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[USS Charon] SD:240909.27 || JL - Duty Log || CSEC, Lt. Cmdr Dylan Marcus & ASEC Farien M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell.

=/\=Chief of Security's Office=/\=

M'Narth walks down the halls toward the Chief of Security's Office as to talk with him about the reason and what is going to be going on with him on the ship. While walking down the hall he started to see other Starfleet Officers giving him looks that didn't please him as he knew that Starfleet still didn't like Romulans or trust us that much. M'Narth  finally got to the office of the Chief of Security. He rings the door chime and waits to be requested to enter. 
Dylan was Finishing up his official report into the murder of the two Romulan Scientists and the attempted Murder of Lt. Commander Ch'tan. The report would show the cases had been closed, stating that the prime suspect was missing. He heard the door chime and looked up from his terminal. He saved the file and switched off the unit.
"Enter." he called out.
M'Narth entered the office and walked in front of the Chief of Security's desk and came to attention and saluted the Commander. "Farien M'Nart i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell of the Romulan Rei'Krannsu. I am reporting for duty Commander." 

The Commander motioned to the seat opposite his desk. "Have a seat Farien." He said.  "I understand that you have been assigned as the Personal Body guard of Captain t'Rehu. That being said, she has placed you under my department; that means any security measures you want to implement go through me." he said.

"Well Commander, I would like to let you know that I have I will be carrying a Romulan Disrupter Pistol and Rifle with me at all times Commander. I would like to request that either a pair of Starfleet Security personal or Starfleet Marines be assigned to the Ael'Riov Office and personal quarters. I am sure that Ael'Riov t'Rehu is not going to be happy but I am here to insure her protection not her happiness. Also I will be needing a close protection team with her children at all times. I am not sure of her bond mate as he was detailed in my report or orders, so I will leave that you Commander. I also request that a Special Reaction Team be placed under my command to assist in doing my duty Commander." M'Narth hands the Commander a request form with everything that he just stated waiting for his agreement or disagreement with it.
Marcus took the data PADD and looked it over. "The disruptor pistol I have no problems with while you are on duty, however I draw the line at my officers walking around the ship with rifles." He replied. "As for the guards around the Captain's quarters and children, that is already in effect after the attempted mutiny on this ship. We try to keep as low a profile as possible around the children. The Father is, how shall we say; not in the picture at present." Dylan got to the end of the list of requests. "What exactly would this special reaction team do?" he asked the man. 

 "While the disruptor rifle was a request by my superiors that I be allowed to carry the rifle. I understand that you don't like it but my orders are such that I would be willing to compromise with you, if you have two Marines assigned to my detail; that would work. As for the Special Reaction Team they would be able to provide a bigger force to protect the Ael'Riov when things as you humans say 'get hairy'. They could be equipped to have site to site transporters to be able to show when I would need them to show up. As of the children I understand to keep there security detail low profile but I would like to meet the Security Officers that are assigned to them. We would be like the old Earth nation United Kingdom's London Metropolitan Police Service Royalty Protection Group. If you understand what I mean Commander?" M'Narth is knowing that he is not going to get everything but he will try to work with Commander Marcus. 
Marcus leaned forward and clasped his hands on the desk. He was not too keen on having Romulans dictating how he ran his department. "While i appreciate your superiors concerns, Security on this ship is my responsibility. You have your two men Farien, though as marines are in short supply on this ship; you will be assigned two klingon guards." He paused to gauge the man's response to his statement.
"I will arrange to have you speak to Lt. Acel'a I will be assigning her as the officer in charge of their protection from now on." he leaned back in his chair. "I'm afraid that the special reaction team will have to be put on hold. Security is a little short handed now that the marines are no longer on the ship. I can't spare anyone else at the moment. but we have the best Security AI system in the Federation. ALICE has been programmed to monitor all movments of the Captain and her children at all times as well as those who visit. She can react faster than anyone on this ship. I trust that this will be acceptable?" he asked more as a formality rather than a need for the Farien's approval.
While Commander Marcus was talking M'Narth was judging that he was not going to get all what he would like to have, but he understands that unlike Rei'Krannsu where things would be done because of orders. Here Starfleet is a bit different. "While Commander, I understand that you have shortage of Security Officers, I was briefed before I came aboard the ship with your recent mission. I do understand that your allowing me to of your officers and the Klingon Guards to my detail, but are you sure these Klingons are going to listen to my orders or am I going to have show them just what the Rei'Krannsu are know for?" M'Narth laughs abit. "As for your Security AI System ALICE, I have been able to look over her specification and I believe that she is very nice and will work great for this but I would like to have direct access of the system for ability to have the Ael'Riov and her children transported out of danger as soon as I could Commander. Also I mean no disrespect to you or your command if I am trying to follow my orders Commander." M'Narth leans forward and offers the Commander his hand is a show of respect. 
Dylan tried to hold back a smile. "The klingons will follow their orders. Their commander has assured me of that." Marcus replied, knowing the history between the two races. As for your access, You will have access according to your rank. Anything outside that, for now; will be on a need to know basis. While this is not a Romulan ship, I am sure that you will understand the need restrict certain information not expressly needed for ones duties. That was a round about answer he knew, but then again transporter access was not a highly restricted system.
Dylan stood up and took M'Narth's hand. "Not at all. We all have our orders. This not your typical mission. certain compromises are nessesary; but as long as follow the chain of command we wont have any problems."
He looked to his chronometer and then back to the Romulan Officer. It was nearly time to pick up Lizzy for dinner. "Dismissed, oh and Welcome aboard." He said.
    M'Narth was glad that the Commander was not going to such a hard person to work with. "Commander I understand your not allowing me access to more then needed as I would do the same to you on a Rei'Krannsu ship in your place. Your right Commander this is not a typical mission for myself or someone in my service as we are more what you humans call Special Forces or Rangers. I can assure I will follow the chain of command." M'Narth shacks the commanders hand and then returns it to his pistol and just waits. "Thank you Commander, I think that your the first person that has welcomed me aboard the ship as I think most of your crew doesn't like the idea of a armed Romulan walking around the ship." M'Narth turns and walks out of the office.
=/\=End Log=/\=
Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon.
Farien M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell
Bodyguard, Rei'Krannsu
USS Charon

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