Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[USS Charon] SD 240909.30 Duty Log "Introductions" Captaint'Rehu & erie'Arrain t'Neral

=/\= Corridor, USS Charon =/\=

Verelan held in a curse word as she stumbled over nothing she had been agitated ever since the transporter room incident by that man with the foot, she knew she shouldn't be but she was. She had taken to reminding herself it was the new hormones that were currently passing through her system she hadn't had anywhere near the time to adapt to them Ael had told her it would be a rough few days as her bodys biochemistry settled into its new setting and then she should be able to master these new feelings. As she walked along the corriodor she wondered for what had to be the 40th time if she had done the right thing. All in all it was far too late now her old self was dead and her house had been sterilised and all Tomalak possessions returned to her no to Srens father.

As she neared her destination she played with the ring that occupied her finger it was a new house ring Ael had it made from tri vid images of the real Verelan she was lucky in that all of the young womans family was dead she wouldn't have to try and convince anyone the had known her since a child. She chided herself once more her family was dead, she was Verelan t'Neral she was the young woman, again she simply hadn't had enough time to adjust usually there were weeks of preperation for assuming a new identity rather than a few days. As she came to the door she had been seeking her feet following the path as her mind wandered she steeled herself and pressed the chime to the Captain's Quarters.

Shiarrael was tired, tired of sleeping in the cargo bay at least.  She carefully ran her hands across the soft velvet cushions of her couch as she fell into it.  'I am too spoiled here', she mused.  Back in the Empire such a thing would have been considered too luxurious- and it should have been "I shouldn't have this."  But where her vessel quarters were always far from luxury her estates were well furnished.  She did of course grow up as a Romulan aristocrat- no matter how much she denied it: certain tastes were hard to lose.

When the chime rang Shiarrael sat up, collected her thoughts, and immediately frowned as if an offensive smell had wafted by her.  Standing up she made her way to the door "I am exhausted; one would hope that this is an important matter."

Verelan had served on enough Galae ships to know that every Leih had a different command style yet all revolved around one solid principle omnipotence every CO she had ever had, had been able to promote an image of being all knowing aboard their ship they knew every subsystem and every piece of battle plate personally she highly doubted it although a few had almost proven the theory. That being said she had heard an interesting rumour on the way here not that the speaker had known she was also listening apparently the Commodore had requested a reduction in rank how unusual.  Carefully she kept her face neutral which was difficult with all the emotions that coursed through her due to the change and at seeing her Captain in a starfleet uniform. 

"erie'Arrain Verelan t'Neral reporting Ma'am I am to be your new Tal'Diann Operative" She quickly presented a padd to the Captain and waited she had made no move to relax her posture in any way instead she stood like a stature waiting the other woman's reaction.

Shiarrael couldn't help but smile wryly at that comment.  The Tal'Diann were well known to be notoriously useless.  They were the lapdogs of the Tal'Shair and only released information they were permitted.  She studied the woman for a moment and then finally invited her in "I'm surprised they would bother sending a Tal'Diann officer- what useful information will you be permitted to provide me or are you just an agency toy sent here to watch me?"  She smirked and pointed at the couch "sit down.  Where are you from?"

Verelan knew she was being toyed with an attempt to lure her into leaping to the defense of the Tal'Diann about proclaiming their independence from the Tal'Shiar promising new and exciting information it was of course all false she could promise nothing. "Thank you Ma'am" As she sank down into the couch she noted its luxury while she had nothing of it's like it her home she still appreciated it she preferred softwood furnishings. "I will provide all information that will concern this ship and its personnel and anything else Galae and Tal'Diann command authorise me to relase concerning Rhiannsu intelligence" It was a guarded answer not too much and not to little treading the line of neutrality that the Tal'Diann were notorious for using to stall and keep their masters happy.

She let herself ease into the couch before crossing her leg "I come from iRamnau my Leih from the northern province near the Mosarum mountain range."

"I see."  Shiarrael slid into the velvet chair just opposite of the couch on the other side of the small coffee table "beautiful countryside."  She had visited that area a few times.  There was actually a Gai'Shian training center just north of that area on the edge of the mountain range "I never expected much from the Tal'Diann when I was Ael'Riov- and in that regard little has changed.  I will only speak this once.  I have no interest in lip service.  You appear intelligent.  Do not bring me the garbage the Tal'Diann so commonly serve to their Leih's." 

Verelan lowered her head a fraction of an inch at the Captains last quip it was true most Tal'Diann's briefings could be superseded by ships scanners logs by the time the Tal'Shiar had authorised it but she was in a special position while she received the usual Tal'Diann drivel she had her own sources to use and whenever truly necessary she could always use the Agency to keep her position here. "I will of course serve to the best of my abilities my Leih" pausing only momentarily she looked at the woman across for her she wore a dangerous expression she had no doubt that the Captain would make her life misery if she ever tried to pass off bad intelligence, "The Mosarum mountains are a beautiful country Ma'am so quiet and peaceful and at night the dhael song fills the night it is one of my favourite places in the Empire, I hope that you always enjoyed your visits?"

"I only visited a few times- and neither was to enjoy the country.  I often sent my Gai'Shian to the training facility for additional training.  I don't mind peasants but they at least should learn more than how to hold a shovel."  Shiarrael slightly regretted not having spent more time in the area.  It certainly sounded nice "I am short on time; my children will be here soon.  Unless you have something pressing I must ask you to leave."

"Of course Ma'am I have taken too much of your time as it is" She stood slowly and brought herself to attention once more before excusing herself, "I will leave you to be with your children and i will go and meet my counterpoint." The captains merely gave a nod taking that as her cue Verelan walked out and decided to go and tour the ship.

Captain Shiarrael t'Rehu
Commanding Officer
USS Charon


erie'Arrain Verelan t'Neral
Tal'Diann Officer
USS Charon