there not half an hour before you got there!" he exclaimed "We have to do something!"
"Of course we do, that's why we are talking, I believe whoever is doing this is close to you."
Nathanial explained the data being deleted to the Inspector, and how he had gathered everyone who could have had access to it in the room.
"Oh yes! Khzarr mentioned just before you rocked up that we were missing someone people"
"With the timeframe, they could most likely be our main suspects." Replied the inspector.
They both turned and headed back to the dorm room. The inspectors men were still standing out the front. "No one has left the room sir." Reported one of the police officers. The Inspector nodded and motioned for Nathanial to enter the room.

Nathanial looked around, spotting Khzarr, and motioning for him to come over. Khzarr approached Nathanial and the Inspector, giving a not too pleased glance the inspectors way.
"All is ok Khzarr, you mentioned that we are missing a few people?"
"Just one Nate"
"Josh?" Nathanial stated, more than asked.
"Yes Nate."
"Did he tell anyone where he was, do we know where he is?"
"Not at the moment no, he isn't answering any communications."
Nathanial stopped to think, Dorian took advantage of Nathanial's silence "What's this Josh's full name cadet?" he asked.
Khzarr looked to the inspector and grudgingly replied "Joshua Langsdale"

Nathanial head was in a blaze, everything was starting to fall into place, Josh was around Arianna alot, he knew pretty much everything Nathanial was doing, had access to the video files, hell he was even taking medicine at the academy! 'no it couldn't be' he said to himself, he trusted Josh, he knew Josh, he wasn't capable of anything like this.

Nathanial turned towards the Inspector "Can we get the place cleared out?"
Dorian thought about it and nodded. He turned to his men and advised them to let everyone out, and to hold on the outside of the door. Nathanial turned to Khzarr and also asked him to leave.
Once the room was empty Nathanial turned to the Inspector. "You mentioned that whoever was behind this was smart enough to make it look like I was the one, are they smart enough to make it look like it was Josh? ...It just feels too convenient, a Med student, one of my close friends, I just don't feel it. For all we know it could be someone else who was in the room, they felt I was getting close, and had to throw me down another path..."

The inspector turned to Nathanial. "They might, but a double misdirection? Have you been reading too many mystery novels?"
Nathanial ignored the statement, he was unsure what to think, something that had seemed to have started happening since meeting Arianna for the first time.
Dorian could tell that Nathanial was elsewhere, but there was still an investigation going on, and a potential of three people missing.
"Nathanial I will need any info you have on Josh, in the meantime I will go check out his dorm room."
Nathanial nodded. "I will get on it, let me know what you find in his room."
The inspector patted him on the shoulder. He knew the young man just had his world shaken, but he was the key to unlocking what was going on here. He headed out of the room.

As soon as he had left Khzarr and Jahrib rushed back in.
"Nate, what's happening?"
Nathanial rubbed his forehead "I need you guys to find out anything out of the ordinary about Josh, go through his mail, logs, anything you can get your hands on, and quick. I'm going for a walk, to think."
"Josh? Why Josh?" Asked Jahrib.
"Just do it Jahrib, I don't want to think of the why's at the moment." And with that reply Nathanial headed out of the dorm room.

Jahrib looked to Khzarr, who only shrugged. Khzarr knew it was important, and his mind was already coming up with conclusions, but they had a task to do, and quick was the word. He nodded to Jahrib, who rushed over to the terminal and began to hunt.

==/\== Star Fleet Academy - Quad ==/\== SD240401.24 [14:01]

Nathanial headed out of the academy, he needed time to think, he had tried to contact Josh , but to no avail. 'Had something happened to Josh?' he thought to himself.
He walked out the front gates of the Academy, unsure on so much. Was this all chance, did all this happen because of him? If he had never chased Arianna, would she still be ok? What's happened to Sara?

"Am I the cause of all this?" He asked himself out loud.

No one answered.

He continued past the academy gates and stood there, unsure where to proceed next. 'Why is this happening, Come on Nate, you cant let this beat you, think! Think Nathanial...think!'
It had only been three days since she had gone missing, but yet it had felt like weeks to Nathanial, everything had hit in such a whirlwind, and thrown him around the place.

He was just about to start walking again when he heard his name being shouted "Nate!, wait up Nate!"
He turned around and spotted Khzarr running his way.
"Khzarr, what is it?" he asked when he had caught up with him.
Khzarr took a few deep breaths before replying "Jahrib found something. He found an address in Josh's deleted mail, its downtown. We think its where he might be" Khzarr handed Nathanial a PADD with the address.
"Have you told anyone else about this?
"Nope, Only you me and Jahrib know about it."
Nathanial smiled, he felt revitalized, he had something to go off, even if the address was a dud, at least he felt like he was doing something. He turned to Khzarr "Ok this is what I want you to do, get this address to the Chief Inspector, no one else, it needs to get into his hands, and then tell him exactly what you told me. You know where I will be if you find anything else."
Khzarr nodded and watched Nathanial head off towards the car park.