Wednesday, September 23, 2009

[USS Charon] SD:240909.23 || Multi JL || CO, Commo Shiarrael t'Rehu, CSEC, Cmdr Dylan Marcus, Erie'Arrain Verelan Neral Tal'Diann Officer, Lt's Runo Dlya & Acel'a ASEC's, Arrain Aehlen tr'Kethry, Farien M'Narth tr'Lhoell ASEC Pt 2

=/\= Transporter Room 1 =/\=
Verelan watched as one of the other woman present drew herself up oh how she wished she had a little more height then again she had always been short even as a male. Looking at the limb she couldn't help but wonder just why someone would go to so much trouble to preserving it not to mention carrying it about with them.

"Arrain Aehlen tr'Kethry." Aehlen wriggled his nose and dropped his bag to the floor "if you must" he held out the cylinder for Dlya to take "be gentle with it. I don't want him to become angry- then he stops speaking to me."

'Kethry?' Shiarrael mentally cursed the elements. Now she understood why the man seemed so eccentric. House S'Kethry was well known to have many eccentric personalities. True insanity was believed to be in their genes and many never last far beyond adulthood before committal. There were plenty of stories about S'Kethry's insanity. One of the famous stories was about D'Nan tr'Kethry who ordered an entire fleet of warbirds into a black hole. They say he sat alone in his room listening to their screams as they were slowly ripped to shreds by the gravity well. Shiarrael looked at Aehlen and winced.

Runo made his search as quickly as possible without being too intrusive. The limb appeared to be belong to a dark-skinned individual although the liquid it was stored it may have cast a pallor on it. The container was a complex but recognizable design of a cyro-storage unit. He searched the exterior and tried to keep the limb suspended inside as still as possible. Casting a final glance towards his commanding officers, he handed the container back, keeping his expression clear and his voice level. "Very interesting travel companion, to say the least. Its cleared but I am not sure the doc is going to like someone carrying a severed limb with them, even if it is contained and stored." The last part of his sentence sounded odd even to him but he had already spoken so it was difficult to cover that up.

"I do not normally carry it around- it is a desk companion." Aehlen looked at Shiarrael "may I now head to inspect the sickbay?"

Shiarrael reluctantly nodded her head "yes, but I will require you meet the counselor."

Aehlen stiffened "I assure you I am quite sane." Turning around he grabbed his items and stalked out of the transporter room.

M'Narth keep his hand on his blade and was ready to pull it on anyone that tried to take it from him. M'Narth looked over to Ael'Riov Rehu and says "Jolan'tru Ael'Riov. Arhem Rei'Krannsu Farein M'Narth i'Ramnau tr'Lhoell. Arhem ninte Dheno'Saehne Ael'Riov. Ael'Riov I have my orders from your grandfather that I am your personal bodyguard and that my weapons are to be with me at all times Ael'Riov." Starts walking over to get his weapons and hands his orders to the officer named Commander Marcus. "My orders Commander."

Dylan took the PADD in his free hand and looked over the orders. It would seem that the man was telling the truth, in so far as he did have orders. Though in his experience, that meant little with Shiarrael. He handed the PADD to The Commodore while making sure that the weapons stayed with his guards untill she reviewed the orders herself.

Turning her gaze away from the madman Shiarrael glanced at the PADD and then back at M'Narth. 'A boy?' was the first thought that came to mind when she studied him but she kept her tongue in check and nodded to Marcus. "he will be under your department. Keep a good eye on him."

Acel'a remained alert, not wanting to avert her steely gaze for a moment. She was concerned that she would miss something and thus, create an issue nobody would want to face.

"Understood Sir." Dylan said as he nodded to Runo to let M'Narth collect his belongings after he had finished searching them for any unusual items or potentially dangerous items.

Shiarrael looked at the last uninspected member of the Romulan contingent "Commander, have someone inspect her belongings. I must return to the bridge." She turned and exited the transporter room.

"Aye sir." Dylan said as he watched Shiarrael leave. He stepped up to the last Romulan himself and began to search the man's belongings. He eyed the man cautiously but in the end did not find anything out of the ordinary. He nodded to The man finally and told him he was able to collect his belongings again.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Commodore Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon

Commander Dylan Marcus
Chief Security Officer
USS Charon
Erie'Arrain Verelan Neral
Tal'Diann Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Runo Dlya
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon

Lieutenant Acel'a
Asst Security Officer
USS Charon
Arrain Aehlen tr'Kethry
USS Charon

Farien M'Narth tr'Lhoell
Assistant Security Officer
USS Charon


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