Saturday, September 5, 2009

[USS Charon] SD:240909.05 || JL || CSEC, Cmdr Dylan Marcus & CHELM, Lt. Sakarra Tyrax

=/\=Deck 2=/\=

Commander Marcus had his hands full organizing the evacuation of the decks effected by the power fluctuations. Currently, the problem was confined to decks 2 and 3. The two decks were a mad house of activity with malfunctioning equipment, over worked security officers and crew; not happy about having to share quarters.
"Only one duffel per person please. If you are still waiting to be assigned quarters, please see Lieutenant Dlya." Dylan called out to the crowd.
Having just left a slightly worried Sulamid in charge of the helm - although Sakarra was not sure what there was to worry about, standard orbit tended to be the time every pilot used to run long overdue diagnostics and chat with engineers about one thing or another - the young woman walked out of the turbo lift into the middle of frantic activity.
She swiftly stepped aside before being run over by a somewhat grouchy looking Tellarite and finally her searching eyes found a center of relative calm in the chaos. Like a lighthouse towering over the waves, Commander Marcus directed the flow of people, hindered by the increasing severity of malfunctions and a crew that radiated enough nervous energy to power a warp core.
"Commander." her voice was not loud but managed to carry over the noise in the corridor. The tall human turned in her direction just as another glitch in the artificial gravity sent living beings and inanimate objects flying again, inevitably carried by their own inertia.
Well, splendid.
Sakarra pushed off the wall and went gliding towards the security officer who had somehow managed to retain his footing but looked mildly exasperated nonetheless. A second before she reached the bulkhead behind him, the gravity kicked back in only so the lights could flicker and die. Landing with the grace of a cat among the sound of falling objects and curses in a large variety of federation languages, Sakarra blinked to adjust her sight to the dim emergency lighting.
"Commander, you requested more personnel to aid with evacuation? How may I be of assistance?"
Dylan wasn't so lucky to land on his feet. As he picked himself off the floor and straightened his uniform tunic, he shook his head looking as if he had had better days. "Do you have a hand phaser?" He said exasperated. "I could use your help with some of the more difficult individuals. Some of the senior officers aren't happy sharing quarters with junior officers."
Sharing quarters? Well, the logic was undeniable, given the cargo bay's limited capacity. However, it seemed blatantly illogical for the individuals on this deck to quarrel over such … there went the environmental controls, and within seconds the temperature began to approach a level that was comfortable for any Vulcan in the vicinity but would certainly not be appreciated by anyone else.
"Unfortunately I did not anticipate the need to arm myself, Commander."
She saw young Mr Dlya herd another group into a Jeffrey's tube - a precaution she had not thought of taking, but one that was wise nonetheless - and shook her head slowly.
"One should think those individuals would be gratified to leave the area rather than worry about accommodations."
Then the implication of the Commander's words made the young half-Vulcan quirk a brow "If you will point out the officers who need … persuasion, I will see whether they are willing to respond to logic. However, I would need to know which quarters you had in mind for this endeavor so I may direct them accordingly."
Dylan smirked, despite the wave of heat that made him open his uniform jacket. It was as if he was back on Vulcan again, only without the peace and quiet. "That would be Commander Tisdale. Just follow your ears, he should be in his quarters." he said. "As for which quarters he was assigned, I was hoping that you would be able to help with that little wrinkle." he said as he watched her expression change.
Sakarra's brows climbed to unusual heights at the security chief's statement.
"Little wrinkle, Commander?"
Never mind that Mr Tisdale was behaving in his usual illogical manner by refusing to leave a potentially dangerous situation, but to suggest he would actually agree to share quarters with what the man liked to refer to as "damn walking computers" was placing a lot of faith in both Sakarra's patience and power of persuasion. The mere thought of having such an … irritating house guest was not exactly appealing to the young woman.
"I do not mean to debate your logic or the necessity to expedite evacuation. However…"
A crash somewhere down the corridor indicated another gravity failure not too far off. Sakarra gave a small exhale and favored the Commander with a look that might have spelled minor exasperation were she not a Vulcan prepared to face the situation with due equanimity.
"Very well. Unless you require me to physically remove and carry any more irrational individuals off this deck, I shall proceed to extend my invitation to Commander Tisdale."

Dylan smiled at her expression. He made a mental note to make it up to her sometime. He knew how difficult this request was likely to be on her. Though , he would not have asked her if he did not think she could  handle it. "By all means Lieutenant Be my guest." he said as he waved her in the right direction. He would be happy when this ordeal was over. 

=/\= End log=/\=
Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon
Lieutenant Sakarra Tyrax
Chief Helmsman
USS Charon

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